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Touring The New Locker Room In The Most Ridiculous Manner Possible

This afternoon I had the privilege of touring the new locker room renovations in Rupp Arena with other members of the local media.  And like Charlie Bucket and his Grandpa Joe in Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory, I separated myself from the group to snoop around without supervision.  Here are some of the photos from my golden ticket visit to Rupp Arena…


It’s so beautiful.


The actual floor from the 2012 Final Four at the Superdome, now the floor of the Kentucky locker room.


Don’t give up on your dreams, kids.  Maybe one day you’ll be lacing up in here.


Like this guy.


A replica of the National Championship trophy, and a Joe Craft shout-out, at the entrance to the locker room.


If you stand directly in front of it and cross your eyes, it’s like you’re there.  Kind of.


Maybe I got a little too comfortable.


Three sharpies, four paperclips, some paper and a “Victory Starts Here” medallion from Fort Jackson.




I found Coach Antigua’s secret to swag buried deep inside his locker.  Almonds.  Gordon Food Service almonds.


Armani.  I checked the tags.


But no Afternoon Notes or Podcast to go along with it.


Nicer than anything you or I will ever shower in.


Yes, it’s perfectly normal to run out to the nearest drug store and buy these.  I refuse to use anything else.


Tonight’s LEX 18 newscast will be classic clean and free of flakes.


I dared him to get in.  He wouldn’t.


I swore on my firstborn child that I’d never take a mirror pic.  I guess the Kentucky basketball locker room changes people.


“Hey, Malone, you’re on the left.” ~ Nerlens




I know a Malone’s chicken quesadilla when I see one.  I can also tell when it’s been sitting in the fridge for a week, and this one has.


Postgame treats!!!


This is where opposing teams get ready to lose.


This is where they rinse the defeat off.


It really is incredible…

Article written by Drew Franklin

I can recite every line from Forrest Gump, blindfolded. Follow me on Twitter: @DrewFranklinKSR

33 responses to “Touring The New Locker Room In The Most Ridiculous Manner Possible”

  1. LuvDaCats

    I really hope the floor is easily interchangable, the New Orleans floor will be out dated within 2 years

  2. dadude

    Thanks !!! awesome insight most don’t get to see….

  3. We Hang Banners

    Your move everybody else. This is REAL college basketball.

  4. SeoulCat

    And judging from that mirror photo Drew, it looks like broken water might give way to your firstborn child at any moment.

  5. Facts

    Is it really smart to be showing off a multi-million dollar locker room while crying poor in Frankfort and begging for football renovations? Maybe spend some of the money they spent on that shower over at Commonwealth.

  6. nate

    is that Matt Jones i see on jeopardy

  7. Fan

    5, different money, different donors. The primary donor (Joe Craft) can dictate where the money is used. Same reason he gives additional money to the general university fund as well.

  8. J. Ellus

    Hello…my name is J. Ellus

  9. J. Ellus

    #1, I don’t think it will be changed. That was our return to prominence (yet again) and something that all future teams (even past Cal’s era) will need to remember. We’ve always refused to lose.

  10. Sandusky

    Nice showers.

  11. CPACAT

    Coach O needs to screw the lid on his almonds all the way…they will dry out something awful!

  12. WildCatSuperFan

    Got to take a tour myself while at a tech conference at Rupp. They hadn’t quite finished, so we didn’t get to see a few parts, but I did set in Cal’s chair 🙂 The whole place is amazing. I especially like the area with the final four floor. Pictures just don’t do it justice.

  13. Derek

    Kentucky wildcats TV did a cool video of the new locker room

  14. The Silent Partner

    “Nicer than anything you or I will ever shower in”? You’re trying to tell me you’ve never been in a golden shower?

  15. UK

    #5 Everything basketball has recently has been funded through private donations (i.e. Locker Room, Craft Center, Wildcat Coal Lodge). That’s why its the “Joe Craft Basketball Suite.” Football needs to show something before people donate six figures to it.

  16. Clark

    Dammit, #5. Nothing will ever please people like you. You’re one of the worst kind of people because you clearly think you’re offering some fresh, superior perspective when in reality you come off sounding like a petulant child.

  17. Horsepower

    That shoud say Malone to the right because Nelens hangs much lower.

  18. Shelbyjoe

    I was hoping drew would uncover the truth behind Robic’s glowing hair.

  19. Big Whoop

    This is obviously the gold standard. Even the visitors’ locker room is better than most.

    #5- you really don’t much about what’s going on at UK, do you? Joe Craft is a private individual and when he donates to the university, he gets to say where that money goes. This is true for any non-profit organization, be it a university, hospital, church or whatever. The organization receiving that money can refuse it, but if they accept the moneythey MUST follow the wishes of the donor. Sorry you don’t understand that.

  20. JoeMoney333

    5. You mean it looks bad to those uneducated on how funding works, like yourself.

  21. Cats in the NBA

    That shot of Cutler in the shower is creepy.

  22. Dude

    KSR has been getting alot of bs lately but this what this site’s all about. Solid post Drew.

  23. Nestle

    They really do poop ice cream!


    I wonder if they pooped all of that ice cream that’s in the freezer? Maybe we really do have some ice cream poopers!!

  25. spellbounding

    Wow…you guys are crazy. That was SO ridiculous!

  26. Dodgeball22

    Shouldn’t there be Pepsi products in the fridge?

  27. Dhodges87

    Is that a weird shower head in the visitors locker room or do they have to shower with a big fat single stream of water?

  28. Seth

    The opposing locker room showers look like their 30 years old.

  29. Sadcatfan

    It’s so sad how UK has sold out to big coal. I would not be proud to have the name of a dirt bag like Joe Craft anywhere near my facility. Other than that it looks fist class.

  30. Bledsoe's Biceps

    29) And OMG think of all the trees that died to build those lockers and that Final Four floor. Will the insanity never end? Tell ya what….Buy a bicycle powered generator to run your PC, charge your phone, run your lights, your fridge, etc, etc and then get back to us.

  31. chad

    #29….you really are sad.

  32. kyle heavy

    29 – Go hug a tree somewhere. Coal not only keeps the lights on, but it employs a huge chunk of Kentucky’s working class. Let’s keep penalizing ourselves and let countries like China progress. You can’t worry about clean air if we’re the only country practicing it. “Green Power” is more about political science than it is actual science.

  33. Stumps

    Official winners: #10, #17