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Tommy Lee Jones watching the A&M game (Monday Show Thread)

Argo and Les Miserables won big last night but Tommy Lee Jones was the real winner from the 70th annual Golden Globes.  The expression on his face while   Kristen Wiig and Will Ferrell presented an award was priceless.  It’s identical to the look we all had on our faces after the Texas A&M game Saturday.

Speaking of that game, Matt Jones and Ryan Lemond are on the airwaves this morning to discuss what went wrong against the Aggies.  They’ll have that, and more from the weekend, on this morning’s edition of Kentucky Sports Radio radio.

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Topics include:

—  Elston Turner’d

— What needs to change

—  Football visitors/commits

—  Looking ahead to Tennessee

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Article written by Drew Franklin

I can recite every line from Forrest Gump, blindfolded. Follow me on Twitter: @DrewFranklinKSR

252 responses to “Tommy Lee Jones watching the A&M game (Monday Show Thread)”

  1. UK_JB

    Should be worried Uncle Matt? This is like living pay check to pay check with winning basketball games. Dare we mention who is #1?

  2. Bob Loblaw

    It’s time to stop the talk of these players going to the NBA. They need to worry about winning games and improving first.

  3. Kidnut

    The Wiig and Ferrell schtick went too long, though it wasn’t totally without humor. I at least chuckled.

  4. barn

    he looks like he needs a laxative

  5. UK_JB

    Will’s mustache give Rob Roy/ Cutler a run for the money.

  6. yo

    I’m curious when the rest of the world will realize just how terrible Will Ferrell is. A lot of Wig’s charators on SNL were annoying and overplayed too. I’m glad I missed last night.

  7. Jordan Collard

    We need to play Polson and Hood more. Poythress doesn’t have the heart and Archie is out of control. Roll the ball out with Hood/Polson and let them see what they can do. I played better in my days at St. X.

  8. G-Unit

    Just how good is the SEC?:

    If you look at the SEC east and the top tier teams UK has to compete with football wise and look at their bowl performances, one can ask is the SEC really as great as people say? The 3 teams we have to compete with (South Carolina, Florida and Georgia) all SHOULD HAVE LOST their bowl games. Those “vaunted defenses” all gave up nearly 30 points against what many would call inferior competition. NO ONE thought any of those games were going to be close. Against highly athletic dual threat QB’s those defenses gave up huge chunks of yardage. I think much of the padded defensive stats were due to the lack of explosive/high octane offenses in the SEC. You really only have 2, Texas A&M and Georgia. Lets look at Texas A&M. The style of offense they run is a mirror image of what Neil Brown runs. Guess how many 4-star athletes they had at the skill positions this year? ZERO. Their defense didn’t even rank in the top 50 yet they came damn close to winning the WEST and took Alabama to school in Tuscaloosa.

    I say all that to say this: Maybe its not as far fetched as one may think for UK to compete in the east. I mean this year we played right with UGA, and played with South Carolina for a half. IF we were to land Woulard, I think that UK could do some damage in the East… not right away, but I just don’t think those Defenses are as great as many think. And Florida and S. Carolina desperately need more consistency on the offensive side of the ball. I don’t know about anyone else, but I am excited to see what this football season has in store!

  9. robuk

    7- Hood needs to never leave the bench, Polson is not the answer if we have to depend on these two we will never win another game.

  10. Turner the Burner

    I have a friend from Canada that came to live with me for a little over a year. He lived here last year and was amazed at how great UK fans were. He had a blast during the tournament and enjoyed the championship celebration…. He said “UK has the best fans in the world.” After things calmed down, he was still pumped about things and promised to follow the Cats once he moved back to New Market, Ontario. Before he left, I told him not to expect too much this year and to keep and eye on KSR and the message boards and you will see the true colors of UK fans during this season. We are the best fans when we are winning and when we don’t, “fans” get on ESPN, Rupp’s Rafters, and KSR and make us look like IDIOTS! Please think before you post or talk!

  11. Paducah Patty

    Two things. I’m glad my UofL friends don’t read this, it would be wonderful if Louisville gets named number one and then lose tonight to Conn. Also, I try to remind my self every UK game that this is a young team and it’s ok if we lose and then there is a time during every game that gets me sucked back into, the We are Going to Win mode. Still love my CATS. I’m spoiled I guess.

  12. Don

    Matt, try and do something about the woman wearing orange behind the UK bench. this at least the second time this has happened!

  13. Philip

    Now can we all admit that Sean woods was right? This team is not a Kentucky team. They have no heart. and play like they just dont care.

  14. Travis

    Turner was on fire. NBA Jam shit. Literally. Also, Ky Dept of Fish and Wildlife has a new slogan: “Support your wildlife; drink Wild Turkey.” #EpicFail lol!

  15. bung

    Hoods good…

  16. cats1068

    Patty, U of L’s reign of #1 will last just 1 day after they lose to UConn tonight.

  17. Travis

    The thing that almost made my head explode Saturday was the caller that literally made Matt’s head explode on the Post Game show. Please tell me we can hear that call again today? #Smh #FakeFan

  18. Jay in Lyndon

    How worried are you about not making the tournament?

    We have to remember all the things Cal has preached over the last several years is new to this team. This season seems to be exhausting to Cal, this year seems to be weighing on him like 3 years usually would.

  19. Bluegrass

    The “book reader” did show up on the TV broadcast a few times, maybe someone can go back and get a screen shot.

  20. G-Unit

    For the Amusement of UK Football Fans:

    According to Rivals we’re currently 47th with 1200 rankings points. Just looking at guys that we appear to be in good shape for:

    -Adding just Timmons would move us to 1290 points = T-47th.

    -Adding Timmons and one of the two RB’s (Kemp or Turner) would move us to 1380 points = 37th

    -Adding Timmons and Woulard would move us to 1439 points = 35th.

    -Adding Timmons, Woulard and one of Kemp or Turner would move us to 1529 points = 27th

    -Adding Timmons, Woulard and both Kemp and Turner would move us up to 1619 points = 20th

    -In the unlikely event the stars aligned and UK got what we DREAMED of and we added Woulard, Senat, Kemp and the Alexander twins we would then have 1784 points putting us at 13th in team rankings.

    However, some of the teams we can pass will be adding recruits too, but many of them already have 20+ recruits and only the 20 highest rated count for Rivals. In order for those teams to make significant jumps they will need to add 5-star prospects. The point differential between 3 and 4 stars is not a whole lot.
    Top 35, maybe top 30, could be very realistic if things continue to go well.

  21. cats1068

    10- That’s the way most fans are. They love the team when they are winning and hate the team when they are losing. It’s not just UK fans only. It’s like that EVERYWHERE.

  22. Scotty B

    I worry about Cal. The way he is exploding is NOT healthy.

  23. Census cat

    I went to Devon Downey’s last game at Rupp and the fans gave him an ovation when he walked to the bus after the game. It was during the radio show and they applauded when the UK player of the game was talking.

  24. Jay in Lyndon

    Is this Texas A&M thing the start of some type of Billy G curse!

  25. Laker Cat 18

    21. You have a lot of time on your hands brother, but I appreciate your work. Thanks, good info.

  26. Big J Dawg

    Please tell me Ryan doesn’t get paid for his input, or lack their of. Still adds no value to the show, could be much better. Unless you have a good “mike-and-mike” back-and-forth, might as well go with the Jim Rome, Colin Cowherd solo-style

  27. Laker Cat 18

    25. #20, I apologize.

  28. cats1068

    I don’t understand the standing ovation for a guy who just kicked our butts. This isn’t upward basketball.

  29. Turner the Burner

    21. – During Basketball season I feel like I live in Philadelphia…. BTW, I will check ESPN boards after other teams lose and their fans are not on their in numbers acting like our fans do….. There tend to be many of our “fans” on there making fun of the team that lost.

  30. Paducah Patty

    Didn’t hear the call! Can’t wait this ought to be good.

  31. Bucky Small Hooves

    Does Cal ever get txt messages about his yelling?

  32. Bob Loblaw

    I like how when the team is not doing good and fans point that out, they are labeled as horrible fans.

  33. Bucky Small Hooves

    I wish Alex Jones’ mom would send him a txt msg to stop yelling.

  34. Smitty

    I thought UK showed great improvemeent. The Free Throw percentage was up. Goodwin rarely drove into traffic and turned it over or threw it up, Noel’s offensive skill set looked a lot better….. and the D on Turner was pretty good….. 40 points….. Whatcha gonna do?

  35. G-Unit

    27- No problem, Just love the excitement!

  36. James K

    Matt, check out the email I sent you about Chris Jackson.

  37. Travis

    At one point, Turner had twenty and UK had twenty. Wtf..

  38. Paducah Patty

    She just wants to get noticed!!!

  39. CatsFanInKnoxville

    I saw it. Will Ferrell is terrible.

  40. cats1068

    29- Go on a Bama site when they lose next time and see what they are saying. I mean look at the 49ers fans, they were giving David Akers death threats. I mean we’re talking about killing someone over a sport.

  41. James K

    The ESPN Insider Draft Profile on Alex Poythress lists “motor” as one of his character traits. I love Poythress, but I don’t see that one.

  42. Kidnut

    Wil Ferrell is pretty good but the bit was too long

  43. robuk

    Every body seems to forget we get every teams best shot every game. And when they win usually they suck their next game.

  44. G-Unit

    btw- To Everyone that was worried about Woulard and Samples tweets of “Watched basketball enough, gotta get out and do something”.

    Those were decoy’s… Had a friend that told me he hung out with them at their frat house party on friday and stood outside of Tin Roof with them on Saturday. Both Woulard and Samples have GF. I doubt they are gonna tweet “At house party havin great time talkin to some beautiful Tri Delts!” lol

  45. Loyal Blue

    Hey Matt, Hypothetically, let’s say Cal’s system results in the following cycle of post season play:

    Elite Eight
    Final Four
    NCAA Champion
    Elite Eight
    Final Four
    NCAA Champion

    If this cycle proves true, would the BBN accept it?

  46. Paducah Patty

    I love Will Ferrell!

  47. bleedblueky

    Matt – It’s also a no-no for Chinese culture if you read a Book (the same prouncation as Lose) behind a person who is playing marhjong (popular Chinese game 🙂

  48. Bluegrass

    Anyone who doesn’t think Will Ferrell is funny is either older than 40, younger than 20, or has no sense of humor at all

  49. Bucky Small Hooves

    Jodie Foster’s speech at the Golden Globes was longer than Boyd Crowder’s forehead.

  50. Jay in Lyndon

    Can you imagine if Johnny Short was listed in an NCAA infraction?

  51. KCK

    I think John Short has been doing some drugs this morning.

  52. cats1068

    Will Ferrell is hillarious.

  53. Axe Cop

    26. I think Ryan’s there for comic relief. As in, “surely he can’t be that stupid” type of humor. Ryan gets entirely too excited and when he is trying to be funny he is horrible, but he does have a sort of ignorant and innocent nature to him that can be entertaining and endearing some of the time.

  54. KCK

    Will Ferrell is funnier in small doses. Anchorman is the one exception, but otherwise he’s funniest when he’s either playing subtle (Stranger Than Fiction, Everything Must Go) or playing in part roles (Old School, Wedding Crashers).

  55. HeshimuEvans'2ndGradeTeacher

    During the game they talked about how Cal had tone down his approach with Harrow because he couldn’t handle it. Is it just me or is time to do the same with Alex? I’m not saying the kid doesn’t deserve it, lord knows I yell at him through the screen enough, but the kid really doesn’t seem to react to the constant screaming.

  56. Shawon

    Believe that was not the first time you screwed up the (dumb) recruiting rules on the official UK pre-game show, Matt. At least you know now.

  57. Paducah Patty

    In defense of Ryan, it’s got to be hard to do a radio show when the host and all the other staff are in a different studio.

  58. NKYCatFan

    The optimist view point is UK football. uses a rating scale of 4.9 to 6.1 (which is the most random scale ever) and we already have more recruits with a 5.7 (highest level for a 3 star) than in any year measured by rivals. Very impressive to already have 6 of those guys when we don’t have a full class and some of the past years i’m measuring against there wasn’t a 25 man class limit.

  59. cats1068

    Semi Pro is one of my favorite Will Farrell movies. That movie is just flat out funny.

  60. NKYCatFan

    58) meant 5.7 or better

  61. ryan

    Big J Dawg – thanks for your support and for your input. we’ll try even harder to annoy you in the future

  62. J in Orlando

    I am not a huge fan, but I loved Will Farrell in Eastbound and Down

  63. Bluegrass

    I wonder how this and last year would have been if we flip flopped Anthony Davis this year and Nerlens Noel last year. Would we be better this year?

  64. Scotty B

    I would gladly take that 4 yr stretch. a title every 4 years, sign me up

  65. Bluegrass

    I feel so bad for Nerlens because that kid works so hard.

  66. Yep

    Tommy Lee Jones plays the same character in every movie.

  67. KCK

    What does Ryan not understand about this scenario? Good night.

  68. James K

    In 2003 we celebrated 100 years of Kentucky basketball.

  69. G-Unit

    I thought it was HILARIOUS what Kevin Hart said about Django Unchained getting no love and Jamie Fox not getting any love by the awards panel.

    he said “ITs wrong, Django was the best damn movie this year! How many black ppl be on the committe? Zero! You think they gonna give an award to a movie about a man goin round killin white folks!? I doubt that!

  70. Bluegrass

    Matt, you said this before and I was talking to a fellow UK fan at a bar during the game – what this team is missing – Shabazz Muhammed. Had we gotten him as planned, we’d be alright right now.

  71. ktmiln2

    Are we going to do the call now?

  72. StoopsTroops

    I really hope Matt starts digging into football recruiting and learning more about it along with the new coaches/program. I think it would really help KSR with him having more knowledge of football recruiting and the program moving forward.Thanks for all you do Matt

  73. Bluegrass

    I stopped listening to the Post Show after I heard that call – unbelieveable!

  74. Bob Loblaw

    Bo Jackson wanted to go to college over the pros.

  75. Cotton Mash

    Ask Taber about her 18U fastpitch World Series Championship year…
    Struggled now and then in the summer- lost games we should have won
    and then it all came together in the end! #Champs

  76. KCK

    I was listening to this call when it happened and it made me so angry I almost drove my car off the road in a rage.

  77. Paducah Patty

    This guy is unbelievable stupid!!

  78. mrgwildcat

    That caller was an idiot! ANY SCHOOL WOULD TAKE A TOP GUY/GUYS EACH AND EVERY YEAR IF THEY COULD! This guy has his eyes sewn shut. They respect it because they come back and take classes. Again, this guy is stupid.

  79. Paducah Patty

    Is this Tom Jurich?

  80. James K

    You were spot on, Matt. High major programs are for players that want to be in the NBA. These kids don’t grow up in Kentucky dreaming of the day they can wear the jersey. Most of these kids only learn about the tradition once they get here, and you are going to have to live with that if you wanna win.

  81. Smitty

    Yep, the alumni would quit writing checks if they won the title and 4 freshmen went to the NBA….hahaha!

  82. Tucky

    Great job on this call Matt, made me proud

  83. ktmiln2


  84. Paducah Patty

    Great job LawDog!!

  85. ktmiln2

    This guy was an idiot.

  86. Travis

    When John said, “student-athlete,” I wanted to go through the radio and punch him in the nuts. What a prick. Go Cayts!

  87. Bored at work

    Lets talk college basketball titles. A lot has happened since 1986.. Duke and coach K won 4 titles. UNC won 3 along with some other team called Kentucky.. Florida won back to back titles. UCONN won a few. Shaq went on and became one of the best NCAA players to ever play, and then played a full NBA career winning 4 titles. Michael Jordan won 3, then retired and came back and won 3 more… And then retired again. The mullet made a run and flamed out. Just like Gary Buseys brain cells. Two Bushes were in office… Unfortunately! And one more important thing to note, UL has NOT won a NCAA basketball title since that year. So everyone gets it, well kinda, L1C4 whatever that means, and L yeah! You got your approval that you have been seeking for decades, with all your post and photoshopped pictures. UL is #1 for the time being, with no championship in recent memory. I actually hope they win the whole thing if UK doesn’t. Reason I posted this? I had to bring a few fans back to earth, that seem to think UK didn’t just.. Smack that ass all on the floor, smacked that ass in the final 4, smacked that ass til Rick got sore, smacked that ass o oooo o. And went on to actually win a NC in basketball. I’ll admit UL is a top 10 all time program, probably around 8-10 all time. And yes, before you bring up what about this year, I’ll save you the argument, what about it? What about the2 games last year and the years before that? Next year makes this year, last year. And you will still hear people holding on to that measly 3 point win at home. So don’t tell me the past doesn’t matter or isn’t relevant. If it wasn’t, then why do we have a hall of fame? Why do we hang banners? Why did God give us memories? I guess the past just stings to much for UL fans that they don’t want to bring it up. I really don’t know, and honestly I don’t care. I just wish they could accept that we are the greatest basketball program! And be happy that as a state we both bring in wins and wins and more wins, and some titles.. Well, at least one team has… Since 1986!

  88. James K

    Honestly, I’m getting pretty mad, too, because that perspective is offensive to the players. It’s selfish for fans to act like these kids are lesser people because they don’t love UK the way that we have because we’ve lived here our whole lives.

  89. JoeMoney333

    OK you’re right, this dude has instantly made me frustrated as h3ll

  90. cats1068

    I think Cal just missed on recruiting for this year’s team. They have talent but for whatever reason, these personalities haven’t meshed. They are too laid back and we don’t have go getter this year. What we are missing is a Shabazz or Bennett and Cal just didn’t get them this year. You can’t get them all. We’ll be fine. In Cal I trust.

  91. Cat man Corrothers

    What can make Wiltjer play better defense? It seems like a fundamental part of the game to defend. Of course he will go up against better athletes, but he is supposed to be a 4 or 5 star player that gets owned nightly.

  92. Paducah Patty

    I’m screaming at my computer, hang up!!

  93. St. Paul Raiders

    I honestly didn’t see anything wrong with how you handled that guy. Actually you were light on him.

  94. ktmiln2

    I do. He’s a bad guy. He’s one of the reasons why people say UK fans are fair-weather fans.

  95. Bob Loblaw

    Unfortunately, the fans don’t get to see the players in the locker room after the game. From our perspective, it does look like the players could care less about the losses.

  96. Bluegrass

    I wish these type of fans would just go cheer for Louisville

  97. Big J Dawg

    I don’t get much comic relief by thinking someone is stupid, maybe thats just me, but its not just that, it seems more that he doesn’t follow UK sports well enough (recruiting, games, etc.) to talk about it educationally and in an entertaining fashion. He just isn’t funny or provide any insight that I can sit back and say, “wow, that was intelligent” or “man, i haven’t thought of it that way.” I agree, that must be difficult to be in a different location, but if you are serious about this show’s success with him apart of it, maybe he needs to be in studio or make the trip 5 days a week, as its not a far drive. Still I don’t believe that would fix his influence on the show, as it seems irrelevant and adding no value, why can’t we have someone more of Matt’s equal than someone who cannot match-up, not allowing for a conversational environment

  98. Adam in Bowling Green

    We had a ton of four year players before Calipari got here. How’d that work out for us?

  99. BobinJ-town

    Picking a college to help you get the job you want as fast as you can. Don’t most people choose their school for that reason.

  100. Cdog

    Chill out Mr. Jones its OK!!!

  101. Bob Loblaw

    #94 I’ve never heard that UK fans are fair weather. Rupp is filled no matter how well the team is doing.

  102. David E

    Good guy/ bad guy, doesn’t matter. He’s a goddam moron.

  103. Andrew

    Matt. Thank you for yelling at the caller. You should yell at more of them!!

  104. TrinityPills

    Unfortunately, the top 68 teams don’t make the tournament every year.

  105. Kyle

    The Top 68 teams DON’T make the field. When you figure in automatic bids from the non-BCS conferences, you are really looking at the best 48 teams in the country.

    And UK has exactly one good win right now.

  106. StoopsTroops

    Matt Twany wasnt here all 4years either

  107. G-Unit

    The only thing that gets on my nerves is how much Matt cuts him off.

  108. Edd

    That caller longs for the days of the ol’ Rick Rick plays.

  109. Paducah Patty

    #107 Matt had to cut him off, he was talking crap!

  110. JoeMoney333

    This caller is confused. Bruce Pearl said that Poythress needs to be playing more 4. Pearl said he isn’t a great 3 or on the wing and he needs to get down closer to the basket and off the perimeter.

  111. Bob Loblaw

    Losses seem to bring out the fans attacking other fans. This is just like Tubby’s last years. It’s time to stop attacking each other.

  112. Turner the Burner

    102. Get your head out of your butt! UK fans are fair weathered fans…. Go on ticketmaster….. You can purchase tickets for tomorrow nights game….. DIDN’T HAPPEN LAST YEAR!

  113. TrinityPills

    When you get angry and yell at people on the show, we can’t hear your nose whistle as much.

  114. Nope

    Fans are measured in times of adversity. Time to man up and support your team.

  115. Turner the Burner

    111. So, fans can point out when a team is not doing well but, fans can’t point out when other fans are idiots?

  116. Bob Loblaw

    #112 Last year, I walked up to the 101 table a purchased 2 tickets for a game.

  117. G-Unit

    I think Julius Randle is exactly what Poythress needs. While he doesnt start, there is no one at his position that can “take his spot”. Competition is EXACTLY what he needs. It will make him grow up, unless he is ok sitting on the bench behind Randle.

  118. UKJBH

    I think that caller must have been Old School’s brother or kin.

  119. Big J Dawg

    Case and point- ryan gets called out multiple times this hour for not paying attention.
    Every day this happens. Even when he doesn’t get called out, you can often tell he isn’t following the conversation, he is doing something else,or just flat-out isn’t taking the job seriously.
    The only excuse would be he isn’t being paid, but is that even a good enough excuse?

  120. Turner the Burner

    116. An SEC game?….don’t say yes becuase that didn’t happen

  121. StoopsTroops

    105. UK has 0 good wins now, after Maryland losing last nite

  122. cats1068

    97- That’s your opinion. But a lot of us like Ryan and think he brings a lot to the show. That’s my opinion. There are other shows to listen to if you don’t like this one. If I din’t like it, I would listen to something else. There are other stations and other programs. Ryan is a good guy and I like to listen to him and Matt tpgether on the show.

  123. bkalston

    Did you see Tommy Lee Jones’ face during the ferrell presentation. That is how most folks see it.

  124. MattO

    The argument that players only go to school to get to the NBA as a negative is hilarious to me. Every person goes to college to prepare themselves for their professional career. After 1 year, these college basketball players are ready for their professional career and to make a ton of money. If Engineers and Doctors could leave after 1 year and make a crapton of money you think they wouldn’t?

  125. Bob Loblaw

    #120 Yes, you don’t know as much as you think you know.

  126. Vick

    Been a loyal listener for a while… have called in a few times and I met you at the Monticello live broadcast. I’m such a loyal listener I’m in the delivery room with my wife listening to the show. I’m expecting my first child this evening. Gonna see of you could give a shout out to my soon to be born son Kaden Benton Vickery?

  127. Rixter

    There is a difference in being a fan, and being unrealistic. I’ve been a UK fan for almost 50 years. This team stinks. I get that… that doesn’t mean I’m not a fan, I still pull for them, but I know they’re not that good.

  128. Kidnut

    Ryan works very well with this show and Matt wasn’t too angry.

  129. matt from somerset

    No you weren’t that mad at the caller Matt. I just have to say, “there is no cure for stupid.” I bet that guy is a Republican.

  130. Bob Loblaw

    #127 I think that’s how the majority of the fans feel, but when people point that out, people on this board like to call those people fair weathered fans and idiots.

  131. ryan

    paducah patty – thanks for having my back…again…and again…and again. haters gonna be haters

  132. Paducah Patty

    #122 Well said!

  133. J in Orlando

    120 I bought tickets on ticketmaster for 3 SEC games last year 2-3 days before those games…yes, tickets are harder to get when the team is winning, but by your definition every single fanbase is fair-weather b/c that literally happens everywhere in every sport

  134. James K

    I mean, the last thing I’ve seen close to what Turner did is Jodie, and he did three times in one year.

  135. StoopsTroops

    116. Where is that, I would like to do the same sometime. Lower Arena tickets?

  136. Big Curt

    I think Matt was overly-frustrated going into that call in the post game show due to his nose whistles.

  137. bung

    Matt…you were nicer than I would have been…good grief…how can a fan blame a coach for recruiting the best (and qualified) players…fb fans were screaming because we didn’t…the nba is the prob the coach is the victim…what if the nba had taken kareem and big red? …what if they were not taking them in the last 5 years? who would have the most champs then?

  138. Bob Loblaw

    The most frustrating thing about this team is that they have the talent and potential to be a top 5 team and are not living up to that potential. We know they can be better than this.

  139. Turner the Burner

    130. Because they call in radio shows and yell, go on ESPN and post dumb posts…. UK fans have earned their reputation

  140. MattD

    The biggest problem with this team is the inability of 4 of the starting 5 to hit a 15 ft jump shot or anything further out. We have Nerlens, who has to score at the rim, WCS, who has to score at the rim, Goodwin, who slashes…. to the rim, and Poythress, who can’t make a jump shot, and can’t make more than 4 dribbles before mishandling the ball. As such, defenses are sagging and clogging the paint, when poythress steps out on the wing, he sits there. When Nerlens goes to set the high pick, his man sits in the lane. We need a Doron lamb and a darius miller…. those are people who can pull up and shoot. Harrow, right now, is our best threat. He can drive, shoot spot ups and pull up, and he is athletic. Goodwin does not have a natural shot, and nor does poythress. Mays can’t hit his spot ups, and can do nothing off the dribble. This team will not be “alright”. You can’t just learn how to shoot a shot consistently. Duke has seth curry, UL has Russ smith, we have…… no one to fill that roll. We really needed shabazz and now we see why.

  141. lakesidecatsfan

    Patty, no school today?

  142. G-Unit

    I think one of the things we took for granted in T. Jones and Doron Lamb had outstanding basketball IQ. Even when they were not playing well, they still could function and was able to read and react and play the game. Poythress and Goodwin cant do that. Cal has to almost physically put them in the places they need to be and they have to be told what to do. They cannot read and react and relax and play the game. Thats a big deal.

  143. Bob Loblaw

    #135 It was upper arena. The table is right inside of the doors near the ticket takers.

  144. David Elswick

    87) Best post!

  145. Mark

    Are we last year’s UConn team? They had high expectations, never really put it together, and we were worried about playing them in the second round, just like a 1 seed would be with us this year.

  146. St. Paul Raiders

    Allen has become my favorite caller. Love that guy.

  147. Big Curt


    fyi: Teen Wolf 2 was boxing, not basketball. lol Sorry I knew that.

  148. James K

    The sound system in the YUM Center is incredible, if you’ve never heard it.

  149. Earache

    Can’t wait for Thursday’s show with Stoops.

  150. Kidnut

    Nerlens Noel is an absolute beast…he is incredible

  151. G-Unit

    if we got a point every time Mays pumpfaked he would be averaging double figures… lol

  152. DB11

    If our football team had a comparable schedule as far as difficulty goes, they’d probably have a similar winning percentage.

  153. Paducah Patty

    CBS Jerry Palm, whoever that is, does not have UK in NCAA tournament.

  154. Bluegrass

    I hate Duke more than anyone, but the one thing you can never say about any Duke team is that they don’t give it their all. Something about Coach K, he really knows how to get the kids to hustle and stay fundamentally sound for entire games.

  155. Paducah Patty

    #141 I had to take a day, I am going to court in a bit, working on getting guardianship of my brother. We are off Friday and next Monday.

  156. Concerned but believe

    If we continue to play poorly and do not make the field of 64, is there a chance we are NIT champions. If so, what are the stats on NCAA Champions then NIT champions in back to back years?

  157. G-Unit

    The botton line is that prior to this year Cal hasnt really missed on an elite prospect he wanted. He missed on Shabazz, Bennett and Oriakhi (sp?). Just imagine this team with Shabazz and Oriakhi…

  158. lakesidecatsfan

    155) Good Luck and enjoy the cold day off.

  159. ummm

    I thought the team looked better Saturday, but Cal has to be able to change the game plan during the game which i believe is his weakness. I would say they could have done a box and 1 on turner,but other then Noel im not sure we have anybody on the team that can play defense………..

  160. big j dawg

    Didn’t say Ryan wasn’t a “good-guy.” I never questioned his character or likability. I am saying if you want to take being a radio personality serious, there are some serious changes that need to take place. Did I ever say I didn’t like the show? Every one is entitled to an opinion, but my guess, 122, is that you are either friends with ryan, family with ryan, or something of the like.
    Matt is only on this show, and that’s why I listen. So no, there aren’t other options.
    I’m not a hater, ryan, as it seems you were indicating, just a fan of the show, educated with a masters, who can tell when someone isn’t paying attention or doing their job to their full potential.

  161. ryan

    cats1068 – thanks for your support but you don’t want to get Big J Dawg mad at you too. He sounds like a highly trained radio executive who completely understands the dynamics of a radio show. isn’t it amazing how they criticize but still listen, more and more everyday. you are good man cats1068. go blackcats!

  162. Grammar Police

    Posters: please learn the difference between “their”/”there” and “your”/”you’re”.

  163. G-Unit

    So, Who is in the Super Bowl? I say San Francisco v. New England…. San Fran wins again- Kaepernick is a baller!

  164. Smitty

    159. I felt that our team D was a lot better…Turner hit shots in guy’s faces…. WCS played good D, Goodwin was shutting him down in the 2nd half, and Harrow did a good job up top….. Guy goes for 40…. tough to beat

  165. Smitty

    Matt, The caller’s point was somewhat valid in that he suggested Cal should recruit some of the top sure fire NBA prospects to blend in with true UK Bluebloods. Come to think of it some of Cal’s best runs were with Memphis (D. Rose), UK (Brandon Knight) and (Wall & Cousins). These teams were surrounded with some UK Blue Bloods that were not sure fire 1st rounders out of high school. That makes the transistion less devastating. We know coach K and Roy were recruiting these same players that’s not the point. The question is di you think K or Roy would take the entire class of highly ranked freshmen and neglect the natural maturation process. I have gone back and forth with it myself. But you will never get the caller’s take if you keep interupting with your yelling and short-sightedness. It’s ok to disagree but at least let the callers finish.

  166. Paducah Patty

    I’ve always been of the opinion that if you have to tell people what degree you have, or how much you make, or how religious you are, you are a little insecure.

  167. Kidnut

    I am skeptical that this team will make the tournament and would be surprised if they made the top 5 in the SEC.

  168. Smitty

    Wait a minute 164…..I’m the real Smitty!!!!!!!!!!!!

  169. L2C8

    You know, I told myself I wasn’t going to be hard on this team and at times it’s hard, but I’ve learned to accept that this is the youngest team I’ve seen, EVER at UK, and they have a lot to learn. I try not to get to worked up (which is hard as UK fans, I know)about the season, to a point, because if and that is a big IF, we can get hot atthe right time, that is key for this team. This isn’t a team that I think can dominate all year (obviously) but if they get hot around the SEC tour, I think we can build off that and rise to the occasion. This team is STILL one of the more talented teams in the nation, they just need to find theirselves. Even without Poythress (except for 4 games) we have done ok, not great, but ok. Harrow is good, Noel is good, now I feel Goodwin is slumping, I think Mayes will come out of his slump soon, not sure about Wiltjer (speed), but shooting, he is good IF he can learn to get his shot off quicker. Let’s not flip out and drive everyone nuts, Yes as UK fans we live to win, but lets keep our heads together and stay behind this team, they need us. #WEAREUK GO CATS!!!!

  170. Smitty

    165. Do I need to start calling myself the “Real Smitty” now?

  171. UK Fan In Louisville

    Matt – Jerry Palm is one of the most quoted names in college basketball. And by the way HE is still with CBS. Think he’s trade his gig for KSR? Didn’t think so.

  172. Travis

    I tweeted a pic of the woman behind Coach Cal who wore gold metallic pants, orange top and scarf. It, as well as the asst coaches faces, are priceless.

  173. Smitty

    168. I dunno about that…. Been posting on here as Smitty for a while now… Since 2008

  174. G-Unit

    That guy is a Kappa Sig at UK!, Good friend of mine! He told me he is 80% sure JoJo Kemp got laid by a Tri Delt lol!

    JoJo Kemp also tweeted “went better than I ever expected lol”!!!

  175. Kidnut

    Kyle Wiltjer needs to think big, the weight room should be his home.

  176. carol

    I enjoy Ryans commits keep it up Ryan. MATT needs to let a few of his funny remarks just roll on by.

  177. What did Bobby Knight say?

    14:10 to go in Vandy game…..Booby Knight said a very racist remark & know one is talking about it. hmm

  178. Shawon

    Drew The Employee with the funniest lines in his time on KSR. Well done.

  179. big j dawg

    nice attempt at a low-blow. Too bad you can’t take any of that wittiness to your slot on the radio. What dynamics is there to understand. I don’t need a doctorate in radio entertainment to hear, day-in and day-out, when someone adds minimal value and is often times not paying attention. I mean I’m not asking you to be Jim Rome, but c’mon, a couple of hours of attention span wouldn’t hurt you.
    The last time you were the lead host with Matt out, the show was unbearable to listen to.
    And I feel that Matt was seriously upset of where you let the conversation go, and with all your knowledge and experience, you’d think you’d do a noticably better job.
    I don’t listen for the lack of value you add, but for the value that Matt brings.

  180. Ricky

    I thought it was Matt Jones singing earlier instead of Dave Grohl. Listen to it again, It could easily be a recoding of Matt doing karaoke.

  181. L2C8

    So what are the chances of us landing Woulard? Does Clemson have a good QB coming back?

  182. Paducah Patty

    Sorry Jay from Lyndon, your voice makes me sleepy.

  183. L2C8

    177 – that was so last week. We all just try to forget that game ever happened all together. 🙂

  184. bbn

    181- Boyd is coming back for his senior year. Woulard would redshirt IMO.

  185. ryan

    thanks carol! i’ll buy you a sweet tea

  186. Paducah Patty

    I think Matt has a stalker!

  187. Bucky Small Hooves

    Keeping a brother like Drew Franklin will get you beat up. Good move, Lemond.

  188. James K

    It’s important to remember that most freshmen dominated teams flame out. We’ve been VERY spoiled. That UNC team that had Felton, McCants and Sean May for example, really struggled throughout the year.

  189. Paducah Patty

    Matt, come on you would assess the situation and possibly back off, you know you would. 🙂

  190. St. Paul Raiders

    181- Reading Steve Jones on twitter last night, he does not have an offer from Clemson as of yet, and apparently his dad isn’t thrilled with how Florida (and specifically Joker) is trying to jump in last minute after they sought interest from UK’s previous staff with no luck.

  191. Scott

    Matt…..don’t you think that Cal should stop pushing players out the door and into the D League….ala Terrence Jones and Doron Lamb. If those two are on the team KY is not having all these shortcomings.

  192. Bluegrass

    This year’s group shows why the 1 year rule was good for the NBA, because some of these guys are showing that they aren’t ready for College much less the NBA, but had there not been this rule, they would’ve entered the draft and been picked up only to fizzle out.

  193. ktmiln2

    Kentucky needs the Red Defender to step out on the perimeter for defense. That’s the missing piece.

  194. Scotty B

    Matt, who is this Lance kid that showed the recruits around? A student? Involved with the program?

  195. Bluegrass

    Zero Dark Thirty is the movie of the year!!!!

  196. Paducah Patty

    #191 When Jones and Lamb went to the NBA they were not going to the D league. Their play or play of others put them in the D league.

  197. Rockfield, KY

    181. Clemson’s returning QB is a Heisman contender. I don’t know if that hurts us or helps us.

  198. Caytsby5

    Do you think Poythress reminds you of a young Darius Miller? Has the upmost potential but plays in reserve mode..It wasn’t until later on in his career where he really came on…maybe Alex will be our Darius..

  199. inlinefor9

    Lol, Golden Globes spoiled it for all those watching last night and then KSR spoiled it for all the KSR listeners that watched anything else last night.

  200. St. Paul Raiders

    191- The reality is that when these kids leave for the draft is more about where they project to be taken. Ready or not the guaranteed slotted money from being taken in the first round is more important than having to spend some time in the D League improving.

  201. Smitty

    191. I am pretty sure that he is making Lottery picks go and not forcing the others out…. They were on the their NBA teams and the execs/coaches decided that they should go to the d-league to get playing time…. I don’t see the issue if they decide to leave after 2 years, a title, and a pay day

  202. Paducah Patty

    Pitino is the one who forces players out.

  203. Smitty

    191. ANd, teams are drafting guys not so much for this season but, for 2 or 3 years after they are drafted…and then beyond that

  204. G-Unit

    181 – While the emergence of interest of Clemson is somewhat troubling, They have not even offered him yet. The fact Boyd returned helps UK’s cause. Woulard is almost certainly a redshirt at Clemson….at UK, he has a chance to compete and play immediately.

  205. Scotty B

    Eric Bledsoe wasn’t a Lottery pick

  206. big j dawg

    Eric Bledsoe wasn’t a lottery pick

  207. JoeMoney333

    This Caller = Fail

  208. Bicycle Seat Sniffer

    Holy cow. Take the phone away from some of these airheads. The number of morons that feel the need to call is astounding.

  209. Wow!!!

    All this anger over fans complaining is thank to all the social media. Fans always complained to each other at home or their job or the local bar when teams did bad in the past. Now it’s on twitter, the Internet and the bad vibe gets spread around and fueled. It’s a sad day when our players have to cancel all their social media accts due to angry fans. We lost our best six players to the nba last yr, reloaded and doing about as well as I thought we would. Ive supported plenty of UK teams over the yrs that lost games but turned it on by tourney time. Noel is getting better every game Nd he finally called out the other players. I stay optimistic that this may actually get a few guys going and make a difference from here on out. We are not as good as I hoped we would be at this point but I still cheer for our team every game. Last game wasn’t that bad. We could have won it but when a guy who averages 15 ppg goes for 40, shooting way behind the line, it kills almost any team. They played better in this loss than in the Vandy win.

  210. Paducah Patty

    This people are driving me crazy. Kids go to college to get a career so they can support themselves. Guess what they are having a career and making money!!!

  211. Lee Bron James

    Hey Matt, it’s pronounced Rah-Jon Rondo, not Ray-Jon. Just like it’s not pronounced Ee-nos, it’s En-nos.

    Soft vowels Matt, soft vowels.

  212. Smitty

    Any proof he made Bledsoe go? Picked 18th is still good money

  213. TylerH

    Matt, have you seen Zero Dark Thirty yet? FANTASTIC movie

  214. Bluegrass

    Teague had a kid to provide for. Anyone who has a child cannot say that they would put a job that provides for your family on hold. You do what you gotta do.

  215. G-Unit

    T. Jones is just a victim of a very unfortunate situation and horrible management by Houston. They recruited 2 forwards and traded for 2 more in hopes to trade for Howard. Jones on any other team is a contributing player. And PAtterson isnt starting for Houston.

  216. JBazz

    Teague maybe would’ve come back if we didn’t win the national title. When you win the title, are a projected first round pick, and all your teammates are going, it’s hard to make the decision to come back.

  217. Smitty

    If Siva played for 15 college seasons, U of L fans would still claim he is better than John Wall.

  218. G-Unit

    BTW Terrence Jones is killin in the d-league

  219. WestWorld

    This ain’t your father’s NCAA Basketball….things have changed.

  220. Bluegrass

    I’m ashamed that some of you are fellow Uk fans

  221. G-Unit

    Jones is averaging 22 and 10 in the D-League…

  222. Navin

    Matt, you can’t have it both ways. Orton was one of Cal’s one-and-dones, your qualifier that he’s a different case altogether is flat-out wrong. You stated that Cal’s one-and-dones aren’t going to the d-league. What exactly makes Orton any different? He was a ONE-AND-DONE.

    Your biggest problem is your blue & white colored glasses are a bit too thick – unlike your skin.

    Hearing you cut off callers and in general act like a complete jackass makes for great radio.

  223. St. Paul Raiders

    Apparently Mrs. Lemond liked her some athletes.

  224. Rockfield, KY

    Marquis Teague was eating other PG’s up in the NCAA tourney and made Jordan Hulls look bad.

  225. thelestus

    this team is to the boyfriend as dierks bently is to the championship team.

  226. Rockfield, KY

    Look at where Bledsoe was before UK and where he is now. Look how much better his family is now. You think that happens anywhere else?

  227. St. Paul Raiders

    224- Agree, Teague drove me crazy most of the season, but he balled in the tourney and he was tough as nails.

  228. ryan

    St. Paul Raiders – you know thats why she married me big fella!!!!

  229. Interns-R-Us

    In the Espn/Rondo commercial what is it that
    Levy? says to John Anderson at the end?

  230. G-Unit

    222- Cal didnt recruit Orton, he put up with Orton… big difference

  231. 3cats

    Tommy Lee was the only one that had the balls not to laugh at nothing.As Sir Charles would say…. terrrrrible Jokes!

  232. Interns-R-Us

    Rondo commercial:

  233. Paducah Patty

    Tell that lady to give me her tickets. I’ll wear blue head to toe!

  234. St. Paul Raiders

    Ryan- Yes sir, no doubt she made the right choice.

  235. sdcro

    i’m also against the moron segment of our fanbase

  236. Bluegrass

    Watch us somehow make a crazy run and win the title or at least make the Final 4 and see all of these people’s heads explode.

  237. Turner the Burner

    I think we need to speed up the paste of our offense.

  238. Bluegrass

    Maybe they only make those ref shirts in a shmedium

  239. Paducah Patty

    I hate it when iHeart goes out during a good Matt embarrassing story

  240. Bucky Small Hooves

    I guess he didn’t flex enough to keep Cal from arguing.

  241. Bluegrass

    I was wrong, they also make ref shirts in Extra Shmedium

  242. Paducah Patty

    I thought it was great that the first Autistic contestant was in the Miss America pageant!

  243. matt from somerset

    Let’s say we loose 10 games this year, it’s still more fun to watch than when Tubby was coach.

  244. WestWorld

    They draft on potential.

  245. Ffort Fan

    Matt, that was Miss Iowa, Mariah Cary!

  246. WestWorld
  247. Bluegrass

    The only person I think has been saved from the draft (depending on how they finish the year) is Poythress. WCS, Nerlens, Alex, Mays (of course) and Harrow are gone in my opinion.

  248. paducahfan

    Woodrow Call rarely smiles and is a man of few words.

  249. BlueFins

    Hold on there buddy. “Bridge year” is a term that has been trademarked by UL. We are not allowed to use it when talking about our team.

  250. RealCatsFan

    Nerlens might be one of my all time favorite Wildcats. The kid brings it, both on and off the court.