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The Next Game on the Schedule’s Late Night Notes

If you guys know of a UK – U of L storyline that hasn’t been explored this week, then let me know. We’ve had to withstand the excruciatingly long five days since this match up was decided and now it’s only a few hours away. If there was one point stressed today, it was this: Tomorrow’s game is just the next one on the schedule for these two teams. The rivalry aspect is the one obsessed over by the media and the fans, but to the guys on the team this is just another stepping stone on the way to immortality.

Nothing embodies that more than the article by Jeff Eisenberg about the friendships between players on the opposing teams. In it Eisenberg talks about Doron Lamb’s friendship with Russ Smith, Terrence Jones’ tie to Peyton Siva and Anthony Davis’ bond to Wayne Blackshear. If you don’t check it out, let me note two of the best Doron Lamb quotes I’ve ever seen. Talking about Smith he said, “I didn’t want to play on his team because he didn’t pass the ball. Even when I played against him though, he shot the ball all the time.” He added that Smith had a propensity for pranks saying, “He’d do all these pranks. If you were on a trip and you went to sleep around him, next thing you knew you’d be all wet.” I have no idea what that means and I don’t really want to know. All I care about is that Chane Behanan wakes up ‘all wet’.

That being said, this game is about the state of Kentucky more than anything and the entire state of Kentucky is currently in New Orleans. From unofficial reports on Twitter, I’ve heard that UK and Louisville fans outnumber Kansas and Ohio State fans by about four to one and that UK fans outnumber Louisville fans two to one on Bourbon Street. I’m not good at math, but if those number hold up in the Superdome then UK fans should hold a slight advantage over all other fans combined. Maybe? Doesn’t matter. Our fans are the best and the loudest. It’ll be nice to have an advantage though. I’d wager that none of the OSU or Kansas fans will be cheering too hard for Kentucky over Louisville in the first game.

– What happens when you barely miss out on making the Final Four? Crime. That’s what.

Anthony Davis won another Player of the Year award. This one was presented to him by Oscar Robertson. That’s pretty cool.

The team is ready for this game and the fans have been ready for a long, long time. By the way they were at practice it seems that the shooters are making shots in the dome and everyone is generally loose. Michael Kidd-Gilchrist told media today that he doesn’t get nervous. If MKG says it, then I don’t need a second opinion. We’ll have more for you guys all day tomorrow. Remember to breathe. Six o’clock will be here sooner than you know it.

Article written by Matthew Hays

40 responses to “The Next Game on the Schedule’s Late Night Notes”

  1. Houston Wildcat

    Go cats! 78 – 63 big blue all the way!

  2. Ridge Runner

    There’s been so much said this week, we have enough left over for all of us to take a break next year when we usually do “hate week” before the Loserville game. Hell, I’m exhausted.

  3. Just wondering

    IU game was as big as a game could be.Never mind it wasn’t in the FF because it was one loss and you go home too.Plus they had beaten us so their team had confidence to boot.Still our players were focused and played well.I expect the same today.To the players I don’t think this game has the pressure the IU game did and I think IU has a beater coach then UL does

  4. Richard

    Anyone need a loan? HAHAHA I won bitches!

  5. UKBlue

    I hope Chris Smith & Behanan are shut out as much as they run their mouths !! I hope Kuric & Russ Smith go 0 for 30 !! I hope none of our boys get hurt because UL & Pitino are going to play rough especially when we’re beating them. I hope Pitino gets a case of the runs !! I hope we pound UL into the ground so bad, UL fans are too embarrassed to even open their mouths.

  6. Just wondering

    OSU and Kansas will be a dog fight.They very well could have the winner of that game on fumes for the NC game,Just like the MINN. And UK game did for zona in 1997.I just can’t see our game being that tight #4 I’m glad your happy what did you win.

  7. UK clay


  8. UK clay

    Only 22,079.50 seconds until game time
    Go Cats!!

  9. Dane Brammage

    Kentucky is lucky.
    To be there.
    To play Louisville.
    Fortunate sons.
    To be the ones.
    To play.

  10. ARDEE

    Currently on I-59 S between meridian and Hattiesburg and I can officially confirm that BBN has occupied I-59 S. 3 out of 4 vehicles that aren’t semis are flying UK flags. Gonna be an epic next few days.

  11. Cawood2Cal

    Matt Hays can say the rivalry aspect is out of it for our players, but I don’t think that’s entirely possible. It rubs off from the faithful. And that’s a great thing for a Kentucky player. They will always look back on this game and our fans pulling them through. This bunch thrives when the stakes are high. I can’t sleep knowing another great chapter is only 17 hours away. CATS by 12.

  12. Late Night Ready Recommendation

    The real John Calipari is all about family

    By Dan Wetzel, Yahoo! Sports



    Funny. I live down here in Bama. My dad graduated from UofL but raised me RIGHT, so I “get” what Pitino said about bringing it back to Kentucky on Monday no matter which team it is.

    Lot’s of family on both sides of the river. Excitement!!!! I wish my grandmother was still alive… DAMN she would be giddy. GO CATS DAMMIT!!!!

    Oh yeah, that was Pat Forde, and Greg Anthony just smiled…..

  14. Andy

    I am down here right now and as far as bourbon st. Goes us UK fans were outnumbered. Now I do think that the reason behind this is Louisville fans do not have jobs and thus have been able to mass fans.But I am sure by gametime tomorrow that will all change.

  16. australiacatfan

    hello, nervous as hell in Melbourne, does anyone know some good websites where I can stream this game. the march madness official website does not stream in Australia. I was happy to pay the 4 bucks (3.86 AUD) but it will not work. Any suggestions. My Aussie wife votes Doron Lamb as MOP..GO CATS!!!!!!!!!!!


    I would bet you could get it somewhere like for free…. if that doesn’t work this always works. Just search….

    Oh yeah remember it’s gonna be a

  18. dustin

    It’s 3:15 in the morning and I have never wished time would go so fast. Can’t wait for the game. This one will go down in history. Enjoy everything about this one. Let’s getter done. 8pril is almost here….go CATS!

  19. My Girl Gotta Girlfriend

    The reason Louisville fans out number the cats down in NOLA is because most UK fans were just there couple weeks ago and went to Atlanta too….Majority of UL fans didnt travel out west…who would be able to unless had enough spare change. Driving down 12hours is not that big of a deal so this is the First UL tournament game fans will get to see.

  20. 430 West Vine

    Let’s do this………

  21. cobra67

    Go Big Blue.Lets do this!!!!!!!!!

  22. DavisBrow

    Good morning BBN. Rise and shine and lets take this thing all the way to 8pril.

  23. fred

    Game day baby! Let’s go CATS!!!

  24. Axe Cop

    19. Who’s saying card fans outnumber UK fans?

  25. UK's Freshmen

    ‘We have more fans than you do!! Nah, nah,nah, na-a-na….’. How freakin’ childish.

  26. Sammydog

    It doesn’t matter how many UK fans are there because all the other teams will join UL fans in rooting against the Cats. The underdog always captures the other fans. Crowd will be against us.

  27. Traveling Cats Fan

    Outnumbered on bourbon street?!

    We are on our way and brining backup. Couldn’t leave until after work last night.
    Cards fans don’t have jobs so they could leave anytime really!


  28. Eric K

    Damn is it game time yet, been a long week! BBN show your PRIDE!! GO CATS!! Oh yeah CATS by 12!! GO CATS!!

  29. Al's IndiCats

    Other than one hiccup these CATS play unbelievable when the crowd has us out numbered. If anything these guys will flourish. Besides they’ll only be rooting for Loserville a short while because UK will build a substantial lead by the middle of the first half, and Kan-ass and Blow-hio will be getting their fill of Buffalo wing flavored Wheat Thins at the concession stands

  30. Sammydog

    Yes, I don’t think it matters that with the exception of Kentucky fans the arena will be against us. It could be to our advantage.

  31. Eric K

    KENTUCKY state law say’s that it’s illegal to hunt, capture, or kill a cardinal. It doesn’t say anything about KICKING it’s ASS!! Come on game time!! GO CATS!!

  32. Rixter719

    9:35 am, maybe the biggest game in UK history, and we’re still reading last night’s threads?

    How about a game day thread, guys??

  33. Eric K

    #32 you beat me to it!! THANKS!!

  34. Matt Jones

    If we somehow lose, my radio show and blog are history.

  35. markp

    34 No problems!

  36. Ridge Runner

    There are what…perhaps 20+ KSR writers counting the college kids? I don’t know but my point is this is the biggest day many would say in our history, –and no blog entry yet? I yi yi.

  37. chris gettelfinger is not walking through that door

    I take one exception to this. Matthew says “The rivalry aspect is the one obsessed over by the media and the fans, but to the guys on the team this is just another stepping stone on the way to immortality.”

    Really? Then how do you square that with the smack-talk that the Card players have been running? I believe that statement applies to UK to a large degree, but to UL, not so much.

  38. Martha

    #32 I know right? It’s now 10am no new posts.

  39. chris gettelfinger is not walking through that door

    Rolltide, those links are great!

    I still cannot VEHEMENTLY disagree with Cal more in the one article when he says if we win it all but don’t get anyone drafted that the season is a failure, but I know he’s trying to do both, so GO CATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. mgcat

    Late Night Ready Recommendation – great article … would have loved to have been around that table with Cal. I notice that Cal doesn’t seem to be a drinker, always has a soda. Wonder what that says about Pitino’s statement about them “having a beer together?”