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The Past and Future of Kentucky Basketball


Well its not exactly Louie Dampier old, but John Wall is headed to the league, so he is officially into the “past” of UK players. Here is Wall, along with Doron Lamb, Stacey Poole and Terrence Jones, hanging out at Tolly Ho last night. All seem happy and somewhere in the background, Demarcus Cousins is surely looking for some cheesy tots. Celebrate the future of UK basketball and the past…just make sure you do so for more than 15 seconds.

Article written by Matt Jones

17 responses to “The Past and Future of Kentucky Basketball”

  1. Basteballer

    “All seem happy…”

    Well, maybe the dorky guy on the left.

  2. GoCats2

    I dont know what it says about me but I might be missing Tolly-Ho burgers more than John Wall, and I love me some John Wall. I guess that tells you how much I love Tolly-Ho burgers.

  3. GoCats2010

    2. wowowow, not before midnite bud, after midnite, it is 100% acceptable to miss the Ho Burgers more than just about anything

    TJ looks intimidating as hell right there, didn’t realize he was that huge

  4. GoCats2

    #3 I figured that was understood. I dont think I ever had one before 1AM. I had a friend that would just order the bun and sauce with no burger(I am talking to you Cory, if you are out there somewhere.)

  5. macon_volfan

    It’s been so long since I’ve eaten there that I guess I would have to be re-considered a “Ho-Virgin.”

  6. macon_volfan

    Rick Pitino, on the other hand….not a “Ho-Virgin.”


  7. Calipari'sInYourEar

    I don’t know why everbody thinks it’s funny that it takes Pitino 15 seconds to lube his thigh.

    Actually, he’s an enhanced and evolved sub-species. As as most humans know, the sexual orgasm is the single most pleasurable experience one can feel. By being only 15 seconds away, Rick Pitino has a distinct advantage over 99% of the population.

    He’s simply closer to skyrockets in flight. During the time it takes you finish laughing, he might have pull the trigger. Who’s laughing now? Eh?

  8. Quicky 3 Smacks

    Is Doron Lamb the guy in the red shirt? Which one is Terrence Jones? Is he the one in the black Kentucky shirt? If so, they are much whiter than I expected.

  9. Calipari'sInYourEar

    Yea, Michael Gilchrist is in the middle, wearing the Livestrong band

  10. tdogg4033011

    where is my baby’s daddy duhville? lol

  11. Ukato80

    Wall is one cool customer.

  12. Quicky 3 Smacks

    11: If you just signed a multi-million dollar shoe deal and signed with the Wizards as the overall 1st pick, you’d be “one cool customer” too.

  13. reedwizard

    totally off topic, but I’m watching the UK/UT football game from 2007 (CBSSports Classic) and Woodson played awful. It’s funny how I remember all of the positive, amazing plays but forget total clunkers like this one. Unbelievable the talent we had on both sides of the ball (defense is full of now NFL players) and UT butt-whopped us all over the field during the 1st half. We make a great comeback towards the end but even knowing the result it’s super frustrating to watch. We look like a JV team out there, and that was our best team in 10 years!! Arg

  14. ChairmanRowe

    I moved out to Denver 6 months ago…oh how I miss cheddar tots and strawberry shakes. I was back home about a month ago and saw the Hugh Jass Burgers going in next door. A friend of mine said they own the building and don’t plan on renewing Tolly Ho’s lease when it expires. Any truth to that story?

  15. duhville cat

    10) Tdogg I don’t care what ur woman told u….. I am not ur baby daddy….. That’s it, get Maury on the phone! Ha!

  16. tdogg4033011

    Beisner said it has nothin to do with my woman, just me and you …lol

  17. duhville cat

    16) huh? What did I miss? Beez wouldn’t say that. LoL.