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This would be interesting.

It’s unhealthy to read too far into bracket projections this early in conference play, but the latest Bracket Watch from Andy Glockner at has an interesting twist.  Glockner has Kentucky and North Carolina in a play-in game in Dayton for the 12-seed in the east region.  If the tournament were to start today with his bracket, Kentucky would have to run through the Tar Heels, San Diego State (5), Michigan State (4), and Duke (1) to reach the Elite Eight.  Syracuse, Butler, Ohio State and Notre Dame would be potential opponents in that game to reach the Final Four.

That’s a scary region for all parties.

[ | Bracket Watch]

Article written by Drew Franklin

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22 responses to “This would be interesting.”

  1. soggyUKgrad

    random question…why are the play-in games always in Dayton?

  2. Bob

    That’s not a scary region. Reason? It doesn’t exist! Either write something with substance or don’t waste our time.

  3. Sammydog

    Too ridiculous to even contemplate.

  4. PJWB

    would likely be the first time many people ever watched one of the play-in games. a boon for Dayton!

  5. jimmer210

    2 – Its called a hypothetical projection for a reason.

  6. ShutUp

    2 it was a 20-second read, if you don’t have 20 seconds to kill, you shouldn’t be on this site. (actually it was more like 15 seconds but I said 20 so it wouldn’t be interpreted as a Pitino joke)

  7. Taylor Jones

    This is why we need to change Rupp and get the bluehairs out of the lower level! Move the students to the court and make a stable for the bluehairs in an isolated corner.

  8. Nick

    Let the boy watch.

  9. Josh

    Blig Blue Nation!!!!! John Wall is back from his injury and Breaking PEOPLES ANKLES!!! Must Watch!!!!!!!1

  10. Bob

    5/6 – In Drew’s own words, “It’s unhealthy to read too far into bracket projections this early in conference play.” I’d say that hypothesizing on who UK would face in the Final Four definitely qualifies as reading “too far into bracket projections.”

  11. UKJoe

    7) TAYLOR JONES Stop saying bluehairs. Game was great environment last night, loud, and didn’t have to stand up 1 time.

  12. Ken Grizzle

    We have never had an easy road to the final four. Why change now?

  13. chris gettelfinger is not walking through that door

    Play-in game? I guess that’s better than not making the tourney, but OUCH!

  14. maddogmitchell55

    Look, UK and UNC may not be having their best seasons, but to include them in a play-in games is just plain stupid. To compare them to other play-in teams of the past like West Cupcake St. and Cupcake Tech is, like I said, just plain stupid. I guess these guys making bracket projections have to try to get hits on their site any way they can, huh? Go Cats! And Go Krogering!

  15. MC

    #7 I agree somewhat. I do think the students should have a much larger section. I’ve been to a lot of games where I can hear the squeaks of tennis shoes, the bouncing of the ball, and what the coach is saying.
    #11. I agree last night’s atmosphere was a little better. Definitely louder than it’s been most of the season. The problem is that when UK doesn’t go on quick runs or the game is close, but not action packed. That’s when it’s quiet and everyone is sitting with the occasional golf clap. Also, I don’t see the problem with standing up. Can someone help explain what’s wrong with standing up and making noise? People have told me they’ve been yelled at for standing and cheering in the uppers. What’s up with that? That’s the fun part of being in a college atmosphere whether you’re a student, or not; regardless of age.

  16. Matt

    Cal has never been too worried about winning the SEC Tournament, but he may have to rely on it this year. Also, I hate bracketology before March.

  17. TheLaw

    2,10 – Removing “Sugar” from “Bob_Sugar” doesn’t make you any less of a jackass.

  18. sc

    id take this bracket in a heart beat

  19. Wild Blue

    Well said 14) Maddogmitchell55. This is just stupid. Another slow day at KSR I suppose.

  20. Biglaw Dawgin'

    I’m all for putting UK in a play-in game if the other option is being left out of the tournament. And it would have to be against another “bubble” team since UK would likely stomp one of the lowly conference champions. However, unless the selection committee changes course, I think we’re not going to continue to see small schools in the play in game.

  21. Adam from Dayton

    I’m from Dayton. If this happens, let me know. We can organize KSR Dayton party. UK stickers on back of street signs and all.

  22. Fiscal Cliff Hawkins

    I too hail from Dayton and would happily assist in organizing a KSR Throwdown should this happen.