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The UK Season Dunk Contest

MKG could do three

Good luck here from Andrew Cassady, one of our writers at, at what this season’s UK Dunk Contest would have looked like:

Last night was one of the most fun nights in all of sports, the NBA dunk contest. Despite this year’s competition not featuring any big name participants all of the competitors brought their best effort and gave the audience an impressive batch of dunks. Those dunks got me thinking about all of the amazing dunks Kentucky, via Lob City, has thrown down this year. These are my top five dunks of Kentucky’s season.

5. Terrence Jones Off the Miss

This play just highlights superior effort. With six seconds left in the first half Marquis Teague gets sent to the line. He misses his shot but Terrance Jones blazes across the lane for excellent position, leaps for the rebound, and slams it home. The play put the Cats up by nine and they cruised the rest of the way against the Johnnies. An excellent dunk by T Jones to start the dunk contest.

4. MKG skies on the Pilots

When Michael Kidd-Gilchrist is on the break it’s best to just get out of the way. Unfortunately for Portland their scouting team had not conveyed this message to their players. Kidd-Gilcrist dunks on some guy so hard his grandfather felt it. If MKG really does stay until he graduates we may see other teams refusing to take the floor his senior year. He is the real deal.

3. Darius Miller With The Exclamation Point

St. John’s makes their second appearance on the list. With the game well out of hand Kentucky got another steal and the break was on. What followed was a earth shattering dunk by Darius Miller. This one handed jam was so dirty they had to take 5 minutes to clean Rupp’s floor.

2. Anthony Davis: The Legend Begins

Anthony Davis has had so many great dunks this year that I could’ve made a top five list of just him. This dunk however was our first glimpse into the abilities of the unibrow. Some poor guy tries to actually guard Davis and paid the ultimate price: Internet fame for trying to go up against AD and his NBA worthy throw down.

1. Darius Miller Posterizes Ole Miss

Ole Miss took the lead, Kentucky took a timeout. Darius Miller walked onto the court with a fire in his eyes. Darius has produced many memorable moments in his four years in Lexington but this will stick with me for all time. Darius took control of the game following this dunk and the Cats got an easy victory. This dunk was an actual game changer.

Darius Miller is this year’s Kentucky slam dunk contest winner. Hopefully the remainder of the season and post-season will offer up some more nasty jams. What do you think? Did I have this in the right order? Did I forget any that deserved mention? Be sure to check KSRcollege throughout the day for coverage of the women’s hoops team as they try to take the SEC crown.

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41 responses to “The UK Season Dunk Contest”

  1. Dean

    Joe Drake.

  2. fish on


  3. mores

    Hard to choose just 5 but I think these are as good as any. #3 is my favorite.

  4. Cats

    I can’t this seriously if you don’t have Gilchrist’s dunk against Portland #1. Also MKG’s yesterday should take the spot of davis, considering it was against a little kid.

  5. Troy

    TJ is under represented in this thread.

    He’s had some TOUGH dunks in traffic, at full speed, and around/through people this year. I mean SERIOUSLY under represented.

    MKG’s dunk over Taylor at full speed on teh fast break yesterday was AWESOME, and had me cussing Taylor and his mother for the ten minutes afterwards.

    Our men can dunk on you, through you, over you, around you or past.

  6. ukglory

    if one more person spells Terrence wrong…

  7. Biglaw Dawgin'

    2-5 have it right, the MKG dunk was the best. Just ridiculous. 2 hands, from the second block, over a dude.

  8. soggyUKgrad

    T-E-R-R-E-N-C-E!!!!!!!!!!!!!!….how can you not know how to spell one of our player’s names?!?!?

  9. Mudcreekmark

    Tubby getting beat at home by 20 against Indiana. If Minnesota fires him it will set them back 10 years.

  10. Scottie

    MKG…and it’s not even close

  11. greg


  12. NLG


  13. Sabre Tooth Liger

    Turrunce Jones dunk was guud but gotta give it to Durius Miller one hand alley oop dunk

  14. slappy


  15. Heisenberg

    Amazed that the writers for this site still can’t correctly spell “Terrance” Jones’s name.

  16. Cats

    Dareeus Millars was pretty good, but I really liked that Mikel Kid Gilcrest dunk 2. Anthonie Davis was ok.

  17. Skip

    Darius’ dunk over the ole miss player definitely deserves top spot. One hand dunk over a guy that was in position. It was nasty. Darius can sky, and I think playing with other people that can dunk has elevated his willingness to throw down.

  18. DavisBrow

    Darius against Ole Miss is definitely number 1. The context of it changing the game itself is what makes it so important. I would have swapped 2 and 4 though.

  19. BigKitty

    #15….it is Terrence, like he said, not Terrance. You dumbass.

  20. ACassady_KSR

    My bad on the “Terrance” Jones I blame that youtube video for spelling it incorrectly first and tricking me. I thought about switching 2 and 4 but AD has had so many awesome dunks this year that the four spot seemed too low. Thanks for the comments though.

  21. he says she

    What about Jones’ fake shot on UNC’s Henson and two handed dunk? What about 20 assorted Davis dunks during the season?

  22. The man with no name


  23. SMH

    Another example of why KSR is going downhill. These new writers can’t even spell the UK players names right? Really?

  24. SMH

    19 you’re the dumbass, he edited and made it right. Dumbass.

  25. matty lite

    MKG against Portland

  26. SEC Network Says

    It’s Clerance Jones to you sir.

  27. RaleighCat

    Darius vs. Ole Miss by a nose over MKG vs. Portland.

  28. Brad

    Miller one handed jam, no doubt. Mr. Kentucky deserves all of the glory for an outstanding solo play.

  29. ksr fan

    MKG #1, followed by Miller’s alley oop, Miller’s other dunk, Jones 4th, Davis 5th

  30. ksr fan

    Oh, and no dunk ever looks as good in slow motion or from the camera view under the basket.

  31. Chad

    My vote is for the Darius Miller 1 hand slam against St. John’s.

  32. soggyUKgrad

    I like the Miller dunk vs. Ole Miss b/c he looks at the bench and yells “THAT is who I am!!” after the dunk. hope he continues to be that aggressive

  33. ummwhat

    last night was the worst dunk comp ever!

  34. Evan

    The dude that tries to guard Davis is the biggest douche in our fan base, and that’s saying something.

  35. joe

    One handed dunk by Miller versus St John was Number 1.

  36. Lisa

    Definitely Miller’s One-handed lob dunk against St Johns

  37. Micah

    The best part about Millers #1 dunk is his angry walk away

  38. Megan

    Miller’s one-hander against St. John’s. The height, the reach back, the force of the slam, and the incredible walk away. No ways it’s not #1.

  39. Adam

    Each player needs to have their own Top 5! With these, I will go with Miller over Ole Miss but would not argue against another UK fan on the other four.

  40. HighandTight

    Miller’s dunk over St Johns was definitely the best dunk this season. It was a difficult lob to pull in and the throw down was impressive. The walk-away was almost the best part of it. Kind of like he was saying “nothing to see here, I do this all the time.” My favorite dunk of all time was Derek Anderson off the backboard to Walter McCarty on a fast break.

  41. DB

    #34 dont be jealous its not a good look for you.