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The LIVE BLOG is coming

We’re about an hour from tip-off, which means we’re also forty five minutes away from tonight’s LIVE BLOG! Matt and Drew are courtside at the Yum Center, hopefully full of secrets from the Iowa State bench. Use this thread for predictions and proclamations.

Article written by Mrs. Tyler Thompson

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31 responses to “The LIVE BLOG is coming”

  1. UofL FanAtic

    I think Ms Tyler Thompson’s overbite will play a key factor in today’s game! It will definately be a distraction.

  2. Ridge Runner

    I know it’s cool to be green today. But umm….nah, it ain’t working for me. Hey Ms T, can ya trim a blue logo in green? LOL

  3. Ridge Runner

    Ms T… sorry ya got to see that childish trolling crap. Your one of us and they insult you, they insult BBN.

  4. UofL FanAtic

    Ridge runner, I’m not a troll I’m from Evarts like you are man! We are kin!

  5. BigBlueWilly

    Cool graphic, Erin go Cats!

  6. gcat4496

    I know it is still early in the game, but why did I let Vandy sucker me into picking them to go to the Final 4. Vandy is always Vandy when it comes to the NCAA.

  7. UofL FanAtic

    I had vandy in the final 4 too, then losing to Nc. Vandy has the talent to fly by everyone in their bracket. They just need to stop choking.

  8. barn

    is there anyplace to buy a t-shirt with that logo on it?

  9. UofL FanAtic

    I’m loving me some Murry State right now too! These guys are legit!

  10. bigblue

    Cbs and TnT analysts as of 6 40 pm.reporting Royce White is on crutches possible injury going through early walk through this moring game time decsion. great news BBn sad for the kid.

  11. UofL FanAtic

    I hope he’s healthy. I like to watch both teams bring their best to play.

  12. GoCats2

    #10 a little early for April Fools?

  13. Rickat

    Jamie Luckie on today’s crew. ISU to shoot technical fouls before tip-off.

  14. UofL FanAtic

    Everyone turn on the Murray state game! They are on fire and Bbb are there in multitudes to show support for their fellow kentuckians! Gives me chills! How awesome!

  15. Disappointed

    Coverage of the tourney by this site has really sucked.

  16. Rixter

    I predict the officials will call a charge on no less than 5 blocks tonight

  17. bigblue

    #12 MJ just said on radio it’s true.

  18. Jimmy

    Hope everyone is watching Murray State! What a game!

  19. Ridge Runner

    Murray has picked up the vibe of a packed Yum Center. Awesome BBN!

  20. Scott

    15. CBS, TNT, TBS, TRU TV, ESPN,,, are all covering it. Not to mention a zillion other cites, if you need something to complain about save it for tomorrow!

  21. Scott

    12 & 17 Are you two serious….This ain’t for funzies!!!

  22. Susan

    They’re just messing with people.

  23. blueclue

    Tyler, check the UP address of the ninny. Drew had one posting inder different names yesterday, same address. Needs to be called out and axed.

  24. UKGrad04

    21. Dude, Royce White is fine. Twitter would be blowing up about it if it’s true. And, frankly, I’m glad he’s fine. They deserve to play us with their best player.

  25. Scott

    24 Yeah I know

  26. bigblue

    Matt told me to do it to see who bites and as expected got a couple Matts twitter got blowed up

  27. BigBlueSkyDog

    My guess is that UofL FanAttic is probably dealing with some serious anatomical deficiencies of his own which I care not to discuss. The fact that he attacks TT without divulging his identity divulges his testicular quantity, or lack thereof.

  28. well done

    DirecTV out in louisville….

  29. Doylerules27

    Bat Cats win again, clinch series with 4-3 victory. Sweet!

  30. UofL FanAtic

    Why so many haters tonight?

  31. barn

    hate is good