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There is One Good Thing in Orange


Lane Kiffin may be crazy….he may be a terrible coach….but, his wife is in her mid-30s and looks like this. Clay Travis got the picture and I must say, you gotta give it up for Mr. Kiffin.

Article written by Matt Jones

45 responses to “There is One Good Thing in Orange”

  1. pji

    In 20 years she will look like Karen Sypher.

  2. El_Joe

    She could probably outcoach him too.

  3. Assassin Number 2

    I liked the press conference that he said he “knocked the lining out of it” at least 4 times a week. Can’t blame him.

  4. JMBlue

    Smokin. He needs to take her on recruiting trips.

  5. booted

    Those legs are pure joy!

  6. UKfansNKY

    The orange has got too go!!!

  7. ukcats07

    Which one is she?

  8. Dennis

    IF I were Lane Kiffin, I would put a topless Mrs. Kiffin in on the field goal block team. It would work every time.

  9. JMBlue

    I wonder what #25 is looking at? I doubt it is mamaw sportin the khakis.

  10. Randomnist

    #7, She’s the one sitting down in the background, right behind Karen Sypher.

  11. IcemanG2

    I know this will shock you, but she is dumber than a doorknob. Yes, I know this for a fact. Yes, I also realize it doesn’t matter, she’s still smokin’ hot.

  12. veeper

    Even money she has blue panties on underneath.

  13. Randomnist

    #12, I heard they were a gift from RickyP.

  14. JMBlue

    11- It does matter. She just went up another notch.

  15. Old Henry Man

    Poor Coach Kiffin, I believe that his daddy will keep Urban from running up the score

  16. Cals Cats Fever

    Surely im not the only cats fan/ vol hater, that would probly purchase a UT calendar is she posedin it nude or even
    nearly nude at that…

  17. bigcatinva

    I guess it all depends….The horizontal orange stripes on her shirt are a definite no no.

  18. booted

    13 – Collinsworth is that you?

  19. Kige Is the Oracle at Delphi

    Someone outkicked his coverage.

  20. booted

    ^ now is #14

  21. miamiwildcat

    I would like to introduce her to Ridge Wilson! Too soon?

  22. UK-Basketball-Freak

    #9: #25 has noticed that there is no bra present and is having a very hard time keeping his exitement under control.

  23. gottodoit

    What ever happened to class?

  24. wildcatwhisperer

    No Mrs. Fulmer pics?

  25. blindref

    I’d leave the shoes on.

  26. UKfaninAlabama

    She is hot, but I hate those kind of dresses. They had to be designed by a fat girl. Those dresses are a girl hiding a chubby belly’s best friend.

  27. UK Matt

    Does the carpet match the drapes?

  28. Thomas Beisner

    Yep. I’d help her pay for healthcare.

  29. Big Blue Cali-Zone

    “Excuse Me Young Man, is that a Sharpie in your pocket, or are you just glad to see me?”



  31. Big Blue Cali-Zone

    30-The only way she could be confused for Sypher would be by a confused person,,,,,,huh?

  32. KY Chip

    I don’t know about “give it up for Mr. Kiffin”, but I think I could easily “get it up for Mrs. Kiffin!”

  33. slappy

    Never at all understood some people’s fascination with shoes on women, but man, those are hot. Agree with 26 though… hate those dresses.

  34. slappy

    Just an observation- is that the “God Warrior” from Trading Spouses sitting down on the right side of the picture?

  35. flee2k

    Can’t beat football in September and a nice game of whoreshoes

  36. TOMPAV83

    “you gotta give it up for Mr. Kiffin.”

    Coincidently, that’s what layne says to her every night

  37. NotTheSlickistRick

    Love those CFM stripper shoes

  38. TrinityPills

    She is gorgeous. But why has nobody mentioned her man hands?

  39. NotTheSlickistRick
  40. SWATS


  41. wyldcatzrool

    first of all, I admit I am not big on blondes…I’m not sure that she qualifies as her hair is so bleached that it is WHITE…in 20 or 25 more years, she is going to look like this:

  42. high and mighty

    she does have man hands in that picture.

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