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The Bledsoe NBA Love Continues


Just a day after Chad Ford (ESPN’s NBA Draft guru) wrote that Eric Bledsoe would be a Top 20 pick in the next NBA Draft, now he believes he may have him too low. Ford tweeted out that after his article, two NBA GM’s told him that Bledsoe would be a Top 12 pick in the Draft. This was followed up by Bill Simmons of ESPN responding by saying that he believes Bledsoe is the new Russell Westbrook and will be a Top 6 pick in the Draft.

Great news for Eric if true…but the closer he comes to a lottery lock, the harder it would be to see him returning to Lexington next year.

Article written by Matt Jones

56 responses to “The Bledsoe NBA Love Continues”

  1. SHIP

    I’m apparently right now. He did say get his ship right . . . didn’t he?

  2. surprised

    I hope he can keep it up and fill those expectations!!

  3. The Ball John Wall Dunked in practice today

    Yes, I wouldn’t doubt it. He’s really came to play midway through the season. Not good to hear for the CATS, but definitely good for Bledsoe.

  4. me

    Good for him, and this would be good for UK as well. The more UK players in the NBA the better.

  5. RKA

    You have go to be happy for Eric! GO CATS!!!

  6. RKA


  7. EKYWildcat

    i hope he stays, but he has to what is right for him, plus having 4 guys go in the first round could be good for the program in the future…

  8. Big Bad Boogie Daddy

    I’m happy for Bledsoe… but do you think Forde is trying to push the hype surrounding these Kentucky players just to see Kentucky / Calipari come back down to Earth next season?

  9. MGH

    Damn happy for Eric, but this recruiting class better end up containing every single piece UK wants at this point.

  10. Wrong Forde

    8 – I think you are confusing Pat with Chad…

    But love the conspiracy theory angle

  11. boilercat

    Its not Forde, it is Chad Ford (NBA guru).

  12. jman3715

    8) Chad Ford

  13. jman3715

    Should have used 8 –

  14. Anonymous

    He’s too short, and forces wild ass shots

  15. 12KY

    I think he and Demarcus could come back to win a national title, then get picked higher, make more money, and then we all win.

  16. EKU Grad 98

    3-How is this not good for the Cats. Why is everyone so worried about next year. We’ve got to worry about winning a National Championship this year. Right now that’s where our concerns should be.

    Second, this is good for the Cats, not bad. If both Wall and Bledsoe go pro after this year and are both lottery picks, UK has achieved the impossible. Getting 2 Freshmen point guards to the NBA as lottery picks after only one year. This makes the program look like a guard warehouse. All blue chip point guards would have to seriously consider Kentucky as a destination to play in college. We’d be in a position to pick our point guard, or guards for that matter, every year.

    C’mon people lets look on the bright side. Things are wonderful right now in big blue land and we should be thankful of that. If you told me three years ago that we’d be in our current position, I would’ve doubted you seriously. But we’re here and lets enjoy it.

  17. NBA Guro

    Orton will go pro in 2011

  18. 12KY

    BTW if he does go lottery would he be the first player to go from unranked on espn’s recruiting board to lottery in one year?

  19. YouTube Viewer

    There are ZERO point guards outside of Wall this year so coming out in a weak draft also makes sense.

  20. Anonymous

    Hopefully he tests the waters and if he doesn’t hear good things, he comes back.

  21. Chris Collinsworth

    Bledsoe punches people that punch babies in the face! (Making him anti-baby face punching)

  22. 12KY

    I personally think he comes back because he wants to actually play the point at least ONE year. We still haven’t seen him play his natural position yet, scary thought for teams next year. If he goes, I still love how he got ship right.

  23. EKU Grad 98

    8-No, I think he sees a great player and is simply observing Bledsoe’s ability to be a great pro.

    I’d take a National Championship this year in return for a 8 or 9 seed next year, wouldn’t you? Fact is next year may not be as good as this year. Look at what we’re doing. Who could expect this every year. Even if next year is down and we go into the tourney as a 8 or 9 seed, the years following next year will be better. The loss are not permanent as Cal will have great years most years, maybe not every year, but most. I’ll take that and you should accept it too.

  24. Grant

    WOW! This is certainly great news for Eric. I wonder though whether some of these recent assessments may be somewhat owed to the talent that currently surrounds him. He’s playing with three legit NBA first rounders right now. I’m obviously not an NBA scout, but I think I’d like to see Eric play next year without the likes of Wall, PPat and Cousins.

  25. jos3f

    THEY’RE GONE AFTER THIS YEAR, poooooffffffffffffffffff

    enjoy the experience this year…hopefully we’ll win it all!

  26. jos3f

    hopefully CAL can recruit like he has this past year , YEAR IN and YEAR OUT.
    haha i bet our graduation rates are terrible..did you see the article about
    the education secretary trying to adjust the tournament…if your not passing the grade
    your team doesn’t DANCE!

  27. Brandon Knight

    if eric leaves after this year, who will i get to ball it up with?

  28. AlabamaLovesKSR

    So, Eric’s granddad definitely drove my bus this past weekend for a ski trip… He offered such wonderful insights as “That boy needs to get to the league” and “When he scores 20 points, I know he had a good game.” Oh and I almost forgot “When Eric was 3, I forced him to eat his green beans… They’re now one of his favorite vegetables, and from there: basketball stardom.”

  29. Laker Cat 18

    I’d love for them all to stay. That being said, I think it would be awesome if Wall, Bledsoe, Cousins, & Patterson were all top lottery picks. I would wish all of them the best of luck.

  30. me2

    gotta strike while the iron is hot … if it is hot when the year is over … then all ready for early to mid 1st rd status should go

  31. securityguy

    Is it me or does it feel like its been an eternity from the Auburn game to waiting for our next game Saturday?

  32. EKU Grad 98

    27-We’ll find someone, don’t worry about it. Cal is in the process making UK a great program again. All the top notch players will have to seriously consider UK if they’re serious about going pro.

    Your question should be: Who will I have to compete with next year to, hopefully, get into the starting lineup?

  33. Derek
  34. ransmith

    I’m sorry but I can see where he will play in the NBA one day, but he is not ready now. He has the raw skills and the body, but he really needs one to two more season in college. Look at some of his decisions. Sure he does great things to off-set that, but you give him one to two more seasons in college to mature and get his game more under control and then he is ready to test the NBA waters;.

  35. CadizCat

    Good for Eric, and ultimately good for us, maybe not next year, but in the long run. If Knight and Selby aren’t salivating to play here next year, then they are really missing the boat.


    Great news for Eric!!!!!!!! If he’s going to be a lotto there is just zero reason for him to consider coming back and I wish him all the best. Couldn’t happen to a better group of guys.

    Congrats Bledsoe!

  37. BledoseforPrez

    I think Lil Bled Bled should go higher than Jimmy.

  38. timbo

    nba drafs on talent and eric has plenty of doesnt matter if he’s ready or not

  39. BigBlueBrad

    Really stupid question but what are the emails of people other than Matt so I can send a pic into the site?

  40. Perfect Patterson

    It just speaks volumes of the guy when he commits to UK knowing Wall was probably coming, and ends up not only competing right along Wall’s level, but becoming a possible lottery pick. I think those are exactly the kind of guys Cal wants at UK, the kind of players not afraid to win.

  41. Massachusetts saved the World

    I don’t buy it. This is hype from ESPN, we all know they suck.

  42. Rockfield, KY

    I guess it doesn’t really matter how a bunch of message board poster judge his NBA capability for next year. I’m pretty sure none of us are going to pay him, nor can we legally. Let’s just hope they all get the experience of winning UK’s 8th national title this year and then do what’s in their best personal interest. They have already done plenty for us, so we should wish them the best.

  43. Massachusetts saved the World

    ESPN said John Wall was the 5th best player from the ’09 class. I’m not buying it!

  44. adaircam4

    This is great news for Eric and the program. Many people, including his high school coach, thought he and Wall would not be on the floor at the same time much because both were point guards. Obviously it has worked playing them together. Now, Coach Cal is in the position to tell future recruits, Selby and Knight, that it DOES work and they can coexist on the court together. Would I like to have Bledsoe stay another year? Absolutely, but you can’t blame him for going pro and in the long run, it’s great for the program.

  45. Bubba in Glenpool

    #39…do a search on the site for whomever’s e-mail address you want and scroll through all their posts. At the bottom of their articles about three weeks ago they had all their contact info on the site.

    Congrats to Bledsoe, if you can get drafted this year go this year, you don’t know what the future holds but the contract is guaranteed! Go to the league and get the pay check! It’s been a good year thus far and don’t let our fan-hood get in the way of your dreams!

  46. Anonymous

    espn’s and everyone are just trying to get everyone to leave

  47. K-Town Kat

    Don’t get me wrong, placing 4 different guys in the lottery would be HUGE for Kentucky’s “brand” being back, but darn. Talking about having to seriously rebuild.

    Let’s just hope Cal and co. tear it up again with this class. We’ll need it.

  48. Anonymous

    If Bledsoe did go and by no means do I want him to (although i’d be happy 4 him) could this possibly mean (question for Dustin) that we land Knight and Selby (the thought makes me n*t in my pants, lol)

  49. UK Mafia

    Chase Your Dreams Bledsoe. Whatever road you choose to go, this UK fan would be happy.

  50. UK Mafia

    Bring On Knight,Shelby, & Leslie. Go Cats!

  51. UKFanBoy

    Think about this. Say Bledsoe, Wall, and Patterson all leave, but Cousins decides to stay. Do you realize, even with losing 3 lottery picks, we would still have 3 and a potential #1 pick in our starting lineup again next year. Cousins, Orton, and Knight are all projected top 15. If Bledsoe stays we would have to be favored to win the title again on talent alone. Even without Cousins or Bledsoe if we secure Knight we will still have two lottery picks in our startig lineup. The kind of talent we are amassing here is nothing short of incredible. I believe we are into reload, not rebuild mode.

  52. Josh Selby

    27) I could fill that role!

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    […] world that Bledsoe’s NBA stock is rising after his 25-point performance at Florida last week. Matt Jones over at Kentucky Sports Radio talks about ESPN’s Chad Ford rating Bledsoe anywhere from the 20th pick in the draft to a […]

  54. Matt

    I dont care what the scouts or columnists say, Calipari will tell bledsoe what he thinks and that will be what means most in his decision.

  55. Goose

    Imagine these two gaurds without Patterson and Cousins. UK will be 9-9. Face it, they all make each other better in many ways. 1 more year please.

  56. lance

    My question is if its late when they do decide to leave will the top recruits for next year already be signed with someone else?