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The ten bazillion dollar question


Dan Shaughnessy usually sucks. In particular when he’s being an A-hole to our fearless leader on Boston sports radio. However, today he’s asked a pretty pertinent question that I’ve been pondering myself for quite some time:

How does Rick Pitino still have a job?

I mean, there is a morality clause in his contract that would seem to have been included just for situations like this. Unless I’m mistaken in thinking that the acts to which he’s admitted in open court could be construed as ‘moral depravity.’ Or maybe this hasn’t brought UofL into public disrepute or scandal or greatly offended the public. I could be wrong.

Shaughnessy seems to be wondering something along the same lines:

Pitino wins games. He’s the most famous person in Louisville. He’s taken the Cardinals to the Final Four and Louisville is getting ready to move into a new arena. College basketball is a very big deal in Kentucky.

And so Pitino survives.

This amazes me. Pitino holds a high position at a major public institution of learning. He makes millions of dollars and controls the lives of talented teenage ballplayers. He succeeds by going to the homes of high school ballplayers and telling parents that their sons will be in good hands in his basketball program.

And Louisville does nothing in the wake of these admissions?

It’s all very confusing, to say the least. Why does Quick Rick get a pass on the most sickening and amoral public scandal I can ever remember a coach going through? How can Pitino convince a parent of a recruit that he can be their moral compass when his own moral compass seems to be located just south of his waistline? How can Louisville tell anyone, with a straight face, that they’re a worthwhile basketball program when they so brazenly turn a blind eye to this kind of behavior?

Please, fine readers of KSR. Explain to me how Rick Pitino is still employed. I’m begging you.

Article written by Hunter Campbell

I used to write here.

40 responses to “The ten bazillion dollar question”

  1. wildcatmatt

    Because Karen Sypher is tooting on Tom Jurich’s horn?

  2. UK Chill Fan

    As long as he wins, he safe. It’s as simple as that.

  3. echo 1

    It is quite simple really – This is Louisville we are talking about. By the standards of their fans and university, this isn’t considered to be morally wrong. I wasn’t shocked at all that he still has a job until the 15 seconds of glory part. Now, that is what stupifies me. He lost some street cred with that admission. Everything else? Nah, Louisville fans can relate to that. No biggie.

  4. Ty

    who do you hire to take Ricks place? right now he has some pretty big names lined up in recruiting, as long as the recruits keep coming and he keeps winning hes safe.

    plus the lack of media attention on this has helped him a great deal.

  5. dcatman5353

    If this were Coach Cal the whole media would be calling for his head–this just reinforces that UL is and always has been a renegade school.

  6. CAnTuckeeBoi

    5.) Like who? What are some big names he has lined up?

    If anything it can be proven that he has lost his big names since all of this happened. (Michael Chandler, Marquis Teague and technically Wayne Blackshear to name a few….)

  7. Calipari'sInYourEar

    Pitino has earned special treatment by U of L by reducing the time he spends having sex to nothing more than 15 seconds.

    That’s more time for the job, don’t you get it?

    This is clearly the case.

  8. Tobias Funke

    “As long as he wins, he safe. It’s as simple as that.”

    BUT HE HASN’T WON! In fact, hes vastly under-achieved by many UL fans’ standards. The funny part is the only reason he has a job and the media hasn’t crucified him is because he won big at UK and still relies on that success to bolster his reputation. Its funny when you think about it. You’re welcome UL fans, you only have Ricky 3 pumps because he won big at your biggest rival over a decade ago….so you’ve got that goin for ya.

  9. Pokey Chapman

    I think UL should just settle the case by naming the new arena after her…. or at least on the portals. Wonder if RP regrets coming back to Kentucky after getting run out of Boston. He felt like he was big enough to get away with it. This is some bad Karma.

  10. SeoulCat

    Pitino will keep his job because he wins games, and that’s all U of L cares about. The parents will keep sending their children to him (and players will still want to play for him) because he has helped many a baller land in the league (although, these days, Cal is making him look rather inept in that department). And, that’s it.

    Should we care about him getting it on with a bimbo in an Italian restaurant after closing time? I don’t. I’m not sure what comes to mind for others when the word “moral” pops in their heads, but as long as the man isn’t hurting anyone(and don’t give me this b.s. about “he’s hurting his wife by betraying her trust”,,cheating isn’t a criminal offense, so get over it), I could care less what he does behind closed doors…or in open booths. The only thing that matters is whether or not he is getting the job done, and, for the most part, he is. End of discussion.

    Now, don’t get me wrong–I AM thoroughly enjoying the public humiliation of Ricky Three Stacks. If he were still at UK, or if I were a U of L fan (and I thank God everyday that I’m not), I just wouldn’t care about Pitino’s dirty laundry..or soiled pants leg.

  11. atomicdawg02

    Dear UL,

    If you decide to let Ricky “3 stacks in 15 seconds go” then I’m available.


    Billy C. Gillespie

  12. Sam Perkins

    If Kragthorpe did this…..enough said.

  13. Calipari'sInYourEar

    How does Rick Pitino still have a job???

    Are you serious? He’s at Louisville.

    This is exactly the guy they want. The town is actually happier now that this has happened because he’s now more like them.

    If Louisville has a vacancy at head coach right now, and this had just happened to Pitino somewhere else, THEY WOULD HIRE HIM with a BONUS.

    How does Dan Shaughnessy have a job for asking such a silly, no research tainted question?!?

  14. CatsAlwayz

    Well – it isn’t just that he still has a job – he also got a contract extension and a pay raise to boot…

  15. enes

    Is this the same Louisville that kicked a cheerleader off the squad for some nude pictures he boy friend posted on the internet?

  16. adaircam4

    UL fans insist that Ricky is the victim in this whole deal….so with that mentality, what else do you expect? Typical of that fanbase. And they think Cal is a scumbag.

  17. sweet wm

    Its called Yumy,Yumy<Yumy….a $238 million bldg in downtown V’ille. Its either keep Quik Rick or let the YMCA play there. So much for Louisville morals or moral clauses. I remember when the school’s reputation came first, I remember Bernard L. (Peck) Hickman. Ask yourself, “what would Peck do”?………

  18. MJ

    Really tired of the “Rick Pitino is the victim” argument. He’s a victim in the sense that if your drug dealer steals your drug money you’re a victim of theft. Puh-lease.

  19. TheNewOriginal

    Why would you link Dan Shaghnessy? After his conversation with Jones and comments about Kentucky? He’s a low life piece of crap. Very suprised Jones lets you link to his site. Rot in hell, Shaghnessy.

  20. TonyDelk00

    I got nothing

  21. itsadonedeal

    The funny thing is a lot of Card fans were pissed at R3S this past season and calling for him to be fired. Then they somehow found their way into the NCAA Tournament and all-of-a-sudden they forget about how bad the team was last year and how bleak this season looks. It’s amazing how the Card fanbase forgets about losing top recruits to UK, overlooks this entire trial, doesn’t acknowledge all the unanswered sketchy questions about the payoffs to KS/TS and totally forget about last year’s failures. It seems UL can only center on the “idea” of Pitino. No matter how bad he is performing/ruining the image of UL, they need their R3S.

  22. blitzedanddazed

    Pitino, Ramsey & Jurich are all scum. Jurich has been enjoying Rick’s hand me downs for years.
    Ramsey is nothing but a pseudo administrator that uses University funds to pay off his lady friends.
    How sad is it that taxpayer money is used to support this piece of trash school that is U of L.

  23. kentuckyjoe

    He’s keeping his job because he should. Whoever would fire him has probably done worse. As has 80% of the population of the U. S. It was an unwise and immoral act but so many are guilty of similar acts. Fergettaboutit and move on.

  24. parkways

    My theory of why Pitino still has a job: the university made a decision a while back (definitely before the event CatsAlwayz @#15 points out) that if Pitino is still a winning coach, they’re not going to fire him over the disclosure of the same facts with which an attempt was made to blackmail him. The principle might be as follows: you don’t punish someone for taking the necessary measures to prevent a felony. My deuce cents.

  25. kyeric

    Parents that have their kid to play at a major D1 school like Louisville with the chance to get drafted are all thinking about future Navigators not compasses.

  26. billT

    80% does that mean with just done it or done it with as ugly a skank as Karen?

  27. bluewhiteandouttasight

    This is the guy who fired Winston Bennett for the same, exact thing. He should resign on principle alone – if he had any principles. Dirtbag.

  28. TrinityPills

    4) How in the world is Pat Forde’s name NOT on that by-line?

  29. Calipari'sInYourEar

    #28 – bluewhiteandouttasight – While an assistant with Pitino with the Boston Celtics, Bennett was fired for violating the team’s contractual agreement with Brandeis University in Waltham, MS–where the Celtics practice–by having a sexual relationship with a female student.

    Sorry bud, not exact same thing. Good try though.

  30. Quicky 3 Smacks

    Just goes to show how immoral the University of Loserville really is. I wouldn’t let my dog enroll at that place.

  31. Calipari'sInYourEar

    #28 – bluewhiteandouttasight – Although what you bring up is interesting in the quotes of Pitino in describing Winston’s ‘well documented and repeated’ sexual misconduct…

    “Winston is a tremendous young man, he just has one terrible weakness,” Pitino said. “We’re trying to help him with that problem, to keep his family together and to turn his life in the right direction.

    “He can do that. And if he does, there is always a chance he can come back as a coach.”

  32. NotTheSlickistRick

    Why would UL fire him? You have to remember that this is just one of a variety of scandals to hit the Community college in the past 6 months.

    1. UL Dean sentenced for stealing $500,000 from UL.
    2. UL business manager arrested for stealing $72,000 from UL
    3. Ticketgate with Stevie StubHub
    4. Former UL IT employee charged with murder.
    5.UL & AD Tommy Turtleneck being sued by former womans Volleyball coach for Sexual Harassment & Sexual Discrimination.
    6. Quicky Ricky escapades.

    Looks like the biggest criminal enterprise in KY continues unabated. No wonder Ual fans love The Pitino syndicate.

  33. theoledog

    I think Rick can see the future and Louisville ain’t in it…. I give him a couple of years, maybe just this one, and he’ll be looking for another gig…. ESPN maybe with Pat Forde….
    UofL has got to move on I would think but a little premature to make the announcement… But I hope he stays, so they don’t bring Denny Crum back:)

  34. NotTheSlickistRick
  35. Quicky 3 Smacks

    Just imagine the jokes that will surface from the name of their new arena, “The YUM Center.” This season is going to be hilarious.

  36. blitzedanddazed

    #30 You have no idea what you are talking about. Your man love with Ricky Three Stacks is sick.
    Get a life you jagoff.

  37. 430 West Vine

    He still has a job because Jurich knows Pitino is the best they can get. Who else would want to go up against Calapari and UK.

  38. WhiskerBiscuit

    Please, please, please, please don’t fire him! I’m having to much fun watching Calipari making him his ” piss boy”……. Ohhhh peeees boy

  39. bcat

    Him winning games isn’t why he hasn’t been fired. The fact he used to win games is. Look how long Crum stayed on after pretty much checking out toward the end. UofL didn’t mind. If you at least get them to the final four I think you have a lifetime job there it seems.

  40. IAM4UK-KSR

    Americans have wondered the same things about every leftist who has held public office…