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The Saga of “Lazy Tuesday”

Well it has been a crazy 36 hours here for Kentucky Sports radio and specifically this blog. For those of you that may have missed it, yesterday we found and linked to this video entitled “Lazy Tuesday”, a takeoff of an SNL sketch that really is beyond words. These two guys (one a noted Kentucky Democrat….my party is something else, the other a guy who has killer sunglasses) produced a video that made me perplexed, yet has an entertainment value that I truly cant deny.

So when we posted the video, we thought little of it. Within an hour, the blog was contacted by, a national blog about the video and within eight hours it was all over the internet. While the chorus has stuck in my head over the 30 times I have watched it (“we love Kentucky BAISKAYT ball….”), what has been even more amazing is to watch this video flourish. It is now linked on numerous message boards, websites and across the internet, making Daniel Solzman and his partner minor celebrities.

And what about Daniel….well Daniel who runs this blog that focuses on Democratic politics, the Kentucky Wildcats and “wedge issues” has been a good sport and has posted a number of comments about the whole thing on here. Daniel and Keith Chambers (an individual who wrote the lyrics for the video but apparently didnt perform) have been on here often and have communicated about their feelings on their newfound stardom.

I am happy for these guys as this video is priceless. But I am amazed at the power of the internet. I find this video during my lunch hour and the internet immediately makes these guys known at various spots all over the internet. My next goal is to have Daniel collaborate on the KSR radio theme with Ramel Bradley and put joy in all of our lives again.

Article written by Matt Jones

57 responses to “The Saga of “Lazy Tuesday””

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    Thanks. I’ve gotten one autograph request so far but that was before I made it.

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