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The Best of Fake Barney


On Kentucky Sports Radio, we have many great callers. We have JT, Wildcat Corey, Scott in Shelbyville, Nate, Rose and many others. We also are blessed with Fake Callers ranging from Fake David Beckham, Fake Lou Holtz, Fake Larry Orton that entertain us. But maybe no one has mesmerized the KSR Radio audience quite like Fake Barney. He has brought a number of great calls over the years and in honor of his anniversary with the show, he produced the TOP TEN FAKE BARNEY CALLS TO KSR. They include,

1. The First Barney call takes us by surprise

2. The great sounds of a laughing EZ in the background

3. His “I am extinct” song

4. Barney meets JT

5. Fake Barney calls ESPN on the Bobby Knight controversy

6. Fake Barney calls Demarcus Cousins

7. Fake Barney sings an ode to Lexington

Check them out…I guarantee you will chuckle at some great memories from the past.

Article written by Matt Jones

28 responses to “The Best of Fake Barney”

  1. Kentucky14

    This is epic

  2. Ira Tatum

    I love Jew.
    Jew love me.
    Ooh aah ahh ooh ahaaa ahh wee.

    And a great big hug…..

  3. Pub Lick T.V.

    Turrible. Juss turrible.

  4. Repressed Mammaries

    Barney has birthing hips.
    Bet s-he was hot b4 the estrogen kicked in and changed his-er voice.

  5. Matty G

    Someone needs to do this with Fake Lou Holtz. Immediately.

  6. Harry Dunn

    This is a top five post on this site. Please do a top ten calls, Annie, Chester, Nate, truth, etc

  7. Bgcat

    Fake barney is easily my 2nd favorite regular caller after jt.

  8. UKBlue

    Best KSR post ever!

  9. darryl isaac

    fake lou holtz is pretty epic too

  10. Slick Willie

    Barney is great. Love the show!

  11. New Day Co-Op

    Fake Obama after UL game was pure gold

  12. buckethead

    I think i busted a gut !!!!! Thats the funniest s*** ever !!!!!

  13. TulsaCat

    Purple awesomeness!

  14. KY Gal

    Fake Barney is my favorite KSR caller! Love it!!

  15. d-weezy

    chester and fake barney are the greatest.

  16. dman

    I agree with you #15. Fake Lou is right there too. Everytime Fake Barney calls in, I completely imagine the purple dinosaur on the other end of the call.

  17. jdawg23

    fake billy g during a couple of shows was good too

  18. GoCats2010

    anything but Nate, he jumped the shark…yes Matt is a liberal Nate, we get it, but Matthews need for everyone to like him allows for Nate to talk waaayyyy too much

  19. Glennd

    I miss ez…

  20. Pay76

    Worst bit ever, I turn my radio off when tis clown comes on..

  21. Czech KY Fan

    Fake Lou Holtz is my fav + the FIRST Fake Billy Clyde

  22. Dale in Orlando

    Best Barney call was about the gun commercial.

  23. bluebiscuit

    I was driving on East High Street when I heard Fake Barney sing the Lexington My Town song. Almost hit a LexTran bus, I was laughing so much. Let’s have more of these classic collections, including one of my favorites, Chester.

  24. CatsFanInKnoxville

    Man, I forgot how good EZ was.

  25. Paducah Patty

    Give it to me!!! I love Fake Barney! I like Fake Lou Holtz but often I can’t understand him. Team Barney!!!

  26. zack

    I have often wondered this but Fake Barney has to be Chris Tomlin right?

  27. Scotty

    One of the best posts ever…. I was crying, at work, because I was laughing so hard!

  28. If the NCAA were a man I'd punch it in the face

    Barney is just pure gold. Everyone perks up when he calls because you know he is going to bring it. Hearing Big EZ makes me realize that the show needs a full time co-host.