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The GPA remains strong

After an incredible academic career at the prestigious Pine Crest School, there were concerns that a first semester dose of famous freshman courses like Dinosaurs and Disasters, Intro to Music, COM 101 or the dreaded MA 123 would derail the academic perfection of Brandon Knight.  Good news, though.  After the game, Knight confirmed that he finished with a 4.0 GPA in the fall semester and is still on track to be better than you in just about every facet of life.  But, hey, we’re doing alright with what God gave us, right?

Article written by Thomas Beisner

42 responses to “The GPA remains strong”

  1. WildcatsOne

    Way to go B.K. That is a great accomplishment!
    I think this young man is going to do some very special things with his life.

  2. Rodney

    Outstanding Brandon!!!The life of basketball does not last for ever . You will care a 4.0 all your life!

  3. Esteban

    utah has a football player named CHRISTIAN COX!!! lmao

  4. Justin

    Congratulations Brandon, an amazing accomplishment! And for the record, MA123 is calculus, not some cupcake math course.

  5. BPsycho

    #4 That’s dangerous in Utah….. Just because you posted that he’s getting worked over by Mormons now.

  6. SexnNursinHomes

    Jerry Tipton is nowhere to be found around a feel good story

  7. T

    Wow Sham you must be kidding

  8. me

    I got a C the first time I took ma123. Retook, got a B. Now im in medical school. That class was tough. Way to go BK!

  9. BPsycho

    #7 I could tell you something hilarious about him that’s true. I just can’t tho lol

  10. AppyCat

    Tipton’s article would be that he really doesn’t have a 4.0 because he didn’t score 100 on all his tests.

  11. nybrasky

    #3 didn’t get the joke.

    And, for the record, despite how ridiculous it sounds, Dinosaurs & Disasters was a tough class. It was one of the very few C’s I got at UK. How the hell am I supposed to remember (or care) about the minor differences between each zoic era?

  12. BPsycho

    #9 Does this look infected to you?

    *holds up picture of BTI*

  13. SexnNursinHomes

    7- awwww man, ya got to tell it now

  14. SexnNursinHomes

    10- i mean

  15. Sawyer

    3 not everyone’s acedemic endevours can be as prestigious as that certificate you got from itt tech

  16. Daniel Orton

    What does “GPA” mean?

  17. Yep

    Just don’t understand why a UK fan would want to make fun of an athletes class load. First, the classes mentioned aren’t all cupcakes. Second, even if they were all bunny courses, it’s still great to get all A’s. Not many athletes do that, no matter what their classes are. To carry a 4.0 throughout high school and his first semester shows that Brandon cares about his grades. Way to go.

  18. T.J.

    3- Peterson?

  19. BPsycho

    #12 “Dinosaurs, Disasters & The Bible” Now that would be a tough class… Lmao

    #15 Ha I shouldn’t have said anything. I’m against bringing real life onto the interwebz if it can be traced to me…

    #16 Boom Roasted !

    “dusted that one off for old times sake”

    #17 “Gettin Paid Already”

  20. BPsycho

    #11 #13 #15 and #16 I meant of course xD

  21. SexnNursinHomes

    19- you need to post it under someone else’s screen name. how about posting it under Beis’s name? cuz he got half-ass grades

  22. NotTheSlickistRick

    21) Soon there will be an amusement park with that theme. Be sure to ride the holy roller (coaster).

  23. SexnNursinHomes

    23- they got one in orlando-

  24. SexnkinkyRectory

    Alright you heathens start making your plans for the Noah’s Ark Amusement park in Grayson County.

    Sister Denise and I will be conducting infamous dinosaur rides for the blessed flock that have enough money to fleece.

    Come one come all. Several times if you wish.

  25. BPsycho

    #25 Question, Can the Ark be rented after hours?

  26. Free Enes

    MA 123 sucks, to be honest.

    But good for him – if everyone is joking about how easy it is, we should expect more of our athletes to earn a 4.0

  27. Mike

    I took Dinosaurs and Disasters at UK because I thought it would be fun. Easily the most boring class I took. It was painful, and rarely, if ever, were dinosaurs discussed.

  28. SexnNursinHomes


  29. We are not playing UK, we are playing UL so we can win!

    Since Orton is not playing basketball, maybe, he can finish his classes at UK-Orlando.

  30. hmmmmm

    I guess they’re aren’t too many “math minds” on the comment boards. MA123 is/was cake. Just saying.

  31. Andrew Pillow

    Umm apearing to be the only actual student here I’ll just go on record as saying intro to music and MA 123 are hard classes. And Dinos and Disasters isnt a cake class either.

    Plus you guys act like he’s a Junior or something. These are clases people take their first year. He couldnt take a harder mouth class than MA 123 if he wanted to.

  32. Blasphemy

    MA 123 aka elementary calculus is a pushover. Somebody like Knight probably 1) had AP/IB Calculus credit or 2) took MA 113 which is the science/engineer/math major calculus. I’m not saying, I’m just saying, do you know what I am saying?

  33. Mark

    Man, I took MA 123 and Dinosaurs and Disasters. Failed the former the first time, got a C in the latter. Also, Chuck Hayes was in my D&D class. Great fun.

    I can’t imagine having the maturity at that young age to handle basketball, classes, and all the attention he gets everywhere he goes. Are we sure BK is human?

  34. RidgeRunner

    MA 123… Sounds like a new model for an automatic rifle.

  35. sexington ky

    Ma 123 is a horrible class. Can’t we put him on academic scholly and save a bball one?

  36. Han

    I’ve always made an effort to not try and get Bs and Cs. Didn’t care, so that was good enough for me.

    May be why I spent several years paying off college loans vs having a full ride, though.

  37. R U Fo Real

    36. no you can’t do that

  38. JP

    True, a 4.0 regardless of class load is something to be proud of. But, from what I have heard about Brandon, I expected a more challenging course load then those cupcake classes.

  39. Jared

    Free Enes!

  40. Morons are stoopid

    Guys, he wasn’t giving you BK’s actual class load! BK is already a freaking sophomore academically. You can bet he’s not taking any remedial academic courses. The kid has it all. You guys don’t.

  41. Cats4life

    Those were not the classes he was taking, Beisner was just pointing out familiar freshman classes. He had AP Calc credit; therefore, he did not take MA 123. Also, he did not take Com 101 it was Com 281. Either way, getting a 4.0 while being a scholarship athlete is quite impressive.