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The Kentucky Infomercial’s Friday News and Views


“Somebody told me that they are going to start calling it the blue room instead of the green room.” – John Calipari

From the opening video montage, the night of the NBA draft, once again, belonged to Kentucky. Sure, other guys were drafted. North Carolina even had more than a handful of guys drafted as well. But for the first 30 minutes of the draft, John Calipari got a free Kentucky informercial. The coverage started with a clip of all 6 of Kentucky’s guys dancing, posing and joking around. And then ESPN cut to shots of Calipari chatting with Anthony Davis and Michael Kidd-Gilchrist in the green room pre-draft. Calipari was shown giving advice to both of the guys, “Your name gets called. You hug Mom. You hug Dad and you hug me.” Kentucky, Kentucky, Kentucky and the draft hadn’t even officially started yet.

And then history was made. For the second time in 4 years, Calipari and Kentucky re-wrote the NBA Draft history books. In 2010 Kentucky broke the record for the most 1st round picks for one school with five. This evening, another record fell. Kentucky became the first school to have both the #1 and #2 draft pick in the same year. Kentucky also became the first school in the two round era to have six players drafted in one year. That also makes three #1 picks in the last 5 years for Calipari.

The fact was not lost on Calipari, who said: “I don’t know what else we can do for recruiting.” He said the only question now will be, “How did you beat us for a kid? I just told you 3 years ago, let’s make this the gold standard. Let’s make this where every kid in America is growing up saying ‘I want to play at Kentucky.'”

Someone please remind me, how does anyone not choose to play for Kentucky?


– And now for a rundown of Kentucky’s 2012 NBA Draft Class and where they all landed:

 #1  Anthony Davis, New Orleans Hornets

Although the news became official tonight, Anthony Davis walked into this evening knowing exactly where he would hear his name called. The biggest worry Davis had this evening was which wrist to wear his boulder of a watch on. Davis immediately becomes the unibrow (did that just cost me $25?) face of the franchise and the guy the Hornets will look to build around. And they started this evening with the #10 pick in the draft, adding Austin Rivers to the roster. We’ll try not to hold it against him that he’s a former Duke Blue Devil. He didn’t look that thrilled with that fact in March either. Just pass the rock, Austin, and you’ll do just fine next year. Ask Marquis Teague.

**This just in, another addition to the Anthony Davis show in New Orleans will be former teammate Darius Miller. More on that later…but Lexington just had a collective Hornets orgasm.

Davis: “I just wanna come in and do the best I can… be a team leader.” Anthony Davis’ parents were grinning ear to ear as they were interviewed following the pick. Davis’ Dad talked about reminding Anthony to “stay humble.”

 #2  Michael Kidd-Gilchrist, Charlotte Bobcats

In a pick that seemed more improbable throughout the week, Michael Jordan selected Michael Kidd-Gilchrist with the #2 pick in the NBA Draft. Michael Kidd-Gilchrist looked absolutely shocked, a moment of pure jubilation and joy. News had begun to circulate that the Bobcats were going to take just about everyone but Kidd-Gilchrist, even though most analysts admitted that he was the second best prospect and a nearly impossible guy to pass on. Bobcats head coach Mike Dunlap stated in an interview following the draft that Kidd-Gilchrist was the pick the whole time, even with the other rumors floating around. He seemed excited about MKG and spoke to his character as well as his defensive prowess and ability to finish in transition. According to Dunlap, he “fits the puzzle.”  With the selection, Kentucky made a bit of history as the only school to ever have the #1 and #2 pick in the draft. The eruption from Kidd-Gilchrist’s large contingent of family members and friends, who made the short trip to join him, was one of the more touching moments of the whole draft. Kidd-Gilchrist spoke briefly about the challenge ahead of him with a bottom-dweller franchise: “I led this year. It’s going to be a challenge at first, but I’m ready to lead the team.”

Calipari feels like Kidd-Gilchrist can be a leader for the Bobcats as well: “He’ll figure it out, and he’ll drag them further than they should go. When you get used to losing, you accept it. He’ll never get used to it.”

  #18  Terrence Jones, Houston Rockets

It took a little while, but Terrence Jones finally heard his name called by the Houston Rockets with the 18th pick. At least for the moment, Jones will join fellow former Wildcat Patrick Patterson. The Rockets had an interesting draft lot, opting for two forwards with their second and third selections of the first round, also selecting Royce White. It was hard to watch the picks continue to roll by before Jones, a player who chose to come back for a second year in what was a highly debated decision, was finally picked up by the Rockets. The good news for the Rockets is that they probably picked up a lottery-talent deeper in the draft. Hopefully Jones can start his NBA career with a bit of a chip on his shoulder, using this as motivation to prove some of those teams wrong who passed up on him for the John Henson’s (could not bench press Anthony Davis’ watch) of the world.


  #29   Marquis Teague, Chicago Bulls

For a moment there, Marquis Teague’s first round draft status looked a little shaky. With only 2 picks remaining in the first round, the Bulls selected Teague, salvaging the stretch of first round point guards to play for Calipari since 2007. The Bulls are likely looking for a little insurance with Derrick Rose coming back from an ACL injury last season. Teague will have an opportunity to play early on, and assuming Rose makes a full recovery, perhaps fill an Eric Bledsoe-like back-up role. Teague made the 4th first round draft pick for Kentucky, tying North Carolina on ESPN’s scoreboard (lame).

Cue the banter about whether or not Teague should have stayed another year in college. The fact of the matter is, Teague has made it clear in multiple statements that he was not tempted to stay. He has no regrets about his decision, and I doubt a late first round selection changed his feelings either.


  # 42  Doron Lamb, Milwaukee Bucks

Everything about this pick smells of a “steal.” Although Lamb’s draft stock took a big dip between the end of the season until tonight, his shooting ability was considered to be a coveted asset in this draft. For the Bucks to get a knock-down shooter this late in the draft, who at times was considered a 1st round talent, again– feels like a bit of a steal. The Bucks GM seems to feel the same: “We are going to keep Doron Lamb. A lot of people had him rated in the first round. We’re really excited.”

  #46  Darius Miller, New Orleans Hornets

Darius Miller may have had to wait a while, but something tells me the result was worth the wait. Darius Miller will join forces with former teammate Anthony Davis in the familiar city of New Orleans. I think it’s safe to say that the New Orleans Hornets just became the adopted NBA team of Big Blue Nation. Miller completes an incredible 4-year college career, which included a Final Four and a national championship, by reaching his dream of making the NBA. Storybook ending for Miller.


– Calipari joked in a post-draft interview that this year has been so good he “might just retire. I’ll say this: if the Dominican team makes the Olympics, I’m done.” Hahahahahahaha. Funny Cal. Hahahaha. But seriously, don’t joke about that.

– John Calipari also took time to comment on the future intimidating big-man tandem involving one of his former players, Demarcus Cousins, joining up with Kansas’ Thomas Robinson. Calipari joked, “I wouldn’t want to be on that other team. You better bring arm pads and chest pads.”

– The SEC had 8 first round draft selection. Some will say that should quiet the naysayers about the strength of the league. Agreed–to an extent. But more importantly, how does Kevin Stallings flame out of the tournament AGAIN with two first rounders? And the first pick of the 2nd round? Keep focusing your complaints on the unfair scheduling, Kev.

– Andre Drummond shoots 29% from the free throw line. LOL. Wait, wait. I’ve got an even better joke. The Indiana Pacers selected Miles Plumlee instead of Perry Jones III. What a Pacers move.

– On a more serious note, this is the front page of right now…

– Congratulations to Anthony Davis for news that on any other day, may have been the highlight of his day. Davis was the recipient of yet another major award: SEC Male Athlete of the Year. Davis is the first University of Kentucky athlete to win the award since Tim Couch in 1998.

– With all of the draft news swirling around, Coach Calipari’s practice notes were almost an afterthought. Calipari provided a few intriguing nuggets about the guys who we are about to turn all of our focus to for the rest of the summer. At this point it’s almost becoming a broken record, but Calipari speaks very, very highly about Willie Cauley-Stein. I can’t remember Calipari seeming as genuinely surprised and excited about a particular player before the season as he is about Cauley-Stein. He gushed about his length (not to be confused with height…there is a difference, folks), his ability to continue the lob-city offensive scheme of last season and his speed. Considering that Cauley-Stein was a standout wide receiver for his high school football team, perhaps all of these things should be expected– but I don’t think anyone could have predicted him to be the talk of the town this summer. Calipari was also very complimentary when speaking about the returning guys, commending them for practicing like veteran leaders. He also noted Wiltjer’s improved footwork and speed, which should be music to everyone’s ears. Calipari also said he believes Julius Mays, a newcomer to the workouts this week, will be Kentucky’s best spot-up shooter.

– And in case you were still unsure, Alex Poythress is a man-child, and Calipari agreed in so many words. Archie Goodwin likes having him around too. He sent out a very bromantic tweet earlier today…


“We seem to be setting standards every time I turn around.” – John Calipari.

– Oh, and I want to play for Kentucky.

(From Coach Cal’s Twitter)


Goodnight…same time next year?


Article written by Ally Tucker

I once successfully requested "The Wobble" to be played 6 times at one wedding.

45 responses to “The Kentucky Infomercial’s Friday News and Views”

  1. Booyah!

    Uhh yeah!!! How sweet it is to be a wildcat fan!!! Let’s do this again next year!!

  2. Jake_GOCATS

    Oh, and Kentucky also set a record for the most NBA draft picks in a three-year span (5 in 2010, 4 in 2011, and 6 in 2012 = 15). WE ARE THE NEEDLE! #KentuckyEffect

  3. Cking9698

    Unbelievable night!!! Good luck guys!!!! GO CATS!!

    One Caveat:
    I really hope Cal is not building up Cauley-stein in case Noel doesn’t qualify.
    I can’t believe we are not hearing more about this.

  4. Mr Skylar Diggins

    We’ve come a long way, baby…and we’re going to keep on truckin–MACK truckin’

  5. Oldkentucky

    Kentucky got 10% of the draft.

  6. Mr Skylar Diggins

    Doron Lamb was a huge get for the City that Miller Built. Just another day at the morgue for UK’s mortician…filling up buckets and body bags

  7. Mr Skylar Diggins

    BLUE DAT!!!!!!

  8. luckyinKy

    I love that New Orleans got Darius. It will be good for the Uniblocker to have a friend in the locker room.

  9. UK Freshmen

    You can forget about either Lamb or Miller making a team….especially Miller. Just saying’.

  10. The Rock

    9- Did the part when the Bucks’ GM said he definitely plans on keeping Doron Lamb not get through to you?

  11. BPsycho

    #3 Noel will qualify. Not qualifying doesn’t exist. One does not simply, hear more.

    #9 You don’t know **** so shut it freshmen…


  12. Dale Jr.

    Where are you getting that those practice notes are from Cal? Read the byline. That’s clearly not Cal. It’s good info but you’re making it seem like Cal is saying that stuff.

  13. Culver

    If the Hornets get Patterson, Meeks, Prince, Hayes, Harrelson, & Azubukie somehow, I will officially be a HUGE Hornets fan!

  14. slapnuts

    number 2 it was 3 in 2011

  15. Wooo

    (14) enes kanter, Brandon knight, Jorts and liggins! I think that’s 4.. Right?

  16. 2020

    Anyone else shocked that Houston drafted 2 power forwards in the 1st round? Every year they draft nothing but power forwards.

  17. 27

    Azubuike to the Cavs..

  18. ClayCat

    Jones and Lamb would have been drafted higher last year.

  19. 8isGreat

    Teague was projected much higher by the experts before the season ever started. Seems like the one and done rule cost him some money.

  20. question

    Wonder if Lamb wishes he had come back? I think Teague and Lamb thought they would go much higher. Both made a mistake, in my opinion.

  21. Wildcat Willie Says

    #20 Does JonesIII and Sullinger make you re think wht you just wrote.

  22. old_school

    UNC had four pics in the first 20 — compared to only 3 for UK.

    According to Coach Cal’s standards — UNC had a better year that Kentucky.

  23. you can't beat that

    UK had TWO picks in the top TWO … how many did UNC have in the top 2 ?

  24. Mkgistebow

    Great article lady. Only exception I had was the plumlee/jones iii comment-Indiana learned their lesson drafting long,lazy,stupid,overhyped Aau products when they drafted bender. Plummer will be a solid role player, I’m not expecting much at all from perry.

  25. Bristol Cat

    Keep trying Pacers. You’ll never out-white the Hoosiers.

  26. Bristol Cat

    That draft wasn’t about UK, it was about Roy Williams. “Did you see me with all those hats, dad gummit”

  27. Rixter

    #9, BOTH guys will make their respective team. Write it down.

  28. G

    Getting used by a bunch of kids on their way to the NBA is nothing to be proud of. When Cal and the snake oil sales pitch he has perfected finally do retire, UK will drop into another ten years of mediocrity. Book it

  29. Will S

    3) I’ve been saying that. I believe that Calipari is hyping up Cauley-Stein in case Noel doesn’t qualify. There have been several players that “moved up” to graduate early, that ended up not being eligible. I think there are serious issues about Noel’s eligibility and Calipari knows BBN will freak out unless they think WCS is the 2nd coming of Ant Davis.

    SN: I love Rivers/Davis/Miller combo in NO. Davis will be the anchor, Rivers will be the star. I see NBA titles in their future.

    24) Agreed. Plumlee is 6’11” with a 40″ vertical and a mans body. He fits in with their gritty, tough defensive scheme. Last time I checked, Indiana was up 2-1 on Miami and played pretty well this year. I think their management knows what they’re doing.

    As a Duke fan, it hurts me to say this, but I am excited to see the Kentucky players in the NBA. Davis/Miller with Rivers in NO, MKG with Henderson in Charlotte, Teague with Boozer/Deng in Chicago. Overall, great night!

  30. Uncle Si

    Since AD trademarked the “unibrow”. Coach Cal needs to trademark the phrase “One and Done”. After all…The Hornets drafted two one and done guys and one four year guy who got his degree. Two were from UK and one was Duke. That will be trivia in the future…

  31. Steely Dan

    Do you know how much is in a handful?

  32. reedwizard

    I am totally unsure why the writers keep hyping TJones as the next coming and saying he got chipped? We’ve heard that he was going late lottery to 20th, and he went 18th. He will probably end up in Orlando, or at least Houston hopes so. He will then have lots of playing time, which is what he needs to get into the flow of the NBA. Best of luck Cats!

  33. Dear UL and IU fans, We are national champions; you are not. The end.

    28. G) You know why you are wrong? UK has proven that they will pay their coach more than anyone else.

  34. old_school_hates_uk

    I’ll find a way to make a negative comment every day, all day.


    This picture should be yet another billboard in Louisville. The title could read Facts are Facts

  36. DerbyDemon

    #29–No disrespect towards Noel or Cauley, but they’ll NEVER be another Anthony Davis, and to compare either guy to AD is simply unfair.

  37. bluefan

    Same time next year for sure.
    Really enjoyed the liveblog. Thanks KSR!

  38. mb

    One of my favorite moments of the draft was the interview with MKG mother – what grace and class when talking about the whole person that is MKG. You can see where that character came from.

  39. Biglaw Dawgin'

    So ecstatic that Anthony and Darius get to play together in New Orleans! The Hornets are so thin, that Miller could arguably start at 3. Throw Austin Rivers at the 2 and Eric Gordan at the point and they have themselves a team to build around for the next 4-8 years. That Chris Paul trade isn’t looking so bad now.

  40. Big Blue B-Rad

    I can see it now. The next NJT post…..”North Carolina also had 4 first draft picks. This does not bode well for Kentucky. This proves that you can go to other schools and still get drafted in the 1st round” lol

  41. Syrin

    Well, this is seriously going to hurt Davis’ career. Austin will take a fade away three before he crosses the mid court line. Few have ever seen a ball hog of this level, a team killer and a guy seemingly impervious to learning.

  42. Will S

    40) Yeah, but UNC’s players won’t pan out in the Pro’s. I don’t see any of those 4 ever becoming an all-star. Serviceable role players at best. UK has stars. Rivers will also be a star.
    41) Rivers has a back wrap for being a ball hog, but the kid is only 19 and will learn to create opportunities for his teammates as he matures. He has the ability to take over a game offensively and will not shy away from the big moments.

  43. Mkgistebow

    42-Harrison Barnes has all the tools to be a star in this league(certainly more than rivers even though I think he too will be a big time player eventually) & Tyler zeller is a 7 footer with great footwork. Both of those guys are underrated & I said all along Barnes was the 2nd most nba ready player in this draft behind ant. Happy for my favorite cat of all time, MKG, but Barnes is longer, jumps higher & has a terrific outside shot.

  44. Beavis

    Lots of jealous people on the site today. We love it. Did I miss something ? Were there any Louisville players drafted? Did any of those super stars even enter the draft ? Before you come off with a lame answer,,,,they were not good enough.


    I’m I the only one who has never heard of the Milwaukee Bucks?