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Trevor Lacey headed to Alabama

lacey alabama

The five-star shooting guard from Alabama has decided to stay home and play his college basketball for Anthony Grant and the Alabama Crimson Tide.  Lacey’s joins a highly regarded recruiting class for the Tide, which now goes five players deep and includes the sixth, eighth and twelfth-ranked shooting guards in Rivals’ 2011 class. 

Lacey said that he was pretty solid on Kentucky in December, but kept the process open at his father’s advice, and made his decision three days ago. He admitted that he was concerned about available playing time at Kentucky.

See you at Rupp in the fall, Trevor.

Article written by Thomas Beisner

86 responses to “Trevor Lacey headed to Alabama”

  1. hersheyisabear

    Oh well.

  2. William Braskey

    Welcome to obscurity

  3. billy

    I do not blame him one bit for wanting to stay close to his home. I guess he is a real HOME BOY!!!!!!!!!! Just kidding. SWEET HOME ALABAMA!!!!!!! NO championship though.

  4. billy

    I do not blame him one bit for wanting to stay close to his home. I guess he is a real HOME BOY!!!!!!!!!! Just kidding. SWEET HOME ALABAMA!!!!!!! NO championship though.

  5. Iwearmybluesunglassesatnight

    good for him. let’s move on……..

  6. William Braskey

    He wanted the home cooking, no blame for that. It feels a bit like CJ Leslie last year, but Trevor seems like a good kid where CJ was a glory whore.

  7. Iwearmybluesunglassesatnight

    good for him. let’s move on……..

  8. bcat

    Does that mean we make a push for Faust or just not bother at this point?

  9. Bco

    It’d be real friggin nice if our really good on state football kids would stay here instead of going to Bama (cough cough Zeke Pike cough)….step your friggin game up, Joker. And say hello to the NIT for us Trevor.

  10. Jeff Shepherd

    Hello Underachievement!

  11. NBA league pass

    He’s a B-rate Doran Lamb anyway. I don’t blame him, he will get three times the minutes at Bama.

  12. 96cats98

    Have fun winning……. NOTHING!!! at Alabama!!

  13. Issel's two front teeth

    who’s next? would be nice to have another shooter!

  14. filbert

    Good for trevor! Maybe he can help turn Alabama around and give the SEC another powerhouse basketball program in the years to come. Of course never like the BBN!!!

  15. Tums

    Dude…you could have played for Kentucky. What the hell were you thinking?

  16. tim

    Sounds like they’re loaded at shooting guard. hahaha

  17. KYTurtle

    Am I correct in saying he might have some academic questions?

  18. Terrence Jones

    he still has time to change his mind.

  19. The Outlaw Josey Wales

    Fine by me… i’m just glad he didn’t go to Kansas. Keepin it in the SEC, i look forward to watching him play next season.

  20. Brett

    Guys, be classy and congratulate Lacey on his choice. Don’t be such douche bags towards kids that don’t pick Kentucky.

  21. Issel's two front teeth

    Wonder what Grant’s sales pitch was? Help us make the NCAA tourney, pleeeease! How many times does Bama play on tv this year….. only when they play UK! lol Welcome to the world of also ran.

  22. kyeric

    Wow. This is the one school I would have never guessed he would have chosen. Good for him, though! Enjoy your 4 years of college! ITS A BLAST!

  23. David Hobbs

    he was a four year guy who would have made tubby proud … sorry to lose him, but good luck

  24. OldManYellsatCloud

    20- No one is being a douchebag. Saying he was wrong is not a douchebag move. Saying bad things about him is a douchebag move.

  25. bmac

    so basically he’s saying he had concerns about not being good enough to compete for playing time at kentucky.

  26. Reality

    It’s not the end of the world. Once upon a time we thought that the Fat Boys would never be whack, but we were wrong. Good luck Trevor Lacey. Maybe you’ll get lucky and some chick down there will think you play for the football team.

  27. 96cats98

    20 – This is a UK site, we are allowed to be douchebags here. Now, if we go hit him up on Twitter or Facebook and blast him for his decision, that is a douchebag move and not cool.

  28. OldManYellsatCloud

    27-Hell, we can blast him on our Facebook if we want. Just not going to his page a al the douchebag with Daniel Orton.

  29. Trevor Lacey

    I’m gonna be suiting up in front of 12,000 strong every night, eat that Wildcats!

  30. UKfan97

    9) Believe me, Tolles is better then Pike.

  31. Info

    7… Faust has already recommitted to Maryland so scratch him off the list..

    21… The sales pitch from Grant to Lacey…. Why leave home when everything you want is here…..
    he said that during his press conf.

  32. gmattuk

    25. That is the way I read it too.

  33. UK

    Good luck to Lacey in the future! Wish him nothing but the best!!

  34. 2012=#8

    Alabama has two seasons, football and tornado……too soon?

  35. tebkats

    He probably made the right decision, don’t think he would play much right away at UK much like Poole. Think we will miss him as much as we missed Selby.

  36. TreyDay

    That’s perfectly fine. I’ll take Teague and Lamb over him any day of the week. But the whole PT argument doesn’t really have liftoff. With Liggins and Knight gone he would have had his time for sure.

  37. WimpSanderson

    Tuscaloosa is a major cosmopolitan city. This decision makes complete sense.

  38. skidoosh

    Kid probable made a good decision for his short term future/PT. You have to sign on with Cal if you want to be a pro. Can’t blame him for staying at home.

  39. Porcino's

    No D-Lamb, and Lacey is a Cat. I’d rather have an experienced Lamb anyway.

  40. Al's IndiCats

    29 you’re being too kind to say 12,000…..they’ll get that many UK fans on their own court when they play the cats. Good luck to the young man, except when you play the cats, THEN and only then is when he’ll know he should’ve put that hat on to his right.

  41. easy decision

    4 years playing at alabama and being an assistant highschool basketball coach after he graduates > 3 years at kentucky and a few years in the NBA

  42. Michael Gilchrist

    I’m gonna lockdown Lacey “mind freak” style just so I can laugh at him!

  43. monte

    Good luck Trevor…I hope you like reading about the Alabama football team…you should have taken your lead from Cousins and Bledsoe. Both developed in one year and are now in the NBA. If you are worried about playing time at UK what are you going to do to get better? Bledsoe accepted the challenge of Wall and earned pt….you will get pt in Bama but when do you think you will be noticed for the NBA? Three years, more…ya made a mistake but best of luck to you.

  44. john4uk

    If Lacey plays at Bama like he did at the Derby Festival,he will be a four year player.Looks like he was afraid of the competition.

  45. Boogiewoogie

    What’s Daniels up to?

  46. BlueFins

    So let me get this straight; no Lacey, no Faust, no Harrow, possibly Woods! Sounds like a good week for Cal. The Dominican project had better work.

  47. Wde didn't want him anyway

    He doesn’t beat women.

  48. pickle948

    You will get beat 2 or 3 times a year by the CATS. Sound like fun?

  49. takin the safe path

    I have to agree with the comments. Seems like a good kid with a good head on his shoulders but doesn’t seem that confident in his skills if he is afraid to compete for some playing time that looks to be available for a good shooter. Seems he just doesn’t think he would measure up and decided to stay where nobody cares about the basketball team and they wouldn’t notice if he did stink the place up. How could any kid that wants to get to the NBA, especially if he thinks he can go after one year, not want to come to Kentucky and show their skills next to other potential NBA talent? Welcome to obscurity. Better hope you do rack up 40 points a night to be able to get noticed with the supporting cast you will have at Alabama.

  50. Cat89

    Good luck Trevor, would have loved to have had you here but now will expect to and celebrate whoopin UA’s butt twice a year.
    Done, done and on the next one. The UK fish bowl is not for everyone. If you have any doubt or lack a work ethic it will turn you into ground round.

  51. Ignorance is bliss

    @46….Please get your facts straight before you post. Please? Faust was never a target, and did Harrow commit somewhere and I don’t know about it? Same for Tony Woods?

  52. chuckdizzle98

    who really cares anyway???…Kentucky has the BEST(#1 rated) incoming class in america without him. So good luck at bama and good luck in Rupp this season Mr. Lacey.

  53. Jonny Mcfly

    I think bama is a solid SEC team next year and he will do fine, the truth is, he would of had trouble getting to see the floor next year.

  54. tonydelksarms

    the only thing ttown has on lexington is dreamland bbq

  55. gulfbreezecatfan

    not even an honorable mention on . obviously not that important to us . Go Cats !

  56. Bco

    31- if he believed that, no wonder he has academic ??? Lol

  57. TheTruth

    I hear UK was really backing off him, JK.

  58. Viren

    It does sting a little bit for making us wait so long but hey at least he did not commit to Kansas. So I am completely okay with your decision. We shall see you in Rupp Arena next year. Kentucky will be fine we have plenty of scorers plus I see more dunks than jump shots next season. Go Cats

  59. catfan55

    only good thing from this post is the blonds head peeking up from below!!

  60. bti sucks

    Great decision by Trevor. The SEC needs better all-around basketball. I would have preferred if it were Arkansas, but I like ‘Bama too. As long as it’s not Florida and Tennessee. Surely there are some people out there who remember Wimp Sanderson in the late 80s/early 90s, then Horry, Sprewell and McDyess later. I was really impressed with the ‘Bama crowd the last time we played at Tuscaloosa.

  61. uklaw95

    Grant is a good coach and I’m sure he’ll be okay. My thought is that he had too many people from Alabama in his ear saying he wouldn’t get playing time, just like Bledsoe’s coach did. Bledsoe is one of the few kids who stood up to that.

  62. SexnNursinHomes

    Good luck Lacey, but I’m not sure you want to hire your dad to be handling your financial dealings in the future.

    Lacey’s dad: Son, you may want to re-consider that UK team.

    Lacey: But, why dad? Why? They are the best school in the world. Plus they have Coach Cal, and he will have put about 9 guys in the NBA in 2 yrs.

    Lacey’s dad: Son, do what I say. I tell ya. I’ll tell ya what I don’t like about that UK team. Coal. I said it Trevor, it’s c-o-a-l dammit. Shut up, sign with Bama, and eat ya damn dinner.

  63. Seneca

    I agree with the comments that a stronger Alabama can only make the SEC better. Tennessee looks to be down for a while so another UK rival suits me just fine.

  64. tonydelksarms

    61 yea to bad it did not work out in lex with cuz and bledsoe…they didnt get to play a lot ……..Other school have got 2 be sick of us geting there best

  65. tonydelksarms

    they all come they all go … we are still kentucky

  66. Mark Liptak

    Wish him well, he has to live with his decision. Meanwhile Coach Cal will move on to the next highly regarded prospect who will at least have interest. Isn’t that a wonderful turn of events from back in the days of Ten Loss Tubby and the moron Billy G. as far as recruiting is concerned?

    Mark Liptak

  67. Doron Lamb

    We will be ok shooting the ball. I don’t tire much.

  68. echo 1

    I hope he plays as well at Bama as he did at the Derby Festival. That is all. Hell hath no fury……..

  69. Marcus L. Owens

    Congrats Trevor.

  70. JoZ98bdaycat

    Good call…you probably wouldnt sniff the court anyways…good luck guarding Doron next season..dipshit

  71. Beatle Bum

    I have to laugh. The kid goes in with a class of three guards and passes on a team that has one frosh PG and one soph SG that are guaranteed playing time. Poole and Beckham have very little experience. Seems playing time could be an issue in either locale.

  72. Beatle Bum

    I will add that I wish he had picked UK.

  73. Crice

    Is anyone sure that he was offered a Scholly?

  74. The Iron Sheik

    Funny how everyone was taking up for this kid for his sub-par performance in Derby Festival and now that he had committed to Ala. it was the worst showing in history. ha ha.

  75. Pretty simple

    74. Funny how u just claimed something was said that actually wasn’t. P.S. The Camel Clutch is for p*$$ies.

  76. Johnny Woo

    Hey Trevor, here’s to your bright future. I’m sure you’ll shine at next year’s NIT…And then? It’s on to the D-League…After that??….I’m thinking Portugal!

  77. bluetooth

    he stunk in the derby fiasco , and he would have stunk cleaning up dorons smelly jockstraps . good luck erkel

  78. duckeastwood

    so now that we know what trevor lacey is doing, what about jai lucas???

  79. monte

    Not everyone can play at our level. Obviously he was not confident in his skills and was more interested in playing time than improving himself for the NBA. At UK the playing time is earned and fought for at every practice. At minimum you could have improved under our program.

  80. HackRichards

    Tickles me to death! At least it was NOT Kansas. This will strengthen the SEC and UK’s RPI.

  81. FaninNWLex

    #27, no you can’t be douchebags here BECAUSE it’s a UK site. Being a fan of a good program doesn’t entitle you to act like an ass. Good call, Brett.

    I get sick of reading these backhanded comments about Trevor choosing his instate flagship school. How many of us loved it when Tim Couch decided to come to UK despite being wanted by every D1 coach in America (notably UT)? How many of us loved it when Dennis Johnson turned down Notre Dame to come here? I can’t blame ANY program for keeping their instate recruits.

    Trevor is going to light it up for an already good Alabama program (top 15-20 last year–and pre-season #21 BEFORE the TL announcement. As people have said, this is good for a conference which is slipping away in national appeal. It makes me proud to know that he chose Bama over KU, too!

    For those who are thumbing their noses and saying he’ll go into “obscurity”..he’ll accomplish tons more than any of you idiots.

  82. JBR

    I don’t like the bashing of him personally, but it does take a strong personality to be able to paly here. He went with an in state school that has already signed like 3 or 4 other shooting guards…just sayin he was afraid of the competition here, period. Some guys just don’t have the intestinal fortitude to compete at that level. From what I saw of him, he is a shooter, and that is it…I was on the fence about him the entire time anyway…nice player, but at our level now…maybe, maybe not…but Cameron Mills was a great shoter, and a liability everywhere else on the court. The negative, personal attacks are uncalled for, but the idea behind it is not that far off…that he probably dreamed of playing here, but just couldn’t handle it.

  83. justice

    Hello Lacey, I am happy for your decision, these Kentucky fans would be Ok with you riding the bench a la Stacy Poole instead of playing and developing just in name of Kentucky.

  84. HuntsVegas

    Skimming thru these comments… #34 be glad you have your anonymous internet jackass persona and we’re not standing close. I hope Trevor does well.

  85. Catman

    Good luck to Lacey…..would’ve loved to see him in the Blue and White though. Alabama’s on an uptick since Grant got there. Can’t blame the kid for wanting to play close to home where his parents can attend the games. Seems like a great kid and he’ll definitely help the Tide…….congrats on your decision Trevor.

  86. UGH OH..

    I have to laugh. For a kid that was obviously desperate for some media coverage (i.e. pushing back his signing day a thousand times) I find it rather funny he chose to play at Alabama. Now that he will only be at a school that is undoubtedly second to none behind football. At least he is in conference still, that way we can show him what he’s missing out on at least twice a year. ; )
    We’ll obviously be just fine without him, no hard feelings. He was possibly worried about his grades/playing under such limelight and pressure? Who knows, best of luck to him, I’m sure he’ll have a great career.
    Go Cats!