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Tennessee basketball dishes out self-imposed sanctions

The low down dirty snitches issued a list of penalties for their men’s basketball team today, stemming from allegations that they violated rules in terms of phone calls.  The vast majority are salary fines for Bruce Pearl and his assistants, but the most amusing is good ole Brucie being banned from off-campus recruiting for a year.  For making too many phone calls.  Think about that.

Read the list here

Article written by Thomas Beisner

104 responses to “Tennessee basketball dishes out self-imposed sanctions”

  1. payne

    There is much more than just salary fines. ALL of the coaches got banned from recruiting off campus. Pearl was effectively given a year suspension too (lost 1.5 million in salary and banned from recruiting for a year).



  3. catamongtigers

    Wow…how often does the ncaa let it go at just self-imposed?

  4. DaviessCounty CatFan

    Behind UofL Clowns, UT Fans are next most annoying little snitches. Hey VolFans(Not you Macon)I thought Bruce Pearl was a stand-up guy and Calipari was the weasel cheater. haha

  5. Thamelanator

    I’m sure it was actually Cal that made those calls therefor the NY Times will be doing a piece on how Cal; stole Pearls phone to make illegal recruit calls Muwhahahahahha >:)

  6. DaviessCounty CatFan

    So Pearl lied to the NCAA at first, then felt guilty about lying, then he snitched on himself to the UT AD. lol. You can’t make this stuff up!

  7. payne

    6- for real. If you’re gonna cheat, go all in. Don’t rat on yourself, that’s just dumb.

  8. CalifCatFan

    Bruce Pearl snitched on himself?

  9. Bruce Pearl

    Hide ya kids, hide ya wife…I’m gon’ find you!

  10. Ville Cat

    Might be a tad off post subject, so I will apologize. Hope tht is alright. Saw the latest ESPN rankings. It has Gilchrist at #2, Davis at #3, Teague at #7, and Wiltjer at #12. Tht is unreal. Also see Trevor Lacey is in at 26 and Wroten at 31 I believe. I have seen Lacey play and was pretty impressed. Wld be more than happy to land him. I have not seen Wroten play but heard good things. If we landed him, I’d be happy with tht too. I think either one of those 2 wld be a great addition!!

  11. DaviessCounty CatFan

    8.) You’ve tried that on every thread. Go AWAY! This is not “Inside The Ville.”

  12. Ridge Wilson

    Why do I feel like only Kentucky gets the wrath… When is UT football going to lose scholarships?

  13. Han

    And of course, if this was UK, Sportscenter would lead with it every hour, Pat Forde would be discussing it on all of the shows today, Tipton would be calling our recruits’ parents to see if they knew/had juicy details to make his career, and, oh yeah, there’d be talk everywhere that UK should be given the death sentence for hiring a cheater.

  14. TheFakePeteThamel

    I will be writing a piece about this as well, as soon as I finish writing up Kansas. @espn4d is helping me write up Quincy Miller’s suspect recruitment to Louisville.

  15. DaviessCounty CatFan

    9.) He told on himself to AD Hamilton. The NCAA caught him and it eventually dawned on him. So he probably thought it was best to not make it worse getting caught lying to the NCAA .

  16. Han

    8) What site? And the obvious way UK can get in trouble is if the NCAA decides to retroactively rule him ineligible and penalize UK for playing him in a way they’d never penalize Duke.

    13) They won’t. They’ll just blame it all on Kiffykins.

  17. gameday

    Yeah #6 is right, it isn’t just about making too many phone calls it’s more about he lied about it to the NCAA at first. He knew the hammer was coming down so he came clean to try and make it easy on himself. It’s funny cause he was orginally the one that told on Illinois when he was an assistant at Iowa for recruiting violations can imagine a lot of folks are loving this.

  18. DaviessCounty CatFan

    17.) Its not true. Thats a Card Troll.

  19. Goode

    Hey Clay Travis….How does the NCAA’s ass taste?

    He yelled at matt for over an hour about how Cal is a cheat, but looky looky who got caught! PEARL!

  20. DaviessCounty CatFan

    19.) Then post a link, OR Give IT UP!

  21. Goode

    19 – please show me a link quick, my panties are in a huge wad and without a link I cant get them out.

  22. Shelby County

    21. Clay Travis is a homer in a way Matt will never be.

  23. Tater Salad

    Hey UKOwnsU… what are your two degrees? Let me guess: “JACK” & “ASS”

  24. payne

    16- that’s not quite right. Here is the actual story (via the UT press conference):

    The NCAA was investigating the hostess situation with football in late June. The investigation included talking to other sports about recruiting and phone calls. Pearl lied about something (they won’t say what because it is ongoing). A few days after the NCAA left, Pearl went to the UT people and said that he had lied to the NCAA. The UT people told NCAA that Pearl had been misleading. A few weeks later the NCAA comes back to reinterview everybody. All of the penalties are UT self-imposed penalties. They said that normally the penalty would be a one year coaching suspension. So the UT people are hoping that by reducing his salary by the equivalent of a year’s salary and banning the staff from recruiting for a year that the NCAA will not do anything further. From everything that was said, the NCAA had no clue Pearl had lied until UT told them that he had.

  25. MachoCat

    I love how the NCAA are all saints and walk around with their HALOS all shined up and back ground music going, “aahhh”.

    We should all look up to them as the true role models they are. And pay respect to their Awesomness and greatness. KNEEL before ZOD!!!

    Why again are school not leaving the NCAA and just come up with another associate that isn’t corrupt? You know like they did before the NCAA……
    I’d love to see 10 biggest school tell the NCAA where to go and make their own association. SWEET…That’s Right

  26. UKOwnsU

    I’m a troll.

  27. NCAA

    I remember the good ole days when we were worried about schools paying their recruits. Now we get our panties in a wad over phone calls? NCAA has to go.

  28. FakeRichieFarmer

    Vote for me baby! And I’ll take down the NCAA with My ‘Stash

  29. Goode

    Payne – funny how your story painted Pearl as some kind of saint. Remember, he is the one who cheated!!!!

  30. DaviessCounty CatFan

    26.) Thats worded differently but the main parts are the same as what I said.
    Pearl was interviewed by the NCAA and He Lied to their investigators.
    He eventually told on himself to the UT people
    The UT People informed the NCAA about the Pearl Lying.

  31. jman3715

    Sources in Louisville are saying Pitino is under investigation for illegal benefits to recruits. (#8, see how that works)

  32. Patrick

    19 – Stop the lies! Your two favorite coaches (Pearl & Pitino) have taught you lieing is OK. Well it’s not in BIG BLUE COUNTRY. Please….go get yourself baptized in blue and wash those nasty red and orange stain away and set yourself free.

    As far as the two degrees from UK? “United Kiddy Kare” degrees don’t count.

    As a great philosopher once said, “Free your mind and your ass will follow.”

  33. Sawyer

    19 my panties came that way dickweed

  34. jday
  35. UKOwnsU

    Also, that part about me having two degrees from UK was a lie.(In fact, I don’t really have a degree at all) It’s just that Eric Bledsoe brings out the inner racist in me like few other teenagers do. Being a UL fan is exhausting – the way we try and pretend we are so righteous, progressive and tolerant. It get’s so tiring.

  36. Han

    31) Yeah, poor ole Pearl made a mistake. But he was honest about it and fessed up, and since the NCAA didn’t know he lied, we should all praise Bruce for telling on himself.

    Really, between Kiffin, the player behavior issues on both the football and basketball teams, and now this with Pearl and phones, the NCAA needs to come down on them for institutional controls just like they needed to at USC. If your coaches think it’s ok to cheat, then they and their bosses need to be fired.

    (And the same goes for if something happens at UK, which I hope never happens again.)

  37. Tobias Harris

    Man, this UT thing is not starting out to well for me.

  38. DA

    I just sent that tool Clay Travis a nice message.

  39. GYERO is Gayo

    Hey Matt could you please tell us the story of knocking the shit out of a catspause poster?

  40. Thin Line Mustaches

    I like turtles.

  41. Hard Hittin' CAT

    This is going to be a good year to watch the Volunqueers suffer on the field and now off the field too! aaahahahahaha

  42. rodger3626

    Let’s see – For lying and excessive phone use Pearl takes a $1.5 million hit. For paying for an abortion Pitino gets a raise and contract extension. Given the moral compass at their respective university, I’d say that’s about right.

  43. Patrick

    43 – “Volunqueers”. OOOOOO man……let’s get it started. LLLLLLLLLLeeeeetttttt’s get ready to RRRRUUUUUMMMMMMMBBBBBBLLLLLEEE.

  44. KYStout

    Comment #44 summed it up quite nicely.

  45. Joe from the Burg

    Pearl is lucky he wan’t fired. I have a strong feeling that he resigns in the coming days.

  46. payne

    32- It is a HUGE difference. If the NCAA knew Pearl lied and then he came clean, then the NCAA is going to probably want to punish UT more. If Pearl came clean on his own, they may be okay with the self-imposed sanctions.

  47. The Masta Blasta

    Derek Dooley had to teach his team how to shower because of several outbreaks of staph infection. Just saw it on Jim Rome. I mean, can the Volunteer athletic program get anymore ridiculous?

  48. Coach Cal

    Now how is Pat Ford and Pete Thamel blame me for this?

  49. kyblu50

    Don’t you think that Pearl and all the other coaches will get paid the lost wages under the table?

  50. DaviessCounty CatFan

    49.) I’m not following what you are trying to get at.
    Bruce KNEW he lied. Thats why he told on himself. Now the NCAA KNOWS he lied as well. HE LIED. Thats all they care about.

  51. CoachBruchPearl

    crap with that 1.5$ salary cut i will have to sell my tanning bed

  52. CatFanintheBadlands

    Hey, I live in Tennessee and this is AWESOME!!!! Man, am I going to have some fun with this one.

  53. Truth Will Set U Free

    Hey UKOwnsU…stop posting your trash on every site. U R an Idiot.
    The truth is…”The scope of the independent investigation was limited to issues surrounding Bledsoe’s course grades at Hayes and Parker, as compared to the final transcript of his grades. “We will not investigate any other issue,” Clemon wrote.”

  54. Rockfield, KY

    I am glad that UT is getting some sanctions finally (even though its not Bruces first, he left UMW with an investigation when he bolted for UT), but for making too many phone calls??? That is crazy. There are so many more things wrong with recruiting, and this is what they choose to punish.

  55. Han

    48) Sucks for the recruits since it’s too late to bail.

    49) Saying “I’m sorry” doesn’t tend to make the NCAA turn the other cheek. Especially when the coach in question has a better understanding of the rules than most coaches, if you recall his past, and especially when the school is also under investigation for violations in another program. Even if they don’t punish Bruce directly, the university will take a hit. Potentially a postseason ban or schollies, depending on what exactly those calls Bruce tried to cover up were. If they helped him land current players or are part of ongoing recruiting efforts with unsigned players, there will be more penalties, I think.

    I can’t help but think there will be some major housecleaning moves at UT this year.

  56. Han

    I know it was on the blog just a week or 2 ago, but Pearl snitching on himself necessitates a repost, I think.
    Go Orange!

  57. Hard Hittin' CAT

    The Volunqueers suck, the Ducks will prove that tomorrow, but on top of that their coach Dooley calls them out to the nation saying that they are filthy nasty and don’t know how to shower properly. It’s too good to be true.

  58. BBNsinceConception

    Let’s not forget the punishment IU got for their coach making too many calls. I think there may be some recruits available in the near future. Tobias Harris??

  59. Patrick

    We take no joy in the sorrows of others…. Has Coach Cal EVER been personally slammed by the NCAA for recruiting violations? I think not….yet who has a worse reputation amongst the media? Why is that? They have their retoric, their story lines and they stick to thier scripts.

    I would wager that UK is probably the cleanest program in the NCAA at the present time.

  60. Han

    60) Damn, boy, you’re slow on the draw. Working their way up to us? The NCAA, Pitino’s partner Forde, Thamel, and “our own” Jerry Tipton have spies all over the place at UK trying to find something. If we’re cheating, we have some of the most brilliant and sneaky people in history working it, because all eyes have been on us for years. If we’re cheating, we should get a medal for having huge balls for doing it under such scrutiny.

  61. Han

    63) Problem is, as someone else mentioned, he’s already in classes, I think, and so if he asked out, he’d still have to sit a year.

  62. Lizards

    Tobias Harris transfers to uofl and the Tards will be crowing about how he chose them over UT.

    As a fanbase they are truly as stupid as any group of people to ever gather.

  63. SexnNursinHomes

    63- Tobias knew bruce was calling him 300 times a day, which makes tobias harris an accomplice to cheating.

  64. payne

    63- Not even close to being the same. Indiana hired a coach already in trouble for making excessive phone calls. They weren’t keeping on eye on him and so when he got in trouble for doing the same thing IU got in trouble too. Apples and oranges, man.

  65. Colorado Cat

    “What are we talking about? Phone calls?! Phone calls. Not the game. We talkin about phone calls. Not the guns. Not the serial numbers filed off. We talkin about phone calls. Not the game where I pour my heart out. Not watching the games. Not meeting the parents. We talkin about phone calls. What are we talkin about? Practice phone calls. We talkin about practice phone calls. Not AAU games. Not goin’ to somebody house. We talkin about phone calls.” – thanks to Iverson

    Tennessee is my most hated rival. But it sure seems like a minor infraction to make too many phone calls. How many is too many? Is there a rulebook that says, “Thou shalt not make more than 500 phone calls per year”? It’s the lying that gets me. Why would Pearl lie about phone calls? Just seems really stupid. Maybe he went to the Kelvin Sampson Coach Training. He deserves to be punished for lying. Cover-up is worse than the violation. He’s now exposed his lack of integrity. That’s about the worst thing someone in a leadership position can do. $1.5m is the price for lying? Partly. This lying incident will haunt him much more than the phone calls. He’s a liar. Liar, liar, pants on fire. Now nobody can trust what he says.

    Except when he says, “We’ve still got weapons.” Yep, I believe dat. Under the seat.

  66. macon_volfan

    Just heard about this…..


  67. dahc

    I’m glad Assistant Steve Forbes received reduced pay and recruiting time reduced. Now he can can back to working on the flat tax. HI-OH!!!

  68. echo 1

    What he did is not a big deal. Phone calls? Who cares? It is the lying to cover it up that looks really bad. I have to think the NCAA will have something to say about that.

  69. macon_volfan

    #70–I tend to basically agree with what you say. The phone calls weren’t big deals, really. They lying was. The lying gets me. Don’t like it one bit.

    Glad he fessed up, but wished he had lied in the first place. I may not wear my ‘Bruce is my Homeboy’ shirt on the first day of the SEC tourney now. That’ll show him.

  70. Reality Check

    Matt does not make people register anymore because he likes “trolls” posting on this site. It delivers more hits and is more interesting than just having a bunch of ass kissing sheep on here all day.

  71. mattcat68

    I would say this isn’t a big deal, but if it had happened in Lexington, well just imagine the ishstorm that would be taking place right now. I don’t blame a coach for trying to outwork other coaches, but he must abide by the rules and certainly shouldn’t lie. This is more of an issue about character than it is about NCAA violations, imo.

  72. Han

    69) Yeah, in fact, when they hired Pearl, given his history of snitching, they probably figured they were getting someone who knew the rules better than most. Though when coupled with the player control issues he has had in the last year, I think his image has been tarnished quickly, like his skin.

    71) Yeah, sucks for those of you UT fans who don’t spend all your time accusing us of being cheaters. Unfortunately their karma caught you all too.

    73) Post-Sampson, and with the changes to texting rules because of Billy G, all coaches should know better than to call excessively, anyhow, so it is notable, though not as bad as the lying. But if the phone calls weren’t a big deal, he wouldn’t have needed to lie about them, savvy?

    76) But there’s no bigger character in SEC coaching than Bruce Pearl!

  73. DaviessCounty CatFan

    Andy Katz just said on SportsCenter that the NCAA will probably come down hard on UT because Pearl lied when first questioned. He did give credit to UT on acting before the NCAA Letter Of Accusations was recieved.

  74. GeorgeCostanza

    Hope nothing happens with Pearl at UT…
    I’m thinking their next hire would be Travis Ford. 🙁

  75. SagaciousMind

    A coach is finally caught cheatin and it happens to be Bruce Pearl…I bet that Clay Travis dude feels like a complete dumbass. Wonder if he’ll do another interview with Matt. He sat and called Cal dirty when his coach was the one breakin the rules all along. I really dont think phone calls are a big deal, but it’s the rule and he lied. Maybe now Cal will catch a break. And what has Cal done illegal? There is no reason for the hammer to come down on Cal. Bledsoe’s situation occured before any D1 coaches were really even involved bc they knew his situation. As for Kanter? Nothin that will affect UK or Cal if he’s ineligible. It’s funny his name will always pop up, but it’s other coaches that will be gettin in trouble. Guess UT’s rise of being relevant was due to cheating. Bruce Pearl is a joke.

  76. Han

    79) A lot of people don’t like Ford already. To some, him going to UT would be as bad as Rick going to Louisville. You can go anywhere except UL and UT (though we’d rather you also avoid the other elite jobs like UCLA, Kansas, UNC, Indiana, and even Duke whenever Coach K hangs em up). But I wouldn’t worry about hires yet. Wouldn’t surprise me if a new person not currently in charge made that potential hire anyhow.

  77. billy

    Where are all those people who were saying that Calipari was the biggest cheater of all?

  78. billy

    Why was my post not posted?

  79. billy

    Thank you for posting my post.

  80. DaviessCounty CatFan

    79.) Do you consider Tennessee a better job than OK State? I think they are on the same level.

  81. macon_volfan

    I don’t think Pearl gets fired for this. Just a gut feeling. Mike Hamilton, on the other hand, might be on his way out. Firing Phil, then hiring Kiffin, and the awful baseball coach, and now this.

    Pearl will be okay, I think. It’s probably Josh Selby they called, and he should have been left alone after he decommited. I seem to remember a post on an Indiana website (linked here) that mentioned something about this a few weeks ago. And I’ll go on record saying that if Travis Ford is ever associated with UT.

    I would also like to go on record saying that if Travis Ford is ever associated with the Volunteer program, I’ll have trouble being a fan.

  82. GeorgeCostanza

    85.) Better and more prestigious conference,
    Not really a better job. Maybe more geographically
    appealing to the Ford’s. Just thinkin that
    UT boosters would like to see it and throw
    the money at him… and then the desire to
    “one-up” us any way they can. Would be who I
    would go after- just thinking out loud.

  83. MachoCat

    Model ‘T ford and a tank full of gas……

  84. GeorgeCostanza

    I’ll add that my comment about,
    “Better and more prestigious conference,”
    was not to debate that, but thinking more like
    in Travis’ eyes.

  85. 3rd & 5 - 2 yd pass

    its almost too good to be true. i would have paid good money to see the look on the ad’s face when pearl dropped that bomb.

    “so did you watch dancing with the stars? that erin andrews is something. oh btw i lied to ncaa investigators”

  86. GeorgeCostanza

    But then again, what the heck do I know.

  87. BCO

    Didn’t this almost exact same scenario play out under Sampson at IU? Not looking good for the Vols…

    Man, the NCAA is on a friggin warpath right now. Everyone make sure to send them some a Christmas card and some fruitcake this Christmas and keep them off our doorstep.

  88. HMM

    Who was the guy who had a blog thing saying Tennessee, Kentucky and UNC (then backed out UNC) were under investigation by the NCAA for Selby’s recruitment (in addition to Kansas).

  89. NCAA_Sux

    Pearl deserves derision for being such a scum, but the NCAA is ridiculous. Just the spectre of their wrath caused the UT AD to “take the hammer to the Pearl.” (Robert Plant, “Tin Pan Valley” — it rocks)

  90. booboo

    “I learned that it’s not OK to tell the truth most of the time, but you’ve got to tell the truth all of the time,”


  91. DaviessCounty CatFan

    93.) I’m glad UK backed off Selby in late January after they knew B.Knight was unofficially on board. We’re alright.

  92. Calipari'sInYourEar

    The self-imposed penalties Tennessee has voluntarily administered are an insult to the NCAA.

    The act of self-imposing punishment is to attempt to show the rule enforcer that they don’t have to impose the punishment themselves, as “the university” took the violations seriously and is coming clean, all the way to the point to where they will suffer consequences starting now.

    Tennessee’s current situation goes beyond just rule breaking, because they not only committed violations knowingly, they (Bruce Pearl and staff) also lied about it with the intent to cover it up.

    If you look at the penalities Tennessee has imposed, they are attempting to show that they will voluntarily stop recruiting for 1 full year. BUT… check the dates.

    The Fall Contact period begins Sept 9th (yesterday) and ends October 5th.

    Now look at the effective dates of their off-campus recruitment ban with the label “voluntary punishment”…

    Coach Pearl: Sept 24, 2010 through Sept 23, 2011
    Tony Jones
    Steve Forbes
    Jason Shay

    In an attempt to show the NCAA that they understand they completely lied and admit they broke the rules, their punishment is intentionally delayed so they don’t miss out on anything good.

    Exactly the same punishment the NCAA would have handed down, right Tennessee???

    Someone get a mop because I just spit pumpkin soup all over the floor.

  93. DaviessCounty CatFan

    97.) There will be more. The NCAA will add their own sanctions on top of these if you listen to credible people like Andy Katz and Vol Beat writer Wes Rucker.

  94. Calipari'sInYourEar

    Breaking down the NCAA Basketball Contact Period for high school recruits (Starting in August 2010):

    Sep- 4 weeks of Contact Period (Sept 9 -> Oct 5)
    Mar- 1 week (Mar 16 -> Mar 22)
    Apr- 10 Days (Apr 7 -> Apr 10th & Apr 15 -> Apr 20)

    Tennessee’s salf-imposed sanctions spit in the face of the NCAA. Instead of accepting responsibility for “inappropriately contacting recruits” and imposing the off campus ban immediately, they delayed it to prevent themselves from suffering the loss of the largest contact period in any one year (cutting it in half). So in essence they’ve awarded themselves half the time this year, and half the time next year.

    This is self-imposed fat guy at the dessert stand. Way to show the NCAA you mean business!

  95. Calipari'sInYourEar

    #98 – DaviessCounty CatFan – Oh you aren’t joking.

    Historically we’ve seen what happens when you lie to the NCAA. It increases the penalty
    Historically we’ve seen what happens when you self-impose weak sauce. It increases the penalty.

    But I don’t think we’ve ever seen when both of these punishment builders are combined. Then add in the nature of this blatant delay (which I’m sure any NCAA rule committee chairperson will find personally insulting), and it’s relationship to the violations themselves, and we could be in for a 2nd July 4th fireworks show in 2010 when the NCAA is done with it.

  96. Bbob

    If the NCAA wants to gain credibility they will forbid the playing of Rocky Top for the minimum of 25 years or until Cats beat them in football

  97. Han

    Hmm, looking at comments on national articles, several things have become clear:
    1) Poor Brucie is just trying to play the game. It’s a tragedy that he’s been dragged down by the slimy recruiting game.
    2) Bruce did the right thing by telling the truth about lying about cheating. That makes him much better than Sampson or the other sleazes. He’s setting the right example by telling the truth about lying about cheating. We should all try to be more like Pearl and after we lie and cheat, we should apologize after we’re investigated (and likely fear we’ll be caught anyhow).
    3) Bruce isn’t as bad as Cal. Cal should be fired and banned. Clearly Cal is what is wrong with basketball (and not all of the coaches that continue to be caught cheating).
    4) Tennessee fans either think Bruce should be let off for telling the truth, or that it’s all the athletic director’s fault, and they never should’ve fired Fulmer. (I guess they don’t remember bitching about not being elite any more.)
    5) Oh yeah, Cal’s dirty. Nothing to do with anything at Tennessee where two different programs have been cheating, but Tennessee’s not nearly as bad as Cal. Recruiting so many players with eligibility questions clearly means he’s a cheater, even though every one of those players (including ones he lost/stopped recruiting) were being recruited by other major programs that are simply less scrutinized. He pays all his recruits and cheats to get them, otherwise those recruits would clearly choose to go to cleaner programs (like Tennessee and Louisville and UConn, etc).

  98. Calipari'sInYourEar

    #102 – Han – It looks like you’ve been chewed up man. Might want to stay off the forums for a while.

  99. BlueTexan

    Anyone have the over/under on how long Hamilton (TN AD) keeps HIS job? He brought in Brucie, Kiffykins and DummyDooley. I’m praying it’s soon so we can ship Barnfart back to them!

  100. BlueTexan


  101. DaviessCounty CatFan

    Andy Katz says this:

    There have only been a handful of cases in which a coach, regardless of sport, kept his or her job after lying to investigators. What is not known at this time is whether there is a contractual issue that might have prevented Pearl from being terminated for cause prior to the conclusion of an investigation.
    Does this mean that UT hasn’t fired Pearl yet because they are still bound by a contract until The NCAA formally charges them? Take Jim Obrien at Ohio State. They fired him too early and he came back and successfully sued the school.

  102. Han

    103) Huh? Chewed up? I’m not angry. I’m making fun of the comments folks around. It’s pitiful.

    But I am a little stressed out over some cargo I had to cut loose.

    106) It’s certainly possible, but it’s clear that the university has also known about the violations for quite some time (if you look at some of the penalties, one was a seminar back in June, I think). It’s different when the public finds out and the NCAA comes knocking, but still, it’s no surprise to them.

  103. SagaciousMind

    104, do you pay attention to UK sports? The worse thing Barnhart did was hire Gillispie, but seemed to work out cuz we have Cal now. Since he has become the AD, football is relevant and winning, women’s basketball just had the best season ever, volleyball, baseball, soccer, softball and other sports are all competitive in their leagues. Barnhart is fine where he is so get over it.