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The Trinity Shamrocks win their first KHSAA State Championship

Trinity 71 – Scott County 53

Tonight it all worked out, the culmination of the Kentucky high school basketball season in a game between the state’s two best teams. The #1 team in the state, the Trinity Shamrocks, took on the second ranked Scott County Cardinals. In what was first a rematch between the two teams that played for the 6A football crown, a matchup between Tamron Manning and Nathan Dieudonne to sway Mr. Basketball votes, and the battle for the ultimate prize of the 2012 State Championship.

Early in the game it was Mr. Basketball favorite Tamron Manning who hit back to back threes and got in the lane to score eight straight and give the Cards a 10-4 advantage. Trinity scored six unanswered to tie the game but again Manning got into the paint to give the Cards a 12-10 lead to end the first.  In the second the teams battled to a tie at 16 but three Trinity threes in a row gave them a 25-18 advantage. From there it was all Trinity, and the Rocks took a 31-20 lead into halftime.

Throughout the third the two teams traded baskets as Trinity tried to nest their lead. After three the Shamrocks lead 49-36. In the fourth quarter the Shamrocks continued to push the lead to the final margin of 18. Congratulations to the Shamrocks on winning their first state championship.

For Trinity their victory was a total team effort with all five starters scoring in double figures. Manning gave an excellent performance finishing with 28 for the Cardinals although he was the only player to score in double figures. Scott County was done in by excellent shooting from Trinity as they went 9-14 from beyond the arc. Congrats to the Region 11 champion Cardinals for a great season.

1st 2nd 3rd 4th Total
SCOTT COUNTY 12 8 16 17  53
TRINITY 10 21 18 22  71

Special thanks to everyone who followed along with the Sweet 16 this week. Be sure to drop by to read all of the great work my colleagues put out on a daily basis. Go Cats!

Article written by Andrew Cassady

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67 responses to “The Trinity Shamrocks win their first KHSAA State Championship”

  1. well done


  2. well done

    I caress

  3. Lovely

    Shamrocks. How funny.

  4. Typical U of L fan

    Come on Siva!

  5. ARDEE

    Didn’t KY play tonight?

  6. Floyd

    They must have had a little left over from their football recruiting budget to get some bball players.

  7. blitzedanddazed

    Who Cares?

  8. LehighFatCheerleaders

    We are fat!

  9. Rixter

    I’m tickled to see Trinity’s basketball recruiting has caught up with their football recruiting. It was a long time coming

  10. Rixter

    Now, let’s go to a class System: Schools that recruit in one class, schools that don’t in another class

  11. Drew Franklin

    Too bad trinity pays players. And too bad half their team can’t even spell ‘trinity.’

  12. Shelbyracecat

    So now they are recruiting in basketball they should ban them from all public high school events

  13. Janet Jackson's Boob


  14. Drew's Dad

    Trinity…giving Lexington Catholic a run for their MONEY!!!

  15. Fort Worth Cats Fan

    I have to agree, no one cares anymore about the Sweet 16. Trinity’s payroll doesn’t move the needle in comparison to TX high schools athletics. Bring on IU!

  16. wwwyki

    11) The kids from the Mountains can’t spell it, either.

  17. Rocks05

    Go Rocks, Football and Basketball!!!! The anger and ignorance of everyone else makes it so much sweeter.

  18. shields eyes

    Don’t care.

  19. PIMP

    rejoice! the cheaters win again! where is that kid living? shelby county? no, they dont cheat at all…lol

  20. Go rocks

    A state school doesn’t win in basketball and now Trinity wins it’s first ever bball title and the jealousy flys. Quality coaches, discipline, excessive hard work got Trinity where it is. Lex Cath AD got caught recruiting. There’s the proof. Not at Trinity. Move on whiners.

  21. tbt

    What a bunch of haters. Jealous because most of you are or will be working for a Trinity grad.

  22. ding dong

    Yo trinity peeps…

    Give us the addresses of your players – i’m guessing ‘half’ of them live in areas that have never produced a trinity player before. Don’t worry, it wont be too long till one of those same players gets caught admitting accidentally to trinity’s shady financial dealings.

  23. ding dong

    #21 – Don’t you mean X grad?

  24. Feed Me Seymour

    I don’t think anyone doubts the hard work the players put in…The problem comes in the advantages that a private school has that a public one doesn’t.

  25. PIMP

    20. all of a sudden the get better coaches, have more discipline, and outwork everyone else? are you sure its not from getting players from everywhere else? does shelby county ring a bell?

  26. victory

    The KKK is alive and well on this board.

  27. tbt

    23..myself and my peers have a few in our training programs. Nice people who do well in middle management.

  28. really?

    I’m sorry but honestly what possible advantage do you see that a private school has over a public school? You say they get payed, yes they get sponsored and provided with scholarships…so now it’s free for them to go there…funny, pretty sure it is free to go to public school as well. So why would they not want to go to the number one football school in the nation or the number one basketball team in the state? That’s not an advantage that’s just common sense.

  29. really?/james

    and as for the half can’t spell trinity 2 of the starters are AP students and 3 on the team scored above 30s on their ACTs, but hey it was a good shot.

  30. Shelbyracecat

    You trinity people and your rose colored glasses are funny. I thought you all were smarter than that to say that you all don’t have a advantage is just stupid.

  31. BBN

    2 best recruiters in the state Cal and Trinity hopefully Ky recruiting will pay off as well. Some of those boys on Trinity really looked catholic to me…. NOT

  32. hahah wow

    21- I went to a public school and i have catholic boys working for me. Dont drink the kool aide it doesnt matter. Plus where are the rejects from Trinity that get kicked out for drugs gonna work? Besides Arkansas.

  33. Adopt a Rock

    what percent of the tuition does james quick have to pay? 0%

  34. sweet 16

    broke back mountain champs!!!

  35. the Big Dog

    The best team money can buy. Congrats.

  36. Catfan

    Nathan Dieudonne-the probable Mr. Basketball and teams best player-not only comes from a Catholic grade school, but is also a part of Trinity’s AP program along with Troy Saxton and Andrew Perito. You are all retarded and know nothing about Trinity so stop hating on them.

  37. tbt

    32…Trinity does have discipline and as such, does kick out kids for various reasons. Trinity students require integrity and must adhere to an honor code.. You asked were our “rejects” go…well…they go to your public schools and in most cases end up working for a Trinity grad.

  38. really?/james

    there is no pay advantage he cannot walk away with money if you say that you’re just being arrogant. if he is getting financial aid then that happens to make his tuition $0 that just makes it equivalent to what you would have to pay at a public school. If puclic school sports were decent then the best athletes would go there but they get an oppurtunity to play with the best athletes in the state. and half the kids who got kicked out are at UK now.

  39. alsjkhdf

    hahahahah cheaters. and quit calling us “haters”. both basketball and football, don’t worry though they will get theirs. karma is a bitch. that being said. congrats.

  40. sweet 16

    37 what honor code did nick petrino have to own up to?

  41. really?/james

    jesus christ this is the most rediculous thing ive ever read, the players work their asses off, they were the better players, and they wanted to go to trinity stop whining because trinity dominates athletics they earned it. Sorry that the star athletes don’t want to go to a public school with horrible facilities where they get minimal publicity.

  42. tbt

    40..of course it is common knowledge Nick was arrested when he was 23 (don’t think he was at THE at the time) If Bobby was my father I might have the same issues. Anyway, I have any early tee time with members of my board. Goodnight and Go Cats.

  43. citycat

    Haters hate, thats what they do. If you have proof that they recruit or cheat then report them or shut up. Maybe your teams need to work a little harder.

  44. UK Rifle >>>> WVU Rifle

    Shamrock’s win on St. Patricks Day! Talk about luck of the Irish.

  45. Jd4UK1

    Way to go Shamrocks!!!!!!

  46. PIMP

    43. khsaa knows, but they dont care! they dont want to open that can of worms

  47. NYCWildcat

    Who cares about high school basketball? Why is this on here?

  48. Beetle bum

    Although young, Ballard was probably the second best team in the state, but the Louisville area only gets to send 2 teams to the sweet 16. As a result, some of the best basketball is played at Bellarmine, not Rupp.

  49. ding dong

    For all the education you trinity jagoffs get – yall arent too smart. So, you have no peoblem with a school GIVING a kid a $9,000 “scholarship” to attend the school? Would you have a problem with a school offering kids Range Rovers and Cadillacs (on lease) to attend their schools? There is NO difference! Free money is free money.

    How many 5 ft tall white kids (with no athletic ability) are roaming the halls of trinity on scholarship? NONE!

    The khsaa may not have the balls to deal with this but I’m sure the ncaa will frown upon quick and hicks receiving “extra benefits” during their high school careers.

  50. Rixter

    49, you’re right… look at the demographics of the Trinity football/basketball teams…then find a Catholic church in the county that has similar demographics. Can’t do it, it doesn’t exist. They are bringing in the best athletes in the state who have no affiliation with their religious teachings (which is the supposed foundation of the school), and if I was a non-athlete at Trinity or the parent of a student, I’d be irate that the ballplayers get preferential treatment.

  51. HUBER

    Hahahahahaha Scott County and recruiting basketball players goes back
    to the mid 1990s. I personally have 2 friends who played for Scott County and their family’s recieved some huge benefits for there sons playing on the team. What a joke thinking Trinity is the only one.

    Love having this argument with my Scott County employees.
    Trinity Grad 96

  52. Oops

    #51 – ‘IF’ Scott County cheats, does that make trinity cheating ok?

  53. really?/james

    uhm for the 5 ft tall white kids with no athletic ability getting scholarships there are plenty of steinhauser scholars that attend Trinity on academic scholarships. And saying that you could not find the same demographic at a catholic church is a stretch to prove a point. You are not required to be catholic to attend Trinity it is a Private/catholic institution, there are plenty of people that aren’t catholic that go to Trinity that don’t play sports. And of course I would have a problem with the free cadillac that isn’t assisting in anything but I don’t have a problem in helping someone less fortunate than the usual Trinity student attend because he wants to go to the school with historically the best sport programs in the state. You could make the exact same argument that public schools have an unfair advantage because they provide free tuition to all.

  54. Oops

    #53 – Is that you Mr. Quick? So you would have a problem with a public school giving a kid a Cadillac but you see no problem with trinity giving a kid a scholarship worth between 9 and 10 grand a year? Let me guess, you are probably going to tell us next that quick and hicks are actually on ‘academic’ “scholarship” and they aren’t even at trinity because of their athletic abilities. So, hicks is from shelby county… how many public schools are between his home in shelby county and trinity – about 10 – why did he pick trinity?

    I hope for trinity’s sake, St. X doesn’t joins the arms race and start ship’n them in and putting kids on “scholarship” too, cause St. X has 10 times as much cash to play with over trinity.

  55. really?/james

    #54 no 1st I would have a problem with that because they already have free tuition. Quick would not have been able to play at trinity without the financial aid. And they are absolutely not on academic scholarships, they both qualified for financial aid which Trinity gives out very generously. Sure, there athletic abilities probably played a large part in providing this aid, but, all I am saying is you cannot tell me there is an unfair financial advantage being provided to these athletes when public schools are free to begin with. Oh and St. X does sponsor their athletes.

  56. Uncle Sam

    42 what about when he was pulled over on the gene snyder with drugs and then caught at school with drugs. what rules where implemented then? Hiding behind the computer riches is kinda cheesy.

  57. experience

    i played football for trinity and the starters were from hikes point optimist and fern creek optimist and shelby valley. Trinity people just dont want to admit it but they do recruit and some kids were even from across the river. They had 8th graders from the optimist leagues touring the weight room all the time.

  58. obvious green goggles

    43 its obvious in the game programs when you have under “grade school” you have the name of baptist churches instead of the catholic grade school. St. X does the same thing.

  59. JP7

    It’s not jealousy, just people fed up with the arrogance of Trinity, LexCath, Lex Christian,Scott Co. and others breaking the rules and then looking down their noses at everyone else who basically plays by the rules and puts the best team on the floor they can based on the kids that live in their district. Easiest answer is to let the private schools have their own league and slug it out against each other. Then they can brag about how great they are all they want and smugly display their pious attitudes. As for Hicks and Scott Co., their cheating is well known and the KHSAA has looked the other way for years-what can you do?. Neither school has accomplished anything in my book.

  60. cardkiller

    First, if you have a problem with giving a kid financial aid to attend Trinity or any private institution then ask yourself this, do you have a problem with a public school kid getting free aid from the commonwealth? Every parent that sends their child to a private school still has their tax money spent by the commonwealth to aid children attending public schools. Aid for meals and many other programs at public schools are funded by parents sending their children to “private” schools. Let’s see how you like it if the commonwealth starts refunding the parents that send their kids to private schools by issuing financial vouchers for the cost of attend public schools to those parents so those tax dollars can be applied to the private schools tuition? It will never happen because it would bankrupt the public schools. Don’t bitch about private schools offering financial aid when your public school attending kids get aid as well like the “free” lunch programs.

  61. really?/james

    #60- exactly

  62. Brah

    Its funny bc half of you are prolly grown men and your arguing about HS athletics. Get over it.

  63. suz

    WHO cares, this article has ZERO place on this website. We have a National championship to win, stay focused BBN and KSR

  64. krmcats

    all you haters make me laugh!!
    these are kids & their parents make huge sacrafices to send their kids to a better school.
    grow up!

  65. St. X

    Do you know why there are not any stairs at Trinity? They don’t need them because Fairies can fly.

  66. cats cats cats

    private schools, recuiting, Not in the “Spirit of the game” KHSAA does not “GET IT”.

  67. really?/james

    65-do you know why there are no stairs at St. X? Ya i don’t either but we’ve dominated the sports that people actually care about….you can keep swimming though that’s really impressive