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Ellen DeGeneres’ Thursday News & Views

Admit it: you like Ellen DeGeneres. Come on…even you big, burly Eastern Kentucky mountain men feel the urge to shake it when she shimmies across the screen on her daily talk show. If anything, I’d like to thank Ellen for encouraging white people to dance freely (even if only in the privacy of their own homes). Seriously, before putting on her birthday boogie shoes, Ellen DeGeneres should take a break and reflect on her wild and crazy career in showbiz. Ellen started doing stand-up comedy in the 80’s, and must have been pretty darn good at it, because she was the first female comedian invited to chat with Johnny after her routine on “The Johnny Carson Show” in 1986. After a variety of TV roles and a small part in the movie Coneheads (yeah, I went there), the execs at ABC took a chance and gave Ellen her own show, “These Friends of Mine,” or, as it was later known, “The Ellen Show.”

I bet you know where it goes from here, right? In February 1997, Ellen told Oprah and the world she was gay, and a few months later, her television character followed suit. Sadly, ratings declined and the show was canceled soon thereafter, leading to a brief career hiatus, during which she dated crazy lady Anne Heche. Ellen eventually found her way back in the limelight after two critically-acclaimed performances: her 2000 HBO comedy special and her hosting stint at the 2001 Emmy awards, held less than a month after September 11th. She got her own talk show and became a force in daytime television, completing one of the most impressive comeback stories in Hollywood history. In the past few years, Ellen’s been an Oscar host, CoverGirl, American Idol judge, and even a Special Envoy for Global AIDS Awareness. Pretty good for a girl from Metairie, Louisiana.

Happy birthday, Ellen. Don’t just stand there, bust a move…on over to these news and views.

— When we weren’t fighting over the new uniforms (more on that later), the Big Blue Nation spent Wednesday discussing the Cats’ win over Georgia. Well, the first half at least. After toying around with the Bulldogs early on, the Cats found their groove and pushed the halftime lead to twelve, largely on the shoulders of a seemingly-possessed Darius Miller. Miller turned in his most impressive performance of the season in Athens, shooting a near-flawless 7-8 from the field (including a perfect 4-4 from behind the arc) for 19 points. Most encouraging was Miller’s confidence and aggression, both of which have been fluctuated this season. But not last night. Darius played like a man on a mission, living up to the legend spun by his teammate Ryan Harrow, who calls him the squad’s most talented player. I guess all those practice shots before the game are finally paying off?

— If the first half was a smooth Bugatti Veyron, the second was a clunky Chevy Geo. The Cats put up a paltry 19 points in the second half, a figure acceptable only when compared to Georgia’s 18. Despite the snooze-worthy pace, the Cats remained in control of the game until the end, thanks to impressive rebounding and smoldering defense. Although their shots weren’t falling, Terrence Jones and Marquis Teague found ways to contribute, Jones with seven rebounds, three blocks, and inspiring hustle; and Teague with seven assists to zero turnovers. Both of these players draw ire from Cats fans, but should be applauded for progressive, albeit quiet, performances.

— Call us spoiled, but despite their 20-1 record, some Cats fans continue to spend more time worrying over this team’s flaws than admiring its fair features. Maybe it’s because when this team is clicking, like in the first half against Georgia, they are unstoppable. Coach Cal echoed these thoughts during his time with the media on Wednesday, explaining that his animated behavior on the sidelines of late is a by-product of his frustrations with a team that has so much promise: “Last year’s team, I couldn’t believe we were as good as we were. I didn’t have to say a whole lot. This year, we could be really special, and we’re not right now.” Cal was quick to point out that this team has plenty of time to reach their peak, but he wants them to communicate better with each other and continue to hone that killer instinct. I can think of several teams we can practice that on.

— By far the most controversial news on Wednesday was the unveiling of Kentucky’s new Nike Hyper Elite Platinum uniforms. Some of you love them, most of you hate them. Like really, really hate them. So much so that your outcry over them made the front page of Yahoo:

New jerseys always inspire their share of grumbling, but the release of these has been especially polarizing.

An angry commenter on Kentucky Sports Radio wrote, “Big Blue Nation to Nike: Our colors are BLUE and WHITE.” One minute later someone else correctly responded, “Guess what old people? They’re not for you. They’re for the players.”

(Congrats, Wildcat84 and ktmiln2: you’re famous!)

I’ll take blue and white over gray any day, but as Drew mentioned earlier, it’s important to remember that these are just alternate uniforms whose function will mainly be increasing Nike’s sales numbers and maybe, just maybe, making the Cats look even more appealing to the youngin’s. They’re not my cup of tea (and they’re not supposed to be), but they do feature the latest “uniform technology,” and if that means they turn our players’ sweat into jet fuel, then hooray Nike. Also, and this is probably the reason Nike made them, the uniforms will be worn in games against teams sponsored by adidas or Under Armour, which means every time the announcers mention them, it’s a marketing coup for Nike. Still hate them? At least they didn’t shorten our name to “Tucky.”

— Need another reason to marvel at the wonder that is Anthony Davis? Ethan Sherwood Strauss of called Davis the best defensive prospect since the 1980’s. AND, he has the stats to back it up. Using what he calls the “Stock Spread,” a formula that measures defensive efficiency, Strauss determined that the only defensive legend over the last few decades whose stats can compare to Davis’ so far this season is Hakeem Olajuwon. I’m not a numbers person, but even I can appreciate Strauss’ work. (H/T to

2013 superstar Nerlens Noel has added West Virginia to his list of suitors after visiting the campus last week. Noel and his awesome high-top fade are also considering Kentucky, Syracuse and Connecticut. Speaking of Noel, he was recently ranked the 2nd best player in the 2013 class by; the top ten of that class features eight Kentucky targets. Yes, eight. Like the banner we will hang in April.

— Remember when we used to whine about being in the “lowly” BBVA Compass bowl a few years ago? Well, Birmingham may look like paradise in a few years if the powers that be have their way. According to a report from, there is “growing support” amongst conference commissioners, athletic directors and bowl officials to raise the number of wins required for bowl eligibility from six to seven when the new BCS cycle begins in 2014. This is tough news for the Cats, who have only won seven regular season football games four times in the last 27 years (thanks to our very own Beez for that depressing stat); it also makes the possibility of eliminating the Louisville game from the schedule seem more and more likely. The only good news? No more Sketchers Shape-Ups “How I Met Your Mother” Trojan Minis Bowl!

— Good luck to UK Hoops, who travel to Auburn to take on the Tigers Thursday night at 7 p.m. ET. Our ladies boast an 18-2 overall record, including a stellar 7-0 run thus far in SEC play, tying the best start through the first 20 games in program history. I bet our pals over at will have a fantastic preview of the game tomorrow (hint, hint).

— In ridiculous and slightly maddening news, a KSR reader tipped us off on this story from Steve Gansey, the head coach of the NBA D-League Fort Wayne Mad Ants, for whom Ramon Harris plays. At today’s shoot around, Gansey threw a cross-court pass to assistant coach Christian Laettner, who was being guarded by Harris at the opposite free throw line. In a cruel recreation of “The Shot,” Laettner caught the pass, turned around and made the basket. I checked Ramon’s Twitter to see how he was recovering, but only saw tweets about foamposites (WTF) and chicken wings.

— Finally, a shoutout to Bopper Minton and Mark Jackson, two best friends from Clay County, Kentucky who will compete for a million dollars on the upcoming season of “The Amazing Race” which premieres on CBS on Sunday, February 19. I’ve been a fan of “The Amazing Race” for years, and still think it’s the best reality TV show out there, especially when it features people wearing Kentucky shirts. Bopper and Mark, whom you can learn more about here, say they will use the prize money to pay off Bopper’s daughter’s medical bills. Use the “U-Turn” wisely, boys:

We’ll be back bright and early to quench your thirst for all Cats everything. Matt and company will take the airwaves at 10 a.m. Don’t miss it.

Article written by Mrs. Tyler Thompson

No, I will not make you a sandwich, but you can follow me on Twitter @MrsTylerKSR or email me.

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  1. Caytstrodamus

    I’m an eastern Kentucky right wing, coal, etc.., yes you nailed it. I DO like Ellen! She has a great heart.. You nailed that

  2. H8Train

    Any UK fan with any complaint should check out the Texas Tech game on ESPNU.

  3. BPsycho

    “small part in the movie Coneheads (yeah, I went there)”

    Forget about going there, you already went here ” burly Eastern Kentucky mountain men feel the urge to shake it when she shimmies across the screen on her daily talk show. ” and there’s no going back lol

    I think about Finding Nemo when I hear or see Ellen DeGeneres. It probably subconsciously is more about fish than the movie tho. badump badump bop!

  4. Hal

    oprah, ellen degeneres & amazing race references all in 1 post? i didnt know you were already a stay-at-home-wife, tyler.


    Loved the sweat to jet fuel line!

  6. tangledupinblue

    Can’t stand her .

  7. Eloy the Destroyer

    “Ellen” not crazy over that dude

  8. Not Buying It

    The Anthony Grant hype. Never have. Never will.

  9. DaInfoGuy
  10. TylerFan

    Tyler’s true colors came shining through
    with this post.

  11. tdogg4033011

    ranked #1 in the nation, recruits knocking down the door to come play here, fresh
    off a Final Four season and some of our fans find a way to complain. I don’t
    get it …..

  12. RainbowTyler

    Tyler thanks for your honesty.
    Guys like to watch rainbow girls interact.

  13. dave

    espn saying minn’s top 2 scorers all came off the bench tonight. when was last time that’s ever happened, if ever? feel like you can;t call that “good coaching”

  14. ColoradoCat
  15. uktailg8er

    Can’t stand her either. Gives me the creeps. Could watch her ex Anne Heche all day though. BTW, I know a paraplegic who had a make-a-wish foundation dream to meet Ellen. Too bad, Ellen sad no such luck, but get on the website and maybe you can get tickets. She is not the wonderful humanitarian she portrays herself as in the media.

  16. tyson

    Ms. Tyler Thompson, if this does not make tomorrow’s Tweet Beat, you’re fired!!/rexchapman/status/162392177492770816/photo/1

  17. Sump23

    YEA!! Reppin Clay County!! Besides Farmer and the salt here of the 1800s, we’ve never been known for anything positive besides drugs and scandal. Maybe these two gentlemen can bring us some light. Good Luck boys!

  18. Eh

    A post about Ellen, really? God I miss bti.

  19. Ethan

    #18 & #19…. if you don’t like it, stop reading. No one is forcing you to read the site.

  20. carlos toomer

    Ellen Degeneres? Uh, no. At least choose an attractive lesbian.

  21. kkk

    22. You’re a tool.

  22. Jkwoftw

    She’s a woman with a great heart. Unfortunately the trials of her youth were some that no child should have to go through, but many do in this day and age.

  23. Jkwoftw

    ..and it has an effect

  24. dollypartonsportsradio

    Thanks for correcting Miller’s point total and deleting my post.

  25. Buckets

    Ellen and the grumpy fans can all jump off a cliff. The Cats are No. 1, having lost but a single game on a buzzer beater in as hostile a gym as anyone will ever see.

    The new jerseys aren’t terrible. I’ve seen worse and it’s only for one game, so, no biggie. People just want to complain.

    Waaaah, I hate their shoes, I hate the jerseys, waaaah. Marquis Teague had 7 boards, 7 assists and no turnovers last night but he did have his shot blocked once, Terrence Jones had seven boards, three blocks and just one turnover but he only had five points and Kentucky only won by 13 points on the road, waaaahhh. We’ll never win in March playing that way, WAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!

    Get a grip, people.

  26. dave


  27. Buddy

    Is that old man teague’s boys daddy right dur?

  28. Hoss

    “Chevy Geo” was not necessary. Any and all Chevys qualify as “junky” right off the assembly line.

  29. The Hef

    How in the heck is she a CoverGirl? What’s next? Rosanne Barr as a Playboy Playmate?

  30. Until It Gets Deleted

    I don’t mind gray, but do they need to be gray AND ugly as well.

  31. Chuck

    There is no reason a 6-6 team should go to a bowl. A bowl should be a reward for a good season. You act like this proposal is a bad thing. Maybe Tyler can console mediocrity by passing out participation trophies.

  32. FakeTruth

    I know Ellen Degeners. She sat with me and Calvert at the UK/IU game, and I introduced her to Mitch Barnhart. She’s a nice lady and grew up in Evansvile.. She went with Calvett and me last year to see IU play in that Trojan Minis Bowl you mentioned. I was there.

  33. tdr76

    I don’t like Ellen’s ways, and our colors have always been blue or white, that has nothing to do with age. Sometimes the writers on this site are really out of touch with Kentucky folks.

  34. kentuckyluke

    Agree #42. I do not feel that the new uniforms are “for the players”. They are for the University, which the basketball team represents. I understand the “player first concept”, but it is not all just about them completely either. There are things bigger than them and bigger than Calipari.

  35. Hoss

    Hey, looky there… I remember normal jeans like that. Back before normal was somehow replaced by skin-tight, muffin-top-producing, saddlebag ass-having, not flattering to the human figure at all skinny jeans.

    Damn, I hate what children with their parent’s money think is fashion.

  36. Me

    Are we sure those 2 guys from Clay County don’t need to tough’f’up a little (said in my best Billy Clyde voice)?

    * not that there is anything wrong with that.

  37. kfund

    So, UKs defense was “smouldering”… it was a slow, low-temperature, flameless form of defense?

    Those jerseys make our team special… just like everyone else who has them. Good not to be left out but how many hyper super duper elite amazing wonderful adjectives are they going to put on their next new jersey?

  38. Nerlens

    Guys, I ain’t coming…I’m not even breathing hard. Like McGary & Tarjewski this year, I won’t end up in Lexington.

  39. UK Roster

    No worries #49- we can dig up 5 other guys just like you. Been that way around here lately.

  40. Bledsoe's Biceps

    I like your posts, but have to comment on your statement….”Call us spoiled, but despite their 20-1 record, some Cats fans continue to spend more time worrying over this team’s flaws than admiring its fair features.” Do you think that the KSR bloggers just might hold some responsibility for this? For the past few weeks, there is not a day without at least one post meant to stir up controversy (and hits). Multiple posts on the questionable or unacceptable play of Terrence Jones and Marquis Teague. Posts dismissing the opinions of “old” people concerning the uniforms. You reap what you sow.

  41. bung

    there is a law that u cant be prez unless you are over 35…i wonder why that is…

  42. Hoss

    B/c most 30-somethings would show up for work throwing up deuces and looking like an Idiocracy cast member reject in their grey jerseys, skinny jeans and head-to-toe tattoos of obscure bands and tribal markings.

    God Bless America. She’s really gonna need it here in a few short years.

  43. Eloy the Destroyer

    That photo of the two guys should have the background music, “If you be my bodyguard, I can be your lone lost pal”….Paul Simon

  44. Paducahfan

    If we go with Tucky we can stop teasing you know who about The Ville

  45. STLBetaNu1771

    Nobody wants to point out that Bopper’s sporting the Reebok Zig-tech’s in BLUE/WHITE that John Wall is the face for?

  46. Stevie Ray

    “Soldering defense?” What on earth is “smoldering defense?”

  47. Eloy the Destroyer

    #53 Yeah, your generation has done such a wonderful job with the country. I honestly mean no disrespect to you personally but am I wrong?

  48. Hoss

    Just wait, Eloy. You haven’t seen “bad” yet… You only think you have.

    As a post-secondary educator of the past 9 years… this country is flat screwed.

  49. DJ Lance Rock

    Sorry TT, but I can’t let thsi slide. There is no Chevy Geo.

  50. Hoss

    … and I only see the small percentage that actually seeks education after HS. Good luck with those numbers come retirement age, son.

  51. SexnNursinHomes

    Ellen Ellen Ellen Ellen!!! I’d nail that fish eater, but I wouldn’t be happy about it.

  52. Winston

    Remember when this blog was full of hot, straight chicks? Yeah, me too. Can we get an Ashley hockey poster just to put things right again?

  53. ktmiln2

    16. That is hilarious!

  54. ktmiln2

    56. Ms. Thompson- It unfortunately doesn’t take much with this bunch. And thanks for the shout-out

  55. Eloy the Destroyer

    I totally agree with you. Isn’t part of your job to prepare the youth of tomorrow. I am saying don’t act like the world is screwed because of the young people coming up in America when it has been bad for a while. I am not against you or your generation as a matter of fact I think the WW2 generation is the greatest generation and not just because Tom Brokaw said it I have always believed that. When men were men and character meant something but my gen is not ruining the world it is coming up in a ruined world. We can just agree to disagree.

  56. Hard Hittin' CAT

    Tyler, I like your attitude. I often harp over people constant berating of Terrence Jones. You keep up the good work.

  57. Stafford

    For anyone who wasn’t aware, “smoldering” defense is when you play your man as tightly as possible due to an overwhelming attraction. #notappreciated #ikidbecauseilove

  58. (.Y.)

    Ellen’s desire to be a twentysomething male in appearance creeps me out in the Michael Jackson “I wanna be a white woman” way.

  59. Eloy the Destroyer

    #74 I totally agree

  60. Eloy the Destroyer

    Ellen looks like Owen Wilson

  61. bung

    most people over 35 think you meant “smothering defense”…but u may have been referring to that man in the vest guarding the hoops…

  62. Hoss

    66- young man, my point was that these young adults I teach can barely form coherent sentences, much less comprise entire paragraphs. They can’t perform simple math functions w/o a calculator. They can’t complete the most remedial of tasks even within the most forgiving of deadlines. These are attributes I neither condone nor foster. They come pre-loaded these days with an unforgiving sense of entitlement and a case of lazy that could choke a cow.

  63. J

    Wow this is the kind of comment vile that gives Kentucky a bad name. Ellen does all kinds of amazing charitable things and people act like you’ve put up a post celebrating the life of (Insert Evil Name Here).

    I thought it was a good post. Keep up the good work TT.

    I’m personally waiting for the chrome jerseys to come out that are so shiny they blind the fans and white out the camera shots.

  64. ktmiln2

    It’s amazing how many people come here and add nothing but complaints.

  65. Hoss

    66- the really scary bit here is that the older folk of my time spewed the same warnings… and they were right. Every generation sucks just a little bit more than the last.

  66. Aaron Craft's Rosacea

    #62- I’d do the same but only to get to Portia.

  67. bung

    its amazing how many people dont understand what asking for comments means…

  68. bigbluedude

    jesus, so many vile rednecks. its amazing we can get ANY recruits to come play in front of you toothless, uneducated, neanderthals.

  69. UKBigDaddy

    Can’t get ANY recruits? What rock have you been sleeping under? I though we had the #1 class for three years and counting? STFU

  70. doin it good

    Lick a de split.

  71. Eloy the Destroyer

    #81 I agree

  72. plowboy

    52- check the comment sections on ksr. It’s pretty easy to see why you must be 35 to be president/

  73. Uh...What?

    73, 74, 75: Jealous much? Whether you like it or not, Ellen has one thing you’ll never have: CLASS. Now, run back down in your parents’ basement and play some more video games.

  74. Kara

    These guys are from my home town! I’m so excited to see them. I love Ellen!

  75. B.w.o

    #89. Real original!!!

  76. (.Y.)

    Ellen can’t dance either. Not even by white people standards.

  77. B.w.o

    I meant #74 Real original!!!

  78. Eloy the Destroyer

    #74 Okay, I’ll do that

  79. Bluez

    I always have thought that Darius Miller should play with a chip on his shoulder, not toward his teammates of course, but toward the game in general. He’s such a nice guy. He should be a little meaner on the court. I saw some of that against Georgia. With a simple mindset change on how he approaches the game (it’s a war, not a game, and it’s a fight for NBA dollars), he could probably pocket an extra $30 million over the next dozen years. Just my thoughts.

  80. SexnNursinHomes

    73- really? I had no effin clue

  81. shimsky

    Two crappy posts in a row (this being the first)? C’mon KSR.

  82. Al's IndiCats

    81, we have, but we’re learning every day. We in America see what we’ve done in the last 80 years to know we harmed this earth so bad we may never be able to bring her back to where she once was. Again we also have countries like China who are still using fossil fuels with reckless abandon especially with little or no scrubbers to filter out all the polution they belch in the atmosphere on a daily basis. My son traveled to Beijing this past summer and he said at 4 in the afternoon the air was so toxic that the brown haze forced inside and older folks were having one helluva time just to breathe.

    I’m in my 60s and I love the new uni’s, but I’m sorry Ms. Thompson for the life of me I can’t bring myself to like Ellen. Not because she’s gay. Gay I can handle. I just can’t find anything funny in anything she does. In the late 80s She was on a show that used to come on the Fox network (it was on right after Married with Children) where she played a secretary at a real estate company and that wasn’t even funny. But to each their own.
    GO CATS!!!!!!!!

  83. One Night Stand Suche

    Fantastic issues altogether, you just won a brand new reader. What could you recommend about your post that you simply made some days ago? Any positive?

  84. Aaron Craft's Rosacea

    I meant #52, Damn.

  85. Tomas

    66. Hoss you need to chill out. Your generation has caused the problems we are dealing with now. It was your generation that raped our planet to the point that my generation has to worry about whether or not our kids will even be able to inhabit it. It was your generation that passed social reforms that are currently bankrupting us and my generation has to find a way to live on less money and how to save our economy. It was your generation that put thousands of Japanese Americans in enternment camps. It was your generation that allowed the slaughter of millions of women and children in Rwanda and again in Sudan and did nothing. Don’t you dare blaspheme my generation. We did not cause this mess but yet you have given us the heaping pile of crap called America and then you want to blame us for it. No sir.

  86. SexnNursinHomes

    83- Simple solution, let’s refine our oil through Ellen’s butt crack.

  87. barn

    celebrating ellen degenerate’s bday. a new lowpoint.

  88. Beatle Bum

    Cats played good defense in Athens, but let’s not forget that UGA stinks. They missed a bunch of three pointers until the final two minutes of the game. Not sure that UK’s defense was as “smothering” as it was a combination of good defense and awful offense.

  89. Ron

    Funny… I thought the cats just played the AUBURN Tigers… and were traveling to LSU to play those tigers?/?

  90. Ron

    Maybe I should reread before i Post… Good Luck Ladie Cats 😛

  91. nybrasky

    Ramon Harris is now dead to me. Not that I ever really liked him, but I support any Cat. But that’s no laughing matter and as a UK guy, even if the coaches challenged him, he should’ve hit Laettner in the nuts, stomped on his chest and walked away.

  92. fan1

    88) have to agree. No idea why they let someone like her on television. She should have been convicted and executed years ago.

  93. ukmilzy

    Anyone whose name is “Bopper” is flippin’ awesome. They have my support.

  94. MIDDAY

    Wow, what a bunch of mouth breathers.

  95. Matt

    Not only do I not like her, but if she was eaten by a bear I’d probably throw a “gathering”.

  96. BigBoy

    I married in to Clay County for better or worse. I don’t think these guys got very far in the show, word is they weren’t gone from Clay Co for very long.

  97. C-A-T-S

    Someone at CBS loves the Cats. The blonde twins from the last Amazing Race were UK grads.

  98. Baller

    I used to play basketball with and against Mark at the ballpark. It was good to be on his team because if someone forgot the score, his team was always up by 3.

  99. RICK


  100. Chinese Minder

    she is awful. and the more posts she deletes, the more she is doing damage to the site. This is america. Let the BBN tell the truth

  101. mstyler sucks

    your posts suck, quit deleting other peoples posts commenting on your posts.Mine was also deleted

  102. deleted post

    delete posts about yourself, but not posts that are blasphemous?
    can’t believe two paragraphs about ellen appeared on KSR

  103. Catsfando

    Thanks once again for your display of censorship in deleting my post. What is it with you people? You come on and post a blog and if someone is critical of it you’re so thin skinned you can’t accept any criticism? You don’t mind slamming anyone or anything in your posts, you offer a place for feedback, yet if it’s not what you want to hear or says the writer did a lousy job or picked a stupid topic in the readers opinion, you delete it. No foul language was used, no personal attacks like Drew does so often in his posts, just a critique of the subject matter and it’s place relevant to UK sports. Geez, you guys are not right all of the time. If you are going to voice opinions at least give others a chance to voice theirs. Talk about cry babies….