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The Herald-Leader continues to dig its own grave, almost to six-feet

This political cartoon making fun of John Calipari ran in the Lexington Herald-Leader today and I have a very good feeling it isn’t going to go over well.

I feel sorry for whoever is working the newspaper’s cancellation desk because it’s going to be a busy day on the phones. I hope they packed a lunch.

The Herald-Leader

Article written by Drew Franklin

I can recite every line from Forrest Gump, blindfolded. Follow me on Twitter: @DrewFranklinKSR

276 responses to “The Herald-Leader continues to dig its own grave, almost to six-feet”

  1. Jatt Mones

    I honestly can’t believe people still subscribe to that crap paper.

  2. Whysoserious


    How could you be so dumb to run something like this?

    I don’t have a HL subscription, but I’m going to call and cancel anyways.

  3. I know this

    Joel Pett, the cartoonist, was a longtime political cartoonist at the Bloomington Herald Telephone (aka the Horrible-Terrible) during the Knight years.

  4. Jarrod Polson is the new Zack Morris

    Who knew Jerry Tipton could draw?

  5. Keith R.

    I think it’s time that KSR stops mentioning them in daily news. But you have to have something to put in here, right?

  6. James K

    That’s the most insulting thing I’ve seen from the LHL. I never read their paper, and they are just trying to get people to come to the site. Unbelievable. If Cal threatened to shut them out before, what is it going to be like now?

  7. GrumpyOldDude

    They even have John Clay jumping on the bashing bandwagon today…….idiots.

  8. RCS

    I generally think fans overreact to the local media, but I must say the HL has taken a pretty negative stance on UK. Tipton really is a caricature this point, coming up with new and creative ways to spin stores to the negative. That said, it has lost almost all of its relevance so I don’t think it really matters.

  9. Allen

    5- If you don’t like it, go to a different website and stop coming to this one.

  10. Used to be a HL reader

    Ever since I found KSR, I stopped checking the HL website. Thank you KSR, and R.I.P. HL.

  11. ltothaj1

    WOW, are they trying to put the Herald under? unbelievable

  12. Num1CatFan

    The Herald Mis-Leader

  13. JMF

    Just dumb business move on HL’s part. They wonder why subscription #’s continue to decline.

  14. G

    Joel Pett is lucky that he doesn’t have a Twitter

  15. Wow

    The LHL has been irrelevant to me for a long time. I don’t read it, link to it, or think about it.

  16. MKG Fan

    Time to short sell LHL stock.

  17. catcard202

    IMO, UK should just disassociate themselves from the LHL / any LHL employee & be done w/ it. Revoke all access, deny any request made & be VERY PUBLIC as to WHY the LHL has been banished (via other media avenues).

  18. El Stumperino

    Dollar signs on the trophy, that’s uncalled for and totally offensive.

  19. mateotemprano

    was this drawn by joel pett or “not joel pett”?

    never mind– the LHL is incapable of self-deprecating satire…

  20. Jezz

    This newspaper needs to die slowly and painfully.

    This is the LEXINGTON Herald Leader. Go away if you want to hate on the University of Kentucky or just accept the bankruptcy that’s coming your way.

  21. appalachianassassin

    WTF? I already didn’t read that paper, because it was too conservative for me….
    But now….wow…just wow…. they omg idk wtf they are thinking?
    I guess they are hoping that they can try to save their dying medium by being outlandish???

  22. RYNO

    Email Joel Pett- [email protected]

  23. CalifCatFan

    I cancelled my subscription to LHL decades ago. This is a classless cartoon. Shame on LHL.

  24. John

    No surprise here…Pett is from Bloomington and an IU grad. Actually reached out to him to help with a creative cartoon for a symposium on UK campus about 3 years ago and he was total jerk. So what else would you expect.

  25. REAL BLY


  26. mateotemprano

    i’m thinking of subscribing just so i can cancel.

  27. SteveM

    Now more than ever, boycott the HL. Don’t buy any of their advertisers products and let them know as long as they advertise in the HL you will not buy their products.

  28. Jrod

    Is this a joke? Run in the local paper? What were the editors thinking?

  29. James K

    The best thing to say to that cartoonist is

    a) I’ve never thought about your subpar comic strip.
    b) I will never think about it again, and very few people do.

  30. Robbie

    I had a subscription to the LHL for many years mostly for the sports and local news. Once i discovered KSR, the sports was unnecessary and with the strong anti UK bias the LHL pushes, I couldn’t justify spending the money to encourage them to keep bashing UK. Why does the paper think its ok to run down one of the great things the state has? Go ahead and bash the horse industry too, LHL. Why stop at UK?

  31. jpizzle

    Oh good grief

  32. REAL BLY

    26) well done sir!!!

  33. SalsaKat

    I actually wouldn’t be surprised if there are few cancellations because of this, mostly because any person who is enough of a UK fan to be offended by this probably already cancelled their subscription years ago due to an overdose of Tiptonite.

  34. antone316

    That’s terrible! Everybody cancel

  35. joel pett's

    Guys, I’m the most ignorant person to walk the face of the Earth. Making ridiculous cartoons is all I can do. I’m like a cat. I do something my owners don’t approve of, then I scamper off to a corner and lick my own butt.

  36. Biglaw Dawgin'

    The left half of the cartoon is just a low blow. With that said, newspapers should be able to report the news without bias and report both views of the story. That cartoon is certainly one view. And to be honest, I haven’t heard one good reason why Home/Away is such a bad thing, so the cartoon may be half right (the right half).

  37. RYNO

    Apparently, this dude’s got a major problem with UK- his background includes this tidbit,

    “Pett’s cartoon collections are available in four paperback collections, the latest being “Just Don’t Inhale.” Joel Pett is proudest of his college intramural golf title and of shutting out a University of Kentucky basketball player in a game of HORSE. His list of embarrassments is endless.”

  38. bigcat76

    #34 Everybody already cancelled

  39. Hoops Malone

    I will NOT cancel my subscription today.

    …I cancelled it a long time ago.

  40. Greg

    21 what the heck,to conservative, lol, are you kidding me? Joel Pett is so far left he doesn’t even watch NASCAR because they always turn to the right.

  41. Ridge Runner

    I literally feel like someone punched me in the stomach. This is terrible stuff from a Benedict Arnold.

  42. Laker Cat 18


  43. MikeMan

    Let Joel let you know how you really feel..

    P – 859-231-3443 E – [email protected]

  44. Hoops Malone

    Could you imagine the fallout if the C-J ran a cartoon poking fun at Ricky?? Guarantee Mock-Turt would pull their media creds for the Yum Center.

  45. Ridge Runner

    43 thx but I’d rather have the editors email addy

  46. Brad

    You didn’t hear? The LHL is offering free courses on how to be an a$$-clown & this IU drop out is teaching it while Jerry Tipton plays piano from the unemployment line! He probably created half of the twitter accounts that were firing on A. Bennett!

  47. areyoukidding

    I think it is time for a full boycott of the Herald Leader. They have past their usefulness and are completely out of touch with its customer base.

  48. Bob Knight

    What’s wrong with the cartoon?

  49. Call the LHL

    BBN stand up, call LHL let them know how u feel! 859-231-3367 / 800-274-7355 / 859-885-5775. We shouldn’t stand for this! Coach Cal doesn’t deserve that!

  50. UKcat

    piss on the HL and the prejudiced people who work there. Hopefully, they will cease to exist very soon.

  51. UK Jerry

    This cartoon is unforgivable. It smacks of harassment. It ranks there with the astrick shirt Nike put out for us. I dropped newspapers two yrs ago. Don’t even read them
    Online. More accurate box scores and info elsewhere. Go find a corner to die in HL and CJ

  52. Horrible

    I say we flood this douchebags inbox.

  53. Kentucky Gentleman

    How dumb can they be to let this go out?

  54. ryan

    That’s a shame, he’s actually a very well-respected cartoonist. He’s best known for this climate summit cartoon:

  55. barn

    this is unbelievable. we’ve got the best coach in the land, who not only wins but is able to maintain a team of players who are respectful and academically sound, then to see something like this that is in such poor taste coming from the hometown rag, is appalling

  56. GoCats2

    Who is the Herald_Leader trying to reach with this cartoon? Talk about not knowing your audience.
    The best thing I can say about the LHL is that the comments section is what led me to KSR over 5 years ago and I have not been back since.

  57. Brad's ipod

    I knew it must have been an Indiana fan.

    News Flash– Lousy LHL ceases to exist!

  58. Allen

    Ryan, other than last year, the only thing that was interesting about the UK/IU series was Mike Davis totally freaking out. BTW, I’m 27 years old.

  59. Cats By Triple Digits

    Who cares??? Haters gone hate.

  60. cccatfan

    He has a facebook page with this cartoon posted on it. Make sure to let him hear about it there too.

  61. CB FOO

    1 word. Stupid.

  62. BCO

    Stopped buying it years ago. Their anti-coal and anti-eastern KY stance makes me SICK.

    Ill give you an example. I work in adventure tourism in a southeast KY county. We had a big ATV event that they wanted to do a story on last October. I thought it may help get people down here to it, so I agreed.

    When they ran the story, they misquoted me AND made sure to close out the story with paragraphs about how dangerous ATVs are and how many people they kill a year. I sent them an email ripping them a new one and told them we didnt need their coverage.

    I honestly hate the HL.

    And this…wow. Im honestly speechless they would be stupid enough to let this go through. Hopefully this is the straw that bankrupts the camels back. Go riddance.

  63. Double Bogey

    40. Apparently you don’t watch NASCAR either (not that it matters).


    but HL was quick to capitalize on the tourney win (that they assume will be vacated it seems) with books and a $2 special insert newsprint poster! and plaques!
    yeah, everyone should vacate this POS rag

  65. barn

    40–i’m not a race fan, but doesn’t nascar always turn to the left?

  66. The Voice Of Reason

    The only thing that really offends me about this are the dollar signs on the trophy. That’s a cheap shot and slanderous to a great group of kids we had this year.

    I’m sure I’m not the only KSR reader who wishes the home-and-home series with IU continued. And unfortunately, Calipari has had two final fours vacated (whether they were his fault or not is ultimately irrelevant in the eyes of everyone outside the Commonwealth – I think it’s pretty clear that he had no part or responsibility for either violation but that’s the breaks.) But I sure am glad that we have Sandy Bell to make sure that everything is in order.

    In all honesty, Joel Pett is one of the most acclaimed cartoonists in the country and probably the only person worth his weight on the H-L staff, unlike Tipton, Merlene Davis (the worst), and several others. But he should probably stick to politics and lay off the inflammatory basketball stuff. He had to know that this was going to piss a lot of people off.

  67. MadCatter

    Cancel? I never subscribed to them in the first place! Won’t help flooding Pett’s inbox. He loves the attention. He never gave two craps about the truth. Never will.

  68. freda felcher

    Pretty bad when our hometown newspaper knows that UK/Calipari are shady at best.

  69. daniel

    cancel your subscribtion now, what a waste of paper. Its like if the courier bringing up Karen Sypher everytime Pitino accomplshes something.

  70. daniel

    i also believe pett is a IU grad

  71. HugoCabrera

    I can think of some pretty “hilarious” cartoons about the death of the LHL. Fight fire with fire, Drew.


    40) c’mon, man. Seriously?

  73. catdawg

    Don’t call the LHL and complain start calling their sponsors and complain. Hit them in the DOLLAR SIGNS and see them die.

  74. Catlanta

    I cannot wait for traditional newspapers to all die out.

    Why does UK even give these guys press credentials? There is no law saying they have to.

  75. OmahaCatFan

    Why does the local paper hate so much? I live in Omaha, Nebraska. Our local paper never says a cross word about the Huskers even when they suck. I guess I figured most papers were homers.

  76. hoo hoo hoo

    This.. is… AWESOME!

  77. east ky. cat fan

    #60- post a link to his fb

  78. Bigbluedoc

    This is why I cancelled my subsciption to the rag that these morons call a paper. And if I may add, this is why print media is in hospice care. Arrogant jackasses that don’t understand what pays their bills.

    Go Hell Lexington Herald Leader and take the Courier Journal with you!

  79. clint

    This IS the DUMBEST thing the Hearld-Leader (Cheater) has ever done. PURE Stupidity!!!!! Go Kats!!!!

  80. nassua65

    40. you watchin NASCAR in a mirror?

  81. Fail



  82. Me

    I wish the LHL employees would strike, and say until this idiot ‘cartoonist’, tipton, AND the editor are removed, they are not working. These 3 people could (and will) ultimately cost everyone their jobs at the LHL.

    Does any real business still advertise in that paper anymore?

  83. Calipari's Blue Ballers

    How can anything good come from going against BBN? Wow that’s just pitiful.

  84. RYNO
  85. blitzedanddazed

    I cancelled my subscription a long time ago. The LHL could go go bankrupt today I would be happy.

  86. Perd Hapley

    I mean, do you really expect the Herald-Leader to be homers for the local team? That’s not journalism. Or maybe the HL is just trolling, which is hilarious.

  87. Old Testament

    68 freda feltcher . . . i drew a picture of you with a fat ass, and a single horn sticking out of your forehead. You were wearing a dunce cap that stated that your IQ was 61. I know all of this just like the HL “KNOWS” that Cal is “shady at best.”

  88. JPhelps

    Sometimes I think, are they completely unaware that the fans that they are appealing for money for are rabid fans of the team they constantly try to dismantle. Un-freaking-believable. Hope they have fun at the unemployment office because I can’t see them selling ads if people drop their paper. Then my tax money gets to fund them. Fantastic!

  89. Greg

    OMG forgive my brain fart. Got to stop picking that pipe up so early in the day. lol.

  90. RYNO
  91. Navin

    The Herald-Leader accomplished what they set out to do. They got people talking about, and all that’s doing is creating more of a buzz for the LHL.

    Negative publicity is better than no publicity at all.

  92. Mike S

    The HL has been limping along for a while now. A black-ball from Calipari and Branhart here is an appropriate response to this cheap shot. That should expedite the inevitable demise of this sloppy student newspaper. Its Old Yeller time for the HL.

  93. Perd Hapley

    Plus, the idea of political cartoons is to piss people off. If they don’t, the cartoon isn’t doing its job. Looks like this one is doing its job.

  94. Brad

    At least this should take some attention away from Bennett for the time being. Focus you energy on the LHL

  95. Me

    Oh yeah, and if Barnhart doesn’t do something about this – then he is a bigger b!tch than I thought…

  96. beenthere

    Instead of cancelling subscriptions why not once a week, until hell freezes over, run a complete list of every advertiser in the rag so the fans can inundate them with the reality and consequences of supporting the LHL….

  97. R Cash

    just another reason NOT to read/subscribe to the HL!

  98. Funny

    Cracks me up. Tons of people on this website slam UK basketball and football, making comments when they want to, but the newspaper posts a carton and the same people go wild and in an uproar.

  99. Brad

    90. Don’t you think that cartoon is at least appropriate? There is PROOF that Farmer is a crook. Nothing on Cal though.

  100. Country Dumb

    Cartoon was on – Now it’s gone!!! Wow, that was fast!!

  101. KyGeography

    Does anyone subscribe to a newspaper anymore, at least anyone under the age of 60?

    The LHL has made their living being the “watchdog” or being the contrarian of Kentucky athletics for decades, they aren’t changing now.

  102. The Voice Of Reason

    Also, he apparently forgot about last year’s final four trophy.

  103. Houston Wildcat

    #100 – It’s still there. Towards the bottom of the page in “Opinions”. And you know what they say about opinions.

  104. RYNO

    99) Yes. I think it is appropriate.

  105. ThatOneGuy

    The big question is, what will take the place of the building on the corner of Midland & Main? I know, THE NEW RUPP!!! R.I.P. Herald Leader

  106. Perd Hapley

    100 – You really are “Country Dumb.” The cartoon is still there.

  107. Logic

    If anyone is surprised that this “gem” came from the hand of Joel Pett, I have a bridge in London to sell you…

    Yet this is far from the stupidest thing he’s ever drawn. Political cartoons are probably most ineffective of speech since they are nothing more than gussied up bumper stickers.

  108. Cheap Professional Pictures
  109. Joel Pett

    It hurts when I swallow…

  110. barn

    100–it’s still on there. on the Politics page there’s a link for petit may 8

  111. Richie Farmer


  112. Joel Pett

    Thank God you wrote that in all caps Richie or we wouldn’t have seen it..

  113. Witness-the-Quickness
  114. BigBlue

    Funny thing is, when UK wins a tourney, the LHL is the quickest to seek to capitalize on it financially. They are just an all around crappy paper and institution…I have not read the LHL in years…I’m sorry they even receive any publicity for stunts like this one.

  115. # 108

    And they look cheap…..

  116. mateotemprano


    this coming from a man who had a state employee bag his deer that he shot from a state vehicle?

    you obviously know a thing or 2 about “overstepping authority”.


  117. TheJokesOnUs

    “Any fool can criticize, condemn and complain and most fools do.” I find it amusing how so many in big blue nation cannot take a cartoon joke. Don’t act like this is different. All the trash fans berating recruits who pick other schools, and any espn reporter that doesn’t like UK has it out for us. Going through life like this is not healthy.

  118. Slim

    You would think your local paper would be a little more supportive of the local school. Not completely biased against it. Hopefully this will cause people to stop subscribing to these idiots! There was no reason for that cartoon!

  119. Homestead Fred on Facebook

    The $$ on the NCAA trophy basically says that Coach Cal can do nothing right in the eyes of the Herald-Leader. It’s no wonder we have to pay the coach so much. It’s worth at least six digits dealing with these jack-wagons.

  120. Mike K

    What is a “Newspaper”?

  121. Will

    I don’t care what your excuse is, if you still have a subscription to that rag you are no fan of Kentucky basketball.

    They just crapped on our National Title and a team chock full of great young men who don’t deserve to have their accomplishment belittled and demeaned by implying money bought it for them. It was their hard work and commitment to each other. I still can’t believe this is a local paper.

  122. Dougie Wuggy

    The LHL just evacuated the building… Someone called in a b threat Id say… Those idiots…. Just cancelled my subscription!

  123. Deacon Pookie

    The HL obviously does not care about offending it’s readers. If you really want to get their attention start boycotting companies that advertise wig them.

  124. Cpt. Stinkpickle

    I drew some cartoons for the local college newsletter here and reached out to Pett for some advice. Once he found out I was conservative, he scolded me and hung the phone up. Typical smug elitist liberal in the media.

  125. SeoulCat

    Anybody have the number for the HL complaint desk?

  126. Real UK Fan

    Someone needs to post a list of companies who advertise in the lhl. If BBN contacts those companies and lets them know they will get no more of our business, it might make them think twice about where they spend their advertising dollars.

  127. RYNO

    The HL is clearly jealous that Calipari could buy their crummy paper for peanuts and take a wrecking ball to it if he wanted.

  128. Sean

    email this jerk!!!: [email protected]
    facebook him too!!:

  129. Porcino's

    111. Indiana backed out. UK and Cal made several concessions to try to continue it.

    Overall, I think Mitch Barnhart should come out and demand a formal apology printed on the HL’s front page. If they decline, then all of their reporters and journalists (snicker) should be banned from any and all UK athletic events, including the historic season that the baseball team is having.

  130. Blueaville

    #126….UK advertises in the LHL…you gonna boycott them? Grow up son…’s just a cartoon. You people are hilarious.

  131. SeoulCat

    Pett, Joel Editorial Cartoonist 859-231-3443 [email protected]

    Have at it.

  132. UK FAN


    Nothing to do with taking a joke. When your hometown papers constantly bashes the basketball team and throws false accusation’s against them constantly then people get sick of it. Since Cal has been at UK its hard for the LHL to find negative things to say because Cal is a winner. We just won a national championship and its ashamed your hometown paper has to bash that because they can’t find anything else to bash. I cancelled the LHL a long time ago because I got tired of Tipton negative articles. If everyone in the BBN would cancel that would make a huge statement and hopefully make a change at the paper. Find me another paper that bashes the hometown team when they are winning ?

  133. jp7

    Lexington Herald-Leader is NCAA-No Class At All

  134. bung

    are they still owned by a group in california?

  135. RYNO

    a b-threat!? Wow. Who’s scared of a few bees?

  136. REAL BLY

    In 1 year, the Herald Leader will be A) a pawn shop B) a Mexican restaraunt C) a check cashing store D) Family Dollar Store

  137. Bob the Replier

    Joel Pett has never been anything but a petty bitter liberal hack.

  138. Simple

    Garbage. Cal should buy them out and make them a recruiting magazine. Tipton could have a job tweeting teenagers questions. Could work.

  139. blueinmemphis

    Wow, do we overreact and make something that could have been ignored into a national event. A simple wikipedia search at tells you all you need to know.

    If you know the cartoonist was born in Bloomington, went to Indiana University, is a national cartoonist, does not specialize in sports, apparently shares the views of many national writers who like to skewer Calipari, THEN IGNORE HIM.

    Sure he embellished and sensationalized and stretched the truth. So what. A fourth grader does that and we ignore it; why not the same for this dude?

  140. john4uk

    Thisis thde most discusting cartoon i’ve sen.There is no reason for something like this to be published in a hometown newspaper that should be supporting the state university.
    The “Herald Leader “has hit a new low in its’ anti UK sentiment.

  141. floydwilkey

    always been a big fan of joel pett’s work and this is no exception. it is a cartoon for crying out loud. are grown men and women going to let a cartoon ruin or even upset their day? All this aside from the fact that it is not entirely inaccurate. four and five years ago most everyone on this board was bashing Cal and several days ago were bemoaning IU being dropped from the schedule.

  142. Joel Pett's number

    If you would like to call and tell Mr. Pett how much you appreciate his work his number is 859-231-3443

  143. BBN


  144. Chuck Norris

    Anyone else notice his signature at the top that says, “Herald Leador”? Looks like his spelling is as awful as his cartoons.

  145. Natep96

    The IU trophy doesnt even make sense. They owe uk for even having a paper.

  146. Sacwoo

    #139 because a 4th grader usually doesn’t know better. Someone chose to include this in the paper and this is where that person needs to know they made a mistake.

  147. the Big Dog

    Herald Leader- RIP

  148. Grampy Blue

    Challenge: If you are a REAL BBN MEMBER drop this rag like a bad habit!

  149. 84Cat

    I like the idea of letting LHL advertisers know what you think about this. It’s the only language they understand.

  150. IU Sucks!

    36. There’s news, there’s opinion and then there are insults like this cartoon. This isn’t news. This is an obvious insult by a butt-hurt IU fan. A newspaper can print what they want but they have to deal with the consequences of something like this. A lot of UK fans will be upset about it and that’s not a wise decision while the paper is hanging by a thread and you’re business is in the heart of BBN.

  151. blueinmemphis

    #146. Now you’re just arguing with a 4th grader. And you know how that will end.

  152. ransmith

    I dropped my subscription and have refused to buy a single paper years ago! They are an agenda driven paper pretending to be a news paper.

  153. Megan

    It’s not enough to bitch and moan about it here. If you have a subscription, cancel. Complain (civilly) to Rufus Friday, President and Publisher. Matt, you like the limelight, so organize a protest outside their HQ. Pulitzer Prize for Editorial Cartooning or no, demand an apology, or we start hurting the H-L where it counts by boycotting their biggest advertisers.

    What more incentive do we need?

  154. ukcat58

    Biting the hand that feeds you is really stupid. The HL is dead and does not know it.

  155. Harley Wells


  156. kycolonelmatt

    While I do not care for the jab at Coach Cal because of the vacated seasons (it perpetuates a false perception), this is a clever cartoon and completely appropriate. The way Cal has approached this scheduling issue (especially his latest piece of propaganda on has been an act of disingenuous pandering. Besides….it’s an editorial cartoon….thicken your skin a bit people. This upset over a cartoon? Please.

  157. Mike from Louisville

    Just put in a phone call to the help wanted department. I told them that they might want to start helping themselves by looking for another job because making fun of their biggest money maker was probably the worst decision they’ve ever made. I mean even if they believe that, you don’t bite the hand that feeds you. I’m completely baffled at how stupid they are.

  158. kycolonelmatt

    The reason this scheduling stuff will blow over is because Cal knows the extent to which the majority of our fan base is servile and unquestioning as long as the team is winning. Wake up people. This is your program, not the coaching staff’s or the AD’s. People did the same thing when Pitino was around, tolerating his nonsense and snickering at his displays of attitude all because he was our own.

  159. Dee

    Look people….I am fine drop’n the IU game…UK just wanted it on a NEUTRAL floor…and IU wouldn’t do it….REMEMBER folks….you people were the ones that said the IU fans at home where TERRIBLE and we needed to stop going there…..Flip’n nuggets….

    As for JP…..This really hurts….I’ve always been a fan of his…..but this joke was classless and beneath him…..(I thought)……shame on him…..LHL….editor…you should be fired. seriously.

  160. kycolonelmatt

    157—So a media outlet should pander to the people that subscribe? It’s called a free press.

  161. gossie21

    I don’t get it. Why would anyone put up a trophy for losing a game? That just doesn’t make any sense.

  162. kycolonelmatt

    159—Fired for an editorial cartoon that offends a basketball coach and a bunch of fans? Really?

  163. Dee

    157….I agree thick skin is a good thing…but the left side of the cartoon is pety….

  164. Dee


  165. Dee

    now…162…yes Fired….for being an idiot…..It’s not just the cartoon…it’s the LHL the last 4 years….and they are only getting worse….

  166. kycolonelmatt

    Dee—Maybe, but it’s a good cartoon.

  167. lambinated

    print media is dead. Is there any other place in the country where the university sports team is constantly dogged by the local newspaper to this degree?

  168. Dee

    158…..Why the hate for Coach Cal…I mean…it’s IU….they suck….I’d rather play Kansas, Texas, UCLA…..than IU….what is so great about IU…seriously??

  169. jc#1

    This should be enough to get Matt and rest of the liberals on this site to change sides. This paper also supported Tubby .Tipton never came after Tubby like he has Cal.

  170. theWilkman

    Here is a copy of the email I sent:

    Do you realize that you work for a Lexington newspaper? Do you also realize what institution makes Lexington what it is? If ignorance is the cause, then I can forgive you for your most recent cartoon trashing a team full of upstanding young men and a man who has been nothing but a boon for Lexington and our state as a whole. However, with the career longevitiy you have, I assume you aren’t completely ignorant and know very well what you published. That being said, I hope the high-fives you and your ilk gave each other after today’s release can carry you through the now-expedited decline of your already failing publication. I hope you have done a good job saving for retirement.

  171. Dee

    166….we will just have to agree to disagree….LHL and JP shouldn’t be taking “Cheap Shot’s” at Coach Cal….JP is better than that…..and that is what this Cartoon was….just a Cheap Shot…..and imo…..this was a straw that broke the camel’s back….and the Editor should be fired….I’m all for free speech….yea….but free speech does not give the right for poor performance….

  172. Here We Go Now

    I cant cancel my HL subscription………………

    Because I did that a couple of years ago.

    Our rabbitt died and I didnt need anymore papers to put in the bottom of his cage

  173. Dee

    169…I support Tubby…he is a good coach….#shorttermmemory

  174. Bob Loblaw

    Time for the University to pull the lhl’s press credentials.

  175. The Realist

    Seriously, the more attention he gets, the more negative the better to him, he will love. The best way to get him is ignore him. But that probably wil not happen. Please do not make his day and ignore it. He did so people would give him attention.

  176. Dee

    Hater’s going to Hate….I guess…..#SMH

  177. Dubiousnessvia

    #129, Concessions?

    You mean the expansions to Rupp?

    You know your on top when everyone takes a shot. You know your nervous on top, when you cry like a little baby.

  178. Dee

    Yes…I agree….UK should not allow the LHL in Rupp…..UK has their rights too.

  179. Dubiousnessvia

    Do our tweets go directly to twitter from here?

  180. Dubiousnessvia

    Don’t lose your composure guys…you’re not driving the ship, so it’s not your fault if it sinks.

  181. BBN9

    143… hahahahahha

  182. Al's IndiCats

    For all of those who are berating who has a beef about Canceling them or boycotting the LHL please take note of one thing. Even if your hometown paper isn’t a homer, YOU do not make light of accomplishments especially when the one is aimed at the students atheletes who made all of this come true. Had this been in Bloomington or Louisville their press passes would have yanked so quickly they would have paper cuts all over.

    For years and years, the UK administration has looked the other way in the style that Tipton has done business in the past. (He never did write an apology to the Pattersons about PP stepping into his new truck) It’s one thing to have fun with an article, it’s another to bash the coach and his players. Had Pett done this in Bloomington when Knight grabbed kids, head butted, or even playfully act like he’s whipping a player, his credentials would have been pulled and knight would have personally ran him out of town, and you could bet your house it could be said about UL also.

    This could eventually have long term effects for everyone who is employed by LHL. From the reporters all the way down to the folks who deliver it. All I can ask to the editors who decided to run this tasteless cartoon, In God’s name what were you thinking?

  183. Dee

    182….WELL SAID….100% agree….you hit the nail on the head.

  184. Women Everywhere

    Tomorrow’s cartoon – same thing but with Pett’s head mounted above it

  185. JMFATZ47

    I have been hearing for YEARS that the HL is struggling. When are they going to go belly up? This is just flat out unreal for a LOCAL paper. Seriously–who in the hell thinks this cartoon is funny except for the maybe 2 Louisville fans that get this paper?

  186. UKBlue

    Someone needs to teach the LHL the phrase: You don’t shit where you eat. This is just plan stupidity: piss off the people that still barely buy your product. Hope it was worth it morons.

  187. s.motley

    what makes it even worse is that an editor approved this to be in the paper. does anyone at that newspaper stand have an mba and if so what on-line school did they get it from??

  188. Bucky Furgoo

    Regardless…Joel Pett is awesome.

  189. Al's IndiCats

    185, Louisville has 2 fans that can read?

  190. Al's IndiCats

    188, and you have that right as your opinion, and you know what they say about opinions.

  191. DustinUK

    158.) Are you serious? What do you suggest fans do exactly? It’s not being “servile” to love the overall work Calipari has done but disagree with him on a particular decision. He’s the coach, he makes the scheduling decisions for the program he runs and he should. Calipari doesn’t have to take a straw poll of the fans before every decision he makes. Agree or disagree with his scheduling the guy is a great coach and a better CEO of the UK basketball program.

  192. nassua65

    tasteless, ignorant, disrespectful, spiteful, and just plain stupid.
    LHL credentials to anything UK basketball related, should be shredded.
    actually should have been done years ago with tipturd, but this is totally uncalled for.

  193. jeffj

    W T F !!! ? folks ! this needs to be our battle cry to make em go away, ya know ….really, the paper sucks,the sports writers suck i’ve not read it in 2 yaers now …. wow wow wow ……..its only worth at this point & time is to start a campfire…. Paleeeeze

  194. jeffj

    so any ideas? do a herald leader lock out ? occupy ? and no i aint gonna go to their site. dont like it ,never have never will, hmmmm protest on midland ave ?

  195. Matt Curry

    This makes no sense. Why would the hometown paper even stand behind crap like this? This is a low blow if I’ve ever seen one

  196. BigBlue

    And any ‘UK fan’ here that is seriously criticizing Cal’s job so far needs to back up a step…where would the program be right now if it weren’t for Calipari and the revamping he has done?? Two years removed from the NIT we were in the Final Four, and hanging a Banner the year after. Give him a break on the scheduling and all of that…

  197. jeffj

    any body know the record for comments ? 196 & counting

  198. jp7

    Don’t really understand why anyone thinks we owe IU anything at all. At one time it was a good rivalry when IU was relevant and Bob Knight was the coach-gave all the UK fans someone to hate. But IU hasn’t been a good rivalry for several years up until this one and UK has played them on neutral courts for many of those years. Now IU finally has gotten better, and demands to play on campus-fine. UK had rather play on neutral courts. Why does that make Cal the bad guy. It might be different if UK had never played them on neutral courts but that’s not the case. There are other border states they can play. IU needs UK more than UK needs them.

  199. Madison Wildcat

    I ignore the LHL all the time. They are not worth my time and certainly not my money.

  200. The final straw

    I have subscribed to that liberal rag for almost 14 years…. I have come close to canceling my subscription before because of 1) their total liberal bias 2) that hack Joel Pett’s constant liberal B.S. 3) Merlene Davis blaming everything in the world on the white man 4) Jerry Tipton. Today was the straw that broke the camel’s back. I just called and canceled my subcription immediatelty. Joel Pett & H-L both suck!

  201. jeffj

    utter complete ignorance ………….

  202. jeffj

    run em out of town & let The Kentucky Kernal take over, at least they have new ,fresh,bright ideas that folks can understand

  203. Chris

    This does not bode well for Joel or the HL to take a page from FJT

  204. Joel pett

    Can someone help get the big dildo out of my asz

  205. jc#1

    173, I don’t want to start talking about tubby because I don’t think anyone misses him. I was just trying to make an example .

  206. Joel pett

    Im Joel pett an I’m a member of T.N.A.G.D.A
    Or the national association of goat n donkey abusers

    Nothing like going home to my favorite donkey after a long day

  207. Loosiers

    177 insults tend to work out a lot better when the person trying to issue the insult uses proper grammar. “You know your on top when everyone takes a shot. You know your nervous on top, when you cry like a little baby.”…you know someone is either an IU grad or UofL grad when they don’t know the difference between your and you’re.

  208. Jeff

    Joel Pett is an IUsedtobe fan. He’s had a terrible year/decade/etc. The only bullets he has are his little forum in the H-L and his 2nd-grade artistry. Fire away, Joey!

  209. C Ray

    Make it trend. #BoycottTheLHL

  210. Shack

    This crosses the line but where the hell is our 2011 Final Four trophy? I guess the LHL editorial board is not up to snuff, huh… Need a redo Mr. Pulitzer Prize !

  211. Get over yourselves!!

    it’s funny cause it’s true!people put up funny cartoons making fun of obama an bush an the government all the time.. get over yourselves he can draw whatever he wants just because you think he’s pickin on your savior your getting all mad.. I guess kentucky is just like L.A., winning forgives everything, right kobe??

  212. tsmithpage

    When I read comments from people griping about how “liberal” a newspaper is, that typically signals to me that they don’t understand how newspapers have traditionally operated. Newspapers traditionally have a news section, a sports section, and an op/ed section. The op/ed section is where the editors post their OPINIONS (as opposed to news) on various topics. The HL is undoubtedly liberal in its editorial approach. There is little in its news reporting that I would consider liberal. Objective reporting posts the facts and doesn’t interject the writer’s opinions. Most of its national articles are wire reports from the AP and other sources. Tipton is annoying in his coverage of UK but he’s not liberal or conservative from a political standpoint. Joel Pett is an EDITORIAL cartoonist, so his job is to express his opinions in his cartoons, and he is generally liberal in his politics. He is paid to express his bias.

    For the most part, the HL’s sports coverage has nothing to do with a liberal bias. Tipton is just a contrarian and would rather find fault with UK than praise it. For that reason, I find John Clay a more credible UK sports writer. That said, if you don’t like your political views challenged, by all means avoid the HL’s op/ed section and read the Wall Street Journal, or if that’s too hard for you, read Drudge, listen to Rush, and watch Fox News. You’ll find your mindset reinforced there every day.

  213. playersfan

    Just added to the list, Knight, Davis, what’s his texting name, Crean, and Pett. I am excited that we don’t play Indiana, and share our spotlight, because they have none unless they play somebody relevant.

  214. Jerry Tipton's poison pen

    Drudge report is a republican mouthpiece. Fox News has to be fair and balanced, because they say so in their tag line. As for the Lex rag, they are the only horse in town and will always be in business, until another paper steps up. I don’t see any other paper coming on to the scene, so they can bash UK all they want in Ed cartoons and keep printing Tiptons sour articles and still stay in business.

  215. Juanita Coffey

    JOEL PETT. What else would you expect him to write!

  216. Dr. Funke

    212 – No a newspaper can choose to focus on stories that promote their agenda, and ignore those that don’t… it happens all the time. Just look at what the NY times did when they called Geoge Zimmerman a “white hispanic”, that may be politically correct but that was the first time the term “white hispanic” had ever been used in the history of the NY times. Not saying the HL does it cause I don’t read that paper.

  217. Brian Sams

    I agree with the dozens of posts wishing our alleged newspaper would just go away, but sadly there are way too many bleeding-heart Liberals in lexington for a “New York Times wannabe” publication like the Herald-Leader to ever reach circulation nummbers low enough to necessitate its going out of business.

  218. Dr. Walker

    What we need at the LHL is a cleansing. If you are a true CAT FAN and you still subscribe to the LHL, shame shame shame.

  219. Brian Sams

    To #21,
    Your use of the word “conservative” in your description of this paper proves you have NEVER read the Herald-Leader. Either that or you are easily the most Far Left person in the United States.

  220. Nothingtogetover

    211 we are aware that he can draw whatever he wants. are you aware that we can boycott them if we want? see how that works?

  221. Blue3300

    Didn’t have time to read all of the posts at work but everyone needs to stop hitting their site also and maybe they will get the message!!!!

    GO CATS!!!!!!

  222. Fat Ryan Lemond

    haha, #2 quoted on article. love it.

  223. Marty

    It is really sad when the herald leader allows this type of garbage in their paper. Coach Cal has more class in his finger than anyone at the newspaper. Keep your head up Coach Cal know matter what they right. You are not only an awesome coach but more importantly you are a great person and family man. Thanks again for being our coach.

  224. Big J

    Boycott the herald leader………….

  225. Walden

    Poor Jerry Tipton, along with everyone else at that paper, gonna loose his job if LHL keeps this up.

  226. matt

    It’s just a shame that the amount of good Coach Cal has done for this state in such a short time isn’t shown as frequently as a couple of weak NCAA infractions that occurred years ago. For a Lexington paper to allow this type of insinuation to be published just weeks after his face and team was plastered in good grace on every front page possible is absurd.

  227. Blue2theBone

    Did someone call the misleader too conservative? Wow! I cancelled my subscription years ago because I thought they were way too liberal. Check out some of Pett’s political cartoons and tell me he doesn’t have an agenda. When they called me to ask about renewal I had pleasure of not just saying no, but HELL NO!

  228. BigBlue

    Who cares if the LHL is conservative or liberal, it is a CRAPPY paper…with some kind of agenda against UK. Everyone that takes the paper, CANCEL it. I did a few years ago…who needs it!

  229. John Robinson

    I didn’t know they had a Lexington Leader in Bloomington. Thank god for the world wide web. No wonder newspapers are becoming dinasaurs..

  230. dailyminefield

    What’s the big deal. It’s in a bad taste, but that’s expected from LHL. The only inaccuracy is not putting last year’s final four on there. Other than that, it’s pretty accurate. Bad biz move for LHL, but that’s their stupidity. The cartoon is fine, it’s not that big of deal.

  231. RR

    No TRUE Kentucky fan would EVER subscribe to the LHL….or even read that garbage paper for that matter. If you do, you’re NOT a true UK basketball fan. Plain and simple.

  232. STILL Get over yourselves!!

    220 obviously your not over it you wanna fire an lynch him for a CARTOON! every one of you need a life for wanting to ruin a man career an life probably, because you didn’t like his cartoon… hey 220! how about i come boycott at your job an try an get you fired for your posts!!!!!!

  233. jboy

    petts been needing his ass kicked for a long time.

  234. CO

    Pett, Joel Editorial Cartoonist 859-231-3443 [email protected]

  235. Lynda Stivers

    Cancelled paper this a.m. Appalling!!!

  236. shields eyes

    212 Thanks for educating the world to how a newspaper works. I am sure you check out those news outlets you mentioned at the end of the post so you can have your views challenged.

  237. gog8ors

    I think it is pretty funny myself, I like it.

  238. Ridge Runner

    I read this earlier today & I am still pissed. It’s still in the pit of my stomach and I hate it.

    Coach, please know that BBN is behind you and we will get even. It’s just a shame we have to fight a paper within the same town that houses your and our Cats.

  239. tsmithpage

    @236, perhaps if, like many here, I was angered at how liberal I perceived the HL to be, or how conservative the Wall Street Journal was, you’d have a point. Like you, I’m sure, I’m perfectly content with my mindset. Unlike many, I’m not afraid to read Cal Thomas and others for fear they might say something I don’t agree with. Conversely, I don’t need to limit myself only to viewpoints that mirror my own to have peace of mind. I don’t find a myopic worldview particularly helpful, but to each his own.

  240. HackRichards

    NOT only cancel subscriptions BIG BLUE but also do not visit the webpage anymore. Quity giving them advertising hits! Let their number dry up just like their paper has!

  241. KyMoonBow

    This cartoon is beyond anything I would imagine from a so called hometown paper. Sickening.

  242. kybluemike

    What a sorry excuse for a newspaper. CANCELLED and boycotted

  243. HackRichards

    212- You are correct up to a point. The Herald Leader picks and chooses the news that it prints. The always pick more Liberally biased stories over conservative. THAT IS A FACT.

  244. Frankfort Cat

    CANCELED before I left work after hearing of this. Ba_terds

  245. Greg

    How could you be so dumb to run something like this?

  246. tsmithpage

    @243, and what exactly is a liberally biased story? Do you mean they’ll report on a GOP politician caught having an affair and ignore when a Democrat commits the same offense?

  247. What?

    damn guys, who gives a coach k rats azz if it’s a liberal or conservative paper? I don’t give a damn if they are Obama’s mother or Romney’s father when they ditch our coach, they SUCK period.


  248. Catfaninfl

    247- nicely done.

  249. Kyle in Berea

    Embarassing to see our coach in a cartoon from the HL. This is pathetic.

  250. KnoxvilleCat

    so glad I don’t live there anymore is my first impression. this is totally unreal. no problem coach, bbn is larger than lexington.