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The Definitive UT Fan’s Response to Lane Kiffin

As you may know, Lane Kiffin left Tennessee for USC. Yes thats hilarious and yes, we will deal with it more later. But for now, the UT fan reaction is what we must focus on…specifically this Tennessee fan from Green County who is…a bit angry. Now let me say this initially….this video has TERRIBLE LANGUAGE AND IS TOTALLY NOT FOR KIDS OR WORK. Now with that out of the way, it will make you laugh. My favorite part is at the 3 minute mark when he asks the camera rhetorically, “am I overreacting?” Nah…not at all.

Again, dont watch it if you are offendable…because if you are, you will be.

And from the internet poster “LSU FREEK”:

Come and listen to my story ’bout a coach named Lane
The poor Volunteer was really glad his daddy came
And then one day, he was shootin’ off his mouth
And out came the news, Ole Petey had run out

Carroll that is. From the Trojans. USC.

Well, the first thing you know when Lane became aware
The kin folk said “Lane, move away from there.”
Said “Californy is the place you oughtta be!”
So they left a Vol pup,
And they moved to USC.

Article written by Matt Jones

58 responses to “The Definitive UT Fan’s Response to Lane Kiffin”

  1. UKBigDaddy

    What a tool…. Dueces Lane!

  2. dhighdrated

    can’t watch at work – someone please post transcript 😛

  3. - H A Z E L S M A C K -

    Lane once had an awkward moment (at UT) just to see what it felt like.

  4. UK81

    I love this video. I sent the link to it earlier to a friend of mine who is a big Tennessee fan. I told him it would be good therapy.

  5. BigBlueBrad

    I’m trying to make a blow-up, functional John Wall dance cut out for the Auburn game but I need a high quality photo of the dance pose. Anybody know where any are?

  6. Old Joke

    Me Hillbilly. Me real hurt. Me put pee pee on your shirt!

  7. middlesborojoe

    that may be one of the funnest/disturbing things i have ever seen!!!!

  8. Blah

    5. It’s football. Who gives a rats ass? Wake me up when UT loses Pearl, then I will actually care.

  9. ??

    Tennessee has been irrelevant in NCAA football for several years. Kiffin is stepping up big time.

  10. Mis-directed anger

    Hey#5, pleased to meet you.

  11. macon_volfan

    full disclosure: I own that shirt as well, but since my mom and dad bought it for me, I won’t trash it.

    People over react, and it’s absurd. At least Kiffin didn’t pull a Pitino and coach for Bama, UK, or Vandy.

  12. tzuzaki

    Ha, the Beverly Hillbillies thing was hilarious!

  13. JMBlue

    Sadly, this guy would take Kiffin back in a heartbeat. Hell hath no fury I guess. What an interesting year in Knoxville. That trainwreck of an Athletic Department is better than watching Jersey Shore.

  14. Tim

    Good ol’ Rocky Top! Savor that fluke Kansas victory. If you watched closely you could actually see UT’s players’ heads expanding as the game expired. Now we’ll see the fall take its natural place after pride’s emergence.

  15. Nick and Urban

    That’s what we thought loud mouth. Now run away little punk.

  16. McAwesome

    Listen, this video is the best thing I have seen in a long time. This guy is awesome and to be fair, Lane Kiffin does suck.

  17. yep

    That was hilarious. I love the fact that he is wearing all his other UT gear while doing this.

  18. BlackJack 5

    UTs Recruiting Class = KaBoom!

  19. KSR Spy

    #19-That is amazingly accurate!

  20. Cobb
  21. knoxvegas

    I love how this site takes down comments that aren’t pro Kentucky. Say one little thing about how Tennessee will still own Kentucky because Joker is now HC is lame. Stick to basketball UK and don’t ever worry about beating the VOLS cause it aint happenin.

  22. Crazy Talk

    Joker needs to be on the phone right now. Im sure Strong is.

  23. 4U2NV

    its not for work or for kids, well Im a teacher, so Im at work and around kids, damn…I guess I really cant play the video. Have to wait for lunch time. Maybe I should show the video, tell the kids this is what happens when you drop out of school in the 8th grade…

  24. JMBlue

    21 – Wrong place Troll. At least we have a coach who actually wants to be here. Tennessee = Stepping Stone

  25. Mis-directed anger

    Hey #21, see #10.

  26. Pete

    I love how he just keeps repeating “Lane Kiffen” like some demented mantra.

    On the other hand, it’s disturbing a tad scary that there are people who get that worked up about a guy changing jobs. Oh wait, this is Kentucky, isn’t it…

  27. Smooth

    The only thing that could make that any funnier, is if he accidently set his house on fire!

  28. wh

    oh phil fulmer is having a great day today lol

  29. Paul Crewes Bookie

    Did Kiffin take the hostesses with him too?

  30. JMBlue

    29 – That makes no sense. Difference? We fired him! If you are going to talk smack, at least don’t discredit yourself with an inane comparison. Douche? You come to a UK site and talk smack? Run along little troll. Your program is nothing more than a joke at this point which should suit you just fine.

  31. BigblueCalizone

    You know, as bad as I hate UT, I was starting to feeling a little sorry for them over this Kiffin deal, until
    #21 ran his rootsucker. So you get what you deserve you Orange A$$holes. Your Basketball team sucks, savor that flute over Kansas cause come Feb. you’ll feel like you had one of Tyler Smith’s Glocks’s stuck up your a$$. And your football team is in a dead spiral, and has been for few years. Yea, you may beat us next year, but it ain’t no lock, especially if the rest of your recruits bail for the west coast. You Suck!!!!!!!!

  32. Paul Crewes Bookie

    Knoxvegas, don’t you have better things to do? Like burn mattresses or paint phalli on big rocks? Sheesh, and people call UK’s fans loony.

    What are the odds on a “UT Fan Poops on a Kiffin visor” vid on YouTube? We need to make this happen.

  33. payne

    If UT football is irrelevant and dead and whatever else, what does that say about the Cats? UT beats you every year, finishes way ahead of you in the SEC, and goes to better bowls. I find it interesting that you guys place your own team in such high regards and UT in dire straits, yet UT is clearly still better. Wacky.

  34. Paul Crewes Bookie

    #32 also applies to you, Payne.

  35. dhighdrated
  36. Cannes Film Festival

    This video is very similar to entries we received last year about this time featuring one Billy C Gillespie!

  37. BlackJack 5

    33 – We love UK football, but it is not our identity as a school. UT football is Tennessee. The fans don’t care about anything else in Knoxville. See the difference? You knew the answer before you decided to troll with your boy vegas. Wacky? It’s wacky that you are so lonely you had to troll this board to feel important.

  38. macon_volfan

    #37-payne’s not a troll. He’s old school like me.

  39. UKclam

    I know you can find some UK fans that are that deranged and chromosonally challenged, but I’m pretty sure UT has the monopoly on those mongoloids in the SEC, which is saying something.

  40. Paul Crewes Bookie

    Somewhere, Johnny Majors is laughing his ass off.

  41. Indycatfan

    I’m sure gonna miss Lane’s wife….signed Tiger Woods

  42. GasCan

    #33 Don’t know why you continually come here expecting otherwise, this is a UK fan site. You expecting something different is what I find “wacky”. You are right UT has a better football program. Is that what you needed to hear? Do you feel better about your football program now? Its sad that Tenn. fans have to resort to trolling on other fan sites (especially a site for a team that your team has undeniably dominated) to try and boost their self esteem.

  43. UKclam

    #33, a valid point, except the “finishes way ahead of you” part. Over the last four or so years, UT has finished a spot or two ahead of UK in the SEC. I admit, UT is more valid in football than UK, but the difference is not so much as you would like to think, and the difference may just be getting smaller after Kiffin’s departure. Remember, you used to beat us by 30-50 points regularly; now you are doing it in over-time. Isn’t it funny how you try a lot harder in football, care more, and spend much more money than UK, and we are barely behind you?

  44. BlackJack 5

    38 – Old school? Does old school equate to one asking stupid questions on an opposing fan site? If so, good luck to both of you. You see, when fans go to another board to talk smack, he/she is labeled a “troll”.

  45. Your My Boy Blue

    #33 – number 2 in the sec east vs number 5 in the sec east. What is the difference? Both teams lost to Florida and Alabama and neither team won the conference. We have alot in common. Except one minor difference…our basketball team. Rocky Top you will always be #2 in the SEC….

  46. GasCan

    Just like Kiffen, payne runs his mouth and then runs away!

  47. Rocky Top is Burning!
  48. Rocky Top is Burning!
  49. payne

    43-Huh? In UK’s best year they were 3rd and still behind UT, in UT’s worst they still finish ahead of UK. The difference is still huge.

    45-You have got to be kidding. How many wins (outside of Vandy) did Brooks have in his career against other East teams? UK has only gone to four straight bowls because they schedule four horrible non-conference teams and get to play Vandy and Miss State every year.

    You guys are ridiculous always bringing up basketball in a football argument. I can do that too. UT has finished AHEAD of UK in basketball for the last four years. Does that mean that UT is now equal to UK in basketball? Hell no. UT basketball will never be equal to UK basketball. But you guys want to argue that because UK only loses in football to UT in OT now and they finish outside of the bottom two once or twice a decade that means that they are close to UT in football. That is why I call you wacky. You need to take off the blue tinted glasses some time.

  50. Paul Crewes Bookie

    Dunno, after seeing all the UT related whine-bag videos of the day (not to mention the big painted rock and the burning of matresses) I wouldn’t be calling any other teams fanbase “wacky”. Just sayin’

  51. Indycatfan

    I hate to say anything that might be offensive………BUT Old Phil Fulmer, probably did the same thing when UT handed him the pink slip….er I mean when he resigned last year. Also Payne, I really hope you enjoyed the last few years that UT bested UK in basketball, because it’ll only be a memory for many, many years to come.


    Anyone else think this guy and Billy Bob from Varsity Blues are related?

  53. GasCan

    #49). Someone as thin-skinned as you seem to be, really needs to stay off RIVAL fan sites! By the way, I guess I have to take back what I said about you in #46, even though you won’t respond to my question in #42.

  54. GoBigBlue

    “Am I overreacting?” I think “overreacting” is an understatement in this case.

  55. payne

    53-what question am I not responding to? I have been coming to this rival fan site long before 99% of the fans of this site even knew it existed. I don’t keep up with the site because I like arguing with you guys, I do it to keep up with my friends (although now that Mosley, Turkey Hunter and all of the other Transy people that started the site are so sparse I am not real sure why macon and I keep coming here, maybe we will retire when Matt does). I don’t expect to be treated in any way, I just like to bring some rational thought into the argument every now and then.

  56. GasCan

    #55). First of all, the questions you didnt answer, but now have, were the ones that ended with a”?”. Secondly, I’ve been well aware that you were friends with writers on this site for a few years now. I just dont know why you come here knowing that it is a UK biased site, yet you still get mad and say things like “I have been coming to this rival fan site long before 99% of the fans of this site even knew it existed” like you deserve more respect, and I shouldnt question you because of that fact. Ive always enjoyed macon_vol fans comments because he doesnt take himself too seriously. You on the other hand are waaaay to serious about what people on a UK fan site are saying about your team.

  57. macon_volfan

    #56–I don’t think that my dear friend Payne is thin skinned. I think it’s that he is a (mostly) rational individual and appreciates rational discussion. I’ve learned that NO fan site has anything close to rationality or is objective. UK fans will be ahole when it comes to UT and will excuse the exact same behavior if their own does the EXACT same thing. UT, UGA, LSU, UNC, etc etc etc do it to. It’s just frustrating sometimes, but I get over it. (and keep coming back for more 😉 )

  58. john

    #55 hey dude theres this really cool new invention out these days called a cell phone, i hear that its really awesome for keeping up with friends and what not. guess you guys are a little behind the times down in tennessee.