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That Will Be Ten Dollars….

You cant get insight like this everywhere. For the record, Eloy Vargas arrives tomorrow for his UK visit:


And then from Frosted’s website just yesterday:

Today’s popular rumor is that Kenny Payne is going to join UK as an assistant coach for next season. This is absolutely false. There are 4 coaching spots at UK. Next year, they will continue to be filled by the same people who are filling them right now; John Calipari (ignore all NBA rumors), John Robic, Orlando Antigua & Rod Strickland. There will be no changes in the coaching staff at all.

So, if Kenny Payne, who is very close to John Calipari, was going to join UK, it would have to be as something OTHER than an assistant coach. Let’s look at the reality of that.

Currently, Kenny Payne earns close to 300k a year as an assistant at a high major university. If he were to leave Oregon, do you think he’d take a job at UK that pays no more than one third of what he’s making now?

Additionally, Kenny is known to be a terrific recruiter. Would he move to a job that didn’t offer him the ability to recruit off campus?

There is some chatter that Tony Delk may take the road job at WKU. I believe this is likely to happen…. so would Kenny Payne, a heavyweight in basketball coaching, come to UK to replace Delk as the assistant strength coach and make 25k a year???

I’m not telling anyone what to believe. If you want to think Payne is coming to UK because some random website says it’s possible….that’s fine with me. I’m just telling you that the will NOT be any coaching spots opening at UK this year. If Payne were to come to UK, he’d be doing something that doesn’t seem logical to anyone.

Article written by Matt Jones

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  1. beau9738

    HAHAHA! MM is douch O the year. EVERY year!

  2. beau9738


    sorry, apparently I come in second.

    That’s what she said?

  3. Will Lentz

    To be fair, he still thinks Donovan is coming to Kentucky, and there is probably some rule against players transferring with their coaches. Just saying.

  4. SexnNursinHomes

    does maggard NOT want vargas here? maggards riding this one out aslong as there is breathing room.

  5. mocha

    What. An. Idiot.


    MM has always played the poser part really well. He flat out does not get good info, and never really has. Don’t forget that he is the same guy who said that Michael Sanchez was better than Patrick Patterson….that was an epic miss! He should really get a new job that he is qualified for.

  7. UKpharmer2

    Did anyone else look up Brad Cox on facebook?

  8. echo 1

    Brad is a bigger moron than maggard. He actually pays money to express his stupidity. You have to hand it to maggard. He may talk out of his arse, but he has convinced a few people to pay money to listen to his gas.

  9. No! It's Mingue, MORON

    8 – It’s true, and for that I have to give him some begrudging respect. Still waiting to know what his “good news” that was supposedly coming two weeks ago was.

  10. Patrick Barker

    He was just keeping that information to himself for the good of the program, right?

  11. PatrickPattersonISwalkingthruthatdoor

    thank god for screen capture. whether it be maggard, louisville message boards, or pat forde chat rooms, this type of stuff always makes life better 🙂

  12. No! It's Mingue, MORON

    lol, just saw the new addition. For whatever teenie roll the guy was on a few weeks ago, he’s falling back in to “DONOVAN UK II, ELECTRIC BOOGALOO” mode again. What a toolbox.

  13. david8577

    If I ever paid money to his site, I would be wanting to start a class action law suit.

  14. SexnNursinHomes

    I like the box underneath his smug picture that yells ” verified source”. hahaha

  15. champs or bust

    jones v. maggard in steel-cage death match, with only one rule… don’t touch the hair!

  16. HoustonWildcat

    Wow, I just recently started following him on Twitter to see the random stuff he says. What a goober.

  17. HellsBells

    Maggard does bring it on himself but this is getting a little silly… I still read it but we should have a duel to end this once and for all. Ideas??

  18. Pat_Wren

    He who shall remain nameless is almost as much of a moron as those who pay him money for his opinion. Thank you Jesus for and Matt Jones!!

    Getting your UK Basketball news from KSR…free
    The nameless one making a fool of himself…priceless!

  19. E Cat

    OK. Now I’m really concerned that Cal is NBA bound.

  20. HellsBells

    Maybe some competition for charity. Winner gets bragging rights and and both sides drop it. It could be live blogged. Might cause the site to crash, again!

  21. TheBigBooyah

    13. How dare you.

    -15 Legend Points

  22. Steve Jobs

    Has Matt Jones ever asked us over to play poker? No
    Has Matt Jones ever asked us over to watch UFC? No
    Does Matt Jones run amazing daycare centers? No
    Can Matt Jones dj your wedding or bar mitzvah? No
    Is Matt Jones a master of Mexican comedy? No
    Is Matt Jones truly the man of the people? You make the call!

    You don’t get the low-down on all things UK for free from such a renaissance man.

  23. MIDDAY

    I wonder how many toy cars you have to build to make it all the way up to “Tru Blue Insider?”

  24. Zagnut
  25. DaviessCounty CatFan

    Alright, I’m glad the “Cal to the NBA” rumors can be put to rest now. lol


  26. TheBigBooyah

    23. That’s better.

    +3 Legend Points

  27. gossie21

    23. I don’t even know if he was on much of a “roll” with his recruiting info. Bozich, Demling, and Dawson all were citing sources saying Teague to UK 4 weeks before he committed.

    But I will say that today is quite possibly the best MM two-step I have ever seen. Usually he intentionally leaves gaps that he can fill in later once the story has come out. But on this one he painted himself into a corner so badly that his only play was to say he intentionally lied.

    Or he could have just taken his medicine and said he got one wrong. Wait, what was I thinking, that’s not possible. MM is omniscient and omnipresent with all things related to the UK program. He never gets anything wrong and he always knows what’s “best for the program” (which at one time included retaining Gillispie as our coach).

  28. MIDDAY

    26 – nice find!

  29. KY12

    Maggard has people believing he intentionally lied to help the program. Wow some people are slow. Someone get Maggard on here to explain why Payne to UK rumors needed to be “slowed”, then explain how he has the ability to halt internet rumors.

  30. Arms of Delk Legs of McCarty

    This may be the best KSR post ever.

  31. HoustonWildcat

    #27 DCCF – Could Vaught have found a worse picture of Ashley Judd?

  32. DaviessCounty CatFan

    33.) Man O Man, I don’t think Ashley would approve of that one.

  33. WalkersGoggles

    Maggard is good at one thing only and that is talking like he knows what he is talking about. I will give the guy that. I have worked with him on some things away from basketball and he was the same way with that as well. Funny thing was that WE knew what WE were talking about and quit working with him.

    It’s his gift and his curse

  34. tccats11

    god he is a such a tool.. “for the good of the program?” since UK basketball gives 2 sh*** about MM and his “info”. and that affects anything? dont think so. People pay for this? wow, that is just sad.

  35. BPsycho

    #34 Holy Paraplegic Jesus!

    Why did he use that pic?? Lol That pic looks like Charlize Theron in the movie “Monster”

  36. Arms of Delk Legs of McCarty

    35 – So are you in the Wedding DJ, Daycare, Mexican comedy club industry, then?

  37. Laker Cat 18

    The mm vs. Matt Jones never gets old. LOL. Solution? Throw them both in the octagon. Straight up submission or knock out. No decisions at all.

    1. It would be funny as hell.
    2. It would make one heck of a charity event. I’d drive a long way to see that. Seriously.

  38. ukbballrulez33

    You are the MAN Matt Jones. This just made my day.

    True story: I used to follow the guy (maggard) on twitter and he made a wrong assumption and I (very politely I might add) asked him on twitter why he said what he did. About ten minutes later the guy BLOCKED me from following him and then his next tweet was “sometimes it is so fun to get rid of annoying followers”. LOL

  39. gossie21

    I just read Senor Frosty’s thread over on TBK. I cannot express how much joy it brought into my life.

    Just to clarify, Frosty claims that he never lied. I want to know how he reconciles “not lying” with this statement:

    “There are 4 coaching spots at UK. Next year, they will continue to be filled by the same people who are filling them right now; John Calipari (ignore all NBA rumors), John Robic, Orlando Antigua & Rod Strickland. There will be no changes in the coaching staff at all.”


  40. SexnNursinHomes

    37- that picture Ashley, does vaught look at his own web site? I mean, for christ sakes she looks “rode hard, put up wet”.

  41. Hunter Campbell

    Can we organize some kind of charity basketball game against the douches from TBK? Assuming Jason Spear can remove his head from mm’s loins, I think they could field a team.

  42. BPsycho

    #39 All knees allowed.. Punching in the back of the head allowed.. All Eye contact allowed..

    And MM can’t head butt with his Frosted Tips! And agrees to drug testing…

  43. DaviessCounty CatFan

    Does KSR now have a TBK Minion Filter? I don’t understand how this post about their fearless leader has ZERO “death threats” on Matt’s life by MM Minions. haha

  44. SexnNursinHomes

    43- hahahaha. classic

  45. SoCalCat

    Is there a high road here? Matt has indicated the next year may be his last on KSR. Looks like he’s going out in a blaze of glory?

  46. Laker Cat 18

    43. Street ball? I just got an visual in my head of mm decked out like Jim Carey in The Cable Guy.

    44. I wouldn’t object to those rules. One way in, one way out. Blood is mandatory. It’s all legal.

  47. PatrickPattersonISwalkingthruthatdoor

    Where the hell has SeoulCat been teh last few months? i havent seen that dude on here in forever

  48. HoustonWildcat

    In the latest development it seems as is Coach Cal will stay at Kentucky for the next 4 years. A loop hole was found that will allow Lebron to attend the University of Kentucky and use his 4 eligibility for basketball and football. Coach Cal will be the Offensive Coordinator for the football team. After King James’ eligibility is up Cal and Lebron will decided wether he will go on to play football or basketball professionally.


  49. BPsycho

    #45 They stay at TBK where they pay for premium information from guys with sources and great reputations like Marc Ma, *throws up* *Huuuuuuhhhhhhhghghghghh*

    Sorry, I got close tho!

  50. Arms of Delk Legs of McCarty

    It’s unbelievable to me how MM can fool people. I love reading his “I got it wrong but can’t admit it posts.” One of his toadies actually wrote this:

    “I wasn’t saying you lied, and I’ve read what you wrote. Believe me, not a post is posted on any of the boards that I don’t read. I was simply supporting your actions. I’d prefer that you lie to us if it is what is best for UK every single time.”

  51. GoCats2

    I am usually one to ignore this stuff because I will never understand the concept of UK fans bashing other UK fans even if they are on competing websites but I have to ask a question… What are legend points and how are they determined?

  52. rdub1976

    39 and 43. I vote that a few of KSR’s most faithful readers get to host a live blog during both of those events.

  53. gossie21

    52. Then Maggard replied saying he never lied. Also Jason Spear has posted that Maggard has evidence that he knew what was happening the whole time.

    At any rate, I think I figured out what happened. Maggard logged into his TBK admin account at his local library. When he got up he forgot to log out. Since then, some rapscallion has been posting under his name and won’t quit.

  54. gossie21

    continued from (55). And MM is going to be really upset to find out about it once he gets back from his Mexican Comedy club.

  55. Arms of Delk Legs of McCarty

    52 – Nice. I wouldn’t be surprised to see that excuse one day.

  56. BPsycho


    #53 I don’t really know where or what they came from “the legend points” but I just say ” +1 ” When I read something “Legendarily Epic” : P

  57. JF

    Probably got tired of the horrible comments sections from the post-and-pre-registration era.

  58. Lori M

    Is Jason Spear mm’s alternate name or is he a real guy who just walks around with mm’s pubes on his chin?

  59. StartYourJourneyNowMyLord

    Look out Hunter, you call out MM for a game of hoops and you’ll prob get a taste of the white chocolate


    Jason Spear is one of the most gullible rednecks on the internet. Which is more pathetic? a.) Paying your boy Maggard money and pimping him all over the internet, or b.) Loving your UK tattoo so much that you have to show everyone that “yes I am a redneck”

  61. tblake

    I believe Maggard is a tool


  62. dcgirl

    Matt — apparently MM is no longer on the dating market. So sad… in at least two ways.

  63. CaseyJohnson

    Jason Spear was told the same thing that I was told along with every other mod there. All of it is saved just like all the screenshots from when Matt said Calipari is a cheater, and his staff is the “dirtiest in the game.”

    But way to try to keep the ball rolling, Matt Perez Hilton Jones. We’ll keep doing what we do.

  64. KyleMacysSocks

    IMO the Maggard bashing on here is always entertaining but unnecessary. This past season the coaches daughters read this site to the point that they would complain on facebook when the server crashed. On top of that some of the players made it known that they read KSR, “Buzz” Baker mentioned the KSR guys during a broadcast of a game and Matt Jones began writing for Instead of pointing out Maggard’s mistakes, everyone should be in awe that after all of this he can still get a few people to pay to read his site.

  65. thefakeppat

    Jones, Jack, Vargas, Cain, Debo to Kentucky


  66. VoiceofReason14


    Yeah I’m not sure if Matt Jones thinks he is the only person that takes screen shots in America but he loves to use them daily against people when he has no idea.


    Are you a Kentucky fan this is an honest question? Have you ever thought about how much work goes into getting recruits or even coaches?

    For example has anyone ever came up to you and said Matt this is going to happen this weekend if anyone ask you about it deny it like you have no idea. Maybe just maybe when someone posts on other sites asking for insight maybe IT IS BEST to deny something of happening if by telling the truth it could cause issues in RECRUITING or behind the scenes stuff.

    You call yourself a Kentucky fan but in reality rather then worry about your own site and the things you do…. You would rather be a member at another site (acting like you aren’t) and continue to pull posts from another site without PERMISSION and belittle someone…

    As Casey said above you are trying to be the Perez Hilton of Kentucky News trying to have people form an opinion on others and trying to turn Kentucky fans into fighting each other about KENTUCKY SITES we are all Kentucky fans we shouldn’t fight within our own fan group do you not realize this…

  67. smbivens

    Lifer memberships anyone??? ha

  68. minsco

    Just curious to know when the 2 of you are going to grow up? You would think both of you are about 12 years old. Come to this site and at least once a week there is a slam on Maggard. Go to Maggard’s site and there is a slam on Jones. It reminds me of PEE WEE HERMAN’s line of “You are but what am I”….For Pete’s sake people grow up.

  69. Verified Source

    I’ve secretly told my minions that T. Jones to UK is a done deal.

  70. randyjennings

    I hate it when mom and dad fight!

  71. brianboone99

    68 if you believe the BS obvious lies that MM is spewing… well I’ll just say anyone who believes him is half retarded. Its so convenient that he lied to everyone for the better of UK. LMAO!!! Yeah right. He’s wrong so often but always presents everything with such confidence it makes him look like a giant douche. And if he didn’t want the situation escalating he would have said nothing instead of blatantly lying and misleading everyone. Maggard is an idiot and deserves to be called such.

  72. CaseyJohnson

    73 – LOL. He may have misled most people, but you’re conveniently ignoring that he told a good number of people that all of this was going to happen (both stories). That sort of trumps your point.

  73. GoCats2010

    Casey Johnson once told me that MM’s pubes are also frosted

  74. CaseyJohnson

    75 – That’s cute. Doesn’t address that you guys don’t now what you’re talking about.

  75. wfc7

    I honestly could care less who is “right” in all of this. At the same time, if anyone believes for one second that Coach Cal and UK’s Athletic Dept asked MM to keep secrets/lie for them in order to help them with recruiting and/or personnel moves, a. you are seriously delusional, and b. you need to back away from the internet bs, and the demigods who are peddling the lies on it to save their arse / promote their own delusions of grandeur.

  76. JP

    what 77 said

  77. The Rock

    76- Hey Casey. It’s been a while, hasn’t it? How are you doing? That’s good. Anyway, tell us again about your plan to save the planet. And if you don’t like being labeled as Maggard’s little bi*** or whatever other names of that same effect, then don’t come to KSR and defend him EVERY time he is mentioned here. KSR hates mm, mm hates KSR. No matter what you say on here, KSR is gonna hate mm and vise versa. So just save your keystrokes and let his die down and go away.

  78. tblake

    Casey Johnson is maggard’s tool and doesn’t even care


  79. Carlos Toomer

    So either MM was wrong or he was purposely misleading his readers? Either way it makes him less believable.

  80. brianboone99

    74… oh you mean in the super duper secret thread? So he charges people to pay him, but he will not only withhold info from them “for the good of UK” but he will blatantly go out of his way to lie to those people? Yeah thats a good reason to pay him right? And what about him saying Vargas couldn’t come to UK because of some rule??? What happened to that??? And if he’s so concerned about the good of UK why say Cousins is a punk bitch before the season started? Really sounds like something a super UK fan would say right? Casey if you believe any of the BS that moron spews… you are an idiot! I pray to god you are not that dumb.

  81. brianboone99

    And did anyone see the response from Maggard toward Jones? He basically called himself mentally handicapped. Maggard is wrong time and time again, yet always has an excuse ready. I can make blind guesses about things that could happen to UK and have just as good of a shot at being right as him. The only people more retarded than Maggard are the people willing to pay for his info.

  82. Carlos Toomer

    #83 I think MM was referring to BTI

  83. Carlos Toomer

    The one that gets me is MM harping on MJ’s comments while Cal was at Memphis about him being dirty. I bet you can’t find me 5 UK fans who thought Cal was clean before he came to UK.

  84. Wildcat Singularity

    Like all annoying fans, all we KSR-faithful have to do when push comes to shove on this topic is note daily page views and refreshes and chant “scooooooooooooooreboard! scooooooooooreboard!”

    You’ll never be half as popular as KSR is on a bad day, Maggard. Suck it.

  85. brianboone99

    You all may not care, but there is a poll on rupp rafters right now. If a gun were pointed at your head and had to choose Jones or Maggard who do you take? If any of you feel like voting in meaningless catspause polls and putting Maggard to shame go vote! Its the poll to end all polls.

  86. CaseyJohnson

    79 – That’s cute, little guy.

  87. RUPPS_rhetoric

    77 – Completely agree. If it’s a matter of keeping a coaching move safe or helping snag a recruit, why on Earth would a member of the staff tell either MM or MJ? “Hey we’re going to be moving some things around, but don’t tell anyone or we’re screwed…” I may be completely off here, but to suggest that these sites really play a signifficant role in recruiting, I just don’t buy that for one second. And in the off chance some critical news does gets leaked; and a staff member picks up the phone and says sit on it, well I have to believe MM and MJ would indeed sit on it. I just can’t see that happening very often though. All that being said, this is a great site and I hope things don’t change too rastically once MJ moves on.