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This Could Be Depressing


From a reader…the scene at the Catwalk approximately 10 minutes before the team came through…this may not be pretty

Article written by Matt Jones

77 responses to “This Could Be Depressing”

  1. Joel Lobb

    wow, how demoralizing for the team

  2. Blazer85

    Jokers best move of the day might be to skip the Catwalk. Talk about starting off on a downer.

  3. Scott

    Sad, but maybe now Barnhart will get the hint. Good luck CATS, to coaching staff, don’t blow it.

  4. Big Blue Nation

    I hate football.

    Yet, I hate that our fans have no loyalty more.

  5. CatGrad7072

    Probably not even all the parents. Impressive! Go Joker; just go!

  6. CatGrad7072

    Probably not even all the parents. Impressive! Go Joker; just go!

  7. Jamal Meeks

    Sad for the players but can you really blame people for not supporting the crap put on the field every week.

  8. Adam

    Haven’t seen that few fans since UofL basketball scrimmage

  9. CatGrad7072

    Twice; didn’t know I could do that.

  10. Patty

    Keenland going on at the same time, that’s where everyone is?

  11. I'm Just Sayin

    Boring style works if you win. If you lose not so much….

  12. Lakesidecatsfan

    On a positive note, this could be just what these young men need to spark a new attitude of “we. Will show them”. Sometimes negative reinforcement and embarrassment turn out positive results!

  13. dpvatty

    I’m disappointed in the turn out. But this team had demoralized the fans as well by giving us no hope. Our players aren’t great but are better than the on-field performance and Joker inspires no confidence. Chart a downward trend since September 2010 and an unwillingness to acknowledge a need to adapt schemes/plays to personnel and we are left with little hope. BTW I bet Jax to cover.

  14. Apathetic Andy

    Joker, it’s pretty simple, you give no effort in coaching, you receive no love from the fans.

  15. BigBlueSkyDog

    I just painted my garage door and I want to watch it dry. I have no time for Jokerball.

  16. Hoss

    Awesome. Love it.

    Props to the BBN for standing for something.

  17. Cat fan

    Lol @ 15. Good one!

  18. Trevor Kelsey

    Less people there means more hot dogs for me!

  19. Matt

    I was gonna go, but I have a cold.

  20. jaaaayyyyyyyy

    4) That may have been the most self-contradictory inane comment of the year.

  21. Spell Check

    #10.. it’s Keeneland…… you left out an E

  22. Ben

    Joker said he did not need the fans! I guess they took him at his word. Let’s see how well it works Jokers way!

  23. Hoops Malone

    I have no problem with the fans not showing up for the game/catwalk. Winners get support, losers don’t. Winners/losers arent just judged by wins and loses. if they were even competitive – OR IF THEY LOOKED LIKE THEY HAD HELD AN ORGANIZED PRACTICE – then the fans would be there.

    With that being said, I’m in the parking lot…drinking one more beer…then I’ll take my seat in section 121 before kickoff.

  24. tenacious_j

    Put a decent product on the field and the people will show up. Even if Keeneland is open on this gorgeous Fall day the fans would show up to watch a UK football game.

    Joker said “Come talk to me when we are 2-10.” I say, “Come talk to the fans when the team plays with some passion.” It hasn’t been there since last mid-season. I am not sure Joker can get it back.

  25. catcrawler

    I hope it motivates them and they come out to dominate.

  26. Doublej

    Let’s see . . . Go to Keeneland and have a GREAT TIME or go see two AA teams play and see a (snicker) SEC get beat??????? . . . KEENELAND HERE I COME!!!!!!!!!

  27. bluristhurr

    And your surprised? Blows for the players WKU is going to have more today

  28. Republican

    Screw this football program. It feels like watching the Bengals during the Cos years.


    Haha I love it, we’re a basketball school, time to stop kidding ourselves. The team needs a good slap in the face like this anyway.

  30. Mr Schwump

    And Matt, I’m sure you won’t miss a chance to get your digs in instead of calling out the shitheads that are the UKAA. Their lack of committment to football is sickening.


    Haha I love it, we’re a basketball school, time to stop kidding ourselves. The “team” needs a good slap in the face like this anyway.

  32. Kd

    I remember we can beat Fl and TN & SC since their down and be a factor what happen to all thosse statements some come from the above posters!

  33. bti sucks

    I have never been to Keeneland. I don’t give a crap about it. It’s football time in the Bluegrass (well, not in my case, as I don’t live there). Otherwise I’d be there.

    Anybody got a live link? It’s not on ESPN3.

  34. Hoops Malone

    Indication that the crowd is going to suck today – my AT&T iPhone has five bars.

  35. hersheyisabear

    I think they fans are so loyal that they will declare mutiny on the program lol.

  36. bigbluecats

    It is sad but Mitch made his bed when he said Joker would be back. If he never said that then i think it would have been maybe a slightly better turnout. I know a lot of people want to just blame Joker and say that they are just kids, but its everyones fault. You dont make it to a D1 school let alone the SEC without being able to catch a football or tackle. Thats something the coaches cant do for you. Hell most kids wouldnt make a high school team for that. And you cant call plays that make them catch the ball. And yea Jokers play calls are horrible. If we were down by 6 with a minute to go and had the ball on the 10 yard line, he would try and kick a field goal and hope they dont take a knee so we might have a chance to get the ball back and tie it with another field goal. We have got to be the Boise State of the SEC and start running trick plays more often than not. I would rather lose knowing we layed it all on the line rather than trying not lose and running pee-wee football plays. Hell our punter should be up for Heisman duscussion

  37. BuckWild

    Barnharts got to bit the bullet and pull the trigger. Time for a new chapter. He has lost fan interest and thats sad to see. GO CATS!!

  38. nawlij

    If the players and coaches do not care, why should the fans. The effort from both the staff and the players has been abysmal. Why should fans fork over hard earned money to watch unispired play?

  39. Still Believing

    Joker, staff and players are working hard to pull it together. When/if they do it the fans won’t get any credit for it. I still believe things can turn around and today might be the day to get it started.

  40. Big Blue 66

    could there possibly be more people on the KSR live blog than actually at the game?

  41. Coopdro1000

    Whats the over/under on how long matt will keep the live blog up today?

  42. Cleatonite

    I’ve seen more people at a Right Said Fred concert… “yeah, on the catwalk… On the catwalk… I shake my little tush on the catwalk”

  43. Hoss

    39- saw more effort from UL’s players last night than I’ve seen from our guys ALL SEASON. Did you see the UL D actually TRY to block the PAT and the field goals last night? They actually got push on the line and put pressure on the punter.

    I WANT YOU TO TELL ME THE LAST TIME YOU SAW THAT KIND OF EFFORT FROM A JOKER COACHED TEAM. And don’t lie to cover your bleeding heart or Joker’s ego.

  44. Hipposarus

    Those are Jacksonville St fans just standing in the wrong spot waiting to see their players

  45. Computer Blue

    I’d like to see the players still supported but what the coaches have put on the field this year has not been competitive or entertaining one single game.

  46. firesomebodynow...

    If we can’t get Mike Leach we need to fire Tom Leach. He’s to positive with his ‘TOUCHDOWN KENTUCKY’ & ‘FOOTBALL TIME IN THE BLUEGRASS’ bullish!t…At least fire somebody to show you have some balls…

  47. Hoss

    Players my big white arse. He can’t even motivate what he has (THAT HE SIGNED OFF ON AS RECRUITING COORDINATOR! and HCIW! for the 3+ previous years) to be competitive, yet you fools think players are all he needs?

    You better hope like all hell he never whiffs on a guy from here on out. LMAO at you.

  48. Cleatonite

    What’s up with the homeless Louisville fan at the far right of that picture? At least he’s there to cheer them on ….. Or maybe just ask each player for a dollar as they come by.

  49. BuckWild

    Hope Patrick Towles don’t see this. I no he is Kentucky and he bleeds blue, but no top QB will want to play in this atomosphere.

  50. firesomebodynow...

    Fire Tom Leach…

  51. Manchester

    Well, Joker said this program is not for the fans. The fans are just allowing him to be correct on that count today, letting him see what a program not for the fans looks like.

    I almost hope we lose in order to place enormous pressure on Mitch and Joker–enough pressure to turn the coal in these fields into diamonds.

  52. firesomebodynow...

    Fire Tom Leach.

  53. Hoss

    49- I’m starting to think that losing recruits is just about the only thing that will garner attention from Mitch. Shrink his FB money and lose some recruits… he’d be a complete tool to try to stay the pace at that point.

    B/c here is the deal… We’re gonna suck next year either way you slice it. If Joker returns, he brings new recruits into the same old BS against the toughest schedule we’ll have in years. And we ALL know who his QB will be while Towles sits the bench.

    Bring in a new coach, you lose some recruits and players, but at that point, at least you can sell the future of the program. You aren’t selling the future of this program to anybody while Joker is here.

    Pick your poison. Mitch has completely FUBARed UK football either way.

  54. Lori M

    People are “voting with their pocketbooks.”

  55. whocaresaboutfootball?

    not I!


    Did anyone think that this may have to do with the shitty game time? Poor decision to take TV money over a night game during Keeneland.

  57. Kiki

    #54 So True!

  58. Hoss

    56- it was a fustercluck of bad decisions that brought us to this point. Blowing game time is simply par for the course.

  59. downtown

    Uh huh…..and this is HOMECOMING? I guess the alumni isn’t coming home…..

  60. BMF

    Regardless of the amount of talent we acquire through recruiting, the bs that Joker calls throughout the games will not change. We will not be a great team next year, and we will only be good if we’re lucky enough to talk some sense into Joker.

    He should learn to utilize the talent he has, and stop playing it safe. Take chances Joker. This is the SEC, not pee wee league.
    Our boys deserve more than a turn out like this, but honestly Joker doesn’t.

    Last thought: I MISS COACH BROOKS!

  61. Disgruntled Fan

    Honestly, I hope they lose. People can accuse me of disloyalty, but we need a new coach. What the heck do these jerks do all week at practice? No one should blame the fans for not showing up; the fault lies with the football program. We are consumers of the product our football program puts onto the field. If the product is lousy, we have every right not to purchase it.

  62. ForeverFeline

    I was at the Catwalk this morning and I can assure everyone that by the time the team arrived, there were no gaps between fans where I was standing, near where the team is dropped off from the busses. It also appeared that there were lots more blue & white fans nearer the stadium entrance, as is usually the case. Part of the issue was Keeneland today, but the Catwalk start time of 9:45 didn’t help attendance either. Those of us that were there were loud and it was easy to see that many of the players, especially the veterans, were glad we were there.

  63. Allahu-akbar

    It’s sad, really.

  64. CatGrad7072



    kentucky football is sad, with all the conference movement kentucky should bolt for the big east. at least they aren’t the worst team there. Well,they probably are, but they might win 3 conference games a year.

  66. Gert B Frobe

    Do you think programs like Notre Dame or Michigan or USC would have turnouts like this? Even in their worse years? (all have had lately). Im happy for those who attended and are lucky enough to be there for an important win.

  67. Gert B Frobe

    Tom Leach is doing his job as a professional as well as a fan, both with passion. Why criticise him?

  68. MansGame

    May be a low turnout..but its still a man’s game- baskey ball biatches!!!!!!!!

  69. Roll Tide

    First Down KY is bush league.

  70. JohnnyRed

    #66 – Never happen. Calipari is already getting tired of having Big East teams knock his “one ‘n dones” out of the NCAA Tourney…so you know he would never agree to move to the conference where the big boys play.

  71. Hoops Malone

    #67 are you seriously trying to compare UK football with Michigan, Notre Dame and USC???… That’s like an Auburn basketball fan trying to measure up to UK.

  72. FourThinInches

    4/26 17 yards, 79 rushing yards, 4 INT’s, 2 Fumbles, 4 quarters. 54-3. Come on. It’s one thing to watch a great show. But when the show you’re paying to see is 15 punts from your team, its kind of hard to be optimistic.

  73. SuperFan

    I bet next week Auburn want have this many fans for the Tiger Walk. They got drilled today by LSU. Wait just a minute…most fans support their teams when they lose. I forgot I am at Kentucky. We at UK have such a rich tradition in football that as soon as we lose a few games. We turn on the coach, AD, the players and most of our fans are very negative.

    We decide not to go to a football game when it is Sunny and great football weather and not support the players who decided to come to our University. We are mad that we are not 7-0 and the same team that beat Auburn (last years National Champion) we should have beat by 50. My point is support your team win or lose or go support another team.

  74. Lex07

    74. Nothing wrong with going and supporting the horse industry.

  75. superfan

    Horses a##. Human being or animal? Everybody is upset with ticket price, gas, food and losing $100 plus to watch UK play. How much money was spent today ones a horse and they listed as well. Support your team win or lose.

  76. Gert B Frobe

    72, I waa not trying to compare UK to those football programs. I was trying to list a few schools that have had good success in basketball as well as football. A lot of fans want UK to put as much money into football as basketball. If the fans turn their back halfway through a tough season, it will never happen. We will probably never have a 2 million $ coach because it’s not worth the risk that a lot of our fans present.

  77. kingrex

    The Big East is not a real conference anymore and Kentucky would do very well in football playing against them week after week. In the SEC second and third string players on both sides of the line play 12 years in the NFL. The Big East does not even play the same sport as the SEC.

    The thing I am most worried about is it appears as though Joker ruined us, not least by replacing the coaches who had taught the current UK Players in the NFL. We had a decent run and were entertaining to watch and seemed to have a plan under Brooks. I am afraid Joker sacrificed the ability to game plan and teach technique to get slick talking coaches who might be better recruiters. I say this should not be hard. I could take any three people off this board and we could sell Kentucky to a family and player, but we could not coach them! I would be curious if others shared a similar fear about Joker’s staff.