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The best Anthony Davis portrait made with cereal you’ll see all week

(via @palmer102)

I’m speechless.

Article written by Drew Franklin

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34 responses to “The best Anthony Davis portrait made with cereal you’ll see all week”

  1. DJ

    That’s pretty cool

  2. me


  3. Cobb

    Mother of God…

  4. sinja

    got milk?

  5. Fat Ryan Lemond

    Even more impressive is I ate the entire thing in under 5 minutes.

  6. Cujo

    That is cool

  7. Ukfan

    Not only did they make a bad ass Anthony Davis portrait out of cereal, they made a bad ass portrait of Anthony Davis out of cereal wearing jorts.. epic

  8. beltieboy

    Amazing!!……A real work of art!!

  9. Bob

    This guy and his kid are rock stars!

  10. nolablue

    I love Kentuckians. Forever and ever, Amen. 🙂

  11. nolablue

    Oh, and, get well soon little fella. A cast in the summertime. UGH!

  12. big deal

    Cereal, really?

    The ‘West Enders’ in Louisville made one of these outa crack rocks in the form of Peyton Siva’s dad.

  13. prpcat

    Awesome, great job!

  14. Monnett

    How you going to keep it from going bad? I know you didn’t eat it.

  15. John

    So pimp. This guy lives in my town and is bad freakin ass. You the man Palmer.Nice shorts 2

  16. jessdogky


  17. truth

    Typical redneck uk fans. Nice shorts and house.

  18. truth

    Question: how do I stop my butt from hurting so bad?

  19. truth

    Does anyone want to be my friend? I’m sick of all these morons here in Indiana. I swear, this state is full of idiots.

  20. False

    Hey 17, get a life you f-ing loser. Why do you even read this site douche?

  21. Duke sucks

    This is what happens when you have too much time on your hands,talent,and one hell of a imagination.It does kick ass though.

  22. false

    I like to toss off to pictures of cal.

  23. ZombieLibrarian

    If he had longer hair he would look like Frida Kahlo.

  24. FartSmacker

    That is friggin awsome

  25. marci

    Awesome job! This is just one of many amazing works of Art this Man does!

  26. Mass Confusion

    Id buy this before that blanket that was for sale. For what was it $150,000 ?

  27. corkolien

    You Da’Beast bro

  28. JumboJulep

    That is so cool!! It should be hanging in the new Coal Lodge. Cal!!!!! Get it!!

  29. bluebiscuit

    Now that is cool. Love seeing how happy that kid looks, too. Hanging out with Dad, playing with food, and honoring a great Wildcat — what could be better than that?

  30. bluebiscuit

    Who is this guy? Would like to see some of his other art if it is as fun as this is.

  31. bham

    Davis should sign that kids cast

  32. uk3k

    now that is some art i can appreciate

  33. man

    Man i saw that one of the autographed posters by Anthony Davis went for $1200.00 at an auction..

  34. BigBlueJake