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Today on KSR: Cats get back on track with win over Utah

I’m not sure I have ever been happier to have a Kentucky basketball game on a Saturday afternoon. Take out the fact that I was able to make my first trip to a game in over two years with my dad; it was nice to get the bad taste out of our mouths from the Seton Hall game last weekend.

Yesterday’s game was arguably the Cats’ best performance of the entire season. After Utah started the game on a 10-2 run, it was all Kentucky in a game that had great offense from players like Keldon Johnson, Tyler Herro and Reid Travis while also forcing turnovers, and more importantly, capitalizing on those turnovers on the opposite end.

Now for the stories you need to know to start your day.

Jemarl Baker CAN Shoot

In a game where Keldon Johnson was 6 of 7 from three, his performance was overshadowed by Jemarl Baker in the closing minutes. When he checked in the game, I felt like I was cheering on Brad Calipari or Jonny David, chanting with the crowd for him to “SHOOOOOOOOT,” and shoot did he ever.

Baker could turn into an X factor on this team. He obviously isn’t going to shoot 100% from beyond the arc every game (wouldn’t that be awesome if he did though?!), but he could turn into a legitimate spark for the offense.

Keldon Johnson was the Man

I was talking with a colleague earlier this week about how this team will go as far as Keldon Johnson carries them. You’ve heard Matt talk about it on the radio show all year long, every great UK team has an elite player. Johnson has the opportunity to be this team’s elite player and turn them into the great team everyone expected them to be.

The Kentucky freshman started off the game red hot from three. He started 5-5 before finally missing one which turned out to be his only miss of the night. Keldon must play well for this team to be great and last night might have been his best performance yet.

The ’93 Final Four Team was Honored at Halftime

The 1993 Final Four team was honored at halftime of the game. While they were before my time, I recognized almost every name from the team. Not surprisingly, Rick Pitino did not make the trip for the reunion with the team, but John Calipari said that he did ask him to come.

Whether Pitino should have or not is another story, but I think it was perfect for UK to honor a team that doesn’t get the same amount of love as other teams over the history of the program.

Josh Allen serves as the “Y;” Football Team Honored during Timeout

Quite possibly the loudest part of the game was when representatives from this year’s Kentucky team came onto the court to be recognized. No cheers were louder than for Josh Allen and Benny Snell.

Allen later returned to the court to serve as the honorary “Y” for the game. The linebacker will go down as quite possibly the greatest defensive player to ever suit up for the Blue and White and yesterday was just the first time that Allen will be recognized by Kentucky fans for his recent accomplishments.

Kentucky Women get by MTSU

(Photo via | @KentuckyWBB)

As a WKU alum, I have a special dislike for Middle Tennessee so it was nice to see the Cats knock them off yesterday in a game at Memorial Coliseum.

Kentucky was led by Maci Morris, Taylor Murray and Blair Green who all scored in double figures in the 72-55 win over the Lady Raiders.

You’ll have two opportunities to see the Cats at home this week with Western Carolina coming to town on Tuesday and Murray State making the trip across the state on Friday morning.

Cats in the NFL Schedule

  • Packers at Bears (Danny Trevathan)– 1pm
  • Bucs at Ravens (Za’Darius Smith)– 1pm
  • Cardinals (Corey Peters) at Falcons– 1pm
  • Titans (Wesley Woodyard)¬†at Giants– 1pm
  • Patriots at Steelers (Bud Dupree)– 4:25pm

Last night, Avery Williamson has 4 total tackles in the Jets loss to the Texans.

That wraps up your news for today! Hope you have a great day! It is officially UNC hate week. Go Cats!

Article written by Sam Gormley

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11 responses to “Today on KSR: Cats get back on track with win over Utah”

  1. 4everUKblue

    Who are the two short guys on the 93′ team?

    1. CPACAT


  2. Duuuuuude

    It would really have been nice to have something nice said about the 93 team. I never saw anything written in context about what that team accomplished or why they were important. It was all about Pitino. That is really sad. What a missed opportunity

  3. binarysolo

    Cats get back on track? Back on track to what, at beating up unranked teams at home? Let’s see how we play against UNC next week. I don’t expect us to win, I just want to see the guys put up a good fight.

    1. 4everUKblue

      We improved that’s a start even if it was against an unranked team, this team needs to get their confidence back one step at a time if necessary. I remember the games against unranked teams when we didn’t play as well, let’s try to back this team.

    2. versaillescorey

      Go follow another team if your going to be so negative after a win!!! Back these guys or get off the wagon

    3. 4everUKblue


    4. henderblue

      I expect us to win…I’m a UK fan. Have been for about 55 years now. If you have no expectations of winning, can you really be a true fan? I’ve seen so many games we weren’t favored to win, but we did. I’ve seen us play horribly and lose but,never have I went into a game thinking we couldn’t win. Go Cats!!

    5. binarysolo

      @4everUKblue The thing though, is you can’t accurately measure improvement if it’s a home win over a team you were supposed to beat by double digits. That’s why I mentioned let’s see how we fare against UNC who’s coming off a win vs Gonzaga.

      @versaillescorey It’s like getting A taking a first-grader’s test. Maybe you’ll think “an A is an A” but I just have higher standards, I guess.

      @henderblue There’s a difference between fandom and fanaticism. It’s not that I don’t want these guys to win, but based on what I’ve seen of this team so far this year I just don’t know if we can beat UNC. Remember, Cal prefers to gives more minutes to younger guys with upside and lose games, than trying to win games especially early in the season (the reason Quade transferred). There’s more to following a team than just blindly expecting to win every game.

      I’ve been a UK fan for 30 years. The point I am making is I want these guys to fight every game, even if we don’t win.

    6. 4everUKblue

      Sorry to one up you guys but I’ve been a fan for 65 years, probably seen some things binary has not and I have never expected to blindly win every game, but I do I try to find something positive in all games as opposed to being critical of everything and I disagree with binary. I’m not trying to accurately measure anything, I see it as progress, if you have some method of accurately progress you should join the coaching staff.

    7. ClutchCargo

      You may have been a UK fan for 30 years, but you seem to have been doing it wrong. UK is one of the elite basketball programs and should therefore be favored to beat most teams by double digits, especially at home. So you’re saying you go through long stretches of each season not having any clue if the team is improving just because they are winning like they should? Teams like Utah aren’t brought in to be any kind of test to prove anything to the doubters, but knowledgeable fans should be able to see that they are getting better at going about their business and getting into good habits that will serve them well against teams like UNC