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This Jabari Parker video is… something.

And so it begins. To be honest, I never really had a problem with Jabari Parker. He’s a good player, seems like a nice enough kid, and it’s not like it’s his fault that Sports Illustrated called him the best high school basketball since LeBron.

But he’s at Duke now. And that is his fault. And going to Duke usually results in being involved in things like the above video. There ain’t no hype machine like the Duke hype machine, and based on this, it looks like it’s already firing on all cylinders for Jabari. So prepare accordingly.


Also, this:


That’s better.

Article written by Andrew McCarthy

23 responses to “This Jabari Parker video is… something.”

  1. daveragonsucks

    slash slash

  2. Matthew P

    Two good videos. I’m in the minority and have nothing against Duke. I like Jabari, Coach K and wish them nothing but the best unless they are playing the Cats. In that case, I would hope we beat their ass.

  3. Tom

    I can’t stand Duke basketball but I actually thought that video was pretty good…

  4. David G

    The juxtaposition of these videos is highlarious! Good post!

  5. Troy

    Marcus Lee jumps out of the frigging gym and makes it look completely effortless. This team is going to be the UNREALS !!!! Are you frigging kidding me ?!?!?!

  6. Cleatonite

    James Young can freakin sky! Wow. Marcus Lee gets up like one of those halftime show Dunkers on a trampoline. There are going to be a lot of helmet dunks in practice this year! GBB!

  7. Blueswade

    1st flop and we’re all gonna despise him.

  8. Michael

    I enjoyed the UK video more.

  9. binarysolo

    Somebody should teach “Duke Blue Planet” how to mix sound in video editing.

    “Let’s have the music turned up when he’s not talking.”
    “Oooh, he’s talking again. Take the volume way down on the music.”
    “Ok he’s done talking. Crank that music UP.”

    ukcat8fan should go teach ’em how it’s done.

  10. Bob Loblaw

    If this video featured any UK player it would be lauded here. You can’t make fun of it simply because it’s Duke, it has to be stupid in and of itself. More and more the writing here simply sucks.

  11. Larry

    I see no problems with Jabari’s video or him for that matter. Seems like a cool guy who just happens to go to Duke (like someone who you know). Of course they have Wojo and others I do not care for.

  12. Krispy Kreme

    Parker is a nice player, but NO WAY is he better than Randle. Randle > Wiggins

  13. Beer Caps

    Hate to say it… but Jabari’s is a much better produced video. UK’s video dept must have gotten a good deal on GoPros cause that is all they are capable of doing. Where is UK8Catsfan at? His videos would tear this one up.

  14. bigcatstanding

    Not even close Randle by far the better athlete not to mention James Young and Marcus Lee also looking as good or better than Parker, I do think he is a class act and a great kid though.

  15. bigcatstanding

    just noticed something when watching the Duke video, when he was in there little 300 seat arena looks like they have like 30 banners hanging, I guess they hang a banner every time they score a basket, talk about celebrating mediocrity. GO BIG BLUE

  16. Niklas Hjalmarsson

    Jabari is hockey fan about as much as I am a basketball fan.

  17. Megan

    It’s not really a jump shot, is it? Jabari gets off the ground as much as I do, which is to say about as high as a matchbox.

  18. Technically...

    Well Duke does have 15 Final Four appearances (same as us) so that might explain most of those banners…

  19. bbr

    “Hate to say it… but Jabari’s is a much better produced video”
    Of course it is, becasue the keyword in your ststement is ‘produced’. The pUKe film was a scripted production. The UK film was a spontaneous, ‘oh my gosh, look how incredible these guys are’ video.

  20. KBF

    I hate Duke and even I thought there was nothing wrong with the Parker video. He seems like a great kid with a good attitude.

  21. goodcotten

    Sounds like Coach K wrote the script for the video!

  22. RandyB

    Did I see a glimpse of #4 Jon Hood dunking? Hard to tell.

  23. JR

    A person would have to be profoundly ignorant about college basketball to think that Duke is a program that has to “hang a banner every time they score a basket.”