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The Round Mound of Touchdown is in the house! (Wednesday Show Thread)


The Round Mound of Touchdown. J-Load. The Pillsbury Throwboy. Has there ever been a Kentucky player with so many nickname possibilities? Jared Lorenzen, the man who kept America guessing in each CBS segment of “Guess the Quarterback” and led your Kentucky Wildcats for four years, is LIVE IN STUDIO with Ryan Lemond this morning for Kentucky Sports Radio.

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July 17: Madisonville……Hudson Toyota Chrysler
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July 19: Owensboro………Don Moore Toyota

July 22: Glasgow………..Glasgow Country Club
July 23: Danville……….Bluegrass Community Bank
July 24: Maysville………Big Rock ATV Park
July 25: Lexington………Lexington Legends
July 26: Louisville……..Safelite Auto Glass

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70 responses to “The Round Mound of Touchdown is in the house! (Wednesday Show Thread)”

  1. DrSayre

    What happends if someone takes Cal’s seat where he can see both courts? Does Cal just sit close and get that seat back when someone gets up?

  2. UK_JB

    I still have the first tidbit in my head from yesterday uncle matt… should I play Night Court to get it out of my head?
    Today is a big day for downtown Lexington… Rupp Arena Upgrades, I wonder who will get the naming rights? Old Folks? Big Ass Fans? Also CenterPointe also gets approved

  3. Boogie Fan

    Maybe Jared can talk about the QB factory up here in Northern Kentucky with him, Patty Ice, and now Drew Barker all coming to UK. Also don’t forget Gino Guidugli who had a nice career at University of Cincinnati and Zeke Pike who was very highly rated and spent last year at Auburn.

  4. Fake_Sue_Wylie

    Can we start football season now? I can’t wait to show off my fur coats.

  5. couldn't help it oops

  6. realme

    4 > 2

  7. UK_JB
  8. inlinefor9

    Anyone wonder if Barker tipping off the fans annoys any of the commits? Obviously it hasn’t affected anything and I don’t care, but if I were a recruit keeping it a secret, it might upset me. But maybe verbal commits in football aren’t like commits in basketball.

  9. Razr raybob

    Ryan Sports Radio- Love it.
    When is Amanda going to co-host? Now that would be good radio. she is a great American!!!

  10. Will

    Isn’t the peach jam in Georgia?

  11. Hambone

    Through a friend that used to play on the football team, I used to hang around J-Lo, Neal Brown, and others on the team back in the day. Neal Brown was seriously the nicest, most down-to-earth dude I knew that was on the football team. He was a responsible guy as well. It’s no surprise to me that he risen this quick in the ranks of college football coaching. Couldn’t have happened to a better guy.

  12. KyWampusCat

    Jared, can you tell a story about arena football? Something crazy had to have happened

  13. DCWildcat

    Hey jared do you remember playing against Clark Co in the 5/3 classic at memorial? I rembemer I had to gaurd you and Derek Smith, both of you all were hard to push off the block..

  14. Jax Teller

    Derek Smith works at Children’s? A quick search of our email list I couldn’t find him. But if J-Lo says it, I’ll believe it.

  15. UK_JB

    Can you ask Jarred if he has any good Cutler stories?

  16. UK dad

    You need to talk about the two of the most heartbreaking games in my UK fandom. The UL Storm Game at PaPa Johns and the Ole Miss game from Jareds first year as a starter. I was at both games. In the Ole Miss game Jared threw like a 90yd TD, to derrick Smith, on the first play but it was called back and it got real bad after that.

  17. They Feet

    Live in studio? I sure hope so. I wouldn’t want him dead in studio.

  18. Jax Teller

    If you’ve never been to Buffett in Cincy, you haven’t lived.

  19. Jax Teller


  20. UK_JB

    There is a nice Jimmy Buffett restaurant Horseshoe® Cincinnati

  21. Ole D-white

    I think most #BBN fans will be happy with 3 wins this football season….Western Kentucky, LOSERville and Tennessee.

  22. Swamp Cat


  23. Delk for 3

    Artose Pinner was a fantastic football player. That guy was awesome.

  24. Razr Raybob

    J Lo excited!!!

  25. UK2K

    Alot of people are sandbagging on wins, my line is 5.5

  26. Kyle

    I enjoy Ryan as a co-host, and I enjoy Jared as a guest … but when Matt isn’t there, KSR is just unlistenable.

  27. realme

    Good idea Ryan, this is fun.

  28. UK dad

    The Toose is loose.

  29. Delk for 3

    26 — You are weird. This show is interesting.

  30. Laker Cat 18

    29. I agree. Good show today. Props to Ryan for putting it together.

  31. WestWorld

    Nice job of starting a fight in the Middle TN game Jared. 😉

  32. KyWampusCat

    JLo, did you try’n wear 22 for Giants? Or did the make you switch?

  33. Bilbo

    Hey 26, don’t listen then…we don’t need your opinion or care what it is

  34. mrgwildcat


  35. LynchMobJr

    lol, YAAAAACKA!!! Love it Ryan

  36. Real UK Fan

    #26 – When Matt is there KSR is also unlistenable which is why I never listen.

  37. realme

    36, that begs the question: Why are you here?

  38. Josh_UK

    Didn’t the Highlands Cannon run out mid season after you guys scored so many touchdowns your senior year Jared?

  39. BoredProfessional

    Question for Jared… What would you say is your favorite KY highlight ever as quarterback.

  40. BBNinClearwaterFL

    Did Jared forget what the PA guys says before every home game “Your Kentucky Wildcats”.

  41. Razr Raybob

    More Ryan and J-Lo less Matt!!!

  42. Ole D-white

    It is MY team. I buy the merchandise, I go to the games, I support UK as much as I can. Why can’t WE take ownership of a school that not only has the majority of a state behind it, but one BIG BLUE NATION behind it?????

  43. Delk for 3

    Man, went to Youtube and watched that guy Jimmy Rose on America’s Got Talent. That dude is a fantastic singer and his song, “Coal Keeps The Lights On”, is a song that has the potential to be a No. 1 hit on the charts. Would be awesome to see him win it and become a star.

  44. Jax Teller

    I’ll always remember the 77 points UK dropped on UTEP during the Lorenzen years. What was it like to play in a game like that?

  45. Jax Teller

    Derek Abney was so much fun to watch. Anytime he got the ball on a kickoff or punt, everyone held their breath.

  46. Delk for 3

    45 — And teams kept kicking to him! It was crazy.

  47. Jake in Pittsburgh

    Ryan Still ask him some of the Abney Questions

  48. Mash Davis

    Hey Ryan, ask Jared why he hates Brent Pease so much.

  49. Rockfield, KY

    I remember that people would always say that Abney could dislocate his hips during a run or turn them to such extremes that most athletes in the world are unable to do it.

  50. Rockfield, KY

    48. he’s mentioned it in previous podcasts

  51. Balls

    And now we know that Abney loves catching Jared’s balls…

  52. Great memories

    J-lo to Derick Abney and all those kick off returns were awesome. The best#12 indeed!

  53. Razr Raybob

    We Want AMANDA!!!

  54. hoptown

    QB for Hoptown Deontey Kenner

  55. Jax Teller

    Does anyone know if Antonio Hall sang? They never covered it on TV.

  56. Laker Cat 18

    I was leaving a football game to rush home on a 45 minute drive trying to catch the end of that Arkansas game in the 4th quarter. I got my first speeding ticket that night. I was so pissed, but I got to see the 7th over time!

  57. RP

    Jared what do you think about guys wearing jerseys out in public with no shirt?

  58. KyWampusCat

    Gonna watch any Conner games in person this season? Or will you be working with Highlands?

  59. Ole D-white

    Jared, did you ever have any interactions with Adam “Pac Man” Jones on/off the field? He and his family went camping with my family over the 4th of July weekend and he was talking some trash to me bout our football program but he did say he loved watching you play and talked about what a beast you were lol.

  60. Razr Raybob

    Shannon the Dude is making me feel OLD!11

  61. Jax Teller

    Aaron Boone?

  62. Razr Raybob

    LOL football players shaving there chest!!!

  63. Jax Teller

    56 – That Arkansas game was insane. I was in the stands for all of the game and all 7 OT’s. I was completely exhausted just from being there. I can only imagine what the players felt like.

  64. Rockfield, KY

    I’m the same age as Shannon, but my first concert was in 1995 when I was 12 yrs old.

  65. RP

    Jared if you had to pick your last meal what would it be. You can mix and match from any place you want. 1 main entree, 3 sides, one desert, and a drink.

  66. Chrs

    I love it, Ryan got uncomfortable when he talked about his chest hair. My wife said the other day she doesn’t want to hear about your sex life Ryan.

  67. Razr Raybob

    Louisville Fan? Good guy? Really Ryan

  68. rabble rabble rabble

    kid rock is the WORST!

  69. JPL

    Story Jared doesn’t know. In October 2001 I deployed to Pakistan on 2 day notice. While there we had problems with our email communication so I had to establish a new email address just for use for official USAF email. At that time I could only come with UKBblue22 in honor of Jared and the team.

  70. Scout714

    Another day without a podcast. I may have to take my business elsewhere.