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Top 10 Famous UK Fans (subject to change at any time)

As always, the list of famous Kentucky Wildcat fans continues to grow.  Coach Cal keeps boosting the program to new heights with his marketing genius, and along with that comes even more well-known fans.  While the list is certainly fluid (props to mm), it is fun to take a look at the list of celebs and important people and realize we’re all on the same side… kind of.  Here is an arbitrary top ten list.  Let me know if you guys think of more.

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10. Tracy McGrady – He’s new on the UK fan scene, but his twitter-love-explosion for Big Blue Nation got him a lot of respect in my book.  Always was a huge T-Mac guy, so much so that I even wore those god awful blue patent leather shoes.  I heard rumors he’s professed love for other college teams before, but I’m giving him the benefit of the doubt here.


9.  Josh Hopkins –  Now this guy has shown crazy love for Kentucky.  Cal came on the scene just as Cougartown was gaining popularity.  It was a perfect storm and getting to see the John Wall dance on national television (and again) was too awesome.  Now, rumors say we can expect Coach Cal to make an appearance on the show (according to our next fan on the list…)


8.  Oscar Combs – Okay, I know Oscar isn’t nationally known as to be considered a celebrity, but within the boundaries of the Commonwealth, the man is a staple in the UK world.  Glad he has become a ‘friend of KSR’, and his radio show appearances were great.  Also, Oscar is the oldest person to master twitter and it’s awesome.  His insight as a fan is one of, if not the, best out there.  #Swag.


7.  Drake – Aubrey Drake Graham graces this list with its first international and musical flair.  This Canadian came to Cal’s first ever Big Blue Madness and drove the fans wild.  When whispers of his name came out as the ‘surprise guest‘, a lot of UK fans were in the dark about this guy.  Since then, his major-label album dropped and he became one of the hottest artists out there.


6.  Barack Obama – So, yeah… I know he isn’t exactly a UK Fan, and that politics are a lost cause on any sports site, and that we lost that game to USC on the day of this picture, but Obama is still the president, which makes him the most famous person to ever have his name on a UK jersey.  Also, he sucks.  Also, he is awesome.  BOOM, how’s that for unbiased writing.


5.  Dirk Nowitzki – Attaboy.  Now, raise those ‘three-goggles’ to your eyes and complete the trifecta.  In another quest for an NBA championship, we’ve had the pleasure of seeing Dirkalirk go crazy and dominate the playoffs.  He is a joy to watch, and even moreso when you realize he is a Kentucky fan and may have played here had he not gone pro!  Coach Cal tweeted this recently, too. Dirk’s been one of the ‘good guys’ in the NBA, whatever that means, and it’s really hard to cheer against the guy in the playoffs.  Good luck, sir.


4.  Jay-Z – Some consider Jay-Z to be the greatest rapper of all time, others consider him to merely be ‘among the greatest’.  Bottomline: the man is a legend in the recording industry and a mogul in every sense of the term.  Bottom-bottomline:  Jay-Z showed up in the UK locker room after the UNC tournament game.  So much swag in that picture above, even though most of it is from Mop, er, I mean Jon Hood.  Love you, bro.  Also, Jay-Z is with Beyonce.  <—More #winning in that sentence than any of us will ever experience in our lives.


3.  LeBron James – Villain or hero, take your pic.  LeBron is making a legitimate title-run this year, just like Dirk.  Thing about LBJ is that he has a ton of haters this year after the manner in which he departed Cleveland.  There’s much more to be said about this, but maybe we will save that for a post after he wins/loses in the Finals (assuming they don’t throw away this 3-1 lead).  Either way you look at it, it’s hard not to love the fact that the (arguably) best player in the world cheers for our team and coach.


2.  Ashley Judd – C’mon, you guys knew this person and pic were going to be high on the list.  Ashley is quite the gal-about-town these days with her book and all, but she always has time for her Cats (even though there will always be commenters calling her a fair weather fan).  But, let’s be honest, Ashley Judd has been the face of the “Famous UK Fan Club” for many years now.  I’d let her kill me… twice.


1.  God/Jesus – No offense to Allah/Buddha/Vishnu/Zues/Kali Ma/John Wall, but these dudes postponed the Rapture for the sole reason of allowing UK to finally capture national championship number 8 this upcoming season!  So my sources tell me.



11.  Al Gore – Gore invented the internet [trollface].  You are reading this site… using the internet.  Without him, UK fans would have no way to vent, read recruiting rumors, dominate polls, annihilate comment sections, flood servers,  or make fun of opposing teams.  Thank you.

Article written by Chris Thomas

46 responses to “Top 10 Famous UK Fans (subject to change at any time)”

  1. AKA cold buckets

    Nice list. I don’t think there’s any argument though that LeBron is the best basketball player on the planet.

  2. Randy
  3. Wildfan

    Matt Jones???

  4. Bicycle Seat Sniffer

    All posts written by Chris Thomas are terrible.

  5. AKA cold buckets

    re: my comment #1….at least there shouldn’t be any argument.

  6. nybrasky

    Where is Kige?

    And don’t you think Jay-Z would’ve been in the UNC locker room had they won that game?

  7. ukchampion

    haha this is awesome

  8. Laker Cat 18

    Jay-Z would have celebrated with OSU or UNC if they had won. Not sure this would classify him as a UK fan or not.

  9. The Fake Fake Gimel Martinez

    This is a miserable post. I know its the offseason and there isn’t much to talk about, but sometimes its better to just not say anything at all. Of the 11 people on your list, at least 4 aren’t even UK fans (Jay-Z would have been in UNCs locker room had they won that game) and 1 is only famous because he is a UK personality.

  10. Laker Cat 18

    And for the record, Jay-Z is an elite rapper, but he’s nowhere near the greatest.

  11. CatsFTW

    What about Mr. Magic Johnson?

  12. Drizzy

    Did Google images not bring up any recent pictures of Tracy McGrady, or do you still think he plays for the Raptors?

  13. I hate Duke

    Obama is the biggest jinx ever. The minute he talked about UK, they lost their first game. Please never include him on this lovely site ever, EVER, again. He has the reverse Midas touch, where, instead of things he touches turning to gold, everything he touches turns to S###!

  14. GoBigBlue

    you didn’t hear? The Rapture was only delayed until October 21st. So God is apparently just really cruel to us.

  15. Leggo

    I set by Steve Zahn at a game.

  16. Atheists are UK fans too

    Good job alienating about 15% of your fanbase with your ridiculous number 1 fan selection.

  17. Man-Bear-Pig

    I Hate Al Gore

  18. Al Gore

    I Hate Man-Bear-Pig. Excelsior!

  19. Magic Johnson

    Thanks for forgetting me Chris

  20. Charles Barkley

    How you forget about me kid, that’s turrible that you leave me off after picking you to win every game in the tournament.

  21. sayre

    on the video of joh hopkins doing the john wall dance, he has on a sayre basketball shirt…does he have any ties with the school or is this pure coinicidence? i am sure there is probably another sayre schoo out there, but it is odd that his shirt is navy and yellow, which i think are sayre’s colors. things that make you go hmmmm

  22. sayre

    on the video of josh hopkins doing the john wall dance, he has on a sayre basketball shirt…does he have any ties with the school or is this pure coinicidence? i am sure there is probably another sayre schoo out there, but it is odd that his shirt is navy and yellow, which i think are sayre’s colors. things that make you go hmmmm

  23. forgiven

    #16 the other 85% will be praying for you

  24. BCann

    #22. Josh Hopkins is from Lexington and attended Sayre.

  25. truBLU

    #12–Do you not know the difference between a Raptor and Piston jersey?

  26. cracka

    am i the only person who has no idea who oscar combs is? also think drake should be higher than #7

  27. MD

    where is matt damon…i always heard he was a UK fan

  28. DjColdCutz

    If you include Jay-Z because he was in the locker room, you HAVE to include Lil’ Wayne because of sporting a Kentucky sticker on his guitar in the Knockout video.

  29. R. Smith

    Courtney Cox was on Howard Stern discussing her marriage/divorce. Stern asked her if her co-star Josh and her were dating based on a picture of him and her in the water at some beach resort. She replied no, said that one day she wanted to hang out with him at her hotel room but the Kentucky game was on and she said something to the effect they they would get crazy watching the game and she didn’t want to hang out with them. I thought it was cool that she referred to it as the Kentucky game and not just some game in general. She knows the significance of the program thru Josh.

  30. Manbearpig

    Everyone knows Macho Man delayed the rapture!!!

  31. Rockfield, KY

    Way to go 16, if that isn’t a representative figure, you just alienated all of our mathematician fans!!!

  32. Bulldawg

    Barkley is right

  33. Bulldawg

    once again

  34. Lorenzo Patterson

    FYI – Allah is arabic for God – the same God that Christians and Jews believe in. In fact, several non-American Christians sects call God by the name Allah. Christians, Jews, and Muslims all follow the Old Testament – and all believe in the same God – they diverge on other issues down the road (example, Jesus = his is the son of God to Christians, a Prophet to Muslims and just a guy who was kind of a troublemaker to Jews).

  35. Alex

    Don’t forget the Dominican Republic. Oh and China. Huge UK fans

  36. The Real Jerry Tipton

    Obummer sucks I would never want to claim him as a fan of any team i root for

  37. timmiller

    Algore didn’t invent the internet. He invented global warming and parlayed it into ALOT of money including a “Nobel” prize. What a douche!!

  38. word

    Laura Bell Bundy and Hunter S Thompson are my top two.

  39. word

    And, golfers: Kenny Perry, JB Holmes, and Josh Teater

  40. Blue Mist

    What about Kige Ramsey? Sheeeesh!!!!

  41. Jojn Enrnest

    Un domaine est un ensemble dordinateurs reliés à Internet et possédant une caractéristique commune.

  42. Ken Tucky

    Ashley, what a magnificant photo. I don’t know who these other people are and I especially can’t understand why they would not have this picture of you alone, full page. You are definitely why I have watched the Cats the past 10 years. I keep hoping that I can watch them play in the NCAA final game and win. But until that happens you are a fantastic substitute!

  43. bung

    “these dudes”??? Is blasphemy part of the site or just an atheist view.

  44. Gene Kelly

    Al Gore never claimed to have invited the internet. He rightfully took credit for (as a Senator) he championed the expansion of the internet to more than military/government use… Geez, biased much…

  45. Donald O'Connor

    44 – People believe what they want to believe. Doesn’t matter if it’s false. It’s like the people who know – who absolutely know it in their hearts – that Calipari is a cheater. You can’t talk those people. They don’t want to listen. It’s the same in politics and religion.

    Waddya gonna do.

  46. Taahir Chopra

    Im impressed, I must say. Really seldom do I see a blog that is both educative and entertaining, and let me tell you, youve hit the nail on the head. Your post is important; the matter is something that not a lot of people are speaking intelligently about. I am very happy that I stumbled across this in my search for something relating to it.