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The Exxon Valdez Oil Spill Wants Saturday Night Notes

Twenty-three years ago on this date, March 24th, 1989, the Exxon Valdez, a 987-foot oil tanker, collided into a reef, spilling crude oil into Alaska’s Prince William Sound. The tanker spilled over 200,000 barrels of oil, making it one of the largest and most devastating environmental disasters ever at sea. It was determined that approximately 250,000 seabirds, 3,000 sea otters, 300 harbor seals, 250 bald eagles, and up to 22 killer whales died as a result of the spill, and the fish stocks in the area were also devastated due to the oil.

Like the Exxon Valdez, this college basketball season also started in the Pacific Ocean, when North Carolina defeated Michigan State on an aircraft carrier on Veterans Day. But unlike the oil tanker in 1989, this season has lived up to it’s billing and has been far from a disaster. If you were a fan of any of the heavyweights going into the season, besides a certain 2 seeded team which was ranked 6th preseason in both polls and was planning to celebrate a certain 20th anniversary this weekend, your team is likely still alive and you’re most likely very happy with the results of the season and the tournament so far. Of the final eight teams, all were ranked in the preseason top 13 in the country.

Although Louisville and Florida had many bumps along the way, in the end of the season when it mattered, they were both right were everyone expected them to be. Unfortunately for the Gators, they were once again unable to close out a good team. Florida played great for about 36 minutes, but collapsed in the final four minutes, even with Peyton Siva fouled out. Kentucky fans had a lot of mixed emotions this afternoon, having to decide on whether they should root for the SEC or for Louisville and a potential date with the Cards in New Orleans. Whatever your preference was, the Cards and Ohio State have each advanced and they will be in New Orleans.

Now it’s time for the Cats to do their part to set up the Bluegrass Final Four match-up, and it won’t be easy. Baylor is one of the few teams that can actually match up athletically with Kentucky and it should be a battle. Anthony Davis is the one special talent that can be the difference maker, but he can’t afford to have two early fouls as he did Friday night. The pressure is at an unbelievably high level to win and set-up a meeting with the Cards,  but as we’ve seen time and time again, these kids are focused, mature, and on a mission.

I just hope they aren’t reading much on twitter, or even the excitement we have here at KSR, about what may happen next Saturday in New Orleans. Our kids need to be relaxed and loose, like they were last night. If they don’t worry about all the hoopla, they should be fine. One thing is for certain: they’ll have Big Blue Nation strongly behind them at 2:20 tomorrow afternoon, including fellow KSR College writer Meagan Matthews, aka “Meagatron”, and her sisters, who would like to say hi from Catlanta.

Thanks for spending a day with some of us KSR Interns, we’ll see you again tomorrow. Follow me on Twitter @wilmhoffKSR

Article written by John Wilmhoff

Former beer vendor, college mascot and ESPN editor. This spring, you can also find me blogging about the Reds on Follow me on Twitter: @JohnWilmhoff

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  1. AnthonyD

    I can’t wait to swat Chris Smith’s shot and put it in the stands! He will eat his words and the ball!

  2. DoubleZeroMostel

    KSR Interns= All of them! In no particular order.

  3. lexslamman

    I think Boeheim might be asked to retire in the next two weeks.

  4. Marquis Estill

    can we get matt drew and beisner back please!!!!

  5. Cliver

    Wow. Maybe the single shittiest night post in KSR history. Who the hell is John Wilmhoff, anyway? Eh well, shouldn’t matter. His attempt to make a connection between the Exxon oil spill and the ’11-’12 college basketball season was a miserable enough fail to get anyone canned. See what I did there, John? Like an oil can!

  6. UK Homer

    I like the creativity, but kind of got lost. Bottom line, let’s win tomorrow.

  7. chris gettelfinger is not walking through that door

    Cats PLEEEEEEEEEEEEASE take care of “Da Bears”!

  8. tyrus

    Once again when things start to get exciting, KSR founders are absent from what got them to where they are now. Just not a good business plan and no need to check back till April.

  9. FlySoup

    not too many notes in this edition of saturday night notes

  10. Makers Man

    8 – tend to agree with that. Honestly, the motto here is “most ridiculous manner possible” and the night post try’s to draw a parallel between a major disaster that killed hundreds of thousands of animals and set back Alaska many years, and a basketball game….

  11. BlueJesus

    Well that was abrupt.

  12. Smart Man Does Not Read Comments of Own Post

    12 – The issue is, this is a sports blog. You just spent 50% of your post writing about a natural disaster.

  13. Cliver

    12 – Yeah, we’re familiar with the typical format, but try as you might to wiggle out of the oil tanker/basketball season comparison, the attempt is obviously there. Don’t try to make us look stupid when you’re the one who pecked out a half-assed post.

  14. Marquis Estill

    wow this really sucks I WANT MY NEWS NOW!!!!!…thats not needy is it?

  15. Joseph Hazelwood

    Drinks far ever one at midnight in t’ Captain’s Cabin, me buckos!!

  16. Legion

    I wish everyone would stop sweating Louisville so much right now… the Cats still have a date with Baylor! That is a game the Cats can win, but let’s not forget this is March and anything can happen. Go Cats!

  17. CATS

    17) agreed man. Reading all these other people’s comments about UL is pissing me off. 1 game at a time people!! Damn

  18. Meagatron

    John is a very talented writer, read his baseball posts on ksrcollege they’re great!

  19. Old Man Sleeping In Lower Arena

    Does UK play tomorrow?

  20. Calm Down

    Half-assed post? Bottom line is, they’re interns and still learning. If you actually paid attention, the writing was well done and the reference he made was witty and out of the ordinary-just like KSR is known for. So if you’re really going to be crying about one of the last posts of the night, from an intern getting the opportunity to write for one of the top Kentucky Sports websites around, then you all are just like the dick heads you come off as based on your posts.

  21. Old Man Sleeping In Lower Arena

    When does the UK Hoops team play again?

  22. Interesting


  23. Furry Beaver

    “The pressure is at an unbelievably high level to win and set-up a meeting with the Cards”

    Hey John… you are a media pawn.

    The only pressure that exists is between you and the rectum that your being forced out of.

  24. Calm Down


  25. Old Man Sleeping In Lower Arena


  26. Where ya'll been?

    I dunno if you guys have been reading throughout the day, but it seems like it’s all been new writers for most of the day that have filled in and done a nice job. John made a really good post earlier today. His only mistake here was mentioning that he was an intern. If he hadn’t…people probably wouldn’t be jumping all over him.

  27. yo momma

    omfg…worst f’n post ever!!! r u retarded??? rain man??? u must have an excuse???

  28. Dusten
  29. Marquis Estill

    article is not half witty wtf does exxon have to do with this shit…witty is using something funny this is complete and utter shit

  30. John Pelphrey

    Worst SUB writer yet ….Matt we miss you

  31. Cliver

    21 – You’re saying mediocre writing is edited and improved before my very eyes if I pay really close attention? Is that how this whole “writing” thing works? Damn…all these years I could’ve paid attention real, real hard and surrounded myself with solid writing.

  32. mocha

    Abrupt ending, wow.

  33. Drew Kidd Miler Gilchrist

    Terrible writing

  34. mocha

    Love that he hit up Meagan on twitter to find a picture to use for the post.

  35. Paratrooper

    The post about Exxon Valdez disaster is no less annoying than douche bag Matt Jones slobbering over Messiah Obama or bragging that he voted for “Traitor John” Kerry. I hate ALL liberal scum; however I’ll give him a pass since he is a member of BBN.

  36. Twitty City

    The elite were all preseason top 12. If UNC and UK win. Preseason 1 2 & 3. All in the the final 4.

  37. FranktheTank

    Tough crowd. Not to mention judgmental and rude. Didn’t your Moms ever tell you if you don’t have anything nice to say, STFU? Go Cats, Beat Baylor! I’m confident our coach and our players have more intelligence and focus than the majority of our fans…

  38. Drew Kidd Miler Gilchrist

    dude college writers are making fans turn against each other and just plain suck ….MATT DREW BEIS COME BACK NOW!!!!!

  39. Drew Kidd Miler Gilchrist

    and if you think Matt Jones is a douche bag then leave this site and never ever come back #36

  40. Yo mama

    #36 …your fanhood is revoked your not allowed to root for UK we dont want you

  41. Marquis Estill

    #41 I agree

  42. Twitty City

    All of you that get on here and bitch about college interns are dicks.

  43. Joseph Hazelwood

    Me and me mateys ran the vessel aground shortly after t’ clock struck midnight — oh, that ended Valdez poker night abruptly. Sorry ta say our belley was ripped fore t’ stern. Oil be ashore, along wit your poor cap’n. I slept in t’ bottoms o’ the Valdez harbor brig, me buckos, for yon fortnight… Aye Republicans will apologize for me doins from now ’til 2012 in t’ name o’ the black gold – and greedy scurvy bastages ye Pubs be — yet on this 23rd year I still be sorry, me buckos.

  44. chokecal

    Lot of pressure for you kitties…you know Cal has never won the big game..little brother is already there..will u be??/ lol UK SUCKS!! lol

  45. Twitty City

    Baylor will be tough, but if the Cats can get past them they get a bye to the Championship game. Louisville doesn’t exist.

  46. Paratrooper

    Hey, #40,41 & 42…If you don’t like my comments then kiss my right wing Obama hating, liberal commie scum hating ASS !! Go to hell and take Obama and his fat pig ghetto bitch wife with you. And don’t forget to pick up yo’ mama’s welfare check. I’ve been a UK bb fan longer than you’ve been eating collards and I’ll still be a fan long after you kill yourself smoking crack or get shot trying to rob a liquor store.

  47. Jeff Hampton

    #47 just for the record you flat earther. John Kerry did serve in Vietnam. What the hell have you ever done for this country.

  48. ukfaninohio

    Did anyone hear vitale say that if north carolina makes it to the final four he thinks it will be maybe the greatest coaching job ever??Really?they barely beat ohio who even without marshall shouldn’t be allowed on the court with unc and now they would have to beat kansas which will be tough but greatest ever?they only had to play two games without him to make the final four right?

  49. BPsycho

    #47 EEeeesh… You need help. If the hate flowing through you doesn’t kill you before the next president is voted in, you will learn that color has nothing to do with it.

  50. Tom

    Wow! That was bad! Sorry John. Go CATS!

  51. JBR

    47, way to be proud of being stupid…showing your retarded a** is the only thing you have done.

    Anybody else having trouble sleeping tonight?…this Baylor game is just huge. And, I am not looking past this game, but what U of L did today just torqued up the pressure on us big time. People can claim otherwise, but it makes me sick to even see a Tard fan smile or be happy…now we absolutely have to win the next 2 games, or it will be unbearable in this state for years. I just hope that the guys on the team did not let this Tard win today take their concentration off of the task at hand with Baylor, looking forward to that potential match up.

  52. Paratrooper

    #48, I served 2 years in the 82nd Airborne after being drafted. That included 13 months in Nam where I was wounded twice. “Traitor John” served 4 months and RECOMMENDED HIMSELF for 2 purple hearts to go along with the other one he got for a MINOR wound. That gave him 3(none of which he deserved)and he was then eligible to be rotated out, which he wasted no time in doing. When he got back he COULDN’T WAIT to get in front of congress and LIE repeatedly about the men whom he served with who were STILL THERE fighting and dying, claiming that they engaged in atrocities. He got his dates wrong and exposed himself when it was revealed that he WASN’T EVEN IN THE SECTOR as he claimed at the time of these phony “atrocities.” Thats why I call him a traitor and thats EXACTLY what he is. A coward, a traitor and a national disgrace. You got any other observations, Petunia ? Kiss your boyfriend and go get the butt lube…LOL

  53. soggyUKgrad

    wow. I mean WOW….someone at KSR needs to remove “Paratrooper” from the comments section!!! extremely racist and condescending. it saddens me that he is part of Big Blue Nation. just b/c you have Internet access doesn’t mean you are smart enough to use it.

  54. Draftdodger

    Paratrooper A.K.A. Nate

  55. Paratrooper

    #54, I am not racist. I am a REALIST. My comments are no worse than those of many others on this site. They are, however, very HARSH as I intend them to be. You wanna see racism ? Go to Huffington Post(Matt Jones favorite site)or and read the VILE comments made there about Herman Cain, Clarence Thomas, Thomas Sowell and other black conservatives. MUCH worse than mine. If KSR wants to ban me, they can. It will only further prove an important point : The only free speech that liberal scum want to protect is THEIR OWN. Anyone else need not apply. In deference, however, I will try to stick to posting about UK bb, a subject that I have forgotten more about than most of you know. Many will not like those opinions, either, because, as I said, I live in the REAL WORLD where a point guard who misses 5 layups and 5 WIDE OPEN 10-12 foot jump shots will get you beat by somebody like Baylor. I hope that is at least a start in the right direction and I also hope that we take Baylor apart and then euthanize those dirty birds in the final four. That is what is really important here; we all want the same thing : banner number 8. No ?


    pretty amazing that people whine about a free web site. better than most of the crap I read from the guys trying to be big shots dissing the real big shots……… just my opinion. I’d rather read the newbys


    I ain’t talking about you paratrooper. Haven’t read your comments. Funny

  58. soggyUKgrad

    “Hey, #40,41 & 42…If you don’t like my comments then kiss my right wing Obama hating, liberal commie scum hating ASS !! Go to hell and take Obama and his fat pig ghetto bitch wife with you. And don’t forget to pick up yo’ mama’s welfare check. I’ve been a UK bb fan longer than you’ve been eating collards and I’ll still be a fan long after you kill yourself smoking crack or get shot trying to rob a liquor store”:…EVERYTHING in this post is RACIST you dumb redneck…..your ignorance is hilarious. racist….a.k.a…dumb cracker.

  59. soggyUKgrad

    paratrooper…”fat pig ghetto bitch, pick up yo mamma’s welfare check,..longer than you’ve been eating collards”…these comments are all RACIST and IGNORANT. too bad your dumbass didn’t take a 7.62×39 to the face back in Nam

  60. BPsycho
  61. Chi-TownCat

    Leave the kid alone

  62. Daryl Cheatham

    Time to get to work Go Cats

  63. HicksPickSix

    This is a poorly executed analogy. Here’s a better one to describe the recent posts:
    While we all love guys like Polson, Beckham, and Malone, it’s not like they’re going to start the biggest game of the year because Davis, MKG, and Jones don’t feel like stepping up. As fans, we expect the best to play their hardest when the time calls for it.

  64. shields eyes

    KSR College makes me sleepy.

  65. CatGrad7072

    Thanks Paratrooper, for a conservative perspective.

  66. oh yeah


  67. plowboy

    paratrooper, I spent 10 years in our countrys service. I am also a democrat so I guess that makes me a lowlife. Man, you need to get off Fox news and get yourself a life.

  68. Dumb liberal Scum

    What the f@#&$

  69. Blue Balls

    Go Big Blue!!!

  70. Shawon

    Two things this morning:

    1 – A Mississippi State student was killed on campus this morning. Thoughts go out to the folks in that community…

    2 – Hunter Bivin committed to Notre Dame. What the hell are you doing Joker???

    That is all. Go Big Blue.

  71. CatOrama

    I hope the refs call lots of fouls on Baylor, which will be well deserved.
    I am afraid this will be another hack attack just like Crean and Pitino

  72. blueclue

    To all the KSR college writers today, good job. Judging from the negative and hateful comments on here these dudes couldn’t’t write a decent post if they had to. Would love to see what they write and have everyone rip their writing. Matt, Drew and Beisner work all the time, they deserve a weekend occasionally. If u don’t like the posts, don’t read them. Do us all a favor and go elsewhere.

  73. Think Much?

    Moderator-Why are #47’s comments still on here???

  74. NotTheSlickistRick

    Oh joy another agent orange affected Nam vet who is still mad at the world because no one treated him as a hero when he got back. Bet he loved the last administration of a president whose daddy got him tickets to the national guard & a draft dodging VP. Seek help man, forty years is enough to carry your bitterness. Surely the VA has some out-patient therapy for your pathetic soul.

  75. Blue Orleans

    Cards are going to go down worse than the Exxon, only it will be messier to clean up.

  76. honest info are either retarded, or just very stupid

  77. blueswade


  78. BigBlue

    So we have a HUGE game against a great Baylor team in a few hours…and we a are talking about the Exxon oil spill…and UL…mmmmmm…makes a lot of sense

  79. Blue Orleans

    I’m not worried about Baylor, UofL or OSU. We will whoop them all!

  80. Wolfcreekbrian

    Baylor is a 3 seed. Look at the teams seed they have beaten. Two 10 seeds and an 11 seed. They have not seen a team like 1 seed Kentucky. As long as UK hits their shots at a good percentage, we will move on. Cal has shown he knows how to get a team ready for a game. Watch the UK coaches during the game. Always letting Cal know what is going on with stats, fouls. ect. They will have the players ready. Lets toss it up and play. GO BIG BLUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  81. delk4three00


  82. Drew Deener

    (after my dream night out celebrating with Tom Jurich & CardNation)….I’m in love and I don’t care who knows! Can I get another cup of that red punch…it’s gooooooooooooooooooood!

  83. No more BTI

    The exxon valdez oil spill? Yeah, those were hilarious times — great opening.

    Pretty psyched for the 1 year anniversary of Japan’s nuclear plant accident. KSR will be hilarrrrrious that day too

  84. BUcats

    UL needs to lose just so the the trolls can go back to their caves and hide.

  85. Al's IndiCats

    82, we all were worried about if the government done away with Planned Parenthood where would lil Ricky schedule his next abortion appointment? Watching him yesterday after his “student” choked on the big one, we said, To him after all his 6 kids were born, this has to be the happiest day of his life, I rather wonder if he was that happy after his 7th was aborted?
    Let’s go hunting for some bear, and a date with our Little “sister” in BLUE ORLEANS, GO CATS!!!!!!!!