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The Free Enes! Movement Continues

We havent seen a movement like the one attempting to Free Enes! in quite a long time. What was once a conversation on Twitter and an attempt to get some buzz in Kentucky, is now a worldwide phenomenon. The Grove was full of “Free Enes” signs and I even saw a group of four sorority girls walking around sporting a Free Enes! poster with the conviction of the most dedicated political protester. It is a movement that continues to spread and we continue to follow:

It went on at Ole Miss with men in 2 dollar t-shirts:


Hanging from the windows of UK Frat Houses:


On the Road to the MLB Playoffs in Cincy:


At historic Fenway Park on a cool fall night:


And with Pro Golfer (and Kentucky native) Josh Teater writing on his shoes for use in a tournament on the PGA Tour:


And even taking the fight to the New York Times:


Article written by Matt Jones

46 responses to “The Free Enes! Movement Continues”

  1. KYStout


    It’s the right thing to do….

  2. cat_fan_4ever


  3. Voice of Reason

    #2…. second. Get over it.

  4. Ky It's All About Basketball

    Free the “TURKEY MITE”
    In other words FREE ENES

  5. birdie

    I am sure the NCAA is taking the FREE ENES movement very seriously, and is bringing it up at every meeting they have concerning his eligibility. It is a nice gesture and all, but not making any difference in the ultimate decision. I only post this because I have talked to some who believe it will. We will be fine with or without him.

  6. Thanksgiving Dinner

    Free the TURKEY—FREE ENES!!!!!!!!!!!!
    It’s getting closer to Thanksgiving Day!!!

  7. tdogg4033011

    yo duhville cat, did ya get my reply earlier??

  8. UK2001Grad

    I axed a question yesterday and got no response. Did the $100,000 Kanter supposedly took include any schooling? I know people have compared his situation to players that have gone to prep schools. So,did the money his family received include more that just living expenses? Hopefully, the answer is yes. If it’s no,I don’t see him playing at UK.

  9. duhville cat

    7) yeah. No prob. I’ll holla atcha if anybody backs out or we come up with another ticket. Go Cats!

  10. Judacris

    Suck it Pete!

  11. KyBlue

    8) I think it was living expenses only. I could be wrong.

  12. ukpowerphone

    did you get the one i emailed you? two wildcat marching band members at ole miss?

  13. tdogg4033011

    9) cool man, I appreciate it … we better quit talkin before MJ gets mad

  14. duhville cat

    13) Free Enes!

  15. thedunone

    I hate Cincinnatians

  16. ANSWER


  17. SagaciousMind

    16, you talkin about the kid camping?

  18. SagaciousMind

    I love the one in front of the NY Times. If I was her, on the back off that poster I would have written “Suck it, Pete!”

  19. SagaciousMind

    Haha nevermind, I see she did write it. But I still would have written it on the back of the poster as well.

  20. Fatpeoplearelazy

    The guy in the first pic could stand to lose about 40 pounds. I don’t see how people can stand to have their belly hang over their belt. It just seems uncomfortable. all it takes is a decent diet and about 45 minutes of exercise per day.

  21. Cats88310

    The entire world is developing ENES ENVY against UK!!!! Go Cats!!!!

  22. Kansas Sucks

    Free Mike Leach! (on the UK football head coaching position)

  23. Stripes

    5. Lighten up, Frances.

  24. fatcar

    what about the best free enes sign, the one across from memorial above pizza hut on limestone is pretty classic

  25. Rondos dribbling hand

    Those FREE ENES shoes are SWEET!

  26. Crazy Cat Lady

    Go Phillies! Go Braves! FREE ENES!

  27. the lumberjack

    I’m going to carve free enes in my yard with a weed eater

  28. Rondos dribbling hand

    Can ENES be freed already.

  29. Rondos dribbling hand

    30) get em dude. that sh#ts funny.

  30. Rondos dribbling hand

    I love it when these idiots get on here and talk trash. Nothing going on at their teams sites. Come on over to the KSR where you know people are going to be. HA

  31. C.A.L.9000

    29/ Thank You. It’s gone already! Glad you got to read it. It’s out of my system, I’m satisfied.

  32. Cking98

    I am afraid that enes may end up in the what if conversations, such as Tracy McGrady, Shawn Kemp, etc. What is taking so damn long, the NCAA needs to let us know one way or the other. Don’t fool yourselves if you think we will be just fine without him. Yeah right, that’s like saying we would have won 35 games without John Wall last year.

  33. Calipari'sInYourEar

    Ha! The New York Times pic is the best. She even wrote, “Suck it Pete” on the bottom of the poster. Nice detail!

    Now, go stalk him and follow him home. Paint his front door blue.

  34. Taber22

    Teator is the MAN! I saw him earlier today! He had a different pair of ‘FREE ENES’ shoes on. He did show me that pic though. Be sure to follow him as he begins his fall series this week in Georgia.

  35. No Viagra for the Enes treatment

    This movement isn’t doing anything to help Enes other than stroke his ego before he makes millions. I’m gonna slap the next person that says so to my face. Jorts, get ready. I believe!!!

  36. ATCAT.letsgopeay

    Hate the Ole Miss loss, but the ladies were amazing.

  37. SagaciousMind

    Kanter just seems confident IMO that he will play. Well all know the turkish team will so whatever, so why not believe a guy and his family that knew this situation might occur so they kept records in case. I think we see Kanter and we witness another incredible season. These guys may be young but they are superb talented and i cant wait!

  38. JoeJoe

    The New York Times “Free Enes” is awesome!

  39. Mark Kennedy

    The curse of Babe Ruth is over so sending Dugle to Fenway may just work to Free Enes….

  40. markp


  41. Big Blue Wampus Cat

    Everyone relax, its a tradition that the president pardons one turkey each year at the white house. We just have to get John Wall to convince Obama that this years turkey is Big EZ.

  42. jflem514

    There was a FREE ENES sign at the braves game saturday too. I tried to get a good pic but never could. Go Braves…go Cats!

  43. Common Sense

    Well since there’s a picture about it: ATO blows, FREE SigEp. Just sayin’…

  44. AngrySigep

    Heard that. Buncha queers.

  45. fatcar

    43, third that.

  46. jon cal

    you all should get free enes tattoos also, it will help the cause and matter alot. the more extremes you goto the more influence it has on ncaa. do it please and prove you are a real fan