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This is the last thing Kentucky needs

In a season where everything seems perfect so far (at least after the Morehouse game), a car accident at 2:30 AM the night before the first real game of the season is THE LAST thing Kentucky needs right now. Negative publicity is never good – and when you’re John Calipari, it always gets magnified. So be ready for the Calipari-hating media to have a field day with this one.

Will it be fair to shine a negative light on Kentucky over this? Debatable. The fact is, at this point, we don’t know what Terrence Jones and Stacey Poole were doing out at 2:30 AM. It’s not illegal to be out that late at night — Taco Bell is delicious — and there were no drugs or alcohol in the vehicle. They say nothing good happens after 2 AM, but that doesn’t mean those boys were up to no good.

And as far as Terrence leaving the scene goes, I’m not aware of any laws that say it’s a crime for a passenger to leave the scene. (I Google’d it and didn’t come up with anything.) Larry Warren, a high school friend from Portland, was the one behind the wheel. Jones is 100% guilty of pulling a dumb move but let’s not act like he’s a fugitive for walking away — and I’m sure someone out there will say that. If he was fired up and left to avoid an altercation like Calipari suggests, then maybe leaving the scene was the right thing to do.

My point is, let’s brace ourselves for all the haters: Louisville fans, negative columnists. They’re coming.

Just be thankful the guys are okay and put it behind us. Unless something comes out that gives us a reason to be concerned, this was nothing more than an unfortunate accident late at night.

And I like the idea of a curfew.

Bring on Marist.

Article written by Drew Franklin

I can recite every line from Forrest Gump, blindfolded. Follow me on Twitter: @DrewFranklinKSR

72 responses to “This is the last thing Kentucky needs”

  1. ttcobra

    Three reasons to be out that late: 1. Girl(s) 2. Food 3. Girls and Food

  2. deer boss

    Look for Jones to dominate tonight.

  3. BTI Lives On


  4. mdwnbv

    KRS 189.580 — only the OPERATOR of the vehicle has a duty to stay at the scene. Passengers are free to leave as far as I know.

  5. Matt


  6. UKfanNKY

    If you guys (KSR) and ALL the media would just leave it alone, nothing would be said about it. Eveyone is ok, NO laws were broken and the are old enough to be out @ 2:30AM and did NOT break any curfew rules/laws so LEAVE IT ALONE and DROP IT!!!! GO CATS!!!

  7. Matt

    Thank GOD know one was hurt, wonder what they hit or if they went in a ditch?

  8. Tom Handy

    I have no problem with TJ leaving the scene if in fact there was a chance he was going to get into an altercation with the drunk driver. Smart move… When a dumbass drunk just risked your college and potentially your Pro career as this fool did I would be enraged too. Props to Jones for doing what he needed to do to diffuse the situation… bad decision on his part? Possibly. Fully understandable in my eyes.

  9. okay

    there were dozens of occasions when i was at UK where I went out until 3 AM, came home drunk, and was at the Johnson Center at NOON the next day dominating folks on court 1! nothing to see here folks.

  10. White Castle Sliders

    I’m sure Poole and Jones were just getting their late night crave for a 10pack of Sliders. Happens to me all the time. You just can’t go wrong with a 2:30am sack of sliders!

  11. 19snl60

    where is operator of the vehicle?

  12. T.Jones

    Who said anyone was drunk?

  13. Shirley Q. Liquor

    Rite now Joe Paterno is saying thanks Terrence & Stacey. This will be the new top sports story scandal if our enemies have anything to say about it. Fo shizzle.

  14. UofL Troll

    Check the neighborhood between the accident scene and Wildcat Lodge. TJ dumped the weed and guns that were in the car. Someone needs to find that stuff before some little kid does, and this gets out of control.

  15. okay

    #12, okay, then he wasnt drunk. all the more reason to not sensationalize the story (even thought me assuming he was drunk did in fact sensationalize the story, my bad). all i was trying to say is being out till 2:30 the night before a game isnt the end of the world

  16. Timmay

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Jones sits tonight. It would serve as the punishment that Cal said would be passed down and it’s not like we really need him to beat Marist. We could probably start the walk-ons and still win.

  17. Jorts

    I wish I was there to save my boys against drunk driving! Its kinda my thing..

  18. voice of reason

    late workout then went to see the “teach me about kentucky” dude.. friend was driving.. nothing to dig for here, just be glad they are ok

  19. Mr Obvious

    Let’s be honest with ourselves, Jones fled the scene because he needed to get rid of something they had on them and not because of a possible altercation. Don’t be oblivious

  20. Lisa Mac

    Players first!

  21. echo 1

    I beg to differ. Almost everything good that has ever happened to me happened after 2:00am. I hope Jones just panicked and wasn’t smokin a fatty or something.

  22. CatGrad7072

    14: Nice try. You know good and well, all the guns and drugs are stashed behind the Yum Center.

  23. Jones Returns

    The real story is that Gilispie was driving the other vehicle

  24. Al B. Sure

    According to Jones’ Twitter last night, he was at the Craft Center working out at approximately 11:30, so I highly doubt that anything shady was going on.

  25. js

    much ado about not much …

  26. Check the Tweets

    Jones, Poole, and a friend were in the gym working out right before the accident (!/bubzwarren/status/134825776062267393). And I’m guessing the same friend was the driver (!/bubzwarren/status/134960649523568642)… Nothing to see here folks. Go Cats!

  27. j8

    Glad they’re okay…but tired of hearing news that includes the word “Poole” these days.

  28. tc571

    This is the biggest nonstory I have ever seen. Thursday night is going out night on every campus in America. Just because Jones was out late doesnt mean he isnt more dedicated to basketball now than he was before. Have you seen this guys attitude and build from last year to this year? You would think everyone on here has gone to bed at nine and got up at six every day for their entire lives. No one got tazed no hairbrushes were thrown nothing to see here.

  29. memphis wildcat

    wake up call better now than later…

  30. Mark Emmert

    We will be launching a full investigation into this situation. Surely there is a recruiting violation going on here and UK will have to vacate their 2011 Final Four.

  31. Ernest Bass

    A negative act such as this is never good during recruiting. There are some mommas out there that will question the safety of their child while under Cal’s wing.

  32. The truth

    I know who jones is… but who is this “poole” guy. He hasn’t been on the bench or in any of the exhibitions. Does this person even exist ?

  33. Onions

    They are COLLEGE kids, they can be out at 2:30 on a Thursday night. Damn some of you act like they should stay in their rooms or the gym their whole life.

  34. Mike McQueary

    I was there, and saw nothing unusual. This is a non event.

  35. Max Smith for president.

    This just isn’t that big of a deal.

  36. UKChillfan

    #34, you are one sick puppy!

  37. Blue Dean

    To think these guys don’t live lives outside of basketball is ridiculous. Although they are “idolized” by fans, they are kids. They will look for the same types of “fun” as others in college. Coach Cal will deal with it. Other than that, no story. Be glad they’re not injured. Who cares what the “media” thinks?

  38. grow up

    Saw Jones and Poole at club forte before the event. Nothing strange going on. Drop it. College kids having fun dancing with girls…moving on…

  39. Ben

    It was stupid of Jones period! It may not be anything illegal, but is allows all our haters to tell whatever story they want and their is no proof to dispute anything! I do not think that Jones will see the floor tonight!

  40. Freethrow

    You can bet that there is a large puddle of saliva on Tipton’s desk has he is typing up his own spin on this.

  41. Jim bob

    Actually jones and pool were at Club forte last night jones did his teach me bout Kentucky rap on stage

  42. J

    This is stupid. I’m 25 and have to be at work at 9:00 am, and I’m still out at 2:30 sometimes, not even partying usually, just hanging out. The game’s not until 7:00. There’s plenty of time for sleep and proper preparation. This just makes all the old people angry because they’ve gotten comfortable in their 8-5 jobs getting to bed at 10pm. They can’t remember what it was like to have some freedom from that. Why are we not focusing on an idiot drunk driver who hit a car full of college kids? That could have been way worse than it was.

  43. teemoney

    no drinks, no drugs, no injury…no problem!

  44. Syrin

    Look, this isn’t a big deal.

    Plus, with the PSU boosters killing a DA, raping and prostituting young boys, I doubt this gets much national attention.

  45. bluesince66

    A lot of stupid stuff has been said on here, but 31 and 34 take the cake.

  46. A Cards Fan

    As a Cards fan, I have to say that I am absolutely thrilled these guys were not injured. I can’t fathom there would be any animosity or hatred directed at UK over this. Quite frankly, even if they were drinking and driving, which it seems clear was not the case, I’d still be happy they were safe and feel like the vast, vast majority of U of L fans would be also. I don’t come to this site, but felt compelled to come here today to speak on behalf of reasonable Cardinal fans everywhere because I saw people on facebook saying Cardinals are haters, saying how terrible Cardinals fans are as people, claiming all we do is hate UK, etc. It is frustrating to me that so many came out with pre-emptive Cardinal bashing over this incident, one that I am simply happy everyone is healthy and okay.

  47. UKChillfan

    #46, I’d like to meet more Card fans like you. It just hasn’t been my experience to have someone be as reasonable as you concerning anything UK.

  48. teemoney12

    no injury….no problem go cats

  49. hmmm..

    Is it true Billy G. was the drunk driver that hit them?

  50. The Armadillo Jackal

    This site is making a bigger deal out of Jones and Poole being out late than anyone else. They didnt commit a crime and they are adults. Warning the BBN to “brace” itself for the possible onslaught of bad PR is a little over dramatic in my opinion. They were out late on a Thursday night. So most every other twenty year old on campus. Chill out.

  51. Tony

    Some of these comments are ridiculous! Just because I love Kentucky, doesn’t mean I can’t look at things objectively. I know that college students stay up until the wee hours of the morning sometimes. Been there done that. However, when you play at a program and know whatever actions you make will be magnified and made public nationwide, you should be able to display better judgement. I don’t think Jones or Poole were guilty of any misconduct; however, fleeting the scene during an accident only leads to speculation. Don’t bash the messenger just because he is doing his job. Jones brought this upon himself and I am optimistic that Calipari will get through to him and the team. Furthermore, I am sick of the Calipari bashing. It really is getting old. And what happened at Penn State is a perfect example of how much we actually know of what really is happening behind closed doors at our beloved universities. First of all, Calipari has not been found of any wrong doing just like several other coaches. Now I am not saying there is not cheating or lying involved in collegiate sports, but he has the right, like all of us, to be innocent until proven guilty. Go Cats.

  52. RD

    Queue the next Pat Forde article.

  53. Frankenberry

    Queue Pat Forde and Gary Harris in a 15 second daisy chain with FEBUK.

  54. locke-not-gonna-get-drafted

    #46 – Classy post thanks from a UK fan living in Louisville. I wish folks here wouldn’t bash Louisville so much. They can join me in bashing the University of Louisville, which I frequently do, but no reason at all to bash the city or players.

  55. James

    Queue Pat Forde and Gary Harris in a 15 second petroleum jelly plunge.

  56. A1

    54, I can think of many reasons to bash the city. Not so much the players, but the city has it coming and will get its share one way or another.

  57. OT

    No one else was ever out at 2:30 a. m. when they were in college, EVER, I’m sure of it.

  58. ky1der

    I’ll trash Louisville, anytime. They gave us the turd, Mitch McConnell. ‘Nuff said.

  59. BigKitty

    They were all at the dance club, Forte, that night. They just spent the night chilling in the corner. No alcohol or anything.

  60. IlikebothauburnandUK

    Let’s face it, the Pete Thamel’s, Thayer Evans’, and Pat Forde’s of the world will attempt to make something out of this because they dedicate their career toward embellishing facts in a story in order to gain readers. The truth in their stories isn’t interesting until they warp and distort facts to make it interesting.

    So look for a story from the aforementioned that includes the following:

    – Witnesses say that they might have seen a silhouette resembling TERRANCE JONES of UK exit the vehicle and MURDER 7 BABIES! The same witnesses, former inmates at Three Forks Regional Jail, stated that they saw him KICK A FEW PUPPIES prior to this, and PULLED OUT AN AK-47 and SHOT A UNICORN, and promptly KNEELED OVER TO DRINK IT’S BLOOD while worshipping SATAN!

    – After speaking to Louisville fans Mike “squicky squiky Cracka nasty” Smith and Stanley “Gizz-0st Linebeard sucka” Mcarthur, it’s perfectly clear that Stacy Poole not only had 14 massive blunts of what Mike Smith noted as “Dat purple stanky shiat” in his mouth, but he also was popping tons of pills, snorting cocaine, and shooting heroin while raping someone’s grandmother.

    And be sure to expect Mark Emmert to start an investigation against Terrance Jones and Stacy Poole’s eligibility and cook up some story about how a fan saw them at taco bell and “allegedly” bought them $.59, $.79, or $.99 tacos.

    The witchhunt begins…

  61. MillerTime

    Thanks KSR for adding fuel to the fire. It’s not like this blog is read by anyone outside of KY.

  62. ibleedblu

    leaving the scene if youre a passenger isnt illegal, its just frowned upon, like masturbating on an airplane. thanks alot bin laden

  63. Mjp

    This proves cal is a cheater
    Is what the d bags will be writing

    Looks like kids out late and a drunk driver hit them and noone id dead soooooo whats the story

  64. G

    This site revels in making fun of every little slip-up made by any other school in the country. So don’t whine about it when it’s directed back at you.

  65. Doubledynasty2011

    Okay now here’s the real question.. Forte is 21 and up… Does the club get in trouble for letting 2 19 yr old kids in?

  66. Dope Jones

    I’m glad Jones dropped the guns and weed off before the cops got there. I just hope the Louisville fans don’t find his “gym” bag.

  67. Dope Jones

    Its a good thing Jones hid the drugs and guns before the cops got there I just hope no Louisville fans fin his “gym bag” he dropped.

  68. STEVE!

    The right people are going to look into this.

  69. Curtis Blueblood

    You were right. CBS boys have jumped on this BIG time. Gotta give them credit, we’ll read it ….. then get mad. They know how to work us fans.

  70. Teemoney12

    TO NUMBER 64 G… Dont care that it’s directed back and how can you say this site makes fun of any other school sliP up. Are you talking about the 28 osu players suspended For knowingly violating rules or penn states allegations that turned out to be true on 27 counts of child sexual abuse or maybe you were talking about the Miami allegations whose coach BTW nearly got the “death penalty”… Please don’t comment on stuff you have no clue about what even happened because it FYI hasn’t been fully investigated and t jones or Stacey Poole haven’t given their report on it to the public. Sorry they got hit by a drunk driver and t jones walked away so he wouldn’t be involved in any other altercations, I didn’t know your automatically guilty of possession of something when you walk away from a car accident. Be happy he’s healthy so he can continue to dominate any and every team in the country.

  71. yea

    This is a direct source from my gf lol. They were leaving club forte and they were hitting on my gf and their two friends. I knew about the accident the moment it happened.

  72. yea

    and forte is 18 and up on thursday.