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The Steelers got Tebowed.

Yes…that just happened.

Article written by Hunter Campbell

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55 responses to “The Steelers got Tebowed.”

  1. Brady Quinn

    I can’t believe that just happened.

  2. ukcat1


  3. Matt Jones

    That was a heck of a finish…and I like Tebow…there I said it

  4. TheTruth

    Tebow sucks but god is he awesome!

  5. God

    Very good son. Well done.

  6. blitzedanddazed

    The headline should read “The Stoolers Just got Tebowed” !

  7. crackerhillbilly

    I respect Tim Tebow 100%. Bet he still respects Taylor Wyndham 110%.

  8. Sarcasm

    That was such a good play by Tebow to run 60 yards after the catch while evading the Steelers secondary. He doesn’t get enough credit.

  9. BigBlueSkyDog

    Roethlesberger was wearing a fedora at his presser. Don’t know if he was trying to be Tom Landry or a mobster.

  10. Gavin S.

    That fedora just calls attention to the fact he has a giant head.

  11. gog8ors

    Got to admire the young man with his dedication to God. Wouldn’t hurt to have more role models like this in all of sports and life in general. Way to go Tebow!

  12. JBR

    Only way this ends good is if Tebow gets hit by a bus. He wouldn’t be so bouncy if he had to live a real life…just sayin’

  13. Lazy Boy

    Tebow throws for 3:16

  14. blitzedanddazed

    Rapistberger is a disgrace to the NFL.

  15. Jimmy Vanderglotten

    Wow, 13, that is an amazing catch on that yardage irony. Makes you wonder about the whole “God loves Tebow” thing. Certainly he is a most humble young man, and I wish they would get off his back. Plus I love any quarterback who isn’t afraid to run and hit.

  16. Tebow 3:16

    Cant wait to hear the excuses from espn tomorrow. Have a great night u Jesus hating liberals!!
    HA HA

    GO CATS!!

  17. Pikeville25

    I never was to into Tebow while at Florida, but when all the doubters came out, and the season that couldnt be scripted better for the Broncos, I admire him and hope they beat the Pats…Tebow looked great tonight. The reASON his receivers got yards after the catch was because he hit them in stride and thats that…Poor Steelers fans. Got Tebowed. CaNT spin it. Willis Mgahee and Champ Bailey almost lost it for him with that fumble and dropped int, not to mention 3 facemask penalities that were not called against Pitt, but the Broncos stood strong…

  18. The Prophet

    And Moses parted the Philistine Pittsburgh defense and Tebow passed through to the Promised Land. Amen

  19. whenwasthatlastplayoffwin

    LOL…this site is hands down the BEST place for UK info….and pretty high on the list of Steeler-envy-bengal-fan sites on the web as well…

  20. crazycatfan


  21. Matthew Hays

    19 is cranky

  22. Bitter on Isle 19

    19…sour much?

  23. Tebow Fan

    I once marched around campus holding a teabag Tebow sign, back when the Cats hosted GameDay. But now I have nothing but respect for the guy. He is an awesome role model. God bless him!

  24. Paducahfan

    What fun to watch players play as hard as they do when Tebow’s playing.

  25. CalifCatFan

    Can’t stand the Broncos; will never like the Gators; but I do admire and like Tebow. GO GOD!!!! GO CATS!!!

  26. KSR1080Fan

    #9 I saw Handsome Jimmy on The SportsBuzz show
    one night with a fedora on- that’s what Ben looked like.

  27. lexslamman

    The only thing I hate more than Tim Teabag is the Steelers. So I am fine with this.

  28. The other Matt

    8) Exactly what I said. Tebow looked good getting open and breaking the defense to get loose….

  29. The other Matt

    That was supposed to be a reference to 8… leave it to word press to screw stuff up

  30. CatsfanNLville

    not into the whole god loves Tebow or tebow is blessed by god bull; but I do admire, respect, and love to see a kid that puts 110% and plays his a$$ off every time he steps on the field…..I’d like to think we have our own Tebow in MKG.


  31. TruBlu

    Can somebody tell me why Wesley Woodyard didn’t play?

  32. ESPN?

    Wow, can’t even get on KSR without hearing about Tebow. I hate the media.

  33. action0021

    The OT of the Broncos/Steelers game was decided faster than a Pitino sex act in Porcini’s…..

  34. Jacob

    I don’t see why people hate on tebow he’s awesome

  35. Jacob


  36. pete

    31. He did…

  37. Ghost of Dolph Lundgren

    Great for him!! Go Tebow!!

  38. Fact Checker

    33, you are correct. It took ten seconds for Tebow to defy the odds, it took Pitino fifteen seconds to defile a perfectly good table.

  39. Bulldawg

    I always have had and will have an admiration for tim tebow. Great role model. He is the type of guy i want my son to be like. It doesn’t matter if he plays sports or not…I would be more proud of my son going to a third world country and helping needy chilren than i would be if he won a NFL play-off game. I hate the florida gators but tebow seems genuine. GO CATS!!!!!!!!!!

    yeah i agree MKG plays with a lot of heart like tebow on the court/field. I honestly don’t know about what MKG does off the court, but it would be hard to beat what tebow has done away from sports – just making the world a better place.

  40. Jarweed

    Screw the Steelers. Pittsburgh smells bad. The whole town smells like Arby’s and ketchup … I just dislike Arby’s, but I hate ketchup. I hate the Steelers and I can’t stress that enough.

  41. Zdad

    People haven’t been this excited about a white Bronco since OJ Simpson was being chased by the cops.

  42. UK64

    The Chiefs have the best defense in the NFL based on their last 3 games.

  43. UK64

    Gave up 33 pts combined to the Packers, Raiders and the Broncos. Amazing

  44. Ap

    Great play, but gosh look at him throw that ball. Got to have the longest release of any qb to ever win a playoff game. Looks like it took everything to throw that ball.

  45. VinylCat83

    Yeah they did….but the Steelers that, Tebow, played tonight are beat up and getting old……so not much of a test…..if he wins next week then I’ll give him credit as a NFL quarterback.

  46. Joe Big Blue

    I was watching this with a steelers fan. The look on their face after they had gotten so pumped after tying it up only for it to be over in 11 seconds was hilarious.

  47. Joe Big Blue


    Haters gonna hate. He could be the only man on the field and beat the packers and still people would hate.

  48. cracka

    the pissburgh stealers are a bunch of no-class cheapshot artists … only ended one person’s season in this game with a low hit … what kind of linebacker/end hits a wide receiver in the knee? the refs always try to help the stealers get a w, took a turnover away from the broncos that led to a pissburgh td … glad their rapist qb and that bunch of crooks are going home

  49. Truth Be Told

    Wow, the idiotic Bengals’ fans and other Steelers’ haters are sure giddy down in their mom’s basement tonight… So the Broncos managed to throw a fluke TD pass and beat a depleted team at home—coincidentally the same “old” team that had just stormed back to tie the game. The Patriots will crush Denver next week. As for the classless Bengals’ fans, who beat you TWICE again this year? You’ve wallowed in losing for so long you would just rather hate on a winning program. Easy. Ignorant. Not a real surprise. You’re a Bengals’ fan. That says it all. Open a window in that basement. You need some fresh air and a brain.

  50. Truth

    This sums up why I don’t like Tebow. Demaryius Thomas had the most remarkable game of anyone and there’s not one mention of him, it’s all Tebow. Someone even said McGahee and Champ Bailey almost lost it for him. Yeah, the guys who carried the team all year while Tebow got all the credit.

  51. Real Truth

    #50…and that’s Tebow’s fault how? Dislike the media for the attention, but it ain’t that kid’s fault.

  52. bigbluedude

    49. uh……the bengals didnt play this game. what the hell do the bengals have to do with the steelers losing to denver? people dont like the steelers because of bandwagon fans, who aren’t from pittsburgh, never been to pittsburgh, could’nt find pittsburgh on a map, but swear they LOVE the steelers…

  53. Nail

    Ouch….that was my head you just hit!

  54. catsmeow9

    I know a quarterback than can fall into a pile of rotting meat and come out smelling like the ‘Old Spice Guy’.

  55. What?

    What does visiting the city of Pittsburgh have to do with being a fan of the team? My dad was a Steelers fan, so I grew up with them. I’m no bandwagon fan you moron.

    This team deserved to lose. They have been trying to hide that secondary for 15 years. With Polamalu getting old, he can’t hide it anymore. Maybe now they will get some CB, and dump that dirtball harrison, whose Roughing the Passer penalty was a killer.