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They’ve Arrived In Atlanta…

Only 48 hours and 27 minutes until IU.

Article written by Thomas Beisner

53 responses to “They’ve Arrived In Atlanta…”

  1. Jack


  2. Millertime

    First! ON our way to numero 8

  3. Cream

    Go Braves!!

  4. Rixter

    I keep hearing about IU’s 3 point shooters, how dangerous they are….. Iowa State had 4 players who’ve hit 50 or more this year, IU has only on, Jordan Hulls. In fact, they only have 3 guys who have hit more than 18. Heck, UK has 4 guys with 20+.

    This is gonna be F U N!

  5. NEKYguy

    #2: I hope you’re correct about one of those statements

  6. Cat in the ATL

    Can’t wait to watch them in the open practice tomorrow! Living in Atlanta, I’ve only had once chance to watch them in person this season.

  7. BleedBlue

    Good luck guys

  8. boozer93

    Cats on a business trip!

  9. Patrick

    Where are the guys staying? Where/when is open practice?

  10. StephenASmith

    The question is will they show up for the game. IU has their number and you all know it. Our kids stay longer than one year….fact

  11. big papi


  12. UKFanInDeutschland

    Some interesting news out of UConn… Alex Oriakhi to transfer. Should Cal snag him up to piss of ol’ Calhoun?? Noel and Oriakhi… sounds pretty formidable to me!!

  13. Rixter

    ALL kids who aren’t good enough to be drafted stay more than one year. What’s your point?

  14. henry earl

    10 that so Dwight? well uh, our kids are really good at basketball, as in,better than yours are. fact.

  15. Cat in the ATL

    9) The open practice is at the Georgia Dome from 3:10 to 4 p.m. tomorrow. I think they’re staying in the Westin.

  16. thrilla time

    10) That’s bc their not good enough to go pro.FACT!!As far as having our number maybe you should go back and look at some box scores from the last 20 yrs

  17. UK Homer

    You mean CATlanta. Change it to CATlanta Thomas.

  18. Rixter

    The Cats number is EIGHT. Does IU have that number?

  19. Rixter

    17, hope you have a good day job, because the comedy is weak.

  20. catinhat

    Alex Oriakhi leaving UConn, dad says.

    Alex would look good in blue!!

  21. Eddyville

    Dear Fans,

    We’ve arrived here in Catlanta, it’s even more beautiful than the picture book. You can expect the next to contain the National Championship.

    Hope all is well,

    The Cats

  22. Reality Check

    IU has UK’s number? Really? A last second 3 in IU’s biggest game in years, and they have UK’s number? It was IU’s biggest game in years, and not even UK’s biggest game that month. Bwaaahaaahaaahaa!

  23. #24 Tiny Penis

    Geez this guy keeps his hand off me just long enough to type stupid s*** on KSR. What a loser!

  24. honest info

    24, serious, you retarded?

  25. Big Blue Nation

    Glad to say that I am not far behind. My first Sweet Sixteen and Elite Eight. Let’s go Blue

  26. IU

    Question?How come UCONN can’t Play in tourney because of grades? Get players who admit to receiving money,and allow them to play?Coach admitted to breaking rules recruiting?And their seen as a elite program.The coach is treated as a icon of the profession?
    Our coach is called slime his name dragged threw the mud.Because of things he had no part in.He’s never been linked to any violations the NCAA told UK he helped in uncovering Cambys having a agent.And we are called the cheaters.

  27. Cream

    Davis has classwork in his hand, NCAA.

  28. Charles

    The Kick Ass CATS are in CATLANTA now! Game over!!

  29. UK fan

    It is quite interestingly hilarious how opposing team fans go to an informational UK sports website to read posts and heckle UK fans. This behavior only shows jealousy and lust for something they claim to hate. If you hate UK so bad, please refrain from joining this site. You cannot win here with your input. This being a UK sports site, my guess is 99.99% of the people here enjoy UK sports unlike you and will disagree with your claims. UK basketball especially has all the credentials that your team does not. That is a fact. If you just want to argue, you will not win. Please join the rest of your fan base on a different site if you can find one and enjoy your comments together as we do here.

  30. BigBlueSkyDog

    10) All you guys will have left after Friday are your lame-ass hillbilly jokes, which are as stimulating as a five hour trip through your flat, boring, pathetic state. No wonder you gasbags are so inhospitable. If I lived in Indiana, I’d hate myself too.

  31. bcat

    Past the second round once in the last 17 years and missing 6 completely?! How do you even maintain interest when your team skips a generation?

  32. Cat in the ATL

    Hoo Hoo is Indiana trash that lives in his parents basement.

  33. Hoo Hoo

    Where are the gay night clubs in Atlanta?

  34. Cat in the ATL

    40) Seems like an appropriate question for a Hoosier fan to ask, but I’m certain that you can’t afford the trip or the prices at any bar, gay or straight.

  35. Lovely

    I would hardly consider taking a team with 6 road losses to a Final Four “choking.” If everyone expected an NC his first year, they are being unfair on him. Many times, first year coaches are considered lucky to make it in the Dance, especially if the team had been NIT caliber the previous year.

  36. ssb

    Here is the thing…this idea that the tournament is UK’s to lose, or that UK’s losing would be a choke is a myth. The vegas line, minus their edge, gives UK between a 29 and a 41% chance of winning. If UK is 80% to beat IU, 80% to win the final 8, 75 in the 4 and 70 in the final (that makes UK a big favorite in every game), UK would have a 33% chance of winning the title.

    UK’s losing in this tournament is not a choke, it’s not just a possibility, it is a probability. The field is a HUGE favorite over the Cats right now.

  37. Typical IU Fan

    I go on websites of teams better than mine because my team sucks and I can’t remember what it is like to be a fan of a successful team.

  38. BigBlueSkyDog

    43) You sound like a recent Hoosier transplant to Kentucky that I know.

  39. NEKYguy

    43) Actually, I would say a good majority of the people on this site are educated and have good jobs. I for one am a medical student. I’ve been through your state a few times, and you call our bluegrass trash?

  40. WhatRTheFirst3ThingsAHoosierLearnsToSay

    Mama, Daddy, & I65 South.

  41. UKCatLover

    I’m sure that Typical UK fan is really mistaken. He lives on the North side of the Ohio River, not on the south. That is where all the broke uneducated people or sobs live. Get a good grip before the game on Friday all of you Card and Hoosier Fans……Kentucky will be moving on until Sunday’s game, and you will be watching us play on to the Championship!! You all must be some lonely individuals with no website of your own to visit. HATERS!! SO JEALOUS THAT YOU JUST CANT STAND IT!! Just the way we love it!!

  42. IU

    If many of you have been To INDY you would know all these hick,trailer park shi# is just to stir the pot.Trust me INDY is flooded with both.

  43. IU

    Hell you could kill most IU fans with 1 tree.They all have to go to the one house in town that has cable to watch the games.

  44. Boogie

    He looks like a pro in this picture.

  45. UKBlue

    Damn, someone actually drove the UK bus all the way to Atlanta.

  46. UKPhelps

    Are the snap back hats a throw back to the last time the CATS won the title?

  47. basketball


  48. hangin#8

    Well I’m in atl for CSX training for 3 more weeks. Where’s the hot spots for BBN?

  49. REAL BLY


  50. cheercat1

    They just put a fence around the whole state of Indiana so they could enlarge the Cincinnati zoo. Go BIG BLUE NATION!!!!!!

  51. Jdhuck

    Good bars for CATS fans will be Taco Mac Philips Arena, STATS and just about anywhere downtown. One of m favorite bars in Midtown is the Cypress St Pint and Plate. Great beer and great prices. Another nice place is the Beer Barrel. Think Tech campus…

  52. Eric

    I believe that’s the clipboard Rashawn was talking about in the post before this.

  53. CPACATdaughter