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This guy thinks you’re a hillbilly

When you were a kid, at some point, your parents probably told you in one way or another that “people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones”.  This tale comes with a similar moral, though, it could be more accurately amended to read, “those who wear jerseys and gold chains and wear a mash hat above eyes pointing in different directions shouldn’t call other people hillbillies”.  Yes, this is a story about Eric “Mr. Photogenic” Bickel.

If you caught the radio show this morning, you became familiar with the Washington, D.C. morning show beating that is The Sports Junkies, thanks to their interview with KSR Friend of the Program Seth Davis. In an appearance on their show this week, Davis was questioned by Eric “Mr. Photogenic” Bickel about why he never thanks the D.C. circle-jerk quartet for appearing on their show but makes frequent references to “some show in Kentucky”.  Whatever.  But, as the interview concluded, he did what every middling 41-year old media member should do – he called UK fans “white trash” and made a crack about Appalachia.  Creative, I know.  No wonder they fill two minutes with playing Pink Floyd after the break.

Obviously, some people didn’t like that too much.

UK fans got after him.  They cracked on his Twitter followers (fewer than Drew Franklin).  They ragged him for his 15-year old show in a larger market finishing with just about the same number of downloads as five-month old Kentucky Sports Radio in iTunes.  They said he looked like Bob Saget on meth.  They even made some creative edits to the show’s Wikipedia page.  How did Mr. Photogenic respond? 

By going all in:





Hours later, Bickel continues to spout off, making cracks about Ashley Judd, Tim Couch, Chris Mills and throwing the intellectual knockout punch of calling UK fans “inbred”.  He even challenges you to “Google his W2”.  Yes, he’s turned the knob to “Epic Nerd Fight”.

So, as we now move into the weekend, keep Eric Bickel in your thoughts and prayers as he continues to search for his sleeves and some more listeners for a station that ranks 20th in the most recent DC ratings I could find (1.9 rating).  Mr. Photogenic, you made Friday fun and you finally found a way to make me feel less embarrassed about calling myself “King Dong Bundy” in college. 

Here’s today’s show:

Article written by Thomas Beisner

131 responses to “This guy thinks you’re a hillbilly”

  1. The NCAA sux

    This guy is a nobody that has never been anybody and will never be somebody. GO BIG BLUE!!!

  2. DavenderCatTheSequel

    A 42 yr old man who uses “lol” twice in the same tweet? Advantage: Inbreds.

  3. Don

    This Hillbilly claimed $107K on taxes yesterday. He can fold up his queue cards, fold ’em 4 times and insert them appropriately.

  4. Joe in Hendo

    Kudos to whoever edited his wikipedia page. LOL

  5. William Braskey

    Larry Drew II leaves UNC with a quote of “It is unfortunate my career didn’t meet expectations in Chapel Hill,” Drew said in the statement. “However I do look forward to continuing my collegiate and athletic career in the near future.”

  6. sunnycat

    That does not qualify as “gold chain” it is merely a necklace and most likely gold plated.

  7. Don

    If John Wall saw the tweet, then he should sue for slander. He’s well within his rights. Someone tweet John and let him know…Let Mr. Bickel chew on that one.

  8. 49 Chevy

    He certainly does look like a skin flute player.

  9. TBone

    I bit…I googled his W2. What’s so great about being employed and compensated by Douchebags “R” Us? And for $53.47 a year…?

  10. chad

    He is just trying to get some pub. Very smart to pick on the greatest fan base in the world. GO BIG BLUE

  11. Go Cats

    Seth Davis calls Harrelson ‘Jorts’ out of nowhere when profiling the upcoming UF game.

    “When 6-10 senior center Josh Harrelson went for 23 points and 14 rebounds in the win at Louisville, it looked like the start of something really good. It turned out to be the end, as Jorts hasn’t broken double-digit scoring in a month.”

  12. John Stamos

    ” Bickel fell in love with Bishop at DeMatha Catholic High School, where they had a on-again off-again romance until 1997″ via wikipedia

  13. Question

    chances we land Drew II? I don’t want him personally.

  14. HeMan

    I’ll wager my W2 against Mr. Bickle’s, that when President Obama addresses plans surrounding a tax increase to those earning 250K+, that I have cause for concern and Mr. Bickle isn’t within $100K of having to worry about such issues.

  15. Cat Fan in DC

    I live in DC. Moved here from KY post college in ’99. Catch these guys from time to time, and they are AWFUL. They’ve changed on-air times and stations so often in the last decade your head would spin. Have this pseudo-schtick-lingo (they sooooo desperately want to be Howard. Or Bill Simmons.) that will make you want to jump from your car in morning traffic off 66 or 395 (unfortunately we’re mostly sitting, not moving). Guys are 100% Maryland Twerp fans. Naturally if GTown or GWU or American or Towson or UVA or VCU or Richmond or Va Tech or George Mason are good? It’s Bandwagon time! The small Maryland town,_Maryland (they claim DC – as all the ‘locals’ here within 100 miles do) they are actually from is as ‘white trash’ and ‘inbred’ and ‘rednecky’ as anything he could ever throw at one of us. Trust me, just sad little Twerps fans, have nothing to talk about but bad Big East here, and bad ACC here, with the CAPS here being the only moderate success story. Bad radio show. Bad ‘talent.’ Let em have it this Friday, they’ve earned it, and GO BIG BLUE. Thanks Eric Bickel, never been prouder to be a Hillbilly.

  16. Diaper Candy

    Bickel got slapped and water thrown in his face twice recently at Garrett’s in Georgetown. True story. Got kicked out as well.

  17. GoCats77

    @moneymetalcakes might also be of interest to some of you

  18. Wildcobb Salad


  19. Sweetcakes

    the Wikipedia page rocks…skin flute and tossing salad…

  20. bigcat76

    $107k are you joking, you’re the man. I spent that going to football and basketball games this year alone. That’s not an income it’s discretionary spending, tool.

  21. Not Mr. Photogenic

    Whatever Dudes… It’s beer:30 – I’m out.

  22. Question

    Can someone link the Wikipedia page?

  23. Tom

    107k, like that is big money. I understand it is good money but far from big money in this day and age. Just think of how many people you know that makes the same or more, but they do it in small towns in KY, and not the big city of DC.

  24. SeoulCat

    Classy looking fellow. It sounds like he was jealous of Matt’s “new kid on the block” show that gets more attention, listeners, and downloaders than he will ever get. He just feels threatened, hence the aggression. I mean, really, “google my W2”? “I make more money than you!”, even if true, is the last refuge of a man who has no more aces up his sleeve(it’s even one step beyond “My daddy can beat up your daddy!”).. Let the little man crawl back under his little rock. Don’t give him the attention he so desperately craves.

  25. Don

    #20 kudos if that’s extra money for you. I work like a dog for mine and my people! lol

  26. 49 Chevy

    Will Huckleberry get criticized for “running Drew off” like Cal?? Doubt it, however I am sure he had a hand in his decision to leave. We would be vilified if an underachieving player left our program mid season.

  27. 4UK'sSake

    Welcome to Marc Maggards life Mr. Bickle!

  28. CanFanDCArea

    I’ve lived in the DC area for 6 years (though temporarily in CA now), and I’m a really big Junkies fan. Their show is great, and it’s a fairly similar story to KSR–no journalism backgrounds at all, just some guys who wanted to talk sports and had a knack for being entertaining.

    Trust me, no one should be that sensitive about being called “white trash” by them. Those guys CONSTANTLY refer to themselves as “white trash,” since they’re all from an area that can easily be described that way.

    I went back and forth with them on UK bball after the tourney last year–they slammed Cal after the WVU loss and basically said he hadn’t done anything right all season long, so I called in and argued. Later on that very same show, as it turned out, they had Seth Davis on, and when they asked him if Cal is an “elite” coach, Seth was basically stunned by the question and told them there was no way to argue otherwise.

    So, we can all have our fun here and on Twitter with this back-and-forth, but I still love their show (and KSR, of course), and I think plenty of KSR fans would like the Junkies as well. I would love it if Matt went on their show to talk UK bball.

  29. stupidUKfan

    Stop paying attention to this D-bag that’s all he wants. If noone leasons or respondes this turd is off the air.

  30. Scared to be a fan

    How do you google someones W2?

  31. AirForceCat

    Listen guys.. im training in some stuff i cant really talk about right now.. but lets just say i can kill him if need be

  32. ted

    this guy is funny. its obvious he is feeding off UK fans to get more followers and make himself more famous on twitter and the internet. dont feel the animals guys.

  33. Tobias Funke

    GOOGLE MY W2???? Seriously?? This dude must have an inverted peen to be that insecure.
    And 1980’s middle-school dance called, they would like their evening attire back.

  34. Not Mr. Photogenic

    Hahahaha you dumb hillbillies are so dumb. I’m just waiting for someone to call me a carpet bagger. Go Terps!

  35. SeoulCat

    #32, probably shouldn’t feed them either.

  36. BhamJ

    Somebody needs to retweet that to John Wall. Not too smart to call out the star point guard on your team.

  37. Tobias Funke

    Beez: that pic is BEGGING for alt text.

  38. hillbillie

    I say that boy sure does have a pretty mouth….I bet he can squell like a pig also.

  39. Big City Hyde

    By looking at the pic this guy has no right to call anyone “inbred” He might need to check his family tree to see how man branches he has!!

  40. Cat89

    This guy strikes me as a product of the type of family so poignantly portraid in the film “The Fighter”. I feel sorry for him, poor guy is working with the cards he was delt.

  41. Mrs. Photogenic

    Go to Twitter, go to @Mrphotogenic ‘s profile, choose “Report for Spam”.

    C’mon BBN, you can do it!

  42. GoCats77

    Well said CatFanDCArea — although I don’t like being called a hillbilly. I’m in the DMV area & listen to the junkies. It’d be great if Matt got on their show. EB (MrPhotogenic) can be a douche but in his defense we did start the Twitter barrage & I don’t think they made their comments to Seth with the plan to get more followers/attention. I can’t wait to hear what they say Monday morning!

  43. Biglaw Dawgin

    What a douche. Here’s the wiki entry that Big Blue got a hold of; it’s hilarious:

    Bickel was born in 1970 and grew up in Bowie, Maryland where he grew up across the street from fellow Junkie John-Paul Flaim and in the same neighborhood as John Auville. Bickel attended DeMatha Catholic High School in Hyattsville, Maryland, where he started dateing soon-to-be-Junkie Jason Bishop. He lettered in tennis. After high school, Bickel attended the University of Maryland, where he majored in psychology and received his master’s degree in school counseling before becoming a “Junkie” in 1997.[4] Bickel married his post-op tranny wife, Dina, in 1996. They have three children, Stephen (2000), Megan (2002) and Katherine (2009). He likes to puff on the skin flute in his free time. [3]

  44. Wiki Pwned

    “He likes to puff on the skin flute in his free time” god thats great.

  45. RidgeRunner

    Frankly, I’m proud of everything about my Kentucky heritage and this guy can go straight to Hades as Billy Bob Thornton said in Slingblade.

    Go Hillbillies!
    Go Blue!

  46. Tiger's Trojan Head Cover
  47. Capnmonkey

    Guy from DC makes fun of dumb hillbillies from KY?

    Here’s a slideshow showing how smart kids are by state and territory:

    Kentucky at 31
    DC at 51, beating only Mississippi

  48. CatsfaninFL

    $107K in the DC area is about 50-60k in Kentucky when comparing cost of living… That’s not really a lot to brag about.

  49. Not Mr. Photogenic

    46- That too much word “readin” for these donks! At least the have pictures to examine!

    Who wants a beer bros?

  50. Lori M

    $107K is “just getting by money” in the DC area. Come Saturday morning let’s quit the attention and let this guy become invisible again. See if his ego can handle that.

  51. steviesdroppedtdcostmeagrand

    who really cares what this dillweed thinks? he is just trying to make some news.

  52. Geese

    Dude looks like Shia LeDouche in 15 years. Let him hate.

  53. Roger

    The Bible says only eight people were saved from the flood during Noah’s time. Guess that makes us all inbreds. Unless of course you were hatched like this guy.

  54. HeMan

    46) Limbaugh tops that list…so what’s your point? That nonsensical ramblings generate listeners?

  55. bill

    I look at him and see a loser. He looks at me and sees a redneck and a snack machine.

  56. BPsycho

    This dude looks like the gun toting dude from a while back.

    If he got aids…..

    #52 I’m the hatched love child of Daniel Tosh and Tucker Max…. Nice to meet you.

  57. Women Everywhere

    Gag me with a spoon

  58. Brian

    I’m in DC and a fan of the Junks. Its pretty well known up here that the 4 guys on the show each make more than $400k/yr. just fyi.

  59. TJ

    He made 107K? This inbred from KY just cleared 130K. Not bragging, just stating that even hillbillies can make more than a radio bottom dweller in DC…also, he works for CBS Radio. Start bombarding their feedback site with e-mails and get their attention. They’ll shut down the jerk.

  60. The Natural

    Yeah, dude is in his 40’s and using “lol” in tweets.

    What a tonsil-jockey.

  61. Junks Fan

    Kentucky Sports Radio blows donkey balls. You guys can try and achieve half of the success the Junks have. By the way, did you google his W2? Probably more than all 3 of you dummies combined.

  62. chuckydoll

    It’s all fun and games till someone gets their house burned down…

  63. "U Have No Clue"

    CapnMonkey – U R a donk! Maryland ranks wayyyy above Kentucky – ha ha – what are you trying to prove. EB’s schtick sucked u all in and you’re helping his and KSR’s ratings – good job morons. ha ha ha

    Plus, their salaries are much higher than what u morons are quoting… The guys have had the top show in the most important male demographics (at least males 18-49). I’ve been listening for 14 years, and you all fell hook, line and sinker…Yankin’ out the old photo was a classic ambush attempt, but EB is one of the shrewdist guys you’ll meet. And he was a rank amateur starting out, but not afraid to admit it. They poke fun at themselves all the time. All this attention is great. The online pod cast ratings will be silly now! Maybe y’all can get get your ten center gfs to listen to the show too. Like that tart tiffany doughty…

    Capnmonkey Says:
    February 4th, 2011 at 3:18 pm
    Guy from DC makes fun of dumb hillbillies from KY?
    Here’s a slideshow showing how smart kids are by state and territory:

  64. Chuck Norris

    Since when does how much money someone earns have anything to do with whether or not they’re a total douche?

  65. theoledog

    the picture don’t lie… that punk is Deliverance material…

  66. Junks Fan

    By the way stupid, you realize they get thousands upon thousands of LIVE viewers and HARDLY have to rely on iTunes downloads…are you kidding? You think they give 2 shits about iTunes. That’s laughable.

  67. AtomicDawg02

    This guy is hurting for ratings and trying to get a spike by doing the “piss off a big fan base” to try and draw attention to self. Ignore and move on.

  68. Junks fan loves men's junk

    Homeless men panhandling in downtown DC have achieved “half of the success the Junks have”.

  69. Junks fan loves men's junk

    Hey U Have No Clue,

    You fell for KSR’s schtick hook, line and sinker. They love to provoke fights with dumbasses who don’t know any better in order to provoke a parade of hits on this site in response.

    What a dipshit. No wonder you love those guys.

  70. JunksFanlikestoblowdonkeys

    I’m the real Junks fan. I like the get together with the Junkies and blow donkeys. Sometimes goats…

  71. TheHateTrain

    Oh yeah, well I make $69,696,696,696.96 a day! Im better than all of you put together! I’m soo smart I’ve cured cancer…twice. I have enough money to buy DC, Maryland AND Kentucky. I’ve had sex with more women than SNH has rubbed out on his own. And to top it off, my Dad can kick any of your asses! See you chumps in middle school on Moday.

  72. Hillbilly

    ain’t that guy one of us? cross-eyed an all…

  73. GoodStuff

    I have a new hero and his name is Mr. Bickel. KSR trashes other teams and their fanbases left and right – pot meet kettle – BBN needs to man up and roll with the punches, sue for slander, Ha. Pathetic.

  74. Waitin' on 8

    I sent his wife a message on Facebook to see what she thinks of his behavior. We all know Calipari’s wife rules him… maybe this d-bags wife will do the same?

  75. Vandelay

    Sue for slander!!! Hilarious!!! You guys take shit way too serious.

    P.S. Paying 5 star recruits will never bring you guys a championship. No leadership among freshman.

  76. Tubby Smith

    Clearly not enough going on in Kentucky today…

    I wonder why people from other states have a hard time accurately depicting Kentuckians…

  77. duhville cat

    71) ….”more women than SNH has rubbed….. “. Damn, that was funny! +1

  78. Chet Cummings

    Well, hell, who hasn’t buggered a goat or fellated a colt before? I’m damn PROUD of my heritage. Generations of us have relied on an animal to keep us warm during the cold Kentucky nights. This fell’r probably never had the companionship of a well fed barn animal! I can’t root for BIG BLUE or…Lousiville…or…well, that’s about all we got…without a big ol’ hairy beast beside me, but my sister ain’t half bad.

  79. Boxerdog

    Let’s Kill this guy…. old style

  80. Gary williams

    So how we doin this year, and the year before, and the year before? Man i wish 2002 coulda last forever.

  81. Usernametaken

    Hillbillies, inbreds. Wow, that guy really knows how to punch. We’ve never been called those things before.

  82. Nate

    Sadly with his low facebook/twitter following for a 15 year sports & entertainment guy his tweet is probably true. We are the only highlight of his sad week, and that’s nothing to “lol” about. 🙁

  83. Tyrone Biggums

    Having lived in DC… its funny to see this guy bashing KY. DC is one of the worst places in the country and the people are like a disease they spread into any city that will have them.

  84. William

    Junks fan here in Northern VA. These reactions are really funny. You guys are way too insecure. Look, they grew up in PG County and make fun of themselves all the time. Don’t take the “white trash” comment seriously . . . they refer to themselves with that term all the time. It’s really hilarious how people are making fun of the awful photo and the wikipedia stuff. It’s all a goof. Hence the name Mr Photogenic.

  85. Bulldawg

    Will the REAL Slim Shady please stand up? What a nerd! The Terps suck! One of the few schools UK could beat in FB and BB. However, I have had dealings with several people in Maryland and I will have to say most of the people there are very polite. Just sayin you can’t judge a place by one person and that works both ways. This dude’s attacks on the UK fan base is the same old warn out stereotypes people use to hate on UK. When in fact Lexington is pretty snobby. Anything but hillbilly. And if being well mannered, talkin with an accent, and having a passion for my old Kentucky home makes me a hillbilly, then I’m damn proud of it you carpet bagger! GBB!!!!

  86. Tyrone Biggums

    You know when someone pulls the check my bank account card you are dealing with class act.

    I bet this guy has got more arse than Wilt Chamberlain…. what he makes in DC is the equivalent to 18k a year in Harlan.

  87. Tyrone Biggums

    84.) people in N.VA were pricks too… just not as grimey

  88. Dan

    Is there really that little going on in Podunk that you guys are glomming onto a sarcastic comment said in jest? Move on. EB and the Junks are laughing at your little uproar right now. I have heard a ton of people say the same shit all the time. Get over it. I can’t imagine what y’all would do if Kentucky got sanctions calipari, you’d be lost. Meet me at the barn for some moonshine……..donks

  89. Tyrone Biggums

    BBN is not just in KY… its funny how we are perceived. Pride is where the reaction comes from, if it bothers you it makes sense…. you don’t know about it.

  90. TheHateTrain

    @88 is there so little going on in the BIG CITY that you have to comment on a Podunk blog?

  91. BPsycho

    #77 Highly unlikely, but funny yes. XD

  92. BPsycho

    #90 Nah he’s just not smart enough to realize this is a average KSR post. In an hour noone will care about this dude anymore and there will be something else to talk about. LIKE ALWAYS! So he gets a few extra hits? Who cares people! This is entertainment…..

  93. Southern Thunder

    If I ever see this guy out, I am going to beat the breaks off of him.

  94. savby

    Based on your responses and your language, I think he’s probably right about the majority of you…

  95. Boring

    And I care what some douchebag in Washington, DC thinks because ….?

  96. GoCats10

    Matt Jones needs to go on his show! Please! let’s get it done big blue nation!

  97. "U Have No Clue"

    “Gary williams Says:
    February 4th, 2011 at 5:31 pm
    So how we doin this year, and the year before, and the year before? Man i wish 2002 coulda last forever.”

    Gary would chuckle at this as he’s won a Natty more recently than your Natty hungry school. Getting anxious aren’t you all? Haven’y had one in a long time, gonna start approaching Rupp to Joe B. soon. Good luck this year – your rent a players are not gonna get the final deed done 🙂

  98. wtf ?

    I must have missed something, who is Eric Bickel ? At first I thought it was an article about the TV watching pig on the old Green acres show. Wasnt he a Bickle too ?

  99. The Person Saying Donk

    Please stop saying donks. As Billy Crystal would say, “it’s not funny, it’s not fun”. You’re a grown man saying donks. Think about that. Use a big boy word. That must be some ironic word that cast of no talents use on that show. Donks? Geeez go fck yourselves.

  100. Dick Trickle

    This dude is total ass hat. Maryland Terps? Really? DC sports? Maryland only been past sweet 16 twice since 1990! Get excited DC!

  101. DaveUK

    There is a Youtube video of him actually trying to lick himself on air:

  102. gutter2d

    I live in the DC area as well and have to say that their show is the best radio show on terrestrial radio here, now that Don & Mike is no longer on the air. I usually listen to them until the West Coast feed of Howard comes on at 9 AM to catch up with local happenings and sports. I’d also say they are better than anything on terrestrial radio in KY (I moved out of Lexington a year ago). There’s no worse show in the entire world than that god-awful Sports Huddle with Chris Cross.

  103. secretagent0014

    Hehe my wife makes that and she is more than a decade younger. He’s hit his peak(and is sooo proud of it), she can still has lots of room to move up.

  104. TJ

    The best thing to happen to sports in DC is John Wall…who played at Kentucky.

  105. u have no clue

    “Dick Trickle Says:
    February 4th, 2011 at 7:52 pm
    This dude is total ass hat. Maryland Terps? Really? DC sports? Maryland only been past sweet 16 twice since 1990! Get excited DC!”
    The Terps have won a Natty more recently than you donks want to admit. And I’ll say donks because you 20 soemthings have no clue about success yet and you’re ripping EB, who has been wildly successful doing what a lot of you jealous guys all dream of.
    The drought continues at 13 years this year. You’ll soon be approaching the Rupp-Joe B. gap – deal with your underachieving rent a teams – maybe they’ll start point shaving and keep in line with the long running UK tradition!

  106. Ron Burgundy

    You know Bickel is German for whale vagina… I don’t think the Mayor of Lexington ever did this

  107. ReallyKY?

    Love you idiots who think you can just “google a w-2”. It was said in jest geniuses. Not that it matters, but as stated in an earlier post it’s well known in DC that the Junkies each pull in multiple 6 figures.

    So what if Junkies fans say donk? No different than Kentucky fans saying “go Big Blue!”.

    You guys fail to realize that the Junkies calls themselves “white trash” all the time. Stop getting your Big Blue panties in a bunch over a harmless comment.

    Nothing wrong with Kentucky and the basketball program is in the Top 3 of all time, but to compare the state vs. DC (or even Northern Va) from a market and influence perspective is just delusional.

  108. Ron Burgundy

    p.s. $107k in DC pays rent in a place were you only “might” get shot…

  109. ReallyKY?

    Keep dropping the $107k figure. Makes you look more stupid each time.

  110. Jason

    yeah, let’s all get drunk at chili’s!! grab some drinkie-poos brah!!

  111. sangaman

    I’m from the DC area. I never listen to the sports junkies show but I have listened to their mediocre poker radio podcast several times. Eric Bickel has come off as a petty jerk throughout this ordeal. He’s lost any respect I had for him and I won’t be listening to any more mediocre poker radio podcasts.

  112. cats11

    107) 6 digits in Kentucky > 6 digits in DC. And don’t say “donk.”

  113. NCAA blows

    Haha it’s funny to see all these turd burgulars on ksr! Really shows that bbn can get under there skin!

  114. Chet Cummings

    @111. You are a sad sanga-man. Cuddle up with a cousin and dive right into that sink hole.

  115. feltedricky

    He makes way more than 107k. and i guess none of you retards understand radio schtick. that’s certainly what it started as. take a chill pill.

  116. Dick Trickle

    105. Seriously? One national championship in your history? Our 13 year drought pails in comparision to your 75 year+ drought. 5 times past the sweet 16 since 1958??? How much was Friedgen’s buyout? A few trips to golden corrall??

  117. OrvilleofMonkeysEyebrow

    uhh…what does all this mean?

  118. u have no clue

    116. => Don’t bring ridge into this – most of his team the past 10 years would have pwned your sorry excuse of a football team. Your football team will never get a whiff of a BCS bid – EVER!

    And your 13 year drought is much worse – y’all expect to win every year, even though you’ve won only 3 in the modern era of bball. The other big boys have easily outpaced you.

  119. Vandelay

    RENT-A-PLAYERS!!! You guys can’t take a joke. Typical UK fans.

  120. Kige is sexy compared to Mr. Photogenic

    76. You can find shit like that anywhere. It’s just most likely reported on more often when it happens in Kentucky. Same crap in California if you open your eyes.

  121. bigbluelife

    For the life of me cannot understand why we would waste our time messaging this DH- saw his photo w/cap backwards told me all I need to know about him and his intelligence!!!!!

  122. The Natural

    The flamers on here ripping UK fans and KSR need to get back to screwing your goats. They miss you.

  123. gravy

    Wow, I can honestly say I’ve never seen someone come to a website to take up for another person’s salary. Ever. And there are at least three on this thread alone.

  124. Rex Chapman

    116. really? you guys play in the ACC. not exactly synonymous with football success (besides riding the backs of has been programs like Florida St and Miami). furthermore, congrats on your three years off relevance in the early 2000s. gary williams is a joke.

  125. Rex Chapman

    maybe you Maryland guys could hook up with the same coke dealer as Lenny Bias

  126. Rex Chapman

    sorry, meant 118

  127. Zuljin

    Matt, you need to have a thicker skin against the Sports Junkies. You have only been on the air for a few months and these type of people are always going to come out and bad mouth your show. Just ignore them and do your show. Don’t get into a feud with these guys because you never know what they might do and it could come back to haunt you. It is not worth it.

  128. Alex

    102) 6 digits in KY doesn’t enter into the discussion because Matt Jones is a nobody who does sports radio in Kentucky for a reason. The Junkies are in the bigger market for a reason.

  129. Alex

    109) I know right? It’s like 107k is more money than these rednecks could ever dream of. Last time I checked, the Junkies weren’t hoping that the local butcher shop sponsored their blog.

  130. Chimba

    Kentucky stinks and so does John Wall. The junks are broadcast media professionals. No wonder we stereotype you. You’ve proven every stereotype.

  131. "U Have No Clue"

    “Zuljin Says:
    February 7th, 2011 at 1:44 pm
    Matt, you need to have a thicker skin against the Sports Junkies. You have only been on the air for a few months and these type of people are always going to come out and bad mouth your show. Just ignore them and do your show. Don’t get into a feud with these guys because you never know what they might do and it could come back to haunt you. It is not worth it.”

    you’re right Zuljin – Matt=inexperienced hack like Junks were 15 years ago. Matt tried to use iTunes downloads to skew stats to make him look bigger than he is in the radio market. Let him read the radio ratings and demos on male age 18 all the way up to 49+ ratings… He won’t because he’ll look like a little gnat compared to the Junkies gorilla ratings. Matt knows what the deal is now, but he’s not going to tell his listening audience how small-time he is, or how if he does dominate the am tiny KY radio market, he’ll bolt for more bucks in a heartbeat. And if he doesn’t, it doesn’t mean he’s loyal, just an immature fool who needs to grow up and move on to a bigger audience.

    The Junkies audience is what any radio sports hack who has no journalistic training dreams of – call in and ask him that on the radio. If he says otherwise after admitting the Junkies ratings are very high in the DC market, then he’s a liar…and a donk (he seems to depsise lingo, but uses his own on his show when I’ve listened to it. The style of the 2 shows is actually similar in some ways, but the Junkies are at a whole different level in terms of the guests they pull. They are much more polished, having done it 15 years now…by the way, is your team ever going to win a close one this season?