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Dan Shaughnessy Puts on His Elitist/Racist Hat


If you have read this site for a long time, you know a little secret, I hate reading most sports columnists. It is been my experience that with a couple of notable exceptions, sports columnists are all (a) old (b) cranky (c) uninformed (d) filled with an inflated sense of self-importance. This is less true on a local level, in which columnists are forced to follow the teams and have some knowledge on the subject of which they write, but is certainly the case nationally, where columnists on high pick targets and write foolish claptrap with the intended goal of “enlightening” the masses with their irrelevant opinions.

With that said, it brings me to today’s Boston Globe column by Dan Shaughnessy. If you dont know Dan, he is the guy with the really bad hair from Boston that isnt Bob Ryan, who you occasionally see on your tv on ESPN. He is old, cranky and full of vitriol, but usually saves it for irrelevant topics like the Red Sox and Yankees. Today however Dan focuses in on (what else?) Kentucky vs Cornell. Here are a couple of relevant quotes:

You can have Kentucky. You can take Ashley Judd, Adolph Rupp, Sam Bowie, Pat Riley, Coach Cal, Refuse to Lose, the one-and-done freshmen bound for the NBA, and all the bags of cash needed to make the Wildcats run.

I’ll take Cornell and the Ivy League, which has long been a joke in college basketball.

And another:

It’s a 12 seed against a top seed, but that’s only the beginning. It’s a team from a league that is routinely mocked against a team that represents college basketball royalty. It’s a team with a bunch of seniors getting ready to enter a tough job market against a team with a bunch of freshmen bound for the NBA lottery.

And finally:

The Big Red also have 6-9 sub Mark Coury, who transferred to the Ivy League after starting 29 games for Kentucky as a sophomore. Had he stayed in Lexington, odds are Calipari would have run him out of the program.

Coury is a 4.0 student, which makes him a nice fit alongside freshman Eitan Chemerinski, who has been known to solve a Rubik’s Cube in under three minutes.

All of those quotes fit into a theme that we have now seen played out a number of times in national columns about the game. The first is Calipari hatred, but at this point I am used to that and you should be too. But the second is one that cuts to my very core and truly infuriates me, the racist and elitist nature of the Northeastern sports writer. When Dan writes about the difference between the two schools and says he will “take Cornell”, he isnt just choosing a Cinderella. He could choose Northern Iowa, St Marys, Xavier or Butler as his pick, all of whom have fascinating storylines, interesting coaches and players with diverse backgrounds. No, instead the sportswriter representing the most racist major sports town in America is choosing the one team in the Tournament that is both the (a) whitest and (b) most elitist school among the 65 entries.

See for Dan, Cornell represents the “true” nature of college basketball, because it is white, Northeastern and elitist. He mentions Ryan Wittman, the son of a former professional basketball player and coach, who has attended private school and been afforded opportunties due to his father’s position that almost no one else could ever have been given. Wittman has great talent, but it is talent that was nurtured by money and opportunity that allowed it to flourish. Contrast that with guys like Eric Bledsoe and Demarcus Cousins, who have in 18 years overcome more than almost anyone at Cornell will even fathom to have to deal with in their lives. Bledsoe and Cousins come from places where the support systems, especially as young children, were quite different and both had to WORK to get to where they are. In Cousins’ case, his engaging personality and basketball IQ are forgotten, while the media focus on his “temper” and breakdown his “thuggish” attitude (all the while praising white players with even worse playing styles, like Wake Forest’s McFarland). Players like Cousins and Bledsoe not only find little support, they must overcome that hatred from those that want to see them fail, and such hatred follows them wherever they go. We always hear about AAU coaches “coddling” players, and some of that is certainly true. But if one wants to know real “coddling” look at the backgrounds of the VAST majority of students at a place like Cornell, where trust funds and legacies have ensured success not only for the very intelligent, but also those with the laziest of minds and flimsiest of work ethics.

Shaugnessy certainly gets his facts wrong (Coury is a 4.0 student and a great kid, but he left under Gillispie and Calipari would have kept him…as he did Krebs and Harrellson) but that is not what infuriates me. It is the notion that those players (and students) at Cornell, who apparently are facing a “tough job market” (how about this Dan…come visit those Seniors at a school like Kentucky or Morehead State whose daddies couldnt afford to send them to the lowest of the Ivy Schools and see what the job market is like for them…and then determine whether we need to have sympathy for the Fighting ‘Nard Dogs at Cornell) are somehow more worthy of our applause. I am sure the players at Cornell are wonderful kids, who are interesting, engaging and can solve a Rubik’s Cube in under three minutes (my grandfather could do that as well Dan, in the mountains of Eastern Kentucky, without a Cornell degree and while running a gas station). But that doesnt mean that they are any more worthy of praise than a guy like Patrick Patterson, who has become a better role model for young people in this state than any I can remember. I am sure Chemerinski is a nice guy, but is he any more impressive than a kid like Mark Krebs, who has battled all year while his mother struggles with terminal cancer?

I am fine with fans and writers being for Cornell. They are the underdog and if they were not playing Kentucky, I would root for them too. But spare me this notion that (generally) wealthy, white kids who went to private schools in the Northeast are somehow morally superior to the players and students that make up the University of Kentucky. Just because Kentucky has a (predominantly) black team of players who have come from (mostly) poor backgrounds and are close to making their lifetime dreams come true by making it to the NBA does not mean they are at all beneath the “future CEOs” of the Ivy League. To say otherwise is not only elitist, which is a trait that many of these type of writers like Shaughnessy, Pete Thamel, John Feinstein, etc cant shake), but it also has tinges of racism. I thought we had moved beyond that in recent years, but as is often the case, it takes sports to bring out our ugliest sides.

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Article written by Matt Jones

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  1. truBLU

    Is that Napoleon Dynamite from the year 2030???

  2. Spike

    Bravo, Matt. Glad you have the stomach to wade through crap like this and give it the response it deserves, because I’ve had all I can stand.

  3. RodneyfromMcKee

    Well done Middlesboro! Awesome

  4. bluebloodedlawyer

    Wow. Well said, Matt.

  5. Econ Prof

    It’s easy to judge when you haven’t walked in another man’s shoes. I can’t imagine the different worlds the kids on each of these teams came from–to say one is better because one group had so many more opportunities is rich. I’m sure the Cornell kids are great, as most kids are honestly, but they started at a much different place than many of our players. To compare their experiences is apples to oranges. But, again, realize he’s writing from Boston, not exactly the most welcoming town for all people.


    His hair looks like what clogs up drainage pipes

  7. Cal Purnell here

    I sure hope the CATS are up 30 w/ 2 minutes to go. I’m sick of hearing about Cornell.
    Any news on Lucas?


    Ahhhhhh! It’s Rocky Dennis!

  9. Crazy Talk

    Dude looks like a gay carrot top

  10. Matt for president

    Well done Matt!! you get a “atta boy” on that one!

  11. Mark Coury

    Do the chickens have large talons?

  12. Keeping it Real

    Baylor is pretty damned “white”….. just sayin…..

  13. Joe

    Thank you, Matt. I also find it to be wonderful sociological progress that a group of Kentuckians are rooting hard for a group of five African-Americans to thump a team of pasty white boys. God bless sports, the one place where color basically doesn’t matter anymore… well, unless you’re an idiot like Dan Shaughnessy. Ah Boston, the place that makes Mississippi and Alabama look progressive on race relations.

  14. sawyer

    9 carrot top isn’t gay?

  15. BravoBigBlue

    I am not going to bother reading the article. And I have nothing against Cornell and its basketball team. But what I will say is that I am extremely proud of this UK basketball team. Not only is it a great team, it is made up of quality individuals. Each one of the Cats players has his own story to tell. They all have grown this year, and that is a credit to them, Coach Cal, and the coaching staff. Now go stomp some Cornell ass.

  16. Bryan the Intern

    “columnists on high pick targets and write foolish claptrap with the intended goal of “enlightening” the masses with their irrelevant opinions.”

    Kinda sounds like what I do each day.

  17. BigBlueWestCoast

    Well said, Matt. You took the thoughts right out of my head. Will someone link this blog post to every other blog out there? People need to hear this. I’m so tired of elitist large-market drivel, it’s ruining my effing day.

  18. steve t.

    Matt: Tell this jagoff as well that he can take his ivy league piss ants who control the bags of cash on Wall Street that has made this economy such a mess and that are the worst criminals anyone can find. In the words of the colonel, referring to similar piss ants, “A Baird man? More like a bunch of Baird bums. If I was a younger man, I’d take a flamethrower…”

  19. user2

    I think he also underestimates how tough the job market in the NBA is.

  20. UKNut

    Matt, you are the man. Well said and well done!

  21. UdaMan

    Well done Matt!

  22. bogeyboy99

    Well done Matt. Your points are valid and will fall on deaf ears anywhere outside the BBN.
    Like you said, most of these writers are obscenely out of touch. That and the fact that they’re sports writers which means they couldn’t hack it in legitimate journalism.
    Its just another volley of hate against UK and will continue as long as Cal is here. UK was fine as long as they were in the NIT but when they threaten victory, out come the cheap shots.

  23. Wes Henderson

    Matt, I couldn’t agree more with this. I’m glad someone has came out with a story like this, the only shame is this story could never go national, because you of course are ” biased UK homer “.

  24. rockymtncat

    Think of how many storied teams or programs in sports there are without an elitist fanbase. Kentucky, Kansas, Packers, Steelers, Oklahoma, Tenn, and UGA football, and that is about it. People want to say we are the “Goliath”. Our team might be, from a talent standpoint. But the team and the fans are as blue collar as you can get and in every other facet of life, the Cinderella/David. Last, Cornell’s endowment fund is $3.97 billion. UK’s is only $700 million, less than 1/5 of Cornell’s.

  25. Crazy Talk

    Skin color, number of fans….whatever CATS by 17

  26. Boyd Baker

    Well-played, Matt. Well-played.

  27. Tom Granger

    Christ Almighty. That dude could play the Phantom of the Opera without make up!

  28. Chris Gettelfinger is not walking through that door

    1) No, it’s the Brady perm!

  29. JMBlue

    Great post. You nailed Dan’s perception correctly. Dan, if he even reads it, will just shrug and go about being himself. You can’t make someone understand what an ass they are if they don’t see that they are doing anything wrong. It needed to be said, and it was said very well Mr. Jones, but it won’t change a Douche like Dan at all. He pees on your retort. In fact, he doesn’t, even if it was on fire. It is humorous how many elitists make fun of people from Kentucky for never having experienced the world. In reality, those that make fun are the same as those they criticize. Their world is a microcosm in the Northeast and they simply can not relate to anyone outside of their world.

  30. Keeping it Real
  31. SEConNotice

    In 1966, Kentucky’s completely white team went up against a completely black team and is portrayed as the villain. In 2010, Kentucky’s mostly black team is going up against Cornell’s mostly white team and…Kentucky is portrayed as the villain. The irony is palpable.

  32. dbs

    Matt, really great post. I have been frustrated with the racial undertones of the comments made about Cousins throughout the season, and that was on full display in the matchup with Mcfarland. Thanks for calling attention to this.

  33. kept coury?

    Calipari would have kept coury? Are you serious? That’s one of the dumbest statements I’ve seen you write.

  34. christina


  35. MIDDAY
  36. UK2K

    Napolean Dynamite meets Garfunkel meets Carrot Top meets Drop Dead Fred.


    Jealousy breeds hate stories. The better we are the more hate stories will come out, so bring them on!!!

  38. rockymtncat

    Let me put it another way: Cornell’s endowment fund is larger than that of all Kentucky colleges and universities, combined. UK, UofL, WKU, NKU, Centre, Transy, etc. combined don’t even approach 1/2 of theirs.

  39. buk

    Matt, you have been tearing it up lately! Awesome!

  40. HAHA

    Great post. I wonder why he didnt mention John Wall having a 4.0 GPA just like Coury. Also, I love that you added his email at the bottom.

  41. Browski

    I shot the cat an email, I got a response of “Yahoo”.

    That was it, all of it. What a douche.

  42. WalkersGoggles

    Matt, Your post echoed the statements you made on Bomani(sp?) Jones show recently. I hope you continue ramming this point home every chance you get between now and the end of the tournament.

  43. civil_engr05

    This is kind of like UK vs. Texas Western… except the roles are reversed.

  44. Mack

    Noble post Matt but to the Elitist it is just foolish ranting by the uneducated of Middle America.

  45. BigBlueHawaii

    Great post Matt. Well said!

  46. tired_uk_fan

    Regardless of race, conference, or whatever, I am sick and tired of Kentucky being labled the next big team out. Kentucky dominates ETSU and Wake Forest and they are still the next big team out. Put Kansas in that Wake Forest game, they win by 20 and, BOOM, the talking heads are labeling them the BEST team in the history of college basketball, but Kentucky does it and now we are going to struggle with Cornell???? Give me a damn break! ITS CORNELL!!! UK by 20! Go BBN!!!

  47. MoonDog

    You should not have listed his email address. The only thing that can happen is a bunch of idiot fans sending hateful emails that only reinforces how ridiculous some of our fans can be.

    That being said Dan is a tool.

  48. Tony Spires

    Were his comments – Elitist? maybe, Northeast bias? probably, racist? I don’t see it.

  49. tzuzaki

    And what is with this Rubik’s Cube nonsense? My son can solve that thing backwards and forwards, even in different patterns on all sides, in like a minute. Seriously. And he’s not even in college. You don’t have to be a genius; you just have to have a nack for it.

  50. gay glazer

    I cannot wait till UK puts an epic display of basketball superiority on Cornell and their marry band of aspiring ponzei schemer chairman.

  51. Seth Gardner


  52. Villecat

    I am all for these dumba$$ people going against our CATS. Think it will keep them focused and wanting to prove a point and pound this team like the last 2 games!!!

  53. kempsox

    Best article you have wrote on this website, congrats.

  54. MEWH

    All writing to Ginger-boy is going to do is give him hits on his site. You said it yourself, if they were playing anyone else, you would be riding the red wave.

    This nonsense from Shaunessy is no different than Mike Wilbon. If comparing two players with a similar resumes, Wilbon always goes black, and Ginger goes white. It is what it is.

  55. Wildcat99

    Let the nation talk bad about our boys and we will see what happens on the court!!! To the CATS no worries BBN has your back!

  56. Aaron


    I am a multi-daily reader and I love the site. This is easily my favorite serious commentary you have ever posted. I appreciate the daily Patrick Patterson praise and the valuable insight, but more than that I appreciate the way you represent those of us who aren’t “worthy” enough to merit the approval of the mainstream media. Keep it up man…

  57. stonystonestone

    What the frick is the big deal about the rubiks cube crap? Woopty fricking doo. I can do it quicker than 3 minutes and I’m a UK graduate not a Cornell douche bag. Guess that makes me a freakin genius. Suck on that Cornell and your high dollar education. You don’t need Ivy League education to figure out that dumb cube. Sorry I am venting a bit but that is simply retarded.

  58. 333

    Dan Shaughnessy is a self-absorbed elitist lefty commie who is so disliked in his home area that the Boston Red Sox players refer to him as “curly headed boyfriend”.

    When you read garbage like this, consider the source.

  59. dan angel

    I’m wondering where the racist part is? I clearly see elitist but not racism. Matt can you please post what he said racist? Otherwise why would I waste my time e-mailing him to complain?

  60. MattJonesJr

    Well written response, Matt. It actually prompted me to write this post (my first ever comment here) and express how impressed I am. Kudos!

  61. Andrew

    kudos Matt, nice write-up, but not sure it has everything to do with the ‘race’ card. But yes, the whole ‘brains’ vs. ‘braun’ card has already been brought up and I can’t wait until Kentucky knocks the snot out of Cornell to make all these clowns shut up.

    Another thing. Is it even remotely possible that we’ll find a national columnist praising what Kentucky has done? If so, I have yet to find it!

  62. expatkyfan

    Exactly Matt. Pulling for Cornell because they are the “underdog good guys”? Please. I’m sure the players themselves are nice, but this guy’s attiude-we see for what it really is. Cornell may have the underdog status for this game, but they have had the advantage in everything else.

  63. bill

    not being racist….dont assume that… bothers me

  64. UK81

    Maybe the Cornell graduates can get a job at Dunder Mifflin Paper Company.

  65. buk

    34) He would have kept him, because he would have been a senior. Calipari kept all seniors. (Harris, stevenson)

  66. jos3f

    Damn MATT, I praise you for this article…some of the best observation regarding a
    ‘talking heads’ ridiculous comments and what he means behind him, SHAME on that bastard!
    I admire Cornell’s run but to demonize or make Kentucky look like the bad guys or look like
    lesser beings as people from that POV of a class structure…that totally ticks me off….

    GO CATS!

    KENTUCKY WILDCATS 2010 = # 1

  67. BigBlueLush

    Yankees Suck.

  68. HoboKat

    I didnt read as much into that story as you did Matt.

  69. That's what She

    Good job Smallville.

    About time you put on your blue and red tights.

  70. Jake73

    Outstanding post, Matt.

  71. Big Blue in Nash

    I did not see the racist slant. You said he could have picked Northern Iowa, Butler, St. Mary’s, but there are all predomintely white as well. So chances are you would be making the same argument, different team. Elitest, definitely. I would be careful throwing around race cards though.

  72. MEWH

    I’d like everyone to think back to what they thought of Memphis’ roster from the past 5 years. Everyone of us(me included) said they were a bunch of punk/thugs. If Cal had stayed at Memphis we’d be calling Cousins a thug. If Bledsoe was playing for Florida, and got in our 2-guard’s face in the first minute of the game, we’d call him a punk. It all revolves around what team you root for, and how much you allow yourself to justify in your mind.

    Headbands might have well meant a player was a convict to UK fans before this year.

  73. RC

    21. I agree

  74. Bigbluecalizone

    It is well documented that the kid has never solved the rubics cube with a basketball stuck up his a$$, which is likely to happen at least once tomorrow night. And by the way, that has to be the dorkiest looking sombich in this pic that I have ever witnessed, and I have witnessed some dorky sombichs.

  75. kept coury?

    66) And galloway? May have been a transfer but was still a senior. I don’t see it, it would have been a waste of space on the roster

  76. jos3f

    COLUMNS AND THEIR GREAT “INSIGHT”………they’re just haters…..jealous of how amazing
    our program is and how amazing our players are…AS BASKETBALL PHENOMS and HUMAN BEINGS.

    GO CATS!

  77. Rondodo

    All in all when it comes to serious writing, this was probably your best post in recent memory. Bravo Matt, bravo.

  78. Jason

    No one from Cornell punched a teacher in the face in high school. That’s the difference. Not the color of their skin.

  79. Bigbluecalizone

    Sombich looks like Don Imus’ illigitimate son.

  80. Someone, please punch me in the face

    I am tired of hearing this “Coury was a starter at UK” nonsense. Face the facts, Coury should have never touched the floor at UK. I am not so sure that Coury should even be in playing D-I period. I am sick of hearing about Coury!

  81. blue-tinted reality

    Does anyone else think that Shaughnessy looks like the love child of Will Ferrell and John C. McGinley from Scrubs?

  82. howdyduty

    21.) I also agree. While there are definitely views like the one Matt explodes on (insert sex joke), this guy does nothing but make himself look stupid without bringing race into the picture. Maybe you linked the wrong article? I still love you and the site though!!

    Go CATS!!

  83. catfanatic

    solving a rubiks cube in under 3 minutes will definitely have that player prepared for Kentuckys offense..LOL! besides, that’s not even impressive..I seen ppl solve that thing in like 6 seconds

  84. Jon

    I can solve a Rubik’s cube in well under 3 minutes…and trust me, I’m not that smart. Shaughnessy is Carrot Top’s dad.

  85. GO_UK!

    Come on Matt…the article is not racist. I don’t agree w/ what Dan is saying (rightfully so since I am a UK fan), but it doesn’t have a racist tone to it. Stop reaching for something that isn’t there.

  86. UK81

    If the NCAA tournament had 64 Cornells each year, it would become irrelevant. Face fact, Kentucky and the other basketball royalties are what drive college basketball. I wonder what the TV ratings of a January Cornell vs Harvard game would be like on national TV.

  87. Bigbluecatfan

    Matt, come on man, how in the world can you call one of the best and most influential writers from a liberal newspaper in the northeast, a racist and elitist. You know that is an impossibility and surely nothing could be further from the truth. You can’t be serious, you’re talking about the Boston Globe here, and you know those people are far too liberal to ever be called a racist, let alone an elitist with a holier than thou attitude to go along with a spirit of entitlement. Think about what you are writing, how could that be possible?

  88. Grrr

    Fighting back with eloquence and passion! Outstanding post!

  89. 3rex

    “You’ve called down the thunder, well now you’ve got it!
    You tell ’em I’m commin’ and HELL’S COMIN’ WITH ME!!”

  90. ctoafn

    Well said Matt. Well said.

  91. Trillium

    Great job Matt. When I was younger I always rooted for Princeton in the NCAA tournament. They were always the underdog,I liked their style of play, and the players had no scholarships (so I thought). Shortly after college and moving to New Jersey, I visited Princeton’s campus when they were playing Harvard in football. My perception of how I felt about Princeton, quickly changed. After seeing all the big time money around me, I realized these kids had it made. Their schooling is being paid for through other scholarships, grants, ect. These kids will have their sugar daddies take care of them the second they graduate. I discovered this at an early age. I guess Dan shnottsky will never discover this.

  92. Jay

    I’m not somebody to blame anybody’s problems on race, but i’ve been pretty disgusted at the racial undertones in the criticism of cousins all year. His one violent off the court incident (in high school, when he was a kid) was self defense against an abusive assistant coach. And he’s called a thug, and sportswriters talk about how likely he is to go to jail. It’s pretty messed up, especially compared with that douchebag at wake forest who refused to shake his hand and threw a fist at him in the game. I’m glad somebody called attention to that.

  93. UKcat29

    Way to go law dog…I hope you sent this or at least linked it to good ole Dan. That picture of him is awful…someone needs to put a bag over his head. I hope the players read this and destroy the “big red” more than they already are.


    Is that the guy from that movie “mask” with cher in it?

  95. ChiggityChack

    2 Things.

    1) I concur that this post was written in an exceptional manner.
    2) Does anyone else agree that Dan’s head is too large for his body? It looks like someone photoshooped it on his neck.

  96. Mack

    His “racism” is implied by his referencing the difference between Cornell’s players completing four years of hard work and then “required” to enter the tough job market and UK’s players going to a “safe” NBA lottery after only one year without the hard work. He doesn’t see this as racism because that is just the way it is and anyone who may disagree is just too stupid to understand.

  97. bmack

    Wow. You absolutely nailed it. Bravo. The subtle racism (and elitism) in all of these stories is astounding.

    As a former Kentuckian living in DC, I encounter this elitist crap from sports journalists here all the time (to be fair, Kornhiser is great, as are a few others). Just yesterday Feinstein had a column in the Post that took several below the belt jabs at UK. Of course, he also wrote an entire book on the Patriot League (probably the whitest league in American) and how those guys are the “real” college athletes. Ugh. Spare me your racist, elitist, provincial BS. They have no idea all of the great things the kids on this team have done this year off the court, not to mention the lack of off the court issues, or all of the obstacles many of these kids have had to overcome – many from poor backgrounds and/or with only one parent. Of course, they are only worthy of scorn, while the golden spoon, Exeter-set, Harvard rejects are, apparently, worthy of immense praise.

  98. Bigbluecalizone

    This is not a issue of racism,,,It’s a issue of “NERDISM” plain and simple.

  99. Rondodo

    there has to be a FAQ on cornell!!

  100. GoCats!

    Elitist, yes. Racist, no. There’s a difference!

  101. tread

    Brilliant insight. At this point I enjoy being put in the big, bad guy role. We’re relevant again in the sports universe and I’d expect nothing less that the typical east coast bias. Same batch who have been praising how great the Big East was all year while the rest of the country watched them loose out of conference match-ups and slow tempo style and wondered what the big deal was? There is a reason that the Ivy League and Basketball have been two great tastes that don’t go together. They aren’t good. One good run doesn’t make them necessarily a great team. The first weekend in the tourney is always for the little guys, the second weekend, it is time for them to go back home as underdog heroes while the big boys get ready to settle who is the national champion…this will be no different and maybe Wall or Cousins or Patterson will hire one of these Cornell grads to manage their NBA money.

  102. BluKat

    Racist? I don’t know, maybe something a law dog can see that I don’t. But I see what you are getting at and it infuriates me as well. Seems like nobody looks at it that way. Very nice, Matt.

  103. truBLU

    Man I’ve got a friend that didn’t even graduate high school that can solve the cube in under a minute no matter how you screw it up first. Its nothing but a pattern and this dude quit school in like 10th grade. Seriously. I really feel sorry for somebody that uses that example to prove his/her intelligence. Wow they’re as smart as a drop-out.

  104. hmmm

    I have to agree with the minority here….and I’m not being racist with that. But I don’t get a racist feel from the article. I’m a die hard Cat fan and expect a W on Thursday, but I wouldn’t be so quick to agree with someone on the basis that they are a blogger supporting a common affiliation.

  105. someonepissedinmywheaties

    I emailed Shaughnessy and this was his reponse: “Yahoo!”

  106. howdyduty

    Also, while they may not receive “Athletic Scholarship”, they definitely are receiving “Academic Scholarships” way far and above deserved. Happens all the time, they just can’t call them what they are.

  107. buk

    77) I’m not sure about galloway, it may have been because he was a transfer.. But Calipari openly said he was keeping all 4 year seniors because of what they have given to the program.

  108. Don't Play That Card

    I think Matt is a little quick to throw out the racist card. If Kentucky was playing South Carolina State, I think we would get many of the same type of stories. I do think that the same people who root for Duke, Phil Mickelson, and whoever is playing Serena will also root for Cornell. A little of that is the same reason most black people voted for Obama. Is it right to root or vote for someone because of race? Hell NO!
    Is it always racism, Hell no! I find it more rediculous that he roots for the “little guy” when Boston is full of big $$ sports team.

  109. Cee

    Does anyone else think that Dan’s face looks like it was created on the Wii?

  110. Poor White Boy

    What is the big deal about being able to solve a Rubik’s cube? If you can memorize some algorithms you can do it, it’s really not that hard. Not that I can do it or anything but c’mon.

  111. MH

    Matt, this was an excellant response to Shaughnessy and articles such as his. There is nothing wrong to root for Cornell, the supposed “underdog” in the game. But to turn it into something more than that is absurd. Your bringing to light the situation of Cousins, Bledsoe, and Krebs shows that this team is a collection of players who have also “beaten the odds” in a sense. That is also not to mention John Wall who had to deal with losing his father as a teenager, Daniel Orton who lost his mother last year, or Perry and Ramon who have had such a rollercoaster ride in their carrer playing for 3 different coaches. This team has a lot of character and its players have faced tougher odds off the court than on. I am very appreciative of you sticking up for the Cats and letting the national media (whom I’m sure keep tabs on this) whats up. Great work and Go Cats.

  112. UKgrad78

    Does anyone else wonder why we are always vilified by the national media for being too good. Durring the Rupp era everyone hated us and we still have to hear every year how an all african american team beat all white Kentucky. Now we are the Big Bad Blue with an all african american starting five playing and all white starting five. Ironic isn’t it.

  113. GoCats2

    absolutely excellent article. If you want proof of what a joke this Cornell bandwagon is just wait until this weekend(unless the unthinkable happens) everyone will forget about them soon. If these writers are rooting for Cornell next season then I will be wrong but you can guarantee no one will care about Cornell or even mention them next season.

  114. GtownCatFan

    Matt, thanks for the article. You nailed it! I went over to the globe and read the piece in question. I also sent Dan a little email informing him of where he went wrong. No worries though, I used proper English and no profanities! Still waiting on the response.

  115. Blueneck

    Matt, everyone knows Dan is racist. A racial breakdown of the schools and trams would have been nice.

  116. dsoco88


  117. Rondodo


    HAHAHAHAHA I would have to agree.

  118. kaycor

    Matt most times you make me laugh this time you made me cry.Great stuff

  119. dan angel

    #87………..great post!!!!!!

  120. ttcobra

    Elitist? Absolutely.
    Racist? Come on. Your inference that he is a racist is no different than those saying Kentucky fans are racist for ‘running off’ Tubby Smith.

  121. nybrasky

    Personally, I think you’re reaching a bit on this one. Duke is the most elitist school left in this tournament and you have a degree from there.

    Though if you want to get a Cornell grad all worked up, tell them that they’re a state school (since parts of it is a state school). Call it SUNY-Cornell.

    The job-market thing was ridiculous because everyone knows that a UK b’ball player who doesn’t go pro will get hooked up and the only thing deeper than Ivy League networks are Ivy League athlete networks so no one on either team is facing the realities that the regular student body is.

  122. cat fan

    Thanks for the great analysis and also for providing Dan’s email address. I definitely took advantage!

  123. dz4uk

    Dentists…who needs ’em?

  124. Forthesakeofeducation

    I feel sorry for Cornell. Regardless of what they may say, when they actually step foot on the court with Kentucky, they will already be at a deficit.

    They are going to get their 3’s, but not at a clip they are accustomed to with this defense. I seriousl doubt that they have dealt with the same overall team speed that we’ll bring to the court as well. That takes into consideration Syracuse etal…

    I would not be surprised to see the starters play sparingly due to an obnoxious lead as we have been afforded the two previous games. I really think we get ugly on them.

  125. Ryan

    I don’t really see anything racist about his article. Elitist yes, but he never once mentioned race…

  126. ME

    I too could solve a rubiks cube, but in under TWO MINUTES, I too am from Eastern Kentucky, the only difference, I COULD DO IT IN THE SEVENTH GRADE!!!! Like solving a rubiks cube nowadays is the equivalent of splitting the atom or something. There’s literally thousands of solutions on the internet, I am not impressed.

  127. calipeari

    guys the racist tone is due to the fact that he considers Cornell more “deserving” than UK. Cornell doesn’t give athletic scholarships, meaning that to play basketball there means paying tuition, fees, etc.

    here is the cost of attending Cornell last year
    2008-09 Student Budget:

    Tuition and Fees $36,504.00
    Room Fee 6,950.00
    Dining Plan 4,690.00
    Books and Supplies 740.00
    Miscellaneous 1,520.00
    Winter Break Expenses 1,462.00
    Health & Accident Insurance 1,434.00
    Transition Allowance 850.00

    Total Expenses $54,150.00

    the maximum amount of federal loans that a freshman can receive (subsidized + unsubsidized) is $5,500 per year
    Juniors and Seniors can borrow a max of $7,500

    How many people can afford to either pay or borrow the difference to pay for their son/daughter to attend this university for 4 years?

    Clearly it would be a family with significant financial resources, nothing wrong with that. Isn’t it reasonable to say that a person who happens to be born in this family got an advantage in their station in life?

    How is that any different from being born with a body like Cousins? He has a natural advantage, he was lucky to get a body that allows him to be a dominant basketball player.

    I could argue (like Matt does) that it takes more work and commitment, not to mention that there are more obstacles to be successful if you’re the athlete.

    So how can Shaughnessy claim that it’s much better to be the future Ivy Leaguer than a kid like Cousins or Bledsoe without being elitist and somewhat racist?

  128. SexnNursinHomes

    128-ummm, i don’t think you’re the real matt jones

  129. And what about...

    Haven’t read through all the comments, so if someone’s already mentioned it, pls forgive. I’d add, how many “bags of cash” did Cornell’s coach and team raise for earthquake relief in Haiti?!?! This team runs on a lot more than Shaughnessy thinks. UK may have a lovely practice facility that big money paid for, but the team as a whole unit runs on a lot of heart as well, and regardless of the PR payoff after the Haiti telethon, Coach Cal did a ton of good in both practical terms ($ for earthquake relief) and in educational terms, helping a team and their fans take a look at what’s needed outside their own personal future (“tough job market”) and how they can help.

  130. catcrawler



    For the most part a good post, BUTTTT,

    You open yourself up to criticism on a couple points. First: He got his facts wrong because Cal would have kept Coury on the team like Harrelson and Krebs? REALLY? Are you kidding? Harrelson was a scholarship player who has got some talent (he was a 4 star) and Krebs has been mentioned by the previous regime as well as this coaching staff as actually having some game. Ask Dwight Perry if Cal would be willing to keep someone around who tried hard but didn’t bring much else to the team. He cared about UK probably more than any other player, and you see how that worked out. Now I’m not faulting Cal for not bringing back walk-ons, that was his prerogative. But don’t be so quick to jump to Cal’s defense and say that he would have kept Coury…That is ridiculous.

    Are there racist undertones in this article? Yes. But playing the race card to such an extent is a bit of a stretch.

    Other than those two things, a good post.

    P.S.- I know Coury had a scholarship, but that was only AFTER he had walked on, and like Krebs now, wasn’t being used. (It wasn’t given to Krebs because he was an in-state player and also had some academic money.)

  132. C. T.

    Mr. Jones, Well done my friend. Or in the words of the ‘Nard Dog…”Nailed it!”

  133. Costanza

    Well said, Matt. Note, though, that the elitist attitudes you’re talking about really don’t prevail anymore except within older people and the ‘let’s go back to the good old days’ media like Shaughnessy. (Sidenote: Bobby Knight would be included in both categories.) There’s a lot of tension between these out of touch people and modern reality, which is that there’s more socioeconomic diversity at many schools here than in the US population as a whole. Shaughnessy is terribly out of touch because if he knew anything about reality, he’d know that the Kentucky players’ diversity, work ethic, backgrounds, and humility are now the norm rather than the exception in the places he idealizes.

  134. Enos Slaughter

    I mainly disliked the accusations of cheating in the article. If a writer has no evidence, going there only harms his credibility, not ours. Otherwise, I don’t have any more problem with this article than the normal Cornell vs. UK stuff that’s going around. I think Matt was considering the body of work by Shag-nasty when writing his take.

  135. UK2K

    130-He would’ve been a senior. Thats why

  136. GoCats!

    Ribiks cube? Anyone who knows how to use Google could learn how to solve it in under 5 minutes.

  137. nkycatfan

    Good stuff matt, I hope you emailed that to him.

  138. MattGetsUpset

    Be careful what you post! If you don’t lick Matt’s balls he will delete your post. Oops, I mean…Matt is cool. Matt, if you are reading this please disregard what I wrote earlier. Matt Jones is the best writer in our, or any, generation. Shakespeare who? Give me Matt anyday!

  139. WarBear

    Un-freaking-believable! That is like the Gettysburg Address and Constitution of comebacks! Way to represent the Commonwealth my friend.

  140. Michael Scott

    64. It’s now Sabre. Not sure about CEO’s but Cornell produces some great paper salesman

  141. mark

    Rajon Rondo.
    Boston Celtics Best Player.
    Former Kentucky point guard who left early after 2 seasons.
    Better than any player to ever come out of Cornell.
    Dan needs to get the Celtics to trade for one of those great hard working super educated (different than super intelligent) cornell boys running their team, maybe he’ll get them back to the finals?

  142. Josh

    135- See Perry, Dwight.

  143. GO_UK!

    127 – So you are saying rich people are only white? No that’s racist. Your long post holds no water to support racism.

  144. Keeping it Real

    87) Nice!!

  145. Savannah Cat

    120- Great point.

  146. tc32

    33 and 130, when Coach Cal first came here he said all seniors would be allowed to stay if they wanted to. That’s how Coury could have still been on this team.

  147. UKBlue4Life

    The quotes cited in the post dont support a claim of racism.

  148. DrPAtKY

    UofL trying to foget March Madness

    Coming to U of L Student Activities Center …

    Derek Hughes’ Theater of Magic
    Thursday, March 25th, 2010
    SAC Cafeteria (Multipurpose Room)

    You’ll be listening to one of the hottest comics ever heard. The New York Times called Derek Hughes “thoroughly entertaining!” HBO invited Derek to share his unique brand of comedy and magic with audiences at the IUS Comedy Arts Festival in Aspen, CO and his stand-up comedy has been featured on the NBC series Late Friday. Derek has consulted for magician David Blaine, has been seen on CSI: NY, appeared in the smash hit feature film Mr. Deeds with Adam Sandler and was also a writer and performer on the original MTV series Room 401. Most recently, he’s been featured on VH1’s reality series Celebracadabra, Masters of Illusion and national advertisements for SONY, Subaru, and Taco Bell.

    Don’t miss out on the most fun to be had all semester, and did we mention it’s FREE! This event is absolutely free and brought to you by your Student Activities Board!

    See you there!

    Student Activities Board

  149. UK2K

    142- Dwight Perry was a walk on Senior. He only kept scholarship seniors which is why Coury would’ve stayed. Which is also why Krebs now has a scholarship. Thank you.

  150. gunslinger

    What is that thing? Great post Matt!

  151. Taylor

    Well said!

  152. Cville Wildcat

    Here is what I sent to this idiot in an email.

    Honestly, you are taking Cornell? I will be glad when the clock strikes midnight tomorrow night with this “Big Red” team. Am I glad that they made the tournament? Yes, sure. Am I glad they made a run to the Sweet 16? Yes, sure, its made my bracket on that side near perfect. However, it will end for them around midnight…(what a coincidence) I believe you do need to take a closer look at the ENTIRE UK team. Thats exactly what they are…a team. Krebs, Harrellson (whom Cal kept along with Krebs). He actually gave Krebs a scholarship!!!! C’mon guy, this UK team is more than just 3 or 4 guys. Do you realize that there 8 & 9 guys off the bench, Stevenson & Harris, have played in the NCAA tournament? What other team can say that there 8 & 9 guys have that kind of experience? Not many. And as for a guy solving a rubiks cube in less than 3 minutes?!?!?! I know a guy that can solve one in less than a minute. Excellent reason to love the “Big Red”…don’t make me laugh.

  153. tom

    if the job market is tough for ivy league grads, think what it’s like for state university grads. that comment was pathetic. Like every player on uk’s team is going to be multi millionaires in the nba

  154. Don't Play That Card

    144-That is not racist. Get the chip off your shoulder. Most rich people are white. That is not a good thing, nor is it racist, it is fact.

  155. walldance

    Well said, Boone. I was about to write the same complaint.

  156. TheWaitFor8

    Gary Buseys lovechild

  157. Kravitz

    great article Matt. well said.

  158. ibleedblue

    Best story Ive read on this site. Goes much deeper than basketball when referring to the northeast. Why was Cole Aldrich given the Jordan protection by officials until he ran into a 7 foot white center? Why has Duke been overrated for 20 years (except 2)with almost no athleticism every year? Where is ESPN? Thats right, Connecticut.

  159. UKCatFan2010

    157.) “Most rich people are white.” REALLY? WOW!!

  160. catamongtigers

    #143 – Boone – agree with you – Matt was looking for a fight and manufactured it. I figure we just let Cal and his team do our talking for us tomorrow night…

  161. Josh

    152- As was Mark Coury…see post 131. Thanks.

  162. me

    I can solve the Rubik’s cube in 2 minutes …and I’m color blind …suck on that, Shaughnessy!!

  163. calipeari

    144- lol ok I guess your entitled to your opinion, whether or not it’s based upon fact or not. You are right that black kids also attend Cornell. There are 656 black students at Cornell, student population is 19,642. A quick jaunt to Wikipedia tells me that the average white family has a net worth that is 10 times greater than the net worth of the average white family.

    Are there rich black families? Of course. My point is that rich black families are “outliers”, and to base your argument on a statistical anomaly is rather weak.

  164. 7ukncaa


    At first I did not like the race card being played but I think you have valid points and did an excellent job of pointing out media arrogance and hypocrisy. I think people hear the word race and just assume if you are not burning a cross then you must not be a racist but in reality people may be writing with a racist or prejudice slant and not even know it or want to admit it.

    I think you hit upon an interesting topic that many schools are making fortunes off poor inner-city young athletes but their stories are rarely told and they are often labeled thugs but the media worships teams liek Duke and Cornell for squeaky clean white and black players born with silver spoons. I would ask those (like myself) that were born into families that could pay for college or encouraged their children to succeed . . . which is harder growing up and simply achieving as much as those around you in similar situations or growing up and exceeding the wildest dreams of those around you and becoming more successful than all of your childhood peers?

    Some great points. Preach on.

  165. kentuckyjoe

    YAY MATT!!!

  166. Samantha Ryan

    Cornell has a large endowment? Nice!

  167. UKGrad83

    What a ginormous douche bag. Elitism and racism, neatly packaged – thy name is Dan Shaughnessy. His accusation of non-sanctioned “invisible money” is libelous. This article belongs in the bottom of a bird cage. It’s one thing to demean an opposing team but it’s quite another to hope “Calipari and his guys take the apple”. I know it’s intended to be an allegorical comment but the reference to Dr. Heimlich changes the meaning. For shame.

  168. fearnloathing

    While I totally disagree that any person involved with UK should speak on racism (I hear our fans at Rupp call players “our boys” or “our horses” about a million times. Not to mention the N word. I could not agree more about the classism that is present here. These Ivy league D-bags will have jobs two minutes after they get out of school. I went to a small private school in KY (Centre) with lots of trust fund babies and their oft used slogan was “C’s get degrees”. They knew they were gonna work for daddy or one of his cronies and were simply worthless people for the most part. The real problem here is the Northwest bias. We should know by now that anything in the Northwest is just plain better. That is where these writers are from and they think of themselves as just better than everyone else. For proof look not further than Mr. Tony (who I love) he is an example of the East coast bias at its best.

  169. chill bro

    Hey everyone!! Don’t email him! He writes this crap so that the massive BBN will repsond this way and give his story hits/traffic/ratings whatever. If we ignore it then his POS column won’t get the intended effect. Screw him! We’ll win by 30 and shut them up until they start saying we will lose to Washington or WVU. We will kill all competition. No worries! We only have to worry about ourselves, our team, and how we want to celebrate #8!!

  170. MH

    170- I don’t think Matt is claiming that Cornell is racist, rather media heads such as this Dan guy are. Big difference in the argument.

  171. I'm Just Sayin

    170 Ooh Matt he called you “dumbo”

  172. UK2K

    166- It doesnt matter when or how he had his scholarship. The fact is that he had one. And Calipari said he was keeping all seniors on scholarship, which would include Coury, and not include Perry. Thanks.

  173. calipeari

    we are approaching Godwin’s Law in 3, 2, 1 …

  174. Southernohlawyer

    Whether or not the story had tinges of racism is one thing, but I agree with Matt that certain racial undertones were in the story. For those of you on the other side of the racist argument, this writer at the minimum did what Northeasterns do to those not fortunate enough to be born in or live in their holy land – speak down about the Southerners(although in this case the story would have been similar if Kansas played Cornell, it might even be similar if Carolina played Cornell – Duke, not so much that ought to be happy to live in the same country as people like Shaughnessy, according to him.

    Anyone who has ever spent extensive time with people from the Northeast by either living there or going to school, in my case law school, with them knows the kind of person Shaughnessy is. When you say entitled, they believe that they deserve the best coffee, the best seat, the best meal, the best place in line, solely based on where they are from and not based on how hard they had to work to get there or who was there first. They believe they know more and have better knowledge of anything based on where they are from or where they went to school. I, who graduated in the top 5 of my law school class (5th to 4 students from the Midwest and South), will never forget the looks on my northeastern classmates faces and comments I received from them the first few weeks of law school in which they learned I had received an undergraduate degree from UK (a public, state institution of all things), had attended a rural, public high school, drove a gas guzzling pickup truck and knew things about farming(of all the horrendous topics).

  175. scratchfever

    127—very well put

  176. me

    Godwin’s law
    There is a tradition in many groups that, once this occurs, that thread is over, and whoever mentioned the Nazis has automatically lost whatever argument was in progress. Godwin’s Law thus practically guarantees the existence of an upper bound on thread length in those groups. However there is also a widely- recognized codicil that any intentional triggering of Godwin’s Law in order to invoke its thread-ending effects will be unsuccessful.

    173-You ruined it by mentioning Godwins Law

  177. me

    First rule of Godwin’s Law: You DO NOT talk about Godwin’s Law

  178. Joe

    170- Wow. That is impressive. If anybody had suggested that Cornell University was racist, that would be an excellent argument. But they didn’t. And it isn’t. READ THE DAMN POST before you criticize it.

  179. K Rock

    Dude, you nailed it. Thank you.

  180. Joe

    Oops, then 170 disappeared. Oh well.

  181. David

    I’m in a time crunch and can’t comment at length except to say bravo! Matt. This sort of attitude has infuriated me for years.

  182. Joe

    I also did want to ask if Cornell’s population is (as the poster claimed) 45% white, 5.3% black and 3.5% multi-racial, what is the rest? Is it 46% Asian? Or Eskimo? No wait, Hispanic?

  183. Nick

    Jones, ripping it up today! Well said Matt.

  184. UKCatFan2010

    Two Famous Cornell Alums: Ann Coulter and Keith Olbermann

  185. Hunter

    It isn’t accurate to say that all the black students at Cornell are rich. The vast majority of Cornell’s students receive financial aid, mostly from the university itself, since another poster correctly pointed out that federal financial aid wouldn’t come close to covering the cost of tuition at Cornell.

    Another poster is correct, that Cornell is NY’s land grant university, which means NY residents can attend certain schools at a significant tuition discount. It is true that the other Ivy League schools give Cornell sh*t about this fact.

  186. Uncle Bob

    Just…….. Damn!

  187. Justin

    Boone – you do realize that the Northeaster writer wrote this first? He is allowed to make accusations, claims and belittle UK players (like they wont be struggling or havent struggled through this economy), but it is not ok for KY writer to take a stance for UK?

    You dont sound like a UK fan or a supporter of “all that is UK”. We support our player, coaches, admin and fans, thats what we do. We dont fold and let Northeastern writers continue to paint this negative picture of our players just because they are good at basketball and will be playing in the NBA.

    What Matt wrote is exactly what needed to be said…these trust fund babies dont need the pity (and that is all they receiving from the national media). Once the game is over, they will all go jump in their BMWs and beg daddy for a brand new boat sp they can head out on spring break.

    This same picture he painted for Cornell players can also be painted for Krebs, Stevenson and Harris.

  188. Hunter


    The hispanic population is marginally larger than the black population. Asians make up about 15% of the student population. The rest of mixed race or didn’t report.

  189. ted

    racists, porn stars, thugs, and turks – what’s this site coming too?

  190. Joe

    Yeah, Hunter, I am impressed. In-state students of certain colleges pay ONLY $21,814 per year in tuition. I’m sure that there are tons of folks from New York’s ghettos who drop the $100K plus investment.

  191. bhtxcatfan

    74 nice line. That was funny.

    ”It is well documented that the kid has never solved the rubics cube with a basketball stuck up his a$$, which is likely to happen at least once tomorrow night”

  192. Coleman Gaines

    Ah, Boston! The land of the bean and the cod. Where the Cabots speak only the Lodges and the Lodges speak only to God.

  193. Mojo Wilkins

    I see the elitism, but racism? Nah. That’s just how preppy boy mo-fo’s are. Doesn’t make ’em racist.

  194. Jon

    You make some good points about elitism, but I don’t think he inserted race into his argument. And to be fair, Shaughnessy doesn’t have a history of making racist allegations. Elitist, yes. Racist, no. And like you said early in your column, I have gotten used to Kentucky and Cal being the target of everything from ridicule to false accusations. Also, when you respond like this and drive traffic to him, that’s part of what he’s paid to do with his column. But good call, this is worth a discussion topic.
    Go Big Blue!

  195. Gaytor Hater

    Matt, it’s counter-productive to even worry about these goons. Even though they say things from time to time that are just on another level of ridiculousness, it’s just not worth the time to even care. Linking the story is only going to give him hits which is exactly why they write it. They know how to push a Wildcat fan’s buttons. We just have to have the sense not to care. I mean, if you think him bashing our beloved program is bad just look at the dude. We can shrug off his baseless rant. He can’t shrug off fugly.

  196. BigBlue1976
  197. BillC

    Matt, you made some wonderful points about the difficulties that players like Cousins and Bledsoe have to overcome to get where they are, but I do NOT see racism in Shaughnessy’s column, subtle or overt. In fact, on March 15, in Sports Illustrated, he wrote:

    “We have no idea who is going to win the men’s tournament.

    Kansas, Duke and Syracuse can certainly play with Kentucky (my pick) and there’s usually a mystery guest in the Final Four.

    There’s no mystery on the women’s side. UConn is going to win.”

    Why wouldn’t he be rooting for the regional David against the mighty (and out of area) Goliath? Granted, he takes the requisite cheap shots at Coach Cal and all the vaunted UK money, though somehow manages to miss that $5 Billion Cornell endowment vs. about $800 m for UK. The institutions serve 2 quite different educational functions, but for him to try to paint Cornell as some Sister of the Poor is ludicrous.

    Nonetheless, you could have saved the race card for a better target.

  198. Onions McOnion

    Racist smell like 3 day old ONIONS.

  199. Justin

    193, donmat – picking Cornell is a lot different than trying to make them into the “pity” team. Why has noone in KY written about what the average income of Cornell student’s parents are? Then compare that to the diversity of the UK basketball team…I mean, John Wall’s father passed at an early age, but he gets no passes (instead he is judged because he is good at basketball). Get real, this Cornell team has been given every tool in life to succeed (money, money, money), unlike the large majority of our players!

  200. Campbell's Soup Kid

    “the racist and elitist nature of the Northeastern sports writer.”

    There are some valid points in your argument, but to assert that every sports-writer in the northeast has a racist and elitist nature damages your point. It would take no great effort to find many writers from that area whose very natures don’t lead them to be racist or elitist. It’s sloppy on your part.

  201. catfever

    Right on sir!

  202. calipeari

    201- really? you really believe this?

    Wake Forests center Chas is described as “chippy” and “emotional” by the media, Cousins is “thuggish”, you even used the term yourself. Do you really think this is fair?

  203. KentuckyHouse

    To those of you who can’t see the racist slant to Shaughnessy’s piece…that’s because those who practice it can’t see it. Open your eyes.

  204. Phat Jones

    Matt did you delete Boone’s post just because he disagreed with you? He made some excellent points. Shame on you if you nuked it.

  205. uk3

    Cornell is more than welcome to spend some of their billions on a new arena, premier coach, etc. They don’t get sympathy for not having long term success in athletics when it’s clearly not a priority. Also, the job market is tough, but so is succeeding the nba.

  206. BobbyBlue

    I read this site at least once daily,but I wouldn’t say I’m much of a Matt Jones,fan. This blog,to me,is the best writing he has ever done–Right on !!!

  207. Big Willy Style

    I really,really love this site. Matt you’re a God.

  208. JaredCarterIsMyHomeboy

    Touching article and it makes me proud to be a UK fan.

  209. @ Ketucky House

    Care to explain why you believe that the article in question is racist? You didn’t have any trouble making generalizations about other people, but I bet you will find it difficult to give us an explanation of the racism you find in the article (that’s because there is none, which I guess makes me racist).

  210. Mike70

    Yes, there is a subtle racist message there. If Duke was playing Cornell would you see the same sort of column or where were these comments before playing Wisconin? The answer is no and there were none. I totally get the “underdog” angle but there is an obviously a feeling that goes beyond elitism thst the Cornell kids are just so gosh darn smart and the Kentucky kids can’t spell their name. I have a sneaking suspicion that the reason Cornell’s “smarts” was a non-issue against Wisconsin or probably against Duke is race.

    Basketball just came naturally to Cousins and Bledsoe like in the movie “Airplane” when Ted Stryker was doing Peace Corps work in Africa and just rolled out the basketballs whereas the poor Cornell kids had to squeeze it in between cello lessons, tennis practice and polo. Our guys are just too stupid to be on a college campus, the Cornell kids are much more worthy.

    Look at Demarcus Cousins, you constantly hear the “thug” word or his “temper”. If Demarcus was white he’d be “tough-nosed”, or “hard working” or “blue collar”.

  211. Blasphemy

    Rip this asshole a new one Matt. Go Jones!

  212. Quillanddagger


    I am not disagreeing that there might be something amis with the article. It’s just really funny to see UK fans claiming racism given the whole Rupp thing. That is the part that gets me.


  213. Justin

    Mike – awesome post!

  214. Bill's Alter Ego

    203, Not the point of the article or Matt’s response. Climb out of the past. He is addressing the writer’s words and their implications, not attacking Cornell as an institution, or it’s students. You’re trying to win a gun fight with a knife.

  215. @ Mike70

    You haven’t defended your viewpoint that racism can be found in the article. You’ve written a whole new article completely separate from the one in question…

  216. UKCatFan2010

    HAHAHA! Matt, you are really pissing off some Cornell fans by deleting their comments. Keep up the good work.

  217. Justin

    214 – that was 50 years ago. This article is talking about in today’s society.

  218. repost

    My favorite comment on the article:

    “Ah yes. Illustrated by the bloviating that is all too apparent in this article it is painfully obvious that the author is at a crucial turning point in his life.

    Kind sir, the point has been reached where you must calmly look at yourself in the mirror, sit down the shiny glass containing the Ivy League koolaid that has oh so blatantly poisoned your very soul, hindering your ability to rationalize. You must calmly gaze at your reflection and loosen the knot in the Ralph Lauren sweater tied all too tightly around your neck, reducing the oxygen level reaching your jaded brain. The time has come to slowly remove your nifty Oliver Peoples sunglasses and stare back at the figure sitting before you in that very mirror and face reality.

    Reality is the fact that in less than 48 hours an insitution of academia whose alumni snarl at the notion of being seen behind the wheel of anything less than an S-class Mercedes Benz will face an athletic machine whose efficacy rivals that of the most notorious weapons of mass destruction ever unleashed.

    Peer down at your Rolexes, dear Cornellia, and forever etch 9:57pm, March 25th, 2010 in your Perrier-poisoned minds as it is the time in which your basketball program meets its untimely demise. Hell shall be unleashed upon the tanned, tone, Benetton clad bodies of your student athletes. There shall be no escape.

    Certain NCAA death shall be spread throughout your program in lightning-like fashion in the form of an elite head coach donning an Armani suit and his five hellish henchmen who have one thought in their minds: havoc must ensue.

    Long dead shall be the dreams of dear Mark Coury, his 4.0 GPA now overshadowed by a far superior athlete with an equally impressive 3.7, a bachelors’ degree earned in a mere 3 years and skills on the basketball court that Mr. Coury often dreamt about during his tenure at UK. Mr. Coury, do you remember the name Patrick Patterson?

    Forty minutes later, all that will be left are the shredded dreams (and sweater vests) of a student body of gelatenous parasites feeding off Daddy’s trust fund, clinging to hopes that their beloved team had a prayer.

    Mass is over. Church is dismissed. Your prayers shall be unanswered. John Wall and DeMarcus Cousins thank you for attending this sermon. Jesus Saves. UK doesn’t.

    In closing, we wish you the best. Come dressed for the occasion, please? Press your best pair of slacks. Polish the Bruno Magli loafers and leave the Dr. Martens in the closet. Wax the Benz. Show up looking your best and pay respect to your beloved team. It’s the least you can do.

    Good day. Good luck. Oh, and last but not least, may God have mercy on your narcissistic souls ;)”

  219. Justin

    223 – 7.5% of Kentuckians are Black, while US 12.3% are balck.

    Maybe that explains the decrease?

  220. catcrawler

    Yea, what #228 said. Relax Matt, go get laid or something.

  221. Ben

    He looks like a gay-boy with nothing better to do than spew garbage. Another waisted life. He can always go work for Obama!

  222. Bergs

    @210: He didnt say the university was racist, read the article

  223. Nate

    13 Joe- “I also find it to be wonderful sociological progress that a group of Kentuckians are rooting hard for a group of five African-Americans to thump a team of pasty white boys…..Ah Boston, the place that makes Mississippi and Alabama look progressive on race relations.” Joe that response was racist in itself. You are an idiot. I agree with Matt to a degree but I think his response was a little over the top and he’s reading a little too deep into this. We don’t know for sure the background of these Cornell players. Most of them are probably from wealthy backgrounds but don’t act like because they have money they didn’t have to work as hard on the court to get where they are today. Also Matt, don’t delete other peoples’ posts. That’s one of Marc Maggard’s annoying trademarks and it also shows a degree of insecurity.

  224. MoonDog

    You are a FOOL if you EMAIL Dan and give him hell. It just reinforces stereotypes…just get over yourselves. Not everyone bows at the throne that is UK.

  225. Justin

    So boone, you are in favor of Cornell using the “pity” card just because they are bunch of rich white kids? Why is Cousins never seen as the victim in any of the national media stories. Instead, they are making the “rich white” kids out to be victims in the NCAA society.

  226. redgiant

    sorry thats not profanity thats passion

  227. Bluekz

    I love you Matt. LOVE. YOU.

  228. big blue
  229. ukfanjames

    matt jones, you are the man

  230. ksr follower

    I’m a huge fan of KSR and agree with many of your thoughts in the post, but it appears in this situation that you might have jumped the gun on shaughnessy’s elitist/racist beliefs. Do you have other historical evidence of shaughnessy’s racist tendancies? I would probably tend to agree with you if there has been an extensive record of other racist comments, but to read this one article in particular and to conclude that he’s being racist is probably a bit of a stretch to say the least. I think we’re all a bit sensitive to anti-UK articles this week since the rest of the country is going to be rooting for Cornell tomorrow night. If they were playing any other team, I’d be rooting for them as well.

  231. Perfect Patterson

    The rubik’s cube comment is the best! ahahah
    Do people not understand that when you buy a rubik’s cube it comes with the instructions, step by step, on how to solve it? It would take 1 hour (max) of memorizing the instructions of a rubik’s cube for ANY PERSON IN THE WORLD (you don’t even have to be able to read, just tell which color is which) to be able to solve it in 3 minutes.
    And, if Chemerinski is so smart why the hell is he studying Agriculture? Oh wait you have to be genius to do that….NOTTTT

  232. shankappotomus

    There’s a reason he’s known as ‘the shank’ in Boston…the good doctor’s long-lost man-love…

  233. Southernohlawyer

    So I’m still waiting on a hearing at the courthouse. Going on for two hours now. Thank god for the internet. Anyway, I read the Forde article. Not as bad as most of his stuff about us. Outside of our fanbase, we are the anti-favorite. That’s O.K.

    This article on the other hand really pissed me off.

    Cornell can’t afford a media guide? Bull honkey.

  234. Kevin Jones

    230 – Don’t disagree with Matt, your comment will be deleted. I have had my comment deleted by simply disagreeing with him. I also read several well thought out posts that were in no way rude or derogatory, that were deleted as well. Matt puts up Shaughnessy’s email address so people can write him disagreeing with him, but try to do the same thing in the comment section and you will be beheaded.

  235. NCAA compliance Office

    How did Cal get all those think tanks eligible? Just listen to Wall and Bledsoe try to string a sentence together. It’s obvious neither can read.

  236. pico

    I haven’t read all the comments. But I think you’re off base here. If you look at the message boards for most non-Kentucky schools – especially those who want a coaching change – you will see the same “they play the right way” soft racism that you read from Shaughnessy. Or any older writer. I agree that it’s a curious thing to say, but it certainly isn’t peculiar to the northeast.

    It’s just a hard reaction (and hatred of) the favorite to win the national champion; the UK guys look like no one much of the ticket-buying public knows, while Cornell looks like the kids who become their pissant bosses.

  237. Billy

    40- because John Wall doesn’t have a 4.0 gpa.

  238. Billy

    Matt, you’ve clearly just been wanting to say this for awhile and so you blast off on what was actually a good story. Quit whining and realize that UK vs. Cornell is a great storyline that people are going to write about!

  239. Justin

    NCAA compliance…because they have cameras in their face and they are 19 years old. If they put you on ESPN you would piss yourself!

  240. 4U2NV

    214 Quil,

    you yourself make some good points, however people love to pull out the Rupp/Racist thing, you do realize that it was over 50 years ago correct? I am not excusing anything just saying that it was long ago in a time where much of White America was brought up racist. This kind of elitist and yes, slightly racist behavior is coming from someone in 2010….

  241. 4U2NV

    err 212 ^^^ or whatever it will be in a few min.

  242. scutaro

    Jones you sound Jesse Jackson/Al Sharpton.

    Normally, I’m with you. You’re on your own on this one.

  243. Joe

    223. WHAT? I’m racist, because I think it’s good that Kentucky has come along to a point when people root for their ‘Cats, regardless of what color they are? Please, explain to me how exactly that makes me racist? Should I yearn for our fan base to be embittered that we play African-American players? I’m confused on this one.

  244. robby

    i hope we reach a day were racism is a word that most people dont even know….i hate to even hear the word mentioned…..I seriously can’t believe it’s still an issue in America!…having said that, i didn’t however see any racist comments in that article.

  245. Mack

    Porn Lawyers shocked by the portrayal of their clients or Northeast Elitists shocked they are considered racist, which to select.

  246. Indycatfan

    Living in New England (Springfield Mass.) while in the AF taught me two things (1) in south Boston you’d best have that “Bastin Accent” otherwise you’ll be fighting all night. (2) They think anywhere else in the United States if not born in the “Bastin airier” you’re concidered to be ignorant, and extreamly common among them, and you should always want to be a part of whatever or whoever lives there……..GO CATS!!!!!!!!

  247. UkFan

    Just cause it was 40 years ago doesn’t mean it can’t be brought up. When you live in glass houses don’t throw stones. UK doesn’t have a sterling history on this particular point. Part of the reason I bring it up is I keep seeing comments about those “rich white kids” from Cornell. That is just as ignorant a statement as what everyone is complaining about. 60% of all Cornell students are on university provided financial aid. The school practices need blind admissions, meaning they don’t take a student’s ability to pay for tuition into admissions decisions. Most of the people I personally knew at Cornell came from working class/middle class background. Yeah, there were rich kids from Andover, Choate, etc., but most of the kids were just overachievers trying to better themselves. The notion that the Ivy League is full of rich kids who are legacies, many of whom lack the academic talents to be there is from a bygone era. If you conjure up stereotypes from 50 years ago about the Ivy League, then you can’t really complain when people bring up UK’s past.

  248. UkFan

    Well, I have to agree that in my opinion Boston folk aren’t particularly pleasant or enjoyable to be around. Just keep in mind that there isn’t much of a historical connection between Boston and Cornell. We’re not taking responsibility for anything a South Boston resident says or does.

  249. TulsaCat

    One of your better posts, Mr. Jones.

  250. mr monkeybottoms

    Matt, this is the best post I have read all year.