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This One Is All About The Ladies (Friday Show Thread)


Sorry, guys, but today is “Female Callers Day” on Kentucky Sports Radio, meaning Matt and the gang will only be taking calls from the ladies during today’s show. The fellas can just sit there and listen while staring at this photo. Don’t act like that doesn’t sound like fun.

But if you’re a UK fan and you’re a female, join in on the fun by calling (502) 571-1080. We’d love to hear from you. (Don’t even think about trying to disguise your voice, The Truth.)

Topics include:

— Wallpaper, chess pie recipes, and handbags

— Why ESPN 3 is the devil

— Double-header Saturday

— Matt gets ready for Connecticut

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Article written by Drew Franklin

I can recite every line from Forrest Gump, blindfolded. Follow me on Twitter: @DrewFranklinKSR

344 responses to “This One Is All About The Ladies (Friday Show Thread)”

  1. Beans

    Yesterday’s show was hard to listen to. It was like if Andy Richter and a camera guy hosted Conan. Shannon the Douche is awful.

  2. Beans

    Yesterday’s show was hard to listen to. It was like if Andy Richter and a camera guy hosted Conan.

  3. Steely Dan

    That’s a lot of daughters

  4. Kidnut

    Matt, you can have the female callers give their salary requirements in case they need a job from Richie.

  5. John $hort

    More ridiculous? “Female Callers Day” or “Penn State’s Bring Your Child TO Work Day”?

  6. big tim

    this is what dickie v told rex chapman on twitter most ppl in BBN r gr8 loyal fans .Some r wacky – I said UK too good with flexing & posing after dunks. Also 3 goggles overdone.

  7. Jax Teller

    Those ladies are “sexy and they know it…”

    What’s the money line that Annie is the first caller? It’ll go something like “HAY, MATT…*hiccup*….I’m so excited for it to be ladies day today on KSR. *hiccup* So when are we gonna hook up? I mean I’ve tried beatin round the bush for a while now *hiccup* but imma come out an say it…let’s get it on.”

  8. CATS

    Oklahoma State womens coach and assistant killed in plane crash. Sad news prayers are with the families and everyone around the program.

  9. Beans

    Female Caller Day is being sponsored by Trixie’s Strip Club.

  10. I hate Duke

    1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1. It’s friday, no need to be picky.

  11. catty

    All females should call in and say their name is Annie

  12. GoCats2

    Those shorts make the volleyball team look like they are wearing bell bottoms.

  13. cats1068

    Ryan, good job on your announcing at the middle school championship game last night. Keep up the good work.

  14. Paducah Patty

    #1 I loved yesterday’s show. Shannon is great!

  15. Jax Teller

    Can we do like the Dan Patrick show and have every caller today list their height and weight? Just sayin’

  16. Mr Handsome

    I had a horrible dream last night….UNC beat Kentucky in the Final Four and Louisville beat UNC in the National Championship….I woke up crying

  17. Kidnut

    Chester would definitely approve of their uniform.

  18. Adam

    Matt, did you wear a bow tie to impress Judge Martin?

  19. Paducah Patty

    The accuser in the the Coach Fine case doesn’t sound credible to me. I think he saw, what he thought was, an opportunity to get money.

  20. Rickman

    Ladies Day on KSR = Better dating option for Matt than “Its Just Lunch”
    “Its Just a Phone Call that will be heard throughout the state” doesnt have the same ring.
    (no pun)

  21. Wayne Rooney
  22. BigBlueFan31

    Now I totally understand the lyrci from Sevendust….From left to right, from left to right. This pic is waht they were talking about. All of them, from left to right. haha


  23. doubting thomas

    Finally some hot chicks. This is what I have been talking about. Do not lower the bar again. This is the kentucky effect. Quit embarassing the team with those other chicks. These are tex A&M and FSU worthy pics.

  24. Paducah Patty

    Don’t judge all female listeners as being like the ladies who have called in and couldn’t answer UK trivia questions or mangled players names. Some of us follow UK closely and Bleed Blue!!

  25. Biggass Hungguy

    Law talk, and women only for an hour. I nominate this for show of the year (rolleyes).

  26. Eric

    Hot Damn!

  27. KingTut

    Take your mommy to court day huh Matt…

  28. BuckCat
  29. Paducah Patty

    Claw and the Judge sounds like a great name for a sitcom!

  30. Eric

    I think Chester would like to see them playing basketball

  31. Don

    I need a hot towel please.

  32. Adam

    As someone who clerked on the Sixth Circuit, I am insanely jealous…

  33. ryan

    13, thanks man. i assume you were there watching the big game. who is this?

  34. Paducah Patty

    I hope Chester calls in after ladies hour to discuss the calls. Radio Gold!

  35. Big Head Matt and the Monsters

    It’s bittersweet
    More sweet than bitter
    Bitter than sweet

  36. Paducah Patty

    Need to play Ladies Night leading into the next segment.

  37. tgh3316

    Someone needs to let Matt know he didn’t “set” down in his chair, he “sat” down. Just sayin…

  38. KentuckyRosie

    my one hope for today is that Fake Baby Bop calls in.

  39. ryan

    wonder if matt threw up the 3 goggles when he walked out of the courtroom?

  40. NashvilleCat

    I hope the team shoots a “This is Sportscenter” commercial while in Bristol. You should ask for commercial ideas.

  41. beenthere...

    1 & 6…. tyvm

  42. ryan

    maybe he chucked the deuces

  43. Paducah Patty

    #38 Maybe Fake Mrs. Lou Holtz and Posh Beckham will call in too!!!

  44. Poco Chang

    Ladies day on KSR. Ladies drink free!

    You think Annie is gonna miss this?

  45. Al's IndiCats

    Nothing like having “Working relationship” with your employees….Good Going Richie

  46. Jsett1

    Matt’s story should’ve included Boyz II Men “End of the Road” playing in the background.

  47. ryan

    i would have bet good money that annie would be first and be on hold throughout first block to get on the air

  48. Paducah Patty

    Annie hasn’t sobered up yet

  49. Chris

    I guess those mustache rides are not free.

  50. John $hort

    And as MJ leaves the courtroom, he looks back for one more glance… and the music plays…”I can be your hero baby…I can take away your pain…”

  51. Kidnut

    LOL, Ryan Lemmond….

  52. cats1068

    Ryan, we have run into each other at school and the baseball field.

  53. Mr.5Below

    Matt you should have an hour 3 that is call in for law advice!!!

  54. Hard Hittin' CAT

    Matt, what about the fact that people don’t want to gather to watch Basketball on a 15 inch laptop??

    I have a 55 inch tv and a 15 inch laptop. I’ll be waiting for the 7pm airing on WKYT.

  55. Jax Teller

    Song for the football season: Loser — Beck

  56. UKFan14

    Be careful Ryan, Matt’s going to take your apple off of the tree.

  57. Jim Brown

    Dust in the Wind

  58. PsychOfMSE

    Johnny cash – Ring of Fire

  59. john

    The Beatles, “I’m a Loser”

  60. NutritionBlue

    TVS Cable, a small cable provider for a few Eastern Kentucky counties actually provides yet Time Warner doesn’t. Geez.

  61. JohnnyVersace

    Metallica “Sad But True”

  62. Sheriff Buford T. Justice

    Rain Drops keep falling on my head

  63. Al's IndiCats

    I’m a loser by the beetles

  64. Pelphrey4LIFE

    Whiskey Bent and Hell Bound (Hank Jr.)

  65. dave

    football team song- We are the Champions of the world!

  66. Jim Brown

    Lyin Eyes is The Eagles you countryfide clown.

  67. travis

    Heartache Tonight-Eagles

  68. Wayne Rooney

    Ryan is a moron: Private Eyes is Hall & Oats. Lying Eyes is The Eagles.

  69. Lex_Bri

    Down in a Hole – Alice in Chains

  70. Sheriff Buford T. Justice

    Toni Braxton- Unbreak My Heart

  71. Tampa Satchel

    If your cable company is eligible for ESPN3 and you don’t know how to get it working, then all you have to do is call your cable company. I moved to the US in August and had never used ESPN3. When I called, they knew exactly what to tell me to walk me through the process. It takes 5 minutes…once you reach a person.

  72. random hero

    Worst idea ever since letting women drive, all women’s caller day.

    Football – suicide solution – ozzy

    basketball – all I do is win – by Whatever that rapper is

  73. Wayne Rooney

    “I Missed Again” by Genesis

  74. Laker Cat 18

    Going into Georgia, we’ll definitely be “Knockin on Heaven’s Door.”

  75. Paducah Patty

    Your no Good by Linda Ronstadt

  76. Wayne Rooney

    “Lonesome Loser” by Little River Band

  77. Travis

    Hova “Hard Knock Life” for UK fball. Instead of treated we get tricked…instead of kisses we get kicked. Its the hard knock life.

  78. Linda loo who

    We’ve Lost That Loving Feeling . The Righteous Brothers.

  79. ajlageman

    Football “When Bad meets Evil”
    Basketball “We are the champions” or “You’re the Best”

  80. bleedblueky

    Neal Price is one of the best doing UK mens’ baseball since you don’t have to be at the field to figure out what’s going on through his vivid and intensive play by play 🙂

  81. KFAN

    Play: Daniel Powter – “Bad Day”, and just set it on repeat

  82. Mr irony

    Song for the football season, All I Do is Win

  83. cats1068

    54- If you have a cable to run from your laptop to your TV, you can watch it on your 55 inch TV. Or if you have Xbox live, you watch it through it.

  84. john

    Needle and the Damage Done (Neil Young)

  85. Sheriff Buford T. Justice

    Paula Cole- Where Have all the Cowboys Gone

  86. G

    The Joker.. Time to fold “him”

  87. UKHoov

    I’ll Never Get Out Of This World Alive – Hank Williams

  88. Al's IndiCats

    Turn the Page…..Bob Seager!

  89. cats1068

    bleedblueky- You’re dead on it!

  90. Sheriff Buford T. Justice

    Basketball team- Monstars Anthem (from Space Jam)

  91. Jax Teller

    Song for football — Three Days Grace “I hate everything about you”

  92. renee

    i’ve been trying to think of something positive that has come out of this football season… 1) some really great
    matt roark jokes 2) bookie’s tweets.. we now know what being in the “cut” means 3) the Whistle Guy… he was our MVP of the louisville game 4) Team Jennifer… but i’m having trouble coming up with more than that

  93. TV Producer

    Sorry there is just no room for basketball games on regular tv on november football saturdays!

  94. Lex_Bri

    ‘Hurt’- Johnny Cash

  95. Al's IndiCats

    Jokers Song…… Comfortably Numb!

  96. Sheriff Buford T. Justice

    Basketball Team- House of Pain’s Jump Around

  97. cats1068

    With Hartline and Cobb last year, UK was 6-7.

  98. John $hort

    Rhonda, “Oh hey…” Were you surprised Matt was going to take your call honey?

  99. Linda loo who

    Shut up random hero!

  100. know your role

    The Sign, Ace of Base

  101. Paducah Patty

    Better Class of Losers by Randy Travis

  102. Foster

    Football song- I wish I didn’t know now (Toby Keith)

  103. ryan

    56, you are on it! just hope josiah doesn’t tell his teacher today, “mrs. bessie, give me my $%*& cupcake and help me with my $&^% cot!”

  104. Paducah Patty

    For Ryan! Winner at a Losing Game by Rascal Flatts

  105. know your role

    Better Hall & Oates song is Outta Touch

  106. John

    “Sleepwalk” – Santo & Johnny

  107. UK87

    Gangstagrass – “Long Hard Times To Come”

  108. Paducah Patty

    For the fans – My Give a Damn’s Busted by Jo Dee Messina

  109. brad

    Man of Constant Sorrow

  110. know your role

    Do You Really Want To Hurt Me? ~~ Culture Club

  111. Jax Teller

    Football — “One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer” (George Thurgood) or “I drink alone” (Thurgood again)

  112. Al's IndiCats

    The reason the Colts suck so bad is that they have Joker’s relative coaching them. You could close your eyes and listen to both and you’d not be able to tell them apart!

  113. random hero

    The Joker for football ha

    Dust in the Wind for football, cause its the saddest song I know.

  114. Tampa Satchel

    Workin’ on a bowel move- Bob Rivers (parody of Bob Seger)

    If you haven’t heard of Bob Rivers, google it. It’s hysterical.

  115. Mr.5Below

    football Toby Kieth Aint as good as I once was!

  116. donkey

    End of the Road

  117. John $hort

    “Female Callers Day” + Regis leaves daytime TV? WORST-DAY-EVER!!!

  118. ryan

    66 7 68, i agree. I am a moron. all i could come up with was “lyin eyes” and thought it was hall and oates. You are correct. hall and oates “private eyes”. thanks!

  119. Charlie Day

    hahaha, matt was an ambulance chaser.

  120. Sheriff Buford T. Justice

    Football team- Matt Jones’ Its Just Lunch Commercial on loop

  121. UKfanFelicia

    Bonnie Tyler..I Need A Hero

  122. ajlageman

    “Joker and the Thief” Wolfmother


    even the losers by tom pety

  124. wildcat sue

    Matt, give us a topic to talk about!

  125. KCK

    Who actually buys music off of iTunes? I mean, seriously? People do that?

  126. WestWorld

    Anticipation – Carly Simon

  127. Wayne Rooney

    Matt: Buy Cornbread Red’s bluegrass version of Seger’s “Against The Wind” on iTunes. It’s amazing.

  128. ryan

    paducah patty….bringing it with the rascal flatts knowledge! good one! wish i would have thought of it

  129. WildcatFan

    I had to work for a while so couldn’t listen to the early part of the show. Then when I came to the KSR page to link to the broadcast I see that it is a day when calls only come from women. No point even bring up the link. What a stupid idea for a call in show.

  130. Mark

    AC/DC also aren’t on iTunes. or Kid Rock, but who is sad over that?

  131. Al's IndiCats

    Lacy…. you can see through her easily

  132. 8.5Outlaw

    Sinking Ship by 24 Hours Ago.

  133. Ralph

    Oops I did it again…..

  134. Simple

    What 10 said.

  135. Wayne Rooney

    “Bad” by Michael Jackson

  136. donkey

    “Who said we’re wack!” – the Lonely Island

  137. song of the year

    green day — nice guys finish last

  138. HillbillyInBC
  139. Mashley

    Garth Brooks music cant be bought on iTunes either, just pickin on versions and crap. I dont think you can buy kid rock music either (not that I’ve tried, ok i have: American Badass is a cool song)…..he’s a rebel without a cause

  140. Nancy from Michigan

    Matt, we met you last week at your remote at Fan Outfitters (the ones from Michigan who stopped to see you on our way to Lexington.) Tell Vanetti you have female listeners all over the country!

  141. Steven

    Just searched bob seger on iTunes and there’s all kinds of songs on there.

  142. Mark

    You also have to have Xbox Live Gold to watch ESPN3, which cost money.

  143. Paducah Patty

    Ray Charles Born to Lose

  144. Dave Ramsey 2

    HOW BAD IS IT??? UK is offerin2 frree tickets to employees and staff for the UT football game. This is no joke–just received email notification.

  145. Mr.5Below

    Basketball The Dance!! Garth Brooks

  146. KingTut

    Yeah I’m going to take it as a compliment that my 72 year old father can’t watch the game. Dumbaaa…

  147. Jax Teller

    Basketball — Not Afraid (Eminem) or Today was a god day (Ice Cube)

  148. Lex_Bri

    For $33 I can re-boot Ryan for you.

  149. gtowncatfan

    I hooked up my computer to the big screen and the picture is still better than anything fox sports has put out there.

  150. kentuckycarter

    Penn St game will probably be broadcast on

  151. Paducah Patty

    Matt be nice to Ryan!!!

  152. Paducah Patty

    I LOVE Rose!!!

  153. rj

    does not have to be a cable company, Windstream also provides ESPN3

  154. Indycatfan

    Free fallin, tom petty

  155. Hoss

    You can find some Segar on Amazon- the proprietary-free digital music source.

  156. Sturgis Guido

    That Smell – Lynyrd Skynyrd

  157. UKChillfan

    I’m in love with Paducah Patty!!

  158. KC

    The Watch ESPN app also requires ESPN3 from your cable network, but the app is epic for those who can’t be home.

  159. Chet Lemond

    Tacos… I like tacos. You invited Eric?

  160. Paducah Patty

    157 Awww! Thanks

  161. John $hort

    Lou Reed is to rap what Ryan Lemond is to polka

  162. ExtremeD23

    The Star Wars Cantina song because it’s the same thing over and over again.

  163. ryan

    cats 1068 you gotta tell me who you are the next time

  164. dd

    football game will not b entertainment matt

  165. hey espn3 how about the military

    I’m stationed overseas and it is safe to say, my internet provider does not have espn3 access, sometimes my internet provider doesn’t even have internet

  166. Yikes

    #6 is #1

  167. Wildcat4life

    As bad as it will be to watch the game on ESPN3 it will still be better than watching it on 58 WMYO. It was nice to watch a game on ESPN in HD the other night, I was able to see who was actually shooting the ball

  168. Paducah Patty

    Hey Shannon! The lady callers have brought it today!!

  169. Jax Teller

    Football — I get knocked down (Chumbawamba)

  170. UKfanFelicia

    Forde on yahoo article recently said Pitino and Cal hate each other

  171. HillbillyInBC

    So I can watch the football game live here in Canada on my big screen since my cable company carries Peachtree TV from Atlanta (which carries the SEC network football and basketball games), but I can’t get the basketball game at all because ESPN3 is US only. That’s just wrong.

  172. Linda loo who

    Rick Pitino is so arrogant that he thought he was bigger than UK .

  173. Fancy

    I have been wondering for a long time:
    Is Rose a fake? Sometimes I say YES. Sometimes I say NO.

    Let the debate begin.

  174. Kaiser

    Matt Jones,

    If you have an Xbox with Xbox Live subscription, ESPN3 comes free.

  175. Powerlifter165

    #55 You do realize you can connect you laptop to your TV with an HDMI cable right? Unless you have a really old laptop or TV.

  176. random hero

    Women and Ryan only like Rascal Flatts

  177. Catpapa2525

    I call from work!

  178. JC

    Football – MC Hammer – Pray – our only hope.

  179. The Microphone

    Hey Ryan Lemond! Please quit spitting on me!

  180. The Original Amy

    168-They sure have and I hope he feels silly now.

  181. Paul


    Won’t Get Fooled Again – The Who

    Meet the new boss, worst than the old boss.

  182. oogieboogieman

    I’ll have a #06 to go, please


    I feel sorry for Pats husband

  184. Catpapa2525

    I work at a school!

  185. Paducah Patty

    Way to go Pat grilling Matt!

  186. renee

    i work 2nd shift and have my mornings free

  187. Fancy

    Song for Football Team: “FALLING” – The Beatles

  188. KingTut

    Livin on a prayer – Bon Jovi

  189. travis

    Slow Dancing in a Burning Room-John Mayer

  190. Mr.5Below

    Basketball Queen Bohemian Rapsody (We are the Champions) Spelling?

  191. The Court of Public Opinion

    Matt you are always a winner with us even if you do lose your last case.

  192. Hoss

    Multitasking… and not everybody works on a production line. Heck, I bet some of them even have phones right there on their desks in their offices. CRAZY WORLD!!!!111!!!

  193. Scott in ATL

    Mitch should be singing “The Gambler”….know when to hold ’em and KNOW WHEN TO FOLD ‘EM!!

  194. Paducah Patty

    I usually have to listen to podcast and sometimes at school when my students are taking a restroom break, I can get on the show thread. I’m off today and loving the show.

  195. Delaney Hanley

    Lemond must be listening via podcast

  196. ryan

    176, most of the time it’s really hot women! always like a nice looking woman in a tight pair of jeans and a cowboy hat!!

  197. UKChillfan

    Just had a kid tell me how to watch from my computer to my tv! Thanks Kyle.

  198. Jax Teller

    Did the Chop Shop know today was Ladies Day on KSR. Pretty sure that commercial seemed custom made for today…”yeah, who needs men!”

  199. Hootie

    Didn’t we run into a similar mess with the games in Cancun where they played in the ballroom? I had to try to watch those games on the internet because it wasn’t carried on TV. The UK athletic department should have some say in this crap. For me, this situation is not much different then the talk going around a few months ago about building a new arena with fewer seats. No program in the country is as attached to its program as Kentucky. While Cal and his staff should focus on making the program “players first”, the university should focus on making Kentucky basketball “fans first”.

  200. Annie says:

    Maaatt, why are you taaalking to other wimmen? If yur gonnnaaa be like this, ima gonna quit calllin and tweetin you

  201. TheDude

    Football song: Don’t Worry, Be Happy. A bad song for a bad team at the beginning of basketball season.

  202. Matt's favorite Facebook poker

    I’m at work, can’t call in…. how about Everybody Hurts by R.E.M

  203. dd

    Volunteered for work tomorrow instead of watching football game, will b coming home and watch the basketball game on delay

  204. Leslie from Dayton

    basketball – mama said knock you out

  205. Paducah Patty

    I hate this song by LeAnn Rimes

  206. Han
  207. Paducah Patty

    Where’s Annie? Did Matt finally take out a restraining order against her?

  208. Han

    And anyone have a schedule of when and where Cal and the Cats will be on The Family of Networks today?

  209. jesse

    Corey smith-“I’m drinking again”

  210. HillbillyInBC

    I went to the Museum of Modern Art on Monday and saw a guy in there wearing a UK shirt.

  211. Paducah Patty

    Weezer the World has turned and let me here

  212. Caud

    99 problems-Jay Z

  213. phil

    hook your xbox up to an hdmi cable and it will look better

  214. PsychOfMSE

    You don’t need a special cable to watch Espn3 on Xbox 360. You need a GOLD Xbox Live Membership!

  215. I hate Duke

    Will the uk penn state game be on fox sports south live this saturday on comcast in the paducah area?

  216. John $hort

    Faker? Barney or Matt acting as if he is enjoying the women callers?

  217. renee

    #208 Cal tweeted that he will be on sports center @1:40 and he’s suppose to be on the scott van pelt show @2:30

  218. MattP

    Basketball – All my ex’s live in Texas?

  219. Paducah Patty

    I think We’re Alone Now by Tommy James and the Shondells

  220. Paducah Patty

    Desolation Row by Bob Dylan

  221. Mashley

    should have led into the show with this

  222. Mr.5Below

    Lets get Physical Olivia Newton John

  223. Paducah Patty

    Battle of Who Could Care Less by Ben Folds Five

  224. cats1068

    You need, Xbox360, internet conncection and Xboxlive gold and you’ll be good to go. It’s just like you’re watching a TV feed instead of an internet feed.

  225. Caud

    How about Jewel’s “foolish games”

  226. MattP

    Basketball – “MOVE B!$(H, Get out the way!” by Ludacris.

  227. ryan

    Paducah Patty, wondering the same. maybe annie hasn’t had her breakfast of champions – bloody mary and advil

  228. Mashley

    Tony Venetti has a lime green living room……really, 1) you’ll say anything for a sponsor 2) if you have a lime green living room and you are not recording weather forecasts in it then you are an idiot

  229. renee

    hard knock life by JayZ – football team/uk fans

  230. song of the year

    I Love You But You’re Boring (The Beautiful South)

  231. dollywood

    How about “Here we go again…” by Dolly

  232. Janman

    He Ryan even if you get the x box and all the hook ups to watch the game you still have to find someone under 20 that’s smart enough to hook it up. Lol

  233. MattP

    Football song – Boys to Men “It’s so hard to say goodbye”

  234. REM

    REM…”Everybody Hurts”

  235. Paul
  236. Hambone

    On the phone with T-Mobile customer service right now….I’m trying to warn her that BBN will be quite upset if they do not start offering ESPN 3 before saturday…not sure she believes me, but she will

  237. Jax Teller

    Football — Friends in low places (Garth Brooks)

  238. MattP

    Football song – “Beat It” by Micheal Jackson? I guess that would have to be directed at Joker and not the players.

  239. Caud

    Rodney atkins- if you’re going thru hell

  240. UKChillfan

    #232 – Not just Ryan, me too!

  241. Tevin campbell's

    All these women calling in don’t know a damn thing :*

  242. ryan

    thanks for info on xbox live gold. as expected, i’m clueless about this. probably just gonna listen live on radio and then watch the tape delayed replay.

  243. Mr.5Below

    For Calapari there would only be one song I did it my way!!!!

  244. Travis

    Song for the basketball team…Kayne & Jay Z “No Church In the Wild.” The beat is sick and sounds like you are about to go to war or into battle. It would get anyone hyped!!! If the Cats played this song during their intros, Rupp would be crazy!!! Another track is “6′ 7′..” by Weezy. UK has superior length and heigth on opponents…this song is only fitting. Plus, it’s recent and has a great beat. #TeamHipHop

  245. Charlie Day

    Sho-gun named Marcus by Clutch would be perfect for the football team.

  246. ryan

    waiting for annie to say, “heeeeeeeeeeyyyyyyyyyyy maaaaaatttttttttttttt” then giggle and snort

  247. Caud

    We just need Paula abdul- “two steps forward and 3 steps back”

  248. cats1068

    Ryan, I’m sure your kids can figure it out. My kids do it all of the time. Kids now days are tech savvy.

  249. bmac

    either arizona is overrated or st. johns is going to be a tougher opponent for us than i thought. they looked pretty decent at times last night against the wildcats.

  250. renee

    @247 the band should know how to play that… lol