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Tennessee Football Learns That Proper Spacing Is Everything


Article written by Thomas Beisner

53 responses to “Tennessee Football Learns That Proper Spacing Is Everything”

  1. The Office


  2. Dan From Fully House

    That might be the funniest thing I’ve seen this month…true story

  3. Paul

    Does it not look like a Longhorn on the side of the helmet? Does look like UT’s G0d-awful color of orange though.

  4. Biglaw Dawgin'

    That is hilarious. I bet the artist was a UK fan … or simply graduated from a sub-par university like UT.

  5. girth

    only at UT…LOL!!!

  6. capnmonkey

    That would make a great emo band name

  7. Pee Shiver

    That, sir, is funny!

  8. mdsd10


  9. mooseknuckles

    Which is exactly what the warden will tell them after they put on their other orange uniforms.

  10. bigblueGH

    Actually, the spacing is probably on purpose. UT wouldn’t be the first to use this slogan. It’s about making choices; you can choose to see opportunity nowhere, or you can choose to see it now-here. Its about attitude. Google it.

    But that shouldn’t stop us from making fun of them about it!

  11. Utjunction

    Don’t get it. What’s the problem with the picture??

  12. macon_volfan

    #10-I like the way you think. Well done. Didn’t want to be the first to chime in with that point–I’d just be some worthless UT troll.

  13. Al's IndiCats

    IT really does look like a Long horn on the side of that helment. Sorry Macon…

  14. rolly

    #10 it makes sense (albeit cheesy sense) if it is written opportunityisnowhere — that way the reader has to actively put in the spaces, but the font changes in the UT sign messes that all up


    I do think that is a longhorn player. I don’t remember the Vols ever having white facemasks. Think they’ve been black for a while now

  16. rolly

    #3 & 13 — it’s the vertical part of the T, which flares at the bottom

  17. CatsFanInKnoxville

    I sent in the pic. It’s definitely a Tennessee player. The sign is over the double door going from the locker room out to the indoor football field at the football complex.

  18. Cat fan



    Yep. I can make out the T when I zoom in on my iPhone

  20. SorryBeis

    10. Is spot on, this is a common slogan. I have seen it in Financial seminars, and I’ve also seen a motivational speaker use it when speaking of life skills….

    Plus its definitely UT as in University of Texas….

  21. hair love

    Stop it…its Tennessee and is a mistake. I am sorry, what works in “financial seminars” would not be used in a football complex. And if it is, that level of subtlety at a SEC football school may be even dumber than the spelling.

  22. RockyTop

    I just had to post this on FailBlog

    Vote it up peeps, absolutely front page worthy

  23. SorryBeis

    ^^^^^^ 20.) I meant University of Tennessee ……. i know dem der colors

  24. tis true

    21-I actually played college football and this same phrase was put before us at our first team meeting. It basically is an attitude thing. Oh, and this was in 1995, so its quite old as well.

  25. Barrack Obama

    That is a little different than my “Hope” and “Change” – isn’t it? Ain’t it ironic, that Tennesse’s mis-print is actually the reality of my presidency… Wish I had a dollar for every one of those damn bumper-stickers we sold – I think I’m gonna need it in a year and a half.

  26. Riddler

    20. No way that’s burnt orange. It’s clearly puke inside a pumpkin orange. Oh yeah, and there’s a big T on the side of the upper left helmet. But, don’t let the truth get in the way of you defending your boys.

  27. Minter is Coming

    Hey! They stole my strip club slogan!

  28. Y'all_Are_Dumb_As_Dirt

    This is hilarious. It’s about thinking positively. “NOWHERE” can become “NOW” and “HERE.” It depends on one’s perspective. Congratulations, 2 out of 27 Kentucky fans understand a simple psychological exercise in positive thinking.

    Matt Jones should be embarrassed. 26 and counting, morons.

  29. MTH

    How about this concept: When the doors are closed, opportunity is nowhere. But when the doors are opened, the word is seperated, and opportunity is NOW HERE.

  30. MTH

    How about this concept: When the doors are closed, opportunity is nowhere. But when the doors are opened, the word is separated, and opportunity is NOW HERE.

  31. Catsfoever

    28. are you 65 or above? You sound old and boring!!! hahaha

  32. tennessee state bird - the pecker

    #28, dude, no matter what you say – yer still a yella belly’d sap sucker…

  33. Burt Reynolds

    “Alex, I’ll take The rapists for 200.” …Alex trebeck: ” It’s Therapists…why am I even here?”

  34. coyotevomit

    Everyone seems to be implying that the UT football team can read. Are they Rosetta Stone doors?

  35. Old man painting the field in the Snickers commercial


  36. Irwin R. Fletcher

    28) I’d say that most everyone understands what you’re getting at… but that’s not very funny, is it?

  37. Still_Dumb

    36) The only thing humorous about this entire thing is idiot rednecks thinking they’ve somehow discovered a mistake by another and completely whiffing. I guess what is obvious to most of the English-speaking world, like subtleties of language and play-on-words, is a bit high-brow for your average Cats fan.

    I guess it should be no surprise that UK nation has completely failed an exercise in positive thinking. Being on the wrong end of the worst losing streak in the country has a way of creating a pessimistic fan base. See you losers in Lexington.

  38. Tom

    This was put up on today

  39. Quicky Ricky

    37)Bruce is having a Moving Sale this weekend, maybe you could stop by and purchase some of his pictures from his family album. I’m sure you can find some motivational pictures for your next psychological exercise. It’s getting dark, you need to return to the van before the report you as an escapee.

  40. Deez Knutz

    Let me guess, on the doors to the bathroom, one says VOLS and the other one says HITTER? The doors going to the Sports Ad department must have STUPI on one and DEA.

  41. Quicky Ricky

    THEY, as in the guys with the badge and the rifles…

  42. Deez Knutz

    I bet the locker room would be a little emptier than normal if a door said DEA on it though

  43. Laker Cat 18

    How in the world are you all seeing a longhorn on the side of that helmet? It’s definitely a “T.” And if that’s not good enough, you can clearly see the Addidas armband. Texas is a Nike school fellas.

  44. Laker Cat 18


  45. Wuza What
  46. Nick

    One thing will never change, UT owning the Cats.

  47. CA UK FAN

    I will never make fun of anything UT does until we have beat them at least twice in 5 years. Is that too much to ask?!

  48. Hey dumb ass

    28) It’s not about perspective if there isnt a space in the word.

  49. WildcatsOne

    29. So by your logic, when the doors are closed Opportunity is NOWHERE, then NOW HERE when open?

    Funny, when the doors open I would read OPPORTU and NITY is NOW HERE. Whoever OPPORTU and NITY are is puzzling. I think they are the two marijuana providers for the rest of the team.

  50. Sashimeballs

    Even if this is an exercise in “the power of positive thinking” it’s still idiotic. Spaces were invented to distinguish the difference between words ‘NOW”HERE’ and ‘NOWHERE’ are completely different and that space tells us that. ‘BOOTSTRAP’ and ‘BOOTS”TRAP’ aren’t the same and don’t tell someone they are looking at it the wrong way if the space isn’t there.

    That says ‘OPPORTUNITY IS NOWHERE’ and if they thing otherwise they should probably start going to class more. And not some self-help bullsh*t

  51. ukee85

    Okay I am giving away my age here but my favorite UK football players in order are:
    Art Still DE, Derek Ramsey QB, Jim Kovach LB, Sonny Collins RB, and Mike Siganos DB

    I saw (and heard) Kovach put a hit on Georgia running back Willie McLendon (Chicago Bears 3rd round pick in 1979) at Commonwealth that I thought killed him. He finally got up and stumbled toward the UK sideline before someone grabbed him and pointed him towards his team sideline. Awesome!

  52. Deez Knutz

    Remember, you can’t spell f_cking idio_s without UT.

  53. Internet tard

    Why when I post something does the comments I see stop with my last post?