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The New Uniforms Are Here!

They’re a tribute to horse racing and Secretariat’s silks. And they are 30% lighter! And they have Nike Pro Combat Technology! And Zone Venting Systems! And padding to help stability and impact!

Boom! Technology!

new uniforms4

new uniforms3

new uniforms2

new helmets

new helmets

Article written by Thomas Beisner

91 responses to “The New Uniforms Are Here!”

  1. bigbluemist

    SWEET! Love the stripe on the helmet too.

  2. dank

    1st. niceeeeeeeeeeeee

  3. Bookie

    Its ight, wish we had sum black unis tho

  4. Ryan


  5. Ryan


  6. Cris Hansen

    Go ahead, have a seat.

  7. Help Desk

    where is the turbo button?

  8. John

    White helmets are nicee

  9. fan

    Other than the checkered sleeves and white helmet, don’t they look pretty similar to the former uniforms?

  10. RidgeRunner

    With the build up….the balloon just deflated.

  11. Tom Handy

    Where’s the “New Nike Technology” ?

  12. Tobias Funke


  13. Nutwrap


  14. BlackStrapMolasses

    What’s with the checkerboard?

  15. NJ

    I like them. I think bringing back the white helmets was a good choice too.

  16. BellCountyFootballFan


  17. WelcomeToTheCaliparti

    Helmet looks cool with that stripe. Now we will finally be able to go undefeated. The uniforms have been holding the team back for years.

  18. go blue

    SWEET!! maybe the new uniforms will help us win 5 instead of 4 this year

  19. Mike Archer

    How’s this effect the 3rd down defense and general tackling abilities of the team?

  20. iWantToGrowUpToBeTheDrewFranklin

    Need a black alternate

  21. Deputy323

    the uniforms suck A$$!!! Can someone at UK please tell Nike to get away from the horse/checker board themed uniforms and add some black uni’s

  22. ukato80

    At least they spelled Kentucky right!

  23. BillDozer

    I like them…helmets would look better with 2 stripes though

  24. Keith

    Stylin’ and profilin’

  25. cats


  26. Jason

    They do have a black alternate that we will use this year. They’re just not showing it there. It’s going to be brought out for one game this year. No team has ever unveiled its black ones in a ceremony like this, why would they? It’s a one time thing.

    Other than the secretariat, they’re basically the exact same. White helmet is cool, but my gosh it’s pointless without the Power K on it.

  27. SweetTeaMob til I DIE

    Like the white helmets and the checkered shoulders. Not much of a change though. I was sorta hoping for blue socks and blue cleats like Boise St. broke out against VA Tech. Now those unis were slick!!!

  28. UKfanNKY

    I like them…..nice. As for the black uniforms, yeah they may look ok but HOT as hell to wear. GO CATS!!!

  29. SameOld

    They look the same except the shoulder pads and the stripe on the helmet. Was hoping for some more changes and better jerseys. Oh well

  30. LeaveItToJoker

    @BellCountyFootballFan- you are terrrible

    as for the unis, nice nice, lets take some hype to the field now.

  31. stevem

    White helmets nice. White jerseys suck.

  32. Claud Bawls

    Is that all?

  33. chris

    what do the pants look like??????… im sooooooooooooooooo happy we brought back the white helmet absolutely love the new unis!!!!.. Go Cats!!

  34. j-murph


    The Blues are nearly the same as the last four years.

    The white uniforms are…different.

    Neither will pop off the screen.

    I guess Nike saves all their creativity for Oregon. Oh well.

  35. jaxcats8503

    Nike’s newest technology is…..checkers?

  36. FatCat

    Nothing special. UK football had a chance to make a splash with something different and, as usual, went the safe route. Recruits don’t care about technology. They care about uniforms that look cool. These do not.

  37. BoogiemanCrush

    I’ve been waiting for the White Helmet to come back!!!!

  38. lpool003

    This is quite the disappointment. It seems like all they did was change the pattern on the sleeves and add a white helmet. I was expecting better… This will not serve its purpose for recruiting

  39. John

    they save the good uni’s for bball which is b.s. but at least these got a little cooler

  40. j-murph

    @36 – I thought they cared about making it to the next level?

  41. Nathan

    it’s not the denim it’s what you put in’em but still pretty cool

  42. BigNick

    I’m sick of all the horse racing crap on our uniforms.

  43. Deputy323

    I guess if we are getting our butts kicked, they can take off there jersey’s, grab some red & black chips and play checkers to pass the time

  44. flacat22

    Im not running out and buying one, looks too much like the one I bought three years ago. Yawn.

  45. Neil

    Now if we can play as good as the uniforms look we will be in business!

  46. PikevilleBlueCat

    Of course, buncha haters on here, what else is new? From a distance, the new white unis look almost like throwback jerseys, which I think is cool. The new white helmets also are a welcome change. Checkerboard type design up close is okay. Overall, nice change, not earth-shattering, but a change and a welcome one at that. As for the poster who said Nike saves all their creativity for Oregon…well duh. Phil Knight ain’t allowing anyone to show up his alma mater. I get the chills seeing those black and green and yellow unis…fever chills, as in “I’m gonna puke” chills. Looking forward to the black unis, but honestly I would be happy with a ‘Bama look, nice and traditional.

  47. FatCat

    40 – Obviously they care about making it to the next level. But it’s not like we have the heritage of an Alabama or Florida when it comes to producing NFL players. We need every advantage we can get to attract recruits. And if the difference between a kid going to UK or another school is the fact that we have unique awesome uniforms, I am for that. When you have tradition, you sell that. When you don’t, you have to be creative. There is no creativity in the UK football program right now.

  48. go blue

    Sorry to be that guy, but at least i have the balls to do it. Woohoo i cant wait for the music city bowl or the birmingham bowl. Mediocrity at its best. 4 or 5 games at the most. This happens every year people. we get pumped for football and we win a gimme game in the beginning and everyone is like oh man we are so much better this year and then boom same ole same ole. i was one of those people every year but NOT this year. We will not beat tennessee this year either so don’t start to get excited about that. Bring on Basketball Season!!!!

  49. Every Day Listener

    Once again duped by UK football. Led to believe they would actually be doing something new and cool and we end up with the same old crap. How many times can you get your hopes up and be let down? Einstein said the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

  50. Every Day Listener

    46– The last line of your post is the attitude that holds UK back from ever being more than mediocre.

  51. Yeah_Buddy

    White uni’s = A+
    Blue uni’s = F+

  52. coyotevomit

    They look like they will look stylish in other team’s Heisman highlights

  53. manu1433

    47) no recruit is gonna choose a school based on a uniform

  54. Neil

    I am glad they didn’t go over the top with the design like Boise St and Va. Tech….I thought their uniforms were awful.

  55. go blue

    52 hahaha you said it best

  56. Mark J. Burke


  57. no black unifroms

    52) LMFAO!!!! you aint lyin haha!!!

  58. Every Day Listener

    53– Not the uniform alone, but when you add up all these things (uniforms, locker rooms, recruiting rooms, pregame music, etc) that we do poorly it does matter. What’s wrong with having “cool” unis? AND I think what most people forget that whether or not YOU like them is irrelevant. The opinions of the kids who wear them are what matters.

  59. joker smoker

    will hartline get one to run out of the court house again

  60. chris gettelfinger is not walking through that door

    Checkerboard = stinks with white unis…not great with the blue, but not as bad.
    White helmets = COOL, but 26 is right: BRING BACK THE K!!!
    Overall = Meh

  61. tdogg4033011

    pretty cool ….. daddy likey !!!!!

  62. Jones Returns

    I expected more from Nike…really don’t look that different. Wish would would have gotten some comprable to Oregon’s, TCU’s, or the one’s WVU wore in their bowl game last year…

  63. budfudlacker

    It’s Kentucky, so it won’t matter what the uniforms look like.

  64. chris gettelfinger is not walking through that door

    1 qualifier to my previous comment: if the recruits like ’em, then that’s what it’s all about these days.

    BTW, the best football unis ever were in the Claiborne years with the stripes and a Cats paw on the lower sleeve. Yeah, showin’ my age.

  65. Jones Returns

    Chalk it up to another let down/disappointment involving the football team

  66. bcat

    I like them, I’m glad that they are not radically different like some of the other Pro Combat uniforms from last year. It seems that the point of these uniforms is to try to tie the uniform in with the school’s location, and what better way to do that than with horse racing. It may be played out since we’ve already seen it on the basketball uniforms, but the only other option was to put basketballs on there and that wouldn’t have been good. The white uniform is the best IMO, if it would have had a power K on the helmet it may have been the best uniform ever.

  67. PikevilleBlueCat

    #50.. No the last line of my post refers to a look on the field. Classic and stylish. Has not a darn thing to do with on the field performance, which is looking up with the talent they are landing compared to the Curry and Crumme years. It’s been a gradual move back up overall, people just don’t have the patience to give Joker and staff time. Want a winner like the basketball team? Then care enough to devote the same energy into bitching and moaning about how people dis the football team that y’all do everytime someone seems to slight the basketball team. Everytime a recruit or their family Googles around about the fan base here at UK for football, they gotta read morons like 43, 48 and 52 here.

  68. Hartline

    You all realize that we will never wear black. Rich Brooks and Joker have both said it won’t happen.

  69. bcat

    Say what you want about black, and I know it’s not one of our colors. But something like this with us wearing blue helmets, black jersey, and white pants, would look pretty cool

  70. bcat
  71. kentuckycat

    Gaaaawwwd Awful! I’m down here in Bama and they (UA and AU)manage to keep a traditional, good looking uniform without this stupid hype. I kind of liked the Bill Curry Era unis. Mo Williams breaking downfield in the blue jersey, solid white pants and black shoes. Have grown to like the current UK emblem but I really did like the “POWER K” and would be quite pleased if they were to bring it back. In the end I couldn’t care less what the uniforms looked like if we fielded a great team. Hopefully, UK’s duds will be of very little concern to me. GO CATS!

  72. Every Day Listener

    67– You miss my point. I’m simply saying that we don’t have the luxury of being able to pull off the “classic” look. We need to differentiate ourselves in order to stand out because our football history doesn’t do that for us like Bama, and little things like unis that are attractive to high school kids are what we should be shooting for.

  73. Deeze

    They gettin black ones too….With black socks…..SICK

  74. FatCat

    58 is exactly right. It’s not just about the uniforms but that is certainly part of it. When a school is trying to break through to the next level, you need every advantage you can get. And as inconsequential as these things seem to the fans, they definitely matter to the players. If it is in UK’s control to do something the recruits would like, why not do it?

  75. Iwearmybluesunglassesatnight

    Blue pants, white tops, blue helmets, or go with Black pants, Black shirts, blue numbers and Blue helmets.

  76. Shawn

    So basically they stole the idea from the old mens basketball unis and made It worse? Those uniforms are ugly as fuc%. I always wish the best for UK Football to get on Its feet but you wouldnt catch me dead In those things. Thank God Im a Notre Dame Football first fan when It comes to football. I know Notre Dames unis are pretty plain but atleast they arent butt ugly. EPIC FAIL

  77. Shawn

    These uniforms suck so bad not even the players who will wear them are excited. UK and Nike really screwed the pooch on this one. Ugliest uniforms In college football. I dare someone to name one school with an uglier looking uniform now.

  78. Arupprunt

    Wow the season is ruined because a bunch of college and high school kids on a website hate our new uniforms lol. Congress should pass a law that prohibits anyone under 30 to post messages online. So let me get this right we need black unis more rap music during the games and we could have TUCKY across the chest and everyone would be happy right? Will that make us 12-0?

  79. Mike Witt

    I don’t like them because the checkboard reminds me of that orange puke that I can not absolutely stand.

  80. TexasCatFan54

    77. Oregon? VA Tech’s Pro Combat from last year? Boise State’s Pro Combat from that same game?

  81. jake the snake

    I like it! How’s that for a cutsie little comment?

  82. Beetle bum

    The good news? Wilfred on FX tonight!!! Funny and poopy and smartly written!!

  83. baker

    i think that instead of the checkers they should have put 4 claw marks on the top of the shoulders, the number on the side of the shoulders. also a wildcat design on the back different than the basketball teams…. and keep the pants the same besides the checkers, just royal blue in their place

  84. baker

    kentucky blue, my bad

  85. PikevilleBlueCat

    Quote from Brian Adams after the press conference:

    “As a tribute to Secretariat’s silks, a checkered pattern dons the area near the shoulder pads and along the side of the pants. Nike has also brought back UK’s white helmets for the first time since the 2002 season, a push that wide receiver Brian Adams, the other model at Thursday’s presentation, said he and Randall Cobb pushed for.”

    Good enough for Cobb on the white helmets? Good enough for me. Hasn’t been a cooler Cat in several years.

  86. SanAntonioCat

    Uniforms are OK, but not outstanding unless Nike is holding out a special uniform for a future game. To me, the uniforms are conservative like Joker. Everything is middle of the road. Recruiting, season results, post season toilet bowls etc. Same Ole, same ole.

    Yes, we are better than those many years of Bill Curry and Hal Mumme. But, that’s not saying much. When you lose to Ole Miss, MSU and UT as we did last year with an average team that had its moments, it doesn’t bode well for the future. On the other hand, we can see it all unfold in glorious HD and Digital sound.

    While I praise Mitch for all he’s done and the support he’s given football, the Blue Nation wants to see real progress. The question remains. Will UK take the necessary steps boost wins on the field?

  87. Chad

    Some people will NEVER be happy but you don’t understand the technology that goes into these uniforms. It isn’t just the aesthetics of the them. The colors, the patterns, the numbers, and the general look are going to be similar other than the addition of the checkerboard which I think is cool. The real devil is in the details of the uniforms. The seams, the material, and the little things mean a lot when it comes to uniforms. The seams are completely different and that can change a lot when it comes to support in certain areas that takes weight off certain areas and makes the player feel like they have less weight on them which could make them quicker. The material of the jerseys means a lot as well because the newer material has technology that wicks sweat away from the body and keeps the player cooler not to mention it is also lighter. The V-Neck in the jersey helps to allow air into the shoulder pads which also keep the player cooler. The design around the V-Neck is meant to keep the jersey low and tight around the top of the shoulder pads also to allow air in to the shoulder pads to keep the players cool.

    Bottom line, it isn’t just a change in the look of the jersey that is important it is how it can aid the players.

  88. UKfanNKY

    Frickin get over it you bunch of whinny a$$e$ and SUPPORT THE BIG BLUE!!!!!! The frickin basketball team could wear thongs and you whinners would love them cause the win!! SUPPORT “YOUR” TEAM or keep your chops closed!!! GO CATS!!!!

  89. golfcat22

    glad to see white helmet back, and like the stripe. 1 question…. With all of Nike’s “technology”, why can’t they match the blue jerseys with the blue helmet? Jerseys look purple compared to the helmet. BRING BACK THE POWER K!


    Ahh another gimmick. Nike is trying to turn every school into Oregon. C’mon Kentucky, you dont want black uni’s. Tradition is more powerful than the color of your uniform.

  91. MadCatter

    THIS IS CRAP! Why do college football programs let Nike do this to them?