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Tonight might be your last chance to see Bruce Pearl for awhile…

He’ll be returning from an eight-game suspension tonight against the Cats, but that doesn’t mean he’ll be hanging around for long.  The NCAA continues to look into Bruce Pearl’s dirty little white lies and CBS’ Gary Parrish said on this morning’s Kentucky Sports Radio that he thinks the Tennessee coach will be suspended for a year when the governing body finally hands down their punishments.  Parrish added that he thinks the Vols would be wise to retain ole Brucie if he does receive the one-year ban and that he should only be canned if he gets suspended for two or three seasons.  Again, this just means you should have something extra special cooked up for him this evening.

Listen to the Parrish interview below (will be updated shortly).

Article written by Thomas Beisner

31 responses to “Tonight might be your last chance to see Bruce Pearl for awhile…”

  1. BukakenNursinHomes

    Nice Jewfro

  2. ncaa sucks

    If Coach Cal would have had the same recruiting violation that Bruce Pearl has, he would have a MUCH harsher punishment than a few lousy games and he would have gotten bashed by media MUCH more than Bruce Pearl has gotten. Just goes to show how biased the ncaa and the media are against uk!!

  3. soup sandwich

    Hey! Watch it,I resemble that remark….signed Albert Lowenstein

  4. SexnNursinHomes

    1- hilarious! that was the first word that came to my mind.

  5. truebluefan

    2.) You are exactly right, plus the fact that they permanently suspended Kanter

  6. TravisFordTruck

    HEY! does anyone agree the Pearl’s son is just as big a douche as he is and if it weren’t for his daddy he would be playing in a church league

  7. Al's IndiCats

    Looking at the picture I was waiting patiently for the music to start the clowns climbing out of the midget car in the middle of a 3 ringed circus.
    Is that picture on the right when he cross dressed as a cheerleader?

  8. TerrenceJonesss

    Brucy’s boy is going to gwt rocked tonight!

  9. I

    6…I disagree vehemently. I am really going to be killed for saying this. (I’m not a UT fan I promise) Stephen Pearl is a white, jewish, short, fat, non-athletic version of…..Chuck Hayes…and I’d take him on my team any day…certainly over Vargas, Hood, or Poole

  10. Chris Thomas

    Brucie was by far the best character on The White Flash… wait… what?

  11. BlueVirus

    I didn’t know Pat Summit was Jewish.

  12. Alan Cutler's Fart

    Poor Brucie. He’s being persecuted for breaking the rules. This guy is disgusting. Pretending to be an innocent victim after he knowingly lied about breaking the rules. He should be sanctioned for two seasons and tennessee barred from postseason play. The guys a cheater and liar.

  13. The Scarlet Pumpernickle


  14. Alan Cutler's Fart

    At Kentucky we hold our coaches to a higher standard, which is why they forced out Sutton. Tennessee would have fined him.

  15. HiMyNameIs

    You know if Calipari committed a violation like this Kentucky would not be aloud to enter the postseason this year.

  16. DoubleZeroMostel

    Jesus also broke the rules of the Sanhedrin.

  17. Bruce's Pearl necklace

    Well you have Lane Kiffen who lied and cheated, then you have Brucie……who also lied and cheated….then you have Pat Summit who…eh….really um…..looks like Coach Beast on Glee

  18. Women Everywhere
  19. BukakenNursinHomes

    14) At Louisville they would have given him a raise, a contract extension, and named the planned parenthood branch after him.

  20. Bruce's Pearl necklace
  21. BP4Blue

    Since Cats do not seem to posess much good luck in the road blue uni’s how about breaking out the CAT BLACK fever set after we beat the big orange puke and start a new road streak @ Vandy Saturday!

  22. Cawood's 'lil buddy

    I always wondered what happened to Greg from the Brady Bunch!!

  23. deer boss

    6….yes he is a douche and sad to say but could use him on our bench.

  24. Tommy Lasorda

    You want a rivalry? Fire Bruce Pearl and hire Billy Gillespie!

  25. tim

    19. He looks like such an innocent little lad, doesn’t he?
    16. Valid point. The NCAA is comparable.

  26. Pearl is gay

    Nice Pearl Necklace… I bet it is not the first one he has had

  27. Typical UL fan
  28. GeorgeCostanza

    Pearl’s hair looks like it get caught in the Acura turbine
    (shameless plug)

  29. I Call John Wall At Night

    I always wondered what Bozo the Clown looked like without the costume.

  30. Sports Junks

    You admit the Sports Junkies are way more successful then you. You make fun of their work? How does that make sense? You should take notes! You talk about one thing. Football, Super Bowl, Fantasy Football, it’s called mass appeal man. You’re niche. They don’t talk like you guys imitate and they’re just a better show. They talk about numerous topics and have multiple celebs on air. You guys can’t take a joke? You’ve basically lied on air. Find a cut of them doing traffic and weather and i’ll give you a paycheck! A lot of liars in KY?