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The Hall Of Fame Tipoff Classic’s Monday News and Views


In 1891, when James Naismith first instructed his Springfield students to throw a soccer ball into peach baskets to avoid going out into the harsh New England winter, he had know idea that a tournament would one day be played in his honor. But, this past weekend, some 120 years after the invention of the game, one of the best basketball teams in the country and some mediocre ones gathered in Uncasville, Connecticut for the Naismith Memorial Hall of Fame Tip-off Classic. Those who witnessed the event called it the most exciting thing that has gone on in Uncasville since Tim McGraw played back-to-back shows over the summer. Literally hundreds of people – including Rajon Rondo, Worldwide Wes, Dan Issel, Andy Katz, and the Petersons from Shelbyville – packed the Mohegan Sun Arena for the final two rounds of the eight-team tournament. Sunday’s championship game pitted the No. 2 ranked Kentucky Wildcats and the Elder Dominions. It was a close battle for most of the contest but the Wildcats claimed the title in the end. The championship was also a moral victory for Kentucky head coach John Calipari, who finally silenced those critics who said he would never win one with one-and-dones. Well, Calipari haters, this tiny glass trophy is for you.

To your News and Views…

— Obviously, the story of the weekend was Kentucky’s successful run through the Hall of Fame Tip-Off Classic. Saturday’s game was the much more enjoyable game to watch of the two, but both were good games for the Cats going forward. Kentucky ran through Penn State with ease in the first game with 26 points from Doron “Nappy Boy” Lamb and another 19 from one half of the White Boy Academy, Kyle Wiltjer. The Cats showed their unselfishness with 19 assists on 28 field goals while knocking down 50% of their three-point attempts.

— The second game, however, was a whole ‘nother story. Kentucky struggled throughout against Old Dominion on Sunday, failing to really establish a comfortable lead until late in the game. The Monarchs led through most of the first half while Kentucky fans – and John Calipari – ripped their hair out watching Marquis Teague handle the ball. It seemed like the Kentucky point guard turned the ball over every single time he touched it. The box score credits Teague for six turnovers but there were plenty of times he lost control of the ball but was fortunate enough to have a teammate track it down. After the game, Calipari said his team played a “loop”, which is a zone offense that UK hasn’t used before. That could explain Teague’s struggles and the team’s 21 turnovers in the game.

— Another thing this team is going to have to work on going forward is their attitudes. I’ll be honest, I can’t stand Terrence Jones when he flexes and stares down defenders after a made basket. Doing it once or twice a game is great — no one loves trash talking more than me — but Jones does it entirely too much. Take your points and get back on defense. You’re supposed to be dominating these guys. That, and the jawing that led to the technical foul was completely uncalled for and 100% Jones’s fault. We don’t need that. Same goes for Marquis Teague a couple plays later, although he was provoked. It’s okay to be cocky, but don’t be thugs about it. John Wall was cocky with that “You Can’t Stop Me” smile on his face. That’s what we want to see, not what we saw on Sunday. (Now go kill me in the comments section.)

— I think it’s safe to say that the outcome of the game would’ve been different without Darius Miller. He played great on both ends of the floor and he was the glue that held everyone together when it was getting ugly. Darius finished with 13 points, five assists, and four rebounds in 28 minutes and played his role as leader perfectly. I hate to see him not in the starting five as a senior, but it might be the best place for him. He’s exactly what this young team needs coming off the bench. He’ll get his minutes either way.

— It wasn’t all basketball this weekend for Kentucky, the Cats played a solid game down in Athens too. Kentucky entered its game against Georgia as a 31-point underdog against the Bulldogs and had a realistic shot of winning until a late fumble by Max Smith at the Kentucky 10. Georgia would score three plays later to make it 19-10, the way it would end. Take away that fumble and Ashely Lowery’s fumble before the half, and 10 free points come off the board for Georgia and we could be looking at a different outcome. But like someone in the comments section said, if Grandma had a penis she’d be Grandpa. If, if, if.

— The loss to Georgia ruins any hopes for a bowl game for the Cats. That means this Saturday’s game against Tennessee is the bowl game. We’ve said it every November for the last five years, but I honestly think Kentucky has a chance. Unlike previous years when we’ve said Kentucky is good enough to compete, I think Tennessee is bad enough to suck with us. Tyler Bray coming back is huge for the Volunteers, though. #BeatTennessee

— Has there been a better weekend in college football…ever? Four of the nation’s Top 10 teams lost over the weekend in four of the most exciting games we’ve seen all season. Iowa State pulled off an enormous comeback to beat No. 2 Oklahoma State in double overtime on Friday; USC fought off an incredible comeback by Oregon to take down the No. 4 Ducks in Eugene; No. 5 Oklahoma learned that Baylor’s RG-III is the real deal; and No. 7 Clemson, well, they got spanked by NC State. It all helps set up that LSU-Alabama rematch for the National Championship that everyone wants to see. It also means that Monday’s top three teams in the country all come from the SEC West.

— There is a video from the Tennessee locker room that tells the story of how the Vols football program has fallen. The video has been pulled from YouTube but I was lucky enough to catch it before it disappeared. It was taken in the Tennessee locker room right after the win over Vandy and the players are going absolutely crazy. You’d think they just won the National Championship by the way they’re acting. They are throwing Derek Dooley in the air (seriously) and carrying him around on their shoulders. Some of the players look like they’re crying. After a few minutes of celebration, Dooley silences his team and yells, “The one thing Tennessee always does is kicks the s— out of Vanderbilt.” Then they all sing some song in unison about being better than Vanderbilt. Vanderbilt. Yes, that’s right, Vanderbilt. They’re celebrating a win over Vanderbilt. I wish you could see it.

****** The video resurfaced! *******

That’s all for now. Join us tomorrow morning at 9:00 AM for a great post from… wait, Bryan The Intern quit… ummm… a sub-par post from me, I guess. And as always, listen to Matt Jones on your radio boxes at 10:00 AM.

Take Care.

Article written by Drew Franklin

I can recite every line from Forrest Gump, blindfolded. Follow me on Twitter: @DrewFranklinKSR

198 responses to “The Hall Of Fame Tipoff Classic’s Monday News and Views”

  1. cats

    Cal and terrence jones’ face say “no one gives a f*** about the hall of fame tipoff classic. We want a national title.”

  2. hersheyisabear

    They don’t look too happy.

  3. Bunge

    Is that guy presenting the trophy Billy Gillespie’s long lost sober twin brother?

  4. Lex07

    I’m pretty sure that we would have celebrated a win over Vanderbilt, as well. It might be a few years.


    The expression on Cals face is priceless.

  6. The Truth

    I’m assuming that Drew was not a Demarcus Cousins fan, given that Terrence is Demarcus lite when it comes to attitude.

  7. Joker

    what’s up f@ckers? Looks like I am keeping my job. So, all of you haters can suck it!!! We almost beat UGA. We will also keep the UT game under 14. How you like me now!!!!

  8. The Truth

    7 – You suck.

  9. ukfan

    Terrence didn’t get a technical, it was the lil dude on the other team who got t’d up i thought

  10. ukfan

    i hope that matt leaves cbs and comes back to ksr full time so franklin never has to write the news and views again

  11. stevie

    I had began the season with so much hope. Now I have about a quarter of what I started with.

  12. tyson

    surely to God if we beat UT the fans won’t rush the field will they?

  13. Axe Cop

    10. Uh dude Matt left CBS several months ago.

  14. experienced

    I just want to point out that Matt said that the “thug” label was completely inappropriate and did not fit when it came to having an attitude on the court. That the word “thug” should applied when approaching the demeanor of the player on AND OFF the court. Then Drew says the the players “don’t need to be thugs.” Please don’t call our players thugs. As they are the furthest thing from it. I have some of them in classes and while they are not “proper” they sure as hell are not thugs.

  15. bsquared

    #10 umm where have you been

  16. Johnny

    11. You are a dumb ass

  17. Hero

    Bad attitudes will be the death of this team if they don’t start acting like they play for Kentucky! Teague needs to settle down as much as Jones does if not a little more. At least TJ has a year under his belt and can have a little swagger but so far Teague hasn’t shown much on the court other than a bad attitude! Several of them act as though they are on the playground somewhere…this is Div I basketball, not the back yard…act like it!

    Wall and Cousins, while they too jawed a lot, did it with pride, with tough defense and offensive skills yet to be shown by Teague…so grow up, learn your role and be a man instead of acting like you are on the playground!

    Liggins did the same last year but he did it in a way that it didn’t take away from being a Kentucky player.

  18. sunnycat

    6. Cousins DOMINATED the paint. Jones does the whole flex and stare after every basket he gets, I would like to see him do that every time he gets his shot smacked back in his face.

  19. katmandue2you

    Here’s how i feel about Terrence Jones behavior during the games…”grow the hell up and start acting and playing like the all-american you’re supposed to be”.

  20. slough foot

    I can’t wait till Terrence Jones leaves. I know he is a great player but I’d rather have a great player who isn’t a complete thug. He gives Kentucky a bad name and I would love to punch him in the face.

  21. kentuckyjoe

    My favorite ad on the site is the Road Kill Tee-shirts. Don’t know why but I just like it.

  22. sunnycat

    Drew I totally agree with Jones flexing and stare after he gets a basket. Why doesn’t he do that when he gets his shot smacked into the third row?

  23. experienced

    17- I agree with that completely. However, calling the players on the team thugs isn’t the best fit. Poor body language, bad attitude, over celebrating ( in their mean look and muscle flexing ways) are much better ways of putting it.

  24. sunnycat

    19. right on

  25. Hero

    Well, not just me I see! Jones and Teague need to grow up and play basketball. Let their actions on the court with defense and offense be their words, their actions, their attitudes…not their mouths or “flexes”!

    Teague needs to include other players in the game too…too often he works twice as hard to hit another freshmen before he’ll hit an open upper classman. Other than Jones of course but seeing how they act on the court they seem to be a lot like one another!

  26. experienced

    25- I agree, I think the thing I am most concerned with at this point is the team chemistry. I can see what you’re saying about Teague hitting a fellow freshman over a upperclassman. I feel like the team has two identities. On one hand I see the “good side” (Miller, MKG, Davis, etc), then I see the attitude side ( Jones, Teague, etc).

  27. kyrobman

    We as Kentucky fans need to be a little less critical of our players, and let Cal handle it. Unless any of you all are great coaches which I doubt. I do dislike some of the things the KIDS do but they are just that.

  28. bung

    dont let teague hold the trophy….

  29. bung

    good post drew…

  30. Sarah White

    If you will scroll to the bottom of this by Clay Travis, you will find the Derek Dooley video:

  31. Justin Timberlake

    exactly, play the game and stop with the “He who smelt it dealt it” look after every bucket.
    Be aggressive, but also smart and respectable.

  32. WKU guy

    Louisville is one win away from a BCS game, sure does suck to be a kentucky football fan.

  33. Culver

    28) LOL!

  34. Truth

    What’s wrong with flexing? I flex my 15 inch biceps all the time. I am willing to bet most of you guys are skinny little nancy boys or fat ass couch potatoes.

  35. firesomebodynow...

    Calipari looks like a younger/heavier Bo Ryan in that picture…FIRE. TOM. LEACH

  36. No smiles here

    I want to look back and enjoy this team when they win number 8. When you almost have a fight EVERY game, then maybe WE are the problem. We’re not hated by everyone because were good, we’re hated because were acting like azzholes when we make normal shots. Right now, I’m not enjoying winning as much as I should be.

  37. The Truth

    18 – It’s impossible to disapprove of Jones’ “attitude” on the court while simultaneously approving of Cousins’. If you don’t like Jones, fine. But just say you don’t like him. When you say you don’t like him because of something that you clearly didn’t mind from other players, it doesn’t ring true.

    And I loved Demarcus and Wall and like Terrence less than both. The reason is because I just don’t like his game as much as I liked theirs. But distinguishing one as “good swagger” and one as “thuggish” behavior is asinine. Wall did a lot more celebrating/showboating/posing than simply smiling.

  38. fly soup

    i didn’t know dicky v wrote for ksr

  39. Mammakin

    I was hopin tj left last year
    He is a douche and over advertised as a player

    Yeah say im wrong but watch same player as last year

    What r his skills. I mean really

    Now if he wants to score and hurry back on d like hes actually scores before then we can talk

    I was embarassed they had kentucky on thier chest

  40. mike

    I wonder why Cal dont put a stop to it, not very classy in winning.

  41. Good Lord

    If you want to be critical, fine, there was plenty to criticize today. But please stop saying you “hate” our players, Drew. You’ve been given a platform that I’m pretty sure even you would agree you don’t deserve. Please don’t abuse it. This is why Beisner is a far better blogger than you. Too bad he doesn’t post any more.

    And everybody else: chill out. They had one bad game. They’ll be fine. Think of where we were this time last year. That team made the Final Four.

  42. Odu

    U guts suck

    Unc 100
    Uk 82

  43. Roland

    It was NOT in Springfield as reported on this site.

    So much for “Breaking News”.

    The game was bizarre as 1st reported here back on Feb 18, 2011.

  44. GoCards

    Hard win against the fourth best team in….. What league is Odu in again

    Yeah my team sucks this year but yours is over advertised

  45. No smiles here

    #42…’s not about a bad game, just bad attitudes. If this was any other team in America, we would hate their guts for how they act on the court and our bloggers would be ripping them apart and making fun of their physical appearances (oh wait, our bloggers ARE making fun of our 18 year old kids physical appearances).

  46. Tbc

    Yes, yes.

  47. joe

    I remember how much i hated watching kemba walker play last year because he celebrated after everytime he scores, teague does the same thing but he sucks. at least kemba was good

  48. AshamedcatfAn

    They all looked like spoiled brats out there
    That didnt get what they wanted
    Cal u need to get these Little boys under control

  49. I'mAwesome

    Yea get back down the court and hope UNC doesnt dunk it in your face. Cal needs to stop this crap now.

  50. Tjones

    I just ate a hotdog look at me flex

  51. R U FO REALZ?

    wow, there are some mental giants on here tonight!

    I didn’t see Jones showboat much today other than a 3 goggle. the T was stupid, he went in to help Davis up and the ODU player swatted his arm.

  52. Coachplease

    Cal please ban the goggles n all that crap tell they grow up

  53. kyhank

    great post, needed to be said T.J is very hard to watch, we do not need that crap

  54. Leach

    Fire cal
    Hire joker

    And hire leach for football

  55. macon_volfan

    Drew, just FYI on the singing at the end of the video—that’s a tradition that UT has been doing for about half a century, at least. Goes back to the Neyland days. He was hired to do one thing—beat Vandy. It’s one tradition that still exists, unlike the fun “Beer Barrel” and the victory cigargs when UT beats Bama (that tradition is dead simply because the vols won’t beat bama again)

    Regarding the excitement–the Vols were 0-6 in the SEC and weren’t favored to win the game. They won on a ‘walk off’ that was almost taken from them–on senior day. I can understand their excitement. Yes, it was Vandy, but that way things have been for UT this year, you gotta start somewhere.

  56. .....

    But coach he was mean to mr and pushed my arm.

    Cal: you stop to think they were gettin in your head

    But coach theysa mean to me. I flex and all but they didnt back down
    Makeim stop coach

  57. The Truth

    You know who didn’t put up with that attitude stuff? Billy Gillispie.

  58. Jim

    TJ looks silly when he does that crap. Totally silly. Grow up.

  59. Kskywalker

    Damn one n doners

  60. Clint

    Trolls be Trollin’

  61. kentuckygentleman

    I think people need to realize these are 18-20 year old kids mostly. Think back when you were that age, I guarantee very of us didn’t act like an ass, and we weren’t kids with a major talent who were going to make millions based on that talent. Yeah, they should probably cool it, TJ and Marquis, but I think by the later in the year Cal will have this guys in rhythm and playing like a solid unit. I think everyone needs to chill.

  62. kentuckygentleman

    meant to say “very few of us didn’t like an ass”

  63. thefan

    I think today will make the players rethink on how they act, When you play the game take care of business and do your posing in the locker room, Cal needs to put a stop to it, but we have to remember they are young. Lets not put them down on their playing, they will learn and be better by March, by then they should become men.

  64. kentuckygentleman

    Oh, guess I got that right the first time, benefit of experience of a 35 year old, but give an 18 year old some leeway 🙂

  65. hey moron

    we got our asses handed to us by Vandy, its amazing how you think we are above them for some reason

  66. YouKnowImRight

    # 49– Lamb ain’t like Teague and jones. They got bad attitudes. Lamb just has swag

  67. Really,,,

    I thought someone had hijacked the blog when I connected to it this afternoon. Jones was catching hell. I think he needs to be a little less animated but I’m glad he has got his teammates backs. People calling players thugs. I know some thugs. Thugs hit you in the mouth, Posers….well they pose. Which do we have?

  68. dozercobra

    i find it funny that everyone on here is a so called kentucky fan when we are finally winning by great margins you all want to complain and the fact of the matter is that if you were a true fan you wouldnt have one ill word to say about these kids. i am willing to bet that most of you are washed-up average high school players that would have been lucky to play jv for some naia school. if you were in these young mens shoes you would have the same “swagger” or “thuggish” game. so please stop and support these young men….

  69. Computer Blue

    If only we could beat Vandy.

  70. Ares

    I don’t like the jones flex. You are there to play ball not flex. As much as I hate to say this there are several teams I don’t like where this would never happen. I really hope Cal reigns this bush league behavior in. You will not be endeared with this kind of stuff. Love Davis,Kidd-Gilchrist and Miller they let their game do the talking. Don’t really mind Lambs goggles but the other stuff needs to stop.

  71. Calipari'sInYourEar

    Does UK really have to make room for that silly trophy in their trophy cabinet?

    I say we give it back to the organizer and let them use it next year.

  72. jlove

    So how would everyone feel if we lost a few games and they stopped posing?

  73. Kige Ramsey

    Tennessee beat their in-state rival on an interception return for a touchdown in OVERTIME.

    How would UK act? How would UK act if we beat Tennessee next week?

    How would UK act if we could even beat Vandy?

    You can’t really make fun of another team when yours is worse.

    “I hate to see him not in the starting five as a senior, but it might be the best place for him. He’s exactly what this young team needs coming off the bench. He’ll get his minutes either way.”


    You don’t bring the experienced, smart, calming presence off the bench to correct the mistakes made by the reckless freshmen. Start Miller to get the bigs going and establish a lead. Bring the offensive spark (Lamb) off the bench.

  74. Anthony Davis Has A Posse

    Would anyone else like to see Lamb get the start at the point for a few games? I like Teague’s skill and athleticism, but it seems like his mistakes are the result of being a little too amped up coming out of the gate. Maybe if he could come in off the bench and not be expected to be a spark and not set the tone, he would be more comfortable.

  75. old_school

    This attitude is what I feared when Cal was hired three years ago.

    Kentucky’s program has had a few sad chapters – but we’ve never been known for having a bunch of poor-sports, thugs and showboaters. That changed the day Cal came an announced that UK was going to be an 8-month layover for spoiled 5-star recruits on their way to the NBA.

    These guys aren’t playing for Kentucky. They’re playing for a ticket to the NBA and Cal encourages it every time he says UK is a “player’s first” program.

    This is a SUPER talented team – but it’s evident we suffer at point guard. (Wall and Knight were abberations – point guards by definitions usually are best with experience.)

    We also have attitude issues – again another sign of youth.

    Opponents in the future this year will be coach to do all they can to get in Kentucky’s head – to do whatever to get under the skin of the young players and see if a punch can’t be thrown or a Techinical called.

    We’re VERY talented – but the intangibles are often overlooked – and this could be a very disappointing year for UK.

  76. Teague's Crusty Mustache

    Teague and Jones do have some punk tendancies, I’m all for “swagger” and confidence but cut the childish isht out and play basketball. This aint AAU or highschool anymore homies, time to mature a little

  77. Johnny Green

    Dont get me wrong guys. I love that we are winning…even winning ugly like today. But, it is embarrassing to see these guys act like this. I really don’t know what is up with TJ this year. Does he think that acting like that shows leadership? It can become distracting and does not create swagger. It is almost like they are trying to emulate the FAB 5 and I sure as hell don’t want that stigma.

  78. oz10

    Sometimes I feel that if we dropped a game or two to teams like ODU it bring Teague and Jones back down to Earth. I mean it’s partially our fault as the fans…treating them like gods and all. We need to hold them accountable too. Teague’s attitude in particular is pi$$ing a lot of people off. We know you can play Teague just show us and let your game do the talking. I realize he’s only a Freshman but that’s no excuse for character. You gotta play like champions to be champions and act like winners to be winners. If they were really a team…Jones and Teague would do their thing after every bucket by every teammate. When the points go on the board it’s under UK not TJ. I love this team and they have POTENTIAL to be the greatest college basketball team ever.

  79. LOL@UT

    Here is the link to the UT celebration video. Thanks for the heads up on this MATT…. This is comedic gold!!!!

  80. LOL@UT

    I mean Drew… must give credit where credit is due… haha

  81. experienced

    77- Just stop, please. If we have an Elite Eight and Final Four appearance in Cal’s first two years I could really care less. PLayers have been coming to UK predominately because of the coaches. People came to UK because Rupp was coach, people came to UK because Pitino and Smith ( until a point) were the coaches. Very few players ever came because they have always wanted to play in the white and blue. Those that have are usually Kentucky boys. in-state talent has greatly depreciated. So if I had to choose between Dakotah Euton and Jarrod Polson leading my team in the tournament or Jones and Teague leading my team into the tournament I am going to choose the latter.

  82. WKY Dude

    Good grief, as I type, there are 77 posts in this thread. I bet 30 of them are from Louisville fans. Amazing. I quite excited that UL is possibly going to a BCS Bowl. That’ll make watching them get their asses smoked even better. Have fun playing Boise State, Wisconsin, etc. You’ll see what playing against good competition is all about. It’ll also be fun to see you guys as the biggest underdogs in a bowl game. I’m guessing the line would be around 20…for a bowl game!!! LMAO!!!

  83. matt C.

    regarding the 1st championship with one and done’s…We won the maui tourney with wall and crew!

  84. Just saw it

    From what I’ve seen Terrance Jones works constantly, especially
    on defense. It seems to me he sometimes get forgotten by our
    ball handlers which reduces his individual success/attention and we
    heap the praise on scorers. To his credit he has come through
    when we really needed a score or defensive stop. He hasn’t
    sulked or quit playing just flexed some.

  85. matt C.

    86. you are mos def right!

  86. Buckets

    Saying the players are acting like thugs is racist and uncalled for, Franklin. You should be ashamed of yourself.

  87. halfcourtshots

    They did nothing to justify being called thugs. Teague didn’t even get the tech the guy on odu did.

  88. halfcourtshots

    77 is these guys didn’t care about uk they wouldn’t come back around like they do.

  89. Ohh Yeah

    They took our jobs!

  90. racerj5

    Check out the comments on the youtube video. LOL. Starts with Vandy and ends with the 2012 BCS title game. Never mind the 2012 BCS title game will be player from THIS season. Vol fans just make it too easy.

  91. bigredbleedsblue

    Hey 57, why don’t you make a fried chicken joke or a watermelon joke you racist?

  92. Johnny Green

    I feel sad that this has even been a problem. I can’t remember the last time that we have had attitudes like this on the team.

  93. Derek

    Hey here’s an idea- If you don’t like this team then stop watching the games and stop being a fan. As long as we’re winning and not in the doghouse with the NCAA WHO CARES? You want the best of the best? You’re going to have to deal with some egos. You have to remember these guys aren’t even 21- they have a lot of growing up to do.

  94. hypocrite

    so the guy who gets in an altercation with ex players from other teams decides to criticize the players from his own team for behavioral issues? Drew franklin is that kid in school that always thought he was better than he was.The one you said hello to as you walked by and he ignored you.The dude who started in the basketball team that everyone asked “why is he starting? he sucks” the guy who has a 3.1 GPA but thinks he is the smartest person in any group he is in.The guy who takes 45 minutes to gel his hair.He is that guy that had all the preppy clothes and made fun of poor kids because they weren’t wearing designer labels.Drew Franklin is Dr. Rick from the show Fired up.

  95. Johnny Green

    @95….sorry, I don’t buy that. We don’t to del with egos Ike this. It cheapens our wins. I want to win and be proud of how our guys represent UK as well. If you don’t care about how they represent us, the you are a very shallow fan.

  96. catcrawler

    NO UK player is a thug… just a bit immature at times.

  97. Culver

    88) You really need to look up the definition of the word “thug”. Race has nothing to do with the term. Heck, if Polson had been acting like Jones & Teague, then he to should be characterized as acting like a “thug”. Did Patterson ever act like a “thug”? Hell no! He’s a class act! Nothing to do with race, but with character of the individual/player. I for one agree with Drew on this. These young “adults” need to grow up!

  98. James Hetfield

    SEEK AND DESTROY Tenessee!

  99. Steve Dixx

    Trevathan has to be the best LB in the SEC, He put on a show yesterday.. #HIRELEACH #FIREJOKER #KEEPMINTER

  100. matty lite

    The look on everyone’s face seems to be “We’re supposed to be excited about beating these scrubs?” except for Wiltjer cheesin’ in the background. Cal just looks disgusted and MKG looks to be saying, “Seriously?”

  101. California

    No one wants to see an LSU-Alambama rematch. If you can’t even win your division, you shouldn’t be playing for the national title.

  102. Blueblood

    Cal will resign Dec 4

  103. Blueblood

    UNC will rub our noses in it.

  104. Kige Ramsey

    81) You are so stupid.


    Jones, Knight, Liggins. All those guys would do the stuff that suddenly makes a person a “thug.”

    I hate you guys.

  105. Buckets

    100 – Wrong. Very strong racial undertones with the word thug. You should get out more.

  106. lordy

    JJ reddick was a thug 😛 so was laettner 😛 so was the guy who broke hansboroughs nose.. so i can only come to the conclusion that duke recruits all the thugs !!

  107. Red Bird


  108. Bill

    Why don’t you Yew Kay fans just come out and say “I hate black people” because that’s pretty much what you’re saying with all of this garbage. If it was Wiltjer doing all this you would praise him.

  109. iWantToGrowUpToBeTheDrewFranklin

    Drew, I am now killing you in the comments section…

    He does need to cut down on the flexing, but I wouldn’t call it thuggish by any means.

    A lot of people put stupid comments in here about the players, don’t you realize that there is a chance they could read this? You look stupid.

  110. CD

    Now that BTI is gone can we all start saying Drew Franklin sucks? He has minimal knowledge of the actual game of basketball and isn;t that great of a writer either.

  111. Vol fan

    I like when the cats flex and pose… Makes our thug team look kewl.. Cuz we packin heat.

  112. Derek

    97- Learn how to write a sentence and then you can worry about dealing with egos. These are 19 and 20 year old kids we’re talking about. You can criticize them but please do it in a positive, constructive way. Don’t stoop to Drew Franklin’s level and label Terrence and Teague thugs because they show off and talk trash. They are young and have some learning to do. Let Coach do his job, let Drew Franklin write his poop (he will be the one in the corner by himself when we hang #8), and let the players mature before you put them down and judge them.

  113. joshua

    It makes me sad reading some of these posts. Last week we was the best thing since sliced bread but after one bad game we are a NIT team. REMEMBER FOLKS THESE GUYS ARE YOUNG. Never have I seen such hippocrites in my life. When Jones annonced he was staying I didnt see one negative post. Now he is a thug. Renaldo Sidney is a thug. Imagine having him on this team. While i dont like having players leave so soon, we need to remeber its not Cal who makes the rules. He just gets the best, thats his job. Now BBN stop this bashing of our beloved Cats and remeber who we are KENTUCKY WILDCATS the best program in the Nation. Makes me sick to see you turn coats, bet half of you have Latner jersey’s in your closet. As for me I think this team is Great and will only get better. We will have growing pains but what team with this many freshman doesnt. After we bet the Dirtybirds and play UNC in a great game, I want all of you to go look in the mirror and smack hell out of yourself and burn you BBN card cause you are not a fan jsut a BITCH!!!!! GO CATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  114. KeepingitReal

    If Teague and Jones played for the Tards, UT or Florida, thugs would be about the nicest thing most of our fans would be calling them. If you disagree, you are full of it.

  115. UKGrad99

    I’m a die hard uk fan, uk grad and season ticket holder. I cannot stand Terrence Jones. Just because you are a fan, it doesn’t mean you have to like every player. Jones has issues. He needs to just shut his mouth a play ball.

  116. jmsquared

    Great point 116, we are for the most part grown ass men on a blog at all hours telling 18 year old boys to grow up. Really guys, come on, get a grip. They need this type of game to grow up. We spend all of this time and a hell of a lot of money telling them how great they are and then get pissed off because they believe it.

  117. bluesince66

    I can not remember how many times I came to this sight and read someone defending Cousins, because someone called him a thug. Well his behavior was much more thuggish than Terrence Jones. I agree TJ over does it a little, but he also plays his tale off. I thought the refferees allowed ODU to play thug ball which lead to all the crap going on on the court. So I guess most of you just wanted our players to ask ODU to please quit hacking and undercutting us because it is really getting on my nerves. For all of you who think you need to tell Cal how to coach this team get over yourselves.

  118. bluesince66

    Oh and I forgot Drew Vandy beat us 38-7, so I think Tennessee can do whatever they please, and someone making fun of UL making a bowl game just shows how pitiful UK football has become.

  119. jch

    The one thing I take away from the UT video is, even on their shoulders, Derek Dooley still can’t touch the ceiling!

  120. SexnNursinHomes

    I love TJ’s attitude. Need more of it too. Whoop it up!!!!!

  121. i.b.poe

    Are you guys serious?!?! This is the very begining of the season and we already beat KU!!!. Relax, Cal has put a lot of pressure one TJ to be the leader of this team, so I ‘d imagine he’s trying to put some swag and toughness into his teammates. Give the guy a break. And if you’re gonna quarterback, get off your armchair. Fkn experts…

  122. Bledsoe's Biceps

    And someone won’t like Darius having a line beard. Or the way someone ties their shoes. Geez!! The crap some UK fans can complain about for 18 – 22 year old guys. Some people just have to look for ish to complain about, instead of enjoying the positives. What a miserable way to go through life.

  123. SexnNursinHomes

    125- I actually made a “Top 20 UK’s Reasons for UK Fans To Bitch and Moan” but I deleted it. Didn’t want the thin-skinned UK fans start crying over that. wah wah wah a lot of people just need to get a ride on the Whaaaaambulance. P*ssies.

  124. SexnNursinHomes

    The only viable complaint that a UK fan should have right now is our dedication to our football program.

  125. BravoBigBlue

    Drew, I oompletely agree with you on 2 fronts. 1) Kentucky Wildcats basketball doesn’t need and is not about the antics of Jones and Teague. I know both are great kids and are just showing their pride and exuberance. But stop it now. Please. 2) Darius Miller is an invaluable part of this team. By accident I think, Cal has found the perfect role for him to benefit this team most. As 6th man. He will get a lot more notice from fans and college basketball pundits if he performs at a high level in that role than he would as a starter mixed in with a bunch of talented underclassman. This is a great way for Darius to stand out. As the best 6th man in the country. He can redefine that role for the Cats.

  126. Old School sux

    Gosh, I sure do feel better since I got the all knowing Old School’s take. Glad to see you haven’t changed at all in the last three years you prick.

  127. FakeDrewFranklin

    Dickie V and I want TJ, these google things, and your skateboards off our damn lawn!

  128. Tanya

    I concur 100%. I am sick of the fighting and mouthing the whole game. We should destroy teams like ODU, just PLAY THE GAME and shut up about it. Wall talked crap, and so did Cousins, but they backed it up. What did Jones have yesterday like 6 points? All-American? I think not. Teague has a lot of growing up to do too. That being said, I am a huge UK fan, and this kind of behavior makes us look like thugs.

  129. Dorian54

    I still dont think we’ll even beat these guys they did beat vandy and that’s something we couldn’t do tenneessee is gonna beat us again:(

  130. Buford Pusser

    Bitch, bitch, bitch. Christ, this team could undefeated and y’all still find something to complain about. Either your behind the Cats or your not !

  131. Ka4uk

    I agree with the comment there is way too much trash talking going on, Cal needs to tame Teagues mouth and turnovers, at least when Knight & Wall was turning the ball over so much early in the season they was also getting you 20 a game the only thing Teague has shown is that he is fast and has a big mouth.

  132. echo1

    But….but…..but…..its Vanderbilt. That is just sad. I understand UK lost to them, and that sucks, but it is still Vanderbilt. Did Dooley give them a participation trophy too? Maybe next time, they won’t keep score so UT can always be winners.

  133. barn

    i love coach cal but old school makes valid points

  134. RidgeRunner

    Football – The kids played hard as they could. Fire Joker -period.

    Basketball – Teague is near where Knight & Wall was at the same time in the year of their seasons approximately. The “thug/pose reference” – Cuz was simular & Jones is more confident to show his side of this than he was last year. Thats why we are seeing it. Some call it “thug”, Some call it other things…but whatever, it’s not what fans normally want to see if they are honest. It gets attention and when we are winning, it gives people something to fuss about as there isn’t really anything else to spotlight. I trust in Cal and he knows what he’s doing with controlling behavior as well as getting us ready to play against teams that will zone us and be physical.

    Go Blue!

  135. minton

    THE THUG ATTITUDES ARE BECOMING EMBARASSING. How can we make fun of Louisville and Tennessee when we have a couple players doing the same thing?

  136. Geez

    Apparently none of you brain dead f**ks were alive or remember ’96. They were the best & let everybody know it.

  137. bear25

    I love Jones and his attitude and hope he continues to flex and does whatever, hes got a great killer instinct and is having fun out there, Its better than him not having an emotion at all….damn Drew you like my grandma and there is no place for that old attitude/negativity with this team

  138. GregJ

    100% agree on Jones/Teague

  139. playersfan

    Somebody needs to tell Jones and Teague, you are supposed to act like you scored before, not like it was your first basket. I hate it, no sportsmenship its no a matter of being behind the team or not, its a matter of having class which KY has always had.,

  140. markp

    Free Mike Leach!

  141. cdc_uky

    Everyone on this site (other than trolls) is behind this team. Most people just do not like bad attitudes or a player who has no class. No one knows these guys so their only impression is the way they present themselves on the court…that is why they are using the word “thugs.”

    Cal needs to reel in the celebrating a little and no one will have anything to complain about. This is not a tough fix…

  142. Jukes

    Has anyone here ever seen a Duke game? 2001 champs? ’91 and ’92 champs? Or how about UConn last year, or UNLV’s champs? John Thompson built the entire GU program on thuggish attitude. Cousins displayed more attitude in any one game than these guys have shown collectively this year. Please relax – our team is well within the boundaries of a college b-ball team, and if Cal thinks we need a little extra attitude to see us to our potential this year, then I intend to enjoy it. Viva the Nappy Boy!

  143. derek

    I am 100% behind this team but they need to grow up(Jones, Teague). All that crap they do gets the other team fired up and then starts the extra cirricular activity. As someone mentioned just smile and have that look on your face that says you can’t stop me. This attitude is going to cost us at some point.

  144. Chase

    Could not agree more about the attitude. I cringe every time Teague does something remotely good, which is very seldom, because I anticipate a scream or a snarl. And as far as Jones goes, show me why Cal called you the best player in America before you go flexing. I hope Cal knocks some sense into him. His “friends” from high school are bringing him down.

  145. kycatfl1

    #56- Are you serious? Almost taken from them? Ref clearly blew his whistle and was waving the play dead. Should have been ruled an inadvertant whistle and play over. Tenn clearly luck to beat Vandy.

  146. GoCats2

    The only reason fans are complaining is because they are free to do it anonymously. EVERY SINGLE PERSON on here if they met Teague or Jones face to face would be gushing all over them telling them what a great job they are doing. I dont care if they do the Hulk Hogan routine and flex and hold their ear up to the crowd to hear the noise. Just keep winning. There are a few fan favorites from the past that may have been some of the most obnoxious in the world after a made basket(Antoine Walker shimmy anyone?). Andre Riddick used to a 360 after every dunk and even John Pelphrey would do a lot of screaming after a big play. Its called playing with emotion and I would not want it any other way. These are the same fans that complained because Wall didnt smile enough when he did the ‘Y” last year. Give me a break. Just enjoy the season gang, its going to be special.

  147. Salem Cat

    As hard as the team played on Saturday, did anyone really believe that this coaching staff could lead UK to victory at Athens? Does anyone really believe this coaching staff can lead them to victory over UT? Me niether. We are missing our chance to beat UT. They will be good agian soon. We may be looking at 50 in a row.

  148. RidgeRunner

    On a more sobering-note…

    All Alcoholics Anonymous Classes that were canceled over the weekend for Eddie Sutton & Bobby Knight entering the hall of fame will now reopen tonight across the country at the regular scheduled times.

    Now, continue on…

  149. horny uk fan

    #138 = tard


  150. Al's IndiCats

    Actually this is more fun than listening to a North Carolina couple on who the kids look more like Pa or his twin sister/wife. C’mon folks these are kids who just came out of high school (except for Terrence). Teague was “THE” man last year for his team, and this has to be somewhat frustrating for him because last year he’d blow by the guy guarding him. Growing pains are always disheartning. Davis and MKG are going about this as they should, by playing the game and going on with the other team blowing them ish when they had a bad play. Teague will eventually get his game together and all this crap the “TROLLS” are writting will soon cease. I agree TJ should probably need to cut down on the flexing thing, or at least when it counts to some degree like when he slams it on his defender with a foul called. WE ARE UK….

  151. John Robic's New Hair Color

    They are the number 2 team in the country and Jones is a pre-season All American candidate maybe even player of the year. 9 out of 10 people in his shoes would be doing the same thing. You all will love him to death when he does it during the UNC game. Get a life.

  152. ZZbottom

    Wow! tough crowd on this thread.

    I think you all have it wrong by saying they are acting like ‘thugs’ I think you mean children. Which I totally DISAGREE with. I would like to see a little less of it, maybe just on an amazing play or two, but it does get a little old on every dunk. Other than that….looks like we have some pretty good players and a pretty good coaching staff. Oh and some fans that are acting Childish…….

    Just my opinion though

  153. btowncatfan

    138. What we don’t have is players or former players robbing stores/individuals with automatic weapons like UT/UL.

  154. Rickey Martin

    Trust Cal. He has shown he knows how to handle his players. Give him a little time and watch what this team looks like. He is a great coach that knows how to handle stars.


  155. Marcus L. Owens

    This site is going to the dogs with so many negative comments about these young people. They are kids having fun playing ball competing, who know what the other team says to them? If it isnt one thing its another with you people always finding something to complain or cry about. Get a life, these are kids being kids if you dont like it change the channel. Who are you to call somebody a thug? Thugs dont go to college thugs dont make it to D-1. These are good kids playing hard partly to entertain your old out of touch crybaby a$$. Get a life. Go Cats!

  156. Kids need to grow up

    I agree #17. They are not acting like the “GOLD STANDARD” Calipari preaches. In both physical, competitive games – KU & ODU – they didn’t act like they’ve been there before, and Jones should know better! Yeah, Wall & Cousins had swagger, but you can’t compare – officials didn’t have to go to the monitor to review bad behavior in 2 of their first 4 games. * Hopefully they will grow up by March.

  157. Marcus L. Owens


  158. just saying

    As far as Jones and Teague, I like the fire it just needs to be contained a touch. I like the flexing and swagger, but when it comes to pushing and getting in other peoples faces on the court, thats to far.

    As far as UT celebrating a win over Vandy, didnt Vandy wax our AZZ this year. Maybe we should take games like Vandy serious enough that we should celebrate

    I HATE people that talk out of both sides of their mouth, and this site seems to have many of those

  159. CYH

    Their behavior is ridiculous and an embarrassment. I love my cats but TJ needs to get punched in his mouth.

  160. just saying

    So UL beats a HORRIBLE Kentucky team, and a handful of bad teams, and is bowl eligible?

    HEY!!! They stole Coach Brooks formula

  161. Matt

    Will you guys ever be happy??? We could go back to being waxed by VMI, Gardner-Webb, and San Diego in Rupp. We could go take Tubby back from Minnesota and recruit more players like Sheray Thomas, Shag, and Woo. I’ll continue to support my team and refuse to pick apart every little thing that I don’t like. Also, keep in mind how awful Knight looked last year at this stage. There is a lot of season left and if we’ve learned anything under Cal it’s that his players improve as the year goes on….get back to me in 2012 and tell me how much you guys hate Teague. I swear, our fan base can be the biggest bunch of babies at times. Oh, and if you guys don’t like players who have swag then you better hope Shabazz ends up out west. Kid is about as flashy as they come. If you guys want to root for a boring lifeless program then go cheer for Purdue.

  162. Eric

    Couldn’t agree with you more Drew on the flexing and smack talking. Jones is suppose to look like he’s on another level compared with the ODU players and yesterday didn’t really show it. I mean, act like you’ve been there before. The little scuffle when Davis went to the floor was really caused by Jones by barging in through the players to help Davis up. I would have pushed Jones too if he shoves me out of the way. And Teague, when you make a basket, you don’t have to yell up at the rafters and let everyone know about it. I like the enthusiasm, but you can start yelling when the basket means something, and when you have a little better game than 6 turn overs.

  163. DCFan

    Agree about the attitude. UK, historically, has always been popular with the masses (to the irk of many other storied schools), in part because the players themselves have been well-mannered both on the court and off–it’s hard not to like them. I’m not implying that these guys are not well-mannered off the court, but the court behavior is all the public sees. Again, a little humility is in order. UK basketball has always been a class act, and the team needs to uphold the school’s reputation.

  164. ndo10

    U grumpy old blue hair grey bushed old men need to just quit watchin the team since u hate everyone so bad. No one needs you clowns as fans anyways. This team will b fine without you, and don’t talk about how special this season was after we when the title, when u can’t say anything good about them now. (Flex + chest pound!!!)

  165. Dwight(the blur)Anderson

    I am 55 years old and have been a huge UK fan all of my life. One of the worst days of my life was when Issel fouled out against Jacksonville and Artis Gilmore. I used to go to bed with a clock radio and homemade stat sheets when I was a kid.

    I went to UK and MY son went to UK. I even root for the rifle team and have gone to UK softball games. I have been proud Of the University of Kentucky all my life and will be a fan all of my life.

    I must say however the flexing and thuggish attitude is chipping away at the pride. I have always thought we were just a little better than everyone else and that we did things a little different in KY. I will continue to support them and watch every game but it still hurts a little when we act this way. I know Cousins did it. I did not like it then and I did not like it when Tom Payne did it.

  166. Old Guy in Lower Arena

    Wait…I thought chemistry was supposed to be the strength of this team?

    Darius Milller needs to be the point guard or forward for this team. Teague will get it eventually, but I think it is obvious that he comes into college a bit overrated.

  167. G

    Yeah, and soon UT will be celebrating a win over a sorry a__ UK football team. Let’s see if that video gets posted on here.

  168. Lyman

    Two words….Antwon Walker!

  169. Big Blue 66

    you guys act like TJ punched him in the mouth and kicked him while he was down or something, good god, let it go. We have guys that play hard and dont take sh*t, Im glad, all of you thinking our players are acting like thugs or “chipping away at our rep” are absolutely bonkers, get a grip.

  170. Johnny Green

    Our younger generation of UK fans that are posting on here that this type of attitude is OK just exemplifies the problem. KIDS, this is not OK. It does not endear you to anyone. It cheapens our team and wins. It is not nearly as cool as you think. Do you think all of the basketball movies show thugs on the court? This isn’t the Last Boyscout. We are Kentucky. We need to act like it. We can win without it. Pounding our chest against a team that we should be destroying is actually humiliating.

  171. Woodsworth

    Why do 18-20 year olds get away with being considered “kids”. They can get married now. I’m not sure their parents would be happy about the idea of raising their children for 18 years so they can go out into the word to be kids. Delaying maturity isn’t okay just because someone has talent.

    That is besides the point. I don’t really mind them having fun. It is a game after all. I just wish they were excited in the right moments. ODU should have been an easy win. It wasn’t. UK got outplayed most of the game. Best to be humble in those moments. Still have a long season to go. Plenty of time to mature on the court.

  172. BobKnight'sAbusedChair

    The guy presenting the trophy looks like George Costanza from seinfeld, with hair.

  173. Wow..

    For the love of God…PLEASEE delete ALL comments sections from now on…and GO CATS!!

  174. Katman 2000

    Nate’s redneck trash!

  175. JD

    wow i can’t believe that you guys that are trashing these players call yourself fans….every team in the country does the same things that you are complaining about from this team. the only time that i have seen Teague celebrate or run his mouth on the floor is after an and 1 shot….what did he do against odu that was so bad? what did TJ do against odu that was so bad? i for one like the fact that this team is showing toughness and talking trash and not backing down from physical play…the team last year would have lost the game to odu because they didn’t have that toughness early in the year, and i didn’t see anyone complaining about TJ then….get over yourselves and quit criticizing these kids and just enjoy watching them play a game better than anyone on this site complaining could ever hope of….

  176. Derek

    Terrence didn’t knock anybody down, punch anybody, or step on anybody’s chest. All he did was play tough and play with emotion.

    And whoever said that about Shabazz hit the nail on the head. If you want the best then you ARE going to deal with some egos. Cal is a master at that and by the end of the season Teague will be a great player and Drew Franklin will still be the guy buying fat chicks drinks at Cheapside, then ducking out on the tab because his KSR salary couldn’t cover the bill.

  177. We are the needle

    142)You obviously didn’t watch Derek Anderson or Antoine Walker play at Kentucky. Pretty sure they didn’t just flex, but did shimmy dances.

  178. MIDDAY

    If Billy Gillespie were a mongoloid, that guy holding trophy would be that.

  179. NBA league pass

    I could only get through 50 comments. You guys are whiney crybabies. Either that or you are 60 year old men. WHO CARES if they do three goggles? All I care about is that they hit three’s!!!

    I agree with a comment I read earlier, any time you get pissed off about this years team, just watch a game from 4 years ago. We would have lost to ODU yesterday by 20. Get over it!

  180. LP

    When I read these “thug” comments, I like to read them in my head with a thick country accent and imagine the toothless redneck typing them while furiously chomping on his Redman Tobacco. Guarantee the majority of these “thug” comments come from the armpits of Ky. These are the same morons that call Oscar Combs on the Pregame show and ask questions so ignorant it makes you ashamed to be associated with them. The folks on here calling our players thugs almost assuredly live in “hollar” on the border of West Viginia and have no sense of what a “thug” truly is. Let me help you hillbillies out…. Our guys aren’t thugs. However, I agree that we could tone down the celebration after each made basket.

  181. Saul Smith


  182. insight


  183. T-Bone

    New rule: Flexing, talking smack, and “1” goggles are only allowed after MADE free throws. That should take care of the problem.

  184. just saying

    Lets be serious for a moment. Demarcus Cousins was honestly one of the biggest thugs (on the court) UK has had for a while. But, we as UK do, defended him when he slammed Swopshires head into the court, and said he was provoked. We laughed when he, allegedly, elbowed a white kid coming out of the stands after a loss to South Carolina, and we made signs for him when he was telling Miss St to “call me” after every made basket.

    Now Teague gets a technical after he was intentionally bumped in a game and simply told the guy to back the F up. And Jones flexes after a dunk, and these guys are thugs???? I am neither an old grey hair, not a young kid, I am 35 years old and was at UK during the 96-98 magical run, and if anyone wanted to see trash talking, dancing, or a take no prisoners attitude those were the guys. This team is really young, and at time gets frustrated, but “thugs”?? No where close

  185. Mrs. Masthay's BFF

    Please note Coach Cal’s dissatisfied look. Haha

  186. kingrex

    Miller needs to be on the floor. It pisses me off that we are seeing the last Kentucky kid ever who will play significant minutes under Calipari and now he will not start during his final season. Teague and Jones need to be taken down about 10 pegs. Teenagers are one of the worst things about a society. It is not their fault it is just the biology and chemistry inherent in someone 18-21. I am wondering if the Jones flex is really just so ingrained at this point that it has little to do with emotion or the moment. He sees the ball go in the basket and his muscle memory takes over and does the pose. It needs to stop. It just looks so wrong when you are doing that after scoring on Morehouse or Old Dominion. I know the NBA does not want these children in the league so young.

  187. ndo10

    173 & 174 surprised u guys can stay awake down there in the lower level long enough to see the “showboating”. Its wayyy past your 8PM bed time, remember back a few years to the BCG era and no one even had enough pride to slap there chest back then. I guess that was cool though cause we were sooooo classy. Give me a break you bums

  188. p real

    why is it that when black players show emotion they have to be called thugs??? so old and so un cool!!!

  189. Baz

    I could do without all the trash talk myself. Put the smack down on them and let that be your smack talk.

  190. gocatsno8

    hey cards fans, get off our website. no one goes onto whatever limited amounts of fan websites you have to bash them and talk crap. it’s cute how much you care about us, though. #hatazgonhate

  191. Paducah Patty

    Lamb is looking at the little white dude with the trophy saying he needs my “nappy do”.

  192. gocatsno8

    #45…you’re a moron.

  193. ukgrad2004

    If UK ends the streak on Saturday, I would expect our players to act the exact same way. Even if it is a historically bad UT team that needed Vandy to for all intents and purposes GIVE them their first league win.

  194. Jake

    One thing Tennessee always does is kick the s*** out of Kensucky. GO VOLS!!!

  195. BamaCat55

    I don’t have any problems with the 3 googles as long as it isn’t done in a taunting manner to the opposing team. The flexing, I can do without for the most part with maybe an occasional flex after a big play in a tight game.