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Article written by Sam Gormley

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12 responses to “Today on KSR: Targeting prevails as Cats fall late to Gators”

  1. BluKudzu

    Accept it for what it is. They are the number 9 team in the country and we are not.

  2. bigblue98

    Get a kicker – ridiculous in this day and age that can’t hit 35 yarder. Smith was serviceable – four turnovers will not win any games, but understand he was thrust into action and should get better each week with more experience. #26 needs to play up on the receiver. He plays 9-10 yards off and starts back pedaling as soon as the snap occurs. There is no way he can defend a pass unless the receiver is running a fly pattern. Last, Smoke needs to be the primary back. The faster this change is made the more success they will have.

    1. Bluehender

      The targeting rule definitely needs to be changed, Wagner needs more passes thrown his way, Smith will get better. Conservative play calling late hurt us. Florida played inspired football on both sides after their leader went down, much like we played in the first half for Terry Wilson. Franks injury seemed to take the wind out of our sails, for some reason. We fought hard, they pulled it out, on to the next game..Go Cats!!

    2. Bluehender

      My statement was not meant as a reply to what you said..

    3. StillBP

      Florida’s kicker missed one too. They were supposed to beat us, according to Vegas, according to the polls and according to almost everyone else who gets paid to talk football. But some of you were convinced all those people were wrong and we were under rated while FL was over rated. Just accept that the professionals were right, low of you were wrong. We blew a lot of things and lost a game we were supposed to lose. Learn from mistakes and move on with a still pretty good team. Still have a chance for a 10 win season.

    4. StillBP

      *lots of you were wrong, not ‘low of you’

  3. letsroll76

    Mitch needs to allow beer , except they need to give it away free just like football team does.

    1. RAGE

      Lol that’s funny

  4. eyebleedblue

    Sawyer Smith did not play well.

    Protecting the ball is the QBs number one responsibility. Terry would’ve been much more poised in that 4th quarter and proved it all last season in close games. 2 of Smith’s picks were just awful throws.

    1. Trueblue44

      False. He did play well. One interception was all on him, the other happened when Bowden broke off his route. Can’t possibly know who’s at fault there but 1 week with the 1s, against Florida in prime time, I’ll take it

  5. drew_123

    Playing not to lose prevails in 4th quarter, rinse, repeat. *
    There, fixed it for you.

  6. Trueblue44

    The sneaky “Tennessee upsets Chattanooga” was hilariously slid in there, well done