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Trent Johnson gets it.

LSU head coach Trent Johnson knows a good basketball team when he sees one. He just gets the good teams confused with each other, occasionally. During this morning’s SEC teleconference, Johnson and his James Earl Jones voice said he’s not sure which team his 12-7 Tigers are playing this Saturday:

“I don’t know if it’s Kentucky or the Miami Heat we have to play on Saturday.”

It’s Kentucky, Trent. And they’re chasing not one, not two, not three, not four, not five, not six, not seven, but an eighth NCAA title.

Go Cats.

Article written by Drew Franklin

I can recite every line from Forrest Gump, blindfolded. Follow me on Twitter: @DrewFranklinKSR

27 responses to “Trent Johnson gets it.”

  1. Another Poll We Need to Win

    SportsNation Poll in bottom left had corner of page. Let’s make the margin of victory over OSU higher.

  2. Another Poll We Need to Win

    “bottom left-hand corner of page”

  3. Calipari'sInYourEar

    What does Trent think about the womens basketball team? That’s real news.

  4. Joe

    LOL LSU plays Miss st before us, and their head coach is still looking ahead to UK. If this doesn’t prove we are everybody’s super bowl I don’t know what does. Look for LSU to play their best game of the season Saturday. They will play out of their azz for sure.

  5. HOO HOO

    That’s what happens when you play in the JV conference. Trent, isn’t used to playing big boy ball like they do in the Big Ten.

  6. Mr. Obvious

    Yes Hoo Hoo…powerhouses like Minnesota and Nebraska.

  7. catcrawler

    #5 HOO HOO, You You should be worried about losing to Wisconsin on Saturday.

  8. ThankfulCat

    I love watching as the Hoosiers continue with the Devan Downey Syndrome.

    1.)Luck up and beat UK
    2.)Storm the court
    3.)Dream of being a big time basketball program like UK
    4.)Slip back into mediocrity
    5.)Struggle to make the NIT

  9. BigBlueFan31

    I wish we had Anthony Hickey…

  10. Bulldawg

    Boo hoo hoo, it must suck to be IU right now!!!! UK will win the national title and IU will forever hang their hat on a regular season win (IU is so beneath UK that their fans have to come on a UK website to get fan interaction 🙁 ). Unlike Kentucky when a tourney loss is the only one that matters. Already forgot about IU like the rest of the country…

  11. Frankthetank

    THINK ABOUT THIS: The beloved Hoosiers have gotten “T’d” up 3 times in the past 3 games. Pritchard got T’d up for “taunting” after he made a layup a few games ago. Then yesterday Sheehey gets T’d up for being dumb, THEN later in the game gets ejected for leaving the bench during an altercation and dropping the F bomb.
    So here’s the punch line. Why isn’t anyone in the media talking about this? If this was UK and we had 3 T’s and a player ejection in the past few games, would anyone NOT be talking about it!!!??

  12. MS_Cat_Fan

    I will be traveling from my home in Starkville, MS to Baton Rouge on Saturday to cheer on the #1 team in the country. GO Cats!

  13. HOO HOO

    11, probably because you exaggerated the entire story. Good try though, clown.

  14. Frankthetank

    13 – how many T’s do the Hoosiers have in the past 3 games? How many players ejected? You wanna try to tell me if that were UK the media wouldn’t be all over it?? It would be front page news and you and all your candy stripe wearing friends would be using words like “Thugs”.

  15. bung

    ovc 2 teams in top 30

  16. 2KATS

    5. lol… big ten big boys. ask ur top 25 ranked michigan how their jv opponent was.

  17. Frankthetank

    16 – ask Uconn about the JV too..

  18. MS_Cat_Fan

    This is the wrong week for BE and Big 10 to crow about their conference with losses to SEC teams in the bottom half of the conference.

  19. Al's IndiCats

    (Theme music to Barnum and Bailey’s Clown song playing in background)

    Seriously 5, are you still riding that old story? It must be a terrible thing to still live on that day of almost a month ago. I’ll bet you still brag about that A you got in the fifth grade. I’m not going to tell you to forget it because IF by chance you all get to the dance, IF you all get by to the second round…You should drop to your knees and pray to the ALMIGHTY, that you all never meet us again in the tourny. You’ll find out how much a fluke it actually was.

    I see that IU has peaked already and we still have over a month to go until the real games begin. You all beat OSU by 4 at Ass-embly hall, but they gave it back in spades to you jokers. You beat us by 1 and a last second shot, hey congats to you, but…..DO NOT let that little piece of fools gold make you think that you are relevent again. For all that is HOLY, you all got beat by Nebraska….FREAKING NEBRASKA! Hell they send abused animals to Nebraska’s basketball team because they don’t beat anyone!

    Last but not least, you also got beat at home by a former UK coach. Just like your favorite former coach says, if it’s inevitable, just lay back and enjoy!

  20. ThankfulCat

    Hoo hoo still brags about looking up Sally’s skirt in 4th grade

  21. catfaninrockytop

    “FREAKING NEBRASKA! Hell they send abused animals to Nebraska’s basketball team because they don’t beat anyone!”


  22. Blue Bayou

    I’ll be in the Maravich Center on Saturday. Even with a full squad, LSU couldn’t handle Calipari’s squad. Saturday should be a fun one for the Boys in Blue.


  23. HOO HOO


  24. 2KATS

    HOO HOO- bec we have the same team and coaches as we did 5 years ago. you got us. if u wanna talk about history, then we would be MORE than glad to talk about history and what happened in the past

  25. ThankfulCat

    Hoo hoo’s results in NCAA tournament the last 2 years?



  26. Cat Williams

    I will say this. What a breath of fresh air to simply have a Hoosier troll now that Louisville has been humbled!!

  27. Doug

    I am dead serious. My adult daughter uses the term “Hoo Hoo” to describe her crotch.