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Terrence Jones’s Finger


Photo by the Herald Leader

It hurts me just to look at…and yes the picture is real.

Article written by Matt Jones

65 responses to “Terrence Jones’s Finger”

  1. Gavin S.

    Ouch is right.

  2. lol

    That’s his strong hand.

  3. White chocolate

    Looks more than just dislocated

  4. BigBlueKy

    I bet that hurt like h*ll!

  5. Sacond

    Just a little tweak

  6. SeoulCat


  7. Jimmy

    He will be out 1-2weeks.

  8. jodyray25

    Rub some dirt on it

  9. Ncaa

    New rule change: all uk player must now play with broken fingers

  10. Hambone

    Haha, that’s exactly how mine looked….ended up being broken

  11. lexslamman

    Billy Clyde would have made him play.

  12. Magically Delicious

    Injuries happen when you don’t go full speed. T Jones is a little b***h just like last year. Best player in cbb my nuts.

  13. Gasoline Draws

    2) Hiliarious!

  14. Hawk

    That one ain’t going in the pink or the stink!

  15. buckets2378

    12. What a stupid observation. Thanks, moron.

  16. Gavin S.

    8) or spray some windex on it, my big fat greek wedding style.

  17. EightLetters

    12. I would take Terrence Jones with one dangling arm and no legs over the entire Loserville team. You on the other hand, are not good enough to wash his jock. Go away munchkin.

  18. Onions

    People owe Jones an apology if they said he was soft. He played some after that injury.

  19. Ncaa

    Rule change 435$4:543-4: all broken bones of uk players will now be healed only with playdo and gummy bears
    That is all

  20. Ouch

    That is his shooting hand, which makes it challenging. I expect he’ll have it taped to the one next to it.

  21. JackieLuvsUk

    12 The only bitch is the one who gave birth to you!! Sucks your the waterboy for 15 second Ricky & his boys so dont hate on UK cause you will never be close to being anywhere near our league and do tell us when your last Championship IF ANY your team has won? Don’t worry I’ll wait….You couldnt carry Jones joke strap no Poof be gone you lil Loserville asskisser :-*

  22. lol

    So if you go to google and type “let it snow” in, the screen will start snowing until the screen is fully frosted over. Thought it was pretty cool. Something to do on a boring Sunday lol.

  23. nassau65

    12. did you get your name from Pitino’s nutsack?

  24. Sheeeeeiiit

    12 – Marrakech, Blackshear, Buckles, Marra. Just naming a few of the injuries to U of Line Beard. Hmmmm, using your logic, lots of slow little bitches playing for Ricky this year.

  25. RidgeRunner

    20…Ouch indeed, & thinkin’ the same thing.

  26. Mr Schwump

    Amputate and get him back on the floor.

  27. Sheeeeeiiit

    12 – Treese, Blackshear, Buckles, Marra. Just naming a few of the injuries to U of Line Beard. Hmmmm, using your logic, lots of slow little bitches playing for Ricky this year.

  28. JW

    TJ, get that looked at … so you can get well, ASAP, to beat those Filthy Cards. And don’t listen to the haters, for all the haters know is hatin’. All the best.

  29. KYStout

    The NCAA will be looking in to this to determine if Jones finger gave him any unfair advantage

  30. Dave in Kabul

    That happened to me playing football in the Army. But only from the first third. Same finger. Shit healed crooked because I couldn’t wear the splint they gave me AND attend PLDC. So I said screw the splint.

  31. Hoss_Cat

    Tape it up. You gotta be kiddin me.

  32. Wildcat Kyle

    #12 U r a ignorant tool. UL fans would rather watch UK and keep up with ever move we make than to watch your own team, on second thought I dont blame u, if all I had watch was the Tards i would be looking for something entertaining too.

  33. Peck in Lex

    It’ll buff out.. Really though we need you TJ for loserville!

  34. BPsycho

    #21 “The only bitch is the one who gave birth to you!!” Lol excellent.

    #30 Unrelated questions if you feel like answering : By 2016 we are out of Afghanistan? And do you anticipate any kind of war with North Korea within the next decade? I’m wondering, because by the time we get to the South it will be blown to ****. Nukes will be the only option, and that’s never good.

    *I saw Army in your post and my mind exploded…

  35. bubbles

    Worse injuries have happened and ppl have played. Kids been babies his whole life

  36. Designated Drinker

    #35- it’s his shooting hand. He did play after it. But he can’t shoot very well with one of his fingers at a right angle now can he?? Wow. Can KSR give IQ test before people are allowed to post?

  37. Jim

    Ouch. That explains it.

  38. Stan

    #21, I love it!!! 15 second Ricky, HA HA HA, the quickest of the cardinals, Ricky P, P is for premature,HAHA

  39. Catsfando

    Come on now, they popped it back into place, taped it up with finger next to it and he re entered the game. I’m sure it hurt but most players play through these type of injuries. Playing baseball in college I had the exact same kind of injury on throwing hand as a result of a bad hop. Taped it and kept on playing. Different people have different pain tolerances. Next day pinky was in a cast but I kept playing. It’s all in how bad you want to be out there.

  40. MustangCat

    Ooouuccchhhh!!!! Did this myself once, way back in the day. Looked down at my pinkie, palm down, and my pinkie was pointing straight up at me!! Didn’t hurt that bad though, but i didn’t try to play anymore that day either! Get better quick TJones! We need ya big guy.

  41. Catsfando

    Come on now, they pulled him, reset it, taped it to the finger next to it tightly. I had the exact same injury in college playing baseball. They did the same thing to me and I kept on playing. I know you guys don’t think that baseball’s all that physical, but you still have to field, throw and and hit with that finger. It’s all about how bad you want to play. I’m sure they could have numbed that finger up.

  42. tdr76

    It takes touch to shoot the basketball, and we really didn’t need him for that game, to be honest we will not need him for the next several games. Just lighten up.

  43. R U FO REALZ?

    41. I bet you were an awesome college baseball player. Where did you play? Asshole U?

  44. Brent Coltharp

    The next time we need to see TJ is against the “tards”, and maybe then only if we need him. Let him heal for two to three weeks and come back ready for the Championship run.

  45. yothers

    I’m sure he’ll be back to play UofL

  46. Muthaphucker

    I just hope Cal gives him the retention bonus he is due for staying because his draft stock is dropping daily.

  47. Freethrow

    I’ve had dislocated fingers several times. None had the same “pain level” involved. A couple hardly even hurt at all but others where as bad as having a needle poke in the eye. Who’s to say what TJ’s was like?

  48. weak

    Im pretty sure kobe plays with broke and fractured fingers taped together by splints and still manages to play everynight and drop 40. A little disheartening to see he couldnt tough it out and stay in the game.It really is all about how bad you want it…..

  49. weak

    And you would think/hope he would want to be in the game pretty bad after a game like last game

  50. your weak

    Maybe he wouldn’t want to be in the game after being bashed by a bunch of so called “fans” sitting behind there computers…..

  51. your weak

    And if you cant tell from the picture the injury happens when his hand hits another player, this picture is when he was in the game later and caught the ball and had to pass it with one hand before going BACK to the bench its kind of hard to play when it pops out from just catching the ball.

  52. Brian the Derpface

    Actually, that picture is not real.

    Notice that the only portion of his hand to not have “shine” on the top part of it is the “dislocated” portion. In fact the only deviance from brown in the body of that finger correlates with the shine on the jersey behind.

    Also, all other fingers are with the majority of them not visible due to being curled behind the visible portions. The same goes for his pinking.

    Pic’s a fake.

  53. BigBlueKy

    #52 The picture is not a fake. It was taken by the Herald Leader. It is in the photo gallery of the game. Here is the link

  54. Madtex

    Hey #43 – he played for BS University…..some of the other teams in the league are Holes, Wimps, Dingleberries….

  55. trublu

    give me a little more warning nest time/ yikes

  56. HackRichards


  57. JoeConley

    Remember. This was after he caught a pass on the wing, not the first time he left the game. Finger must be messed up to dangle like that a second time. Not good.

  58. Herp Derp

    Clearly photoshopped.

    KSR is poop for posting this as if it is real.

    It’s really obvious if you spend more than 0.3 seconds looking at it.

    If you think because it was posted by the Herald Leader it isn’t fake, you’re an idiot.

  59. Wildcat Kyle

    Some people really are ignorant. Now they due to the internet they all have a voice.

  60. Calipartytime

    52 & 58 ….John Clay tweeted the photo of him grimacing taken by HL Photographer & I retweeted about his finger. Here’s the article…

  61. wildcat_marine

    If u look at old ball players’ hands, a lot of them are jacked up. Those who played thru the pain winded up playing for many years. Those who didn’t… didn’t.

  62. DT in DC

    Dude. Didn’t need to see that. This is as bad as when someone turns their ankle the the tv announcers continue to want to roll and freeze the tape to see it turned in a completely unnatural position. Makes me want to puke it’s so gross.

  63. Poppschmidty

    #61. That reminds me of something John Madden would say “Here’s a guy that when he runs, he goes faster” Thanks for that outlook, Captain Obvious.

  64. Karel

    Fake? Keep looking around, there are pictures of it everywhere. Fake my a**.

  65. C Harrison

    The position in which he held the finger after being relocated, and the intensity of the pain with minimal pressure, raises concern about a lateral fracture or ligament/tendon injury – things beyond a simple dislocation. If true it could take 6 weeks to be resonably healed.