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Tom Leach Talks to Jay Bilas about the Cats

Good stuff here from the great voice of the Wildcats and my favorite fellow graduate of the law school at evil Duke:

Bilas on the Cats

Article written by Matt Jones

24 responses to “Tom Leach Talks to Jay Bilas about the Cats”


    Why can’t I hate Jay Bilas?!

    This guy is by far the best analysist in college basketball.

  2. ukcats07

    Jay Bilas is by far the best basketball analyst


    thanks…spellcheck didn’t catch that. hmmm. now it just looks dirty.

  4. SagaciousMind

    Yeah he’s right, UK is still rebuilding. But, I think he’s wrong when he says we don’t have great shooters. I think we do, they just are young and aren’t showing that yet. But I believe that will change as the season goes on. Things will change and next year will be really good.

  5. jengler13

    Yea we are still rebuilding. We do have good players and some can shoot. We will be good as Bilas says, but not great. Just waiting till Sat’s game and next year. If the season is not as we think it should be, then we might have Patterson again with Orton, Meeks, Hood, Vilarino.

  6. booted

    As long as Harris, Stevenson & Porter are on the team, it does not matter who we have coming in. Harrellson, Miller, Liggins, Galloway, all play less than Harris, Stevenson and Porter. As we get later in the season we may see some serious changes, but right now I am under the assumption that these 3 guys are our go to players this year and next.


    6. They will play, you are correct. But only until the freshmen are ready to take on larger roles. Give them to SEC play and we will see. I expect this to happen for Liggins and possibly Miller this season.

  8. flipisatrip

    i don’t think harrellson deserves to play more than stevenson? you do?

  9. flipisatrip

    7 you don’t think? that will hopefully happen in the next 3 games.

  10. booted

    8 – no I don’t but I thought he would split minutes at least. harrelson has not played enough for me to really see what he can bring.

  11. Feez13

    I know Jay didn’t mean it as a slight and he is the best in the biz … but I do disagree with his assertion that Jodie Meeks is a “complimentary player” … Jodie is a #1 and I have no doubt about that in my mind.

  12. UKKILLA005

    who else has proven they are good shooter besides meeks?

  13. V-in-K

    The only think I wish he would have mentioned to Jay is how come Billy worked his magic faster at TAMU? Or am I mistaken?

  14. UKKILLA005

    Billy G has proven he is a good coach everywhere else he has been…its hard to be patient here but we have to…he has 5 of his players here and the rest are the ol that being said his play calling/adjustments makes me piss blood

  15. catfan303

    Rome wasn’t built in a day. Everyone just needs to be patient no matter what happens the rest of the season.GO CATS!

  16. booted

    13 – I think the reason is because it was A&M. How often do you think VMI, Garden Webb, San Diego, UAB, and Houston were pumped up to play A&M? If there is one huge flaw with BCG, it is that he has underestimated the impact that playing in Rupp has on his opponents. It doesn’t scare anyone, unless we have the talent of the late 90s as stated during the UNC game, to play in Rupp. It actually makes UK’s opponents play a lot better and be a lot more competitive.

  17. KYERIC

    16. Naw, it’s not Rupp Arena. It’s EXACTLY what Jay Bilas was saying. Kentucky wins with talent. Tubby Smith’s players are good, no doubt, but nowhere near the talent that we are accustomed to.

    Coach G. will have to go through another couple of seasons (GASP!!) until he has his system running on all cylinders and have the type of players that will make Rupp Arena a “feared venue”.

    Patience is a virtue but damned hard to practice after taking the type of losses that we have.

    On the other hand, which would you rather have?

    A. A powerhouse program that will take 3+ years to rebuild with top tier talent that are possible NBA lottery picks and a chance to compete for the NC every two years or so.

    B. A very good basketball program with solid middle of the road performers that can scrap it out and possibly compete for a FF every 4 years or so.

    I think we all know the answer to that and who was getting those type of results.

    Trust the man, he knows what he’s doing.

  18. ConcreteCat

    So basically if this team is depleted in talent and help is on the way. Who’s fault is it that UK is struggling? Bilas might as well say Tubby ran your program in the ground. That’s the truth!!!!!

  19. UKKILLA005

    17-18: yall are exactly correct

  20. mesacatfan

    Yeah I love Bilas. He doesn’t let bias sway his opinions and calls it like he sees it. I really have no idea why he isn’t coaching. He has the intelligence and he says all the right things.

  21. Blue in the Vein

    The Carolina game is likely the only time that Bilas has seen the team play. Opinions are like assholes, everybody has one and I don’t see Bilas having much knowledge of the UK basketball team. He lost credibility when he said that Meek’s numbers against VMI were a fluke. Meeks has put up major points in every game this season, minus the UNC game because he was forcing it. The cats do have talent now, although not at the level of UNC. We will turn it around this season and all of the cretics can kiss our ass.

  22. gman

    Jay is Bias,
    He just doesn’t know CBG and his will to win! I damn well guarantee that UK will start a rash of wins soon, very soon!
    Look for a Blue Blow Out!

  23. Mojo Wilkins

    It’s amazing that Bilas tries to dismiss Meeks as only a “complementary player”. There aren’t 10 teams in the country Meeks wouldn’t be starting for, and that’s even coming off his injuries. What is Bilas thinking???


    Bilas is a complete D-Bag, I don’t even have to listen to this to hear his gayness.