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Tee Martin to Southern Cal?

According to Matt Barkley’s Twitter account…

Article written by Thomas Beisner

124 responses to “Tee Martin to Southern Cal?”

  1. kyrobman

    Why would you want to Join Lane Kiffen?

  2. Enes


  3. Jkwoftw

    Oh no.

  4. scottyb

    Say it aint so. While the BBall program keeps getting bigger, the Fball program keeps getting worse. I cant understand this athletic department. GET IT TOGETHER on the football side Mitch.

  5. Cat fan in the vill

    No!!! Please let this n

  6. ColoradoCat
  7. Josh

    1, my thoughts exactly. California > KY but Lane Kiffen is the biggest dbag in all of coaching.

  8. Sleeveless Vest

    I smell a mouse on this one.

  9. BigblueJon

    Noooooooo! Say it ain’t so Tee

  10. Cat fan in the vill

    ^not be true.

  11. STRONG in the Ville

    Job security…….THE JOKE is gone after the upcoming 4-8 season

  12. Reality Is

    There is only one way I’d ever consider coaching under Kiffen…if the guyI was currently coaching under has a real chance to get canned next season. I despise Kiffen, but can’t blame Tee if he goes.

  13. MemphisCat

    It is what it is! I will thank him for his time and effort, but if you don’t win, you will never get a look at a decent head coaching job. Tee has to do what is best for his family. Good Luck!

  14. superfan

    Guys…he was not loyal to UK. We need coaches who want to be at UK. He has orange in his blood. He is concerned about himself. Him joining that dirty Kitten shows the type of person he is and we don’t need that. Who are the playmamers/recruits that he has brought to Ky that we can say we see them making a difference? We can get better….Go Cats!

  15. chris gettelfinger is not walking through that door


  16. Let's be real

    Football posts during basketball season… I would rather listen to Justin Beiber.

  17. shameful

    Wow! Really? ya’ wanna coach under Lane Kiffen? Damn Tee, I know Joker aint’t the best out there, but Lane is one of the worst. No character what so ever.

  18. Upper Section Student

    16, then go listen to Justin Bieber. Tee Martin leaving is big news, regardless of what season it is.

  19. coldspringmike

    If you had a chance to get off a sinking ship before it hit bottom you’d do the same thing.

  20. Laker Cat 18

    Must have been a recruiting thing because there’s no way they chose him because of his performance with receivers this season. Good luck to him and his family.

  21. BigblueJon

    So much for #la familia huh Tee

  22. bigbluedude

    he would be stupid not to go. a potential national championship team, or our shit stain team?

  23. Michael Scott

    14- Really? You think we can get someone better to be our WR coach than a guy who is good enough to coach at USC?

  24. shameful

    Well, he did help us get a great incoming class, at least he waited until after the signing period.

    And as a wide receiver coach, he really didn’t show us much. Remember the quote about his wide receivers this year? Something about he didn’t know what to say to them as he never was a wide receiver?

    Hopefully we will get someone that knows how to get our WR to receive the ball!

    Let’s make lemonade

  25. shields eyes

    Easy call for Tee.

  26. depressing news

    With the loss of Tee I don’t have much hope for the future. He was really our only bright spot and I think he was on the verge of hauling in a monster class next year.

  27. NashvilleCat


  28. FireJoke

    Can’t blame him. He’s being proactive. The Joke will be the special teams coach or jock sniffer for Charlie Strong after next season.

  29. Louisville fans

    Haha! Louisville First. Charlie Strong Forever. Have fun in your football conference, suckers.

  30. UKBIgDaddy

    He turns down Alabama last year and goes to Southern Cal next year?

  31. WKY Dude

    You guys need to get a grip. I don’t like Kiffen’s tactics either, but the guy can coach. I almost think of him as the Calipari of college football. He “gets it”. He dumped TN for USC. We’d all do that in a second. He’s also sitting on a football gold mine out there in So Cal. I don’t really feel one way or the other about Tee Martin. He wasn’t here long enough. However, as far as a career move goes, Tee Martin went from outhouse to penthouse with this move. Good for him.

  32. Reality Is

    14. Get a clue. He and every other coach in America cares about what is best for them and their family. Why shouldn’t he? If USC wants Tee he would be crazy to stay here and sink with the ship.

  33. Reality Is

    31. Kiffin can’t coach, but his assistants can.

  34. Laker Cat 18

    This just goes to show that a school that lost 30 scholarships and is on 4 years probation is still a better situation than the current one we have here.

  35. Old Henry Man

    OUCH!!! I cannot blame Tee Martin. He was the rock of the staff. Next year will be difficult and long.
    I am worried that Mich will make another bad hire in 2013.

  36. SagaciousMind

    I just dont see USC making this announcement before UK and Tee Martin do.

  37. SagaciousMind

    29, Actually, UK is first, rankings say so. You play in the Big East, where football teams go to die.

  38. Truth

    We are the anal cavity of the SEC and USC is a football power. Yeah, real tough choice.

  39. Jim In Toledo


  40. WKY Dude

    #33, your comment tells me everything I need to know. AKA…ignore….the guy obviously has no clue what he’s talking about.

  41. Joker

    We aint losin brah!!!

  42. Bluegrass

    Hopefully Joker is Next!

  43. big tim

    isnt that the guy from ky who went to usc cause if it is it could be bs

  44. BlueBallin'

    Never shed a tear for a Volunteer…unless Bill Dance dies. Don’t know how he hid all the game tape of all the passes our wide-outs dropped in the Tee Martin era from Kiffen, but whatever. Good luck I guess.

  45. RandyB

    What is wrong with you people? Did you watch a single football game last season? Our receivers couldn’t catch a freakin cold! Let him go! How much worse could we be without him?

  46. catfan68

    Whatever, this is basketball season…the University doesn’t give a flying flip about the Football program so now neither do I. Until the University makes a commitment to improve the Football side of the athletic department, then I am done with them…bring on the Basketball!!!!

  47. WKU Hilltopper

    I mean I get this is a huge loss as far as recruiting goes. But, is this really that bad? He never really proved himself as a coach. Everyone knows our WRs were horrid this year and yeah the class we have coming in is better but not great. Maybe I’m wrong?

  48. Blue_Cat75

    “Former Kentucky WR coach Tee Martin (won nat’l title at Tenn) has been hired as USC WR coach #wearesc”

    When did he become “former”? Thirty minutes ago?

  49. Lloyd Christmas

    Hey, maybe he will take Joker with him?!?!

  50. #Rise

    Hmmmmm….USC football…..UK football. Yea tough decision. SMH

  51. Reality Is

    40. I have evidence he can’t coach. What do u have to the contrary besides ur smart ass mouth? He has an amazing coaching staff around him…and he needs one. He’s never done anything but fail as a head coach until last season. He’ll do well at USC though. He can recruit, his staff can recruit, USC, recruits itself and he has great football minds around him.

  52. Gocats

    *************MAN!!!!! Just when we started to get good!!! hahahaha***********Can’t blame him, if I had a chance to get off a sinking ship I would too.

  53. Jason

    USC is a better job. We can’t blame him for taking the position. Thank the man for his time here and wish him well. You’d ask for the same for your career.

  54. Michael

    Damn. Tee Martin might not have been a great WR coach, but he helped out recruiting a whole lot. That’s where Joker will miss him the most.

  55. Ace

    Goodbye. Our receivers were awful last year, except for when Roark played quarterback. We can do better!

  56. Wad

    Put Roark at WR coach, try something new, why not?

  57. superfan

    #32 Reality Is…maybe you can go cheer for USC and join Tee. By the way take some of these negative fans who live to bring down KY football with you. You have a new football team to cheer for. Hopefully you can find a USC sports radio to vent with as well. KY football will never be fixed till our fanbase understands that we have to cheer and support our team. We can do better. With a new recievers coach and some fans jumping ship. BIG BLUE NATION is ready for you to jump.

  58. Joe

    Good riddance! He wasn’t loyal to Kentucky anyway. He sees the writing on the wall. 4-8 season and Joker gone…

  59. Bill Curry

    USC needed a pipeline to the gobs of talent that the state of Kentucky produces….

  60. Bald Guy

    Can’t blame Tee if the reports from the gayest qb in the country are true. Cali is pretty cool and everyone likes money right?

    Did everyone forget that we sucked before today happened? I am true football diehard and if you are on my level then a coaching move is the last thing to ruffle your feathers. We did have a nice recruiting run while he was here but I am not positive he gets 100% of the credit for this class or last year’s.

  61. Grayinrichmond

    Not only is it SC but he has two all American wide outs coming back there.

  62. WKY Dude

    #51 Reality Is….that you don’t have a clue. Ask anybody that knows football (So, no you can’t talk to yourself in the mirror.) and they’ll tell you that Lane Kiffen can coach. You should just stop now and be glad this board is anonymous.

  63. Truth

    After the Cards curb stomp us, Joker should hit the bricks.

  64. WKU Hilltopper

    I bet Tennessee fans REALLY hate him now.

  65. Fred

    #62 Actually that guy is right it is pretty widely known that he is a horrible coach. Only reason he gets these awesome head coaching jobs is so that he brings along his dad monte kiffin along who is proven to be an outstanding coach.

  66. FatCat

    This hurts. Tee Martin is the kind of guy that UK needs. Young and energetic who can recruit and connect with young players. In that regard, he was the most valuable assistant on the staff. I think he saw the writing on the wall and he’s getting out now before the whole staff is replaced next year.

  67. Common Sense

    For this football program to stay, we need Joker to stay AT LEAST 2 more years and we definitely needed Tee Martin to stay. Tee was our main recruiting guy and now he is gone…this really sucks

  68. WKY Dude

    To those of you saying that Kiffin can’t coach….you’re probably the same ones who said Cal couldn’t coach when he was at Memphis. How did that statement work out?? You can say he’s a smartass. You can say he’s a jerk. You can’t say that he can’t coach. No way. FYI, part of coaching is surrounding yourself with great assistants too.

  69. Common Sense

    football program to grow*

  70. common sense

    USC football>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>UK football. Why he left

  71. racerx

    Some of you people call yourself football fans? What is all this talk about 4-8? Is that what you really think? That surprises me, it really does. How can you realistically look at this team, what it has coming back, what is has lost and come up with 4-8? If we win 3 I’ll say we bumped our heads on the ceiling.

  72. Lovely

    67. Didn’t people say that firing Billy G was bad for the same reasons?

  73. Fred

    #68 Wow man sorry to have offended you. Didnt realize you were such a lane kiffin fan. I dont know much about him. Other then from what other sportswriters say. His dad is a legendary coach, and when the whole tennessee thing went down it was even said on espn that the guy is a great recruiter but the other main reason why they wanted him is because his dad would be the one kinda running the show while he is just the figurehead. If you need to wikipedia it or something go ahead. Again sorry to have offended. I didnt realize you sucked the guys d**k.

  74. Common Sense

    Who stole my name…and #72 – Billy G is a wholeeeeeee different story.

  75. Bald Guy

    Lane Kiffin is a lot of things but “good coach”… Comparing him to Cal is a slap in the nuts.

  76. TheRealHambone

    Too bad it isn’t Joker headed for the Left Coast.

  77. SuperFan

    just reported on Fox 56 news that Joker said, that he has received a text from Tee Martin, but has not talked to him. If this is true this is not classy. Tee you should have the balls to pick up the phone and call the coach. This is a slap in the face to Joker and he gave you a chance. I am sick of these fans who are saying….NOOOOOOOOOO…..Joker is a great recruiter. We need great assistant coaches and with Tee the last few years we have not been able to catch a ball. I hope his a$$ has already left the state of KY and if anyone lives close to him…Put up a sign in his yard and say we are glad you are leaving…

  78. Joe

    So what? Maybe Joker will go with him…

  79. PaintItBlue

    We didn’t lose a great WRs coach, we lost one of the best recruiters in the country. You can say what you want about the recruits he got here but thats the reason he got offers from Bama and USC.

  80. realist

    14..who is loyal to UK football? Talented football minds tend not to be.

  81. BEAVIS606

    😀 :):):):):):)

    Oh well its just football. Who gives a shiet?

  82. ukfaninohio

    Already changed on Wikipedia. Here’s the first line:
    Tamaurice Nigel “Tee” Martin (born July 25, 1978 in Mobile, Alabama) is a former American football quarterback who played in the National Football League and Canadian Football League. He is the current wide receivers coach for the University of Southern California Trojans. He is a member of the Brady 6.

  83. Bristol VA/TN Cat

    If you think, a) A WR coach makes a big difference or B) A coach is crazy to leave UK for USC, you are a total idiot. I love UK, but Tee made a good move on this one…. even thought UT might change the name of his road for going to Kiffen.

  84. NL

    Tee may or may not have been a good coach, but he isn’t the head coach, offensive coordinator, or defensive coordinator. I hate to lose someone who people think highly of, but when are we going to get some big names at the big 3 coaching positions? We need some help where it counts

  85. Damn

    Well, i guess our recruiting for football is Fu**ed

  86. Tom

    What’s the big deal? With Charlie Strong only taking players from Florida, we should have plenty of the state of Kentucky players. We don’t need Tee. Let’s hire the Trinity HS coach.

  87. Michael

    76 I agree with you. Maybe hell has frozen over.

  88. Bald Guy

    Barkley can always get a PR job never… Tee is going to have words with that jackass.

  89. Kemp's Pawn & Lube

    I understand the USC move, at least as a program, but coaching with Lane Kiffin? Really? I thought Tee was a better man than that. Heck, I’d even understand coaching with Spurrier before Kiffin, and I really dislike Spurrier. Oh well, let’s see how long before Kiffin brings the program to the brink of the death penalty. Our recruiting may take a step back, but we’ll still run clean. We got some good recruits before Tee, we’ll find a way to get some more after. A little success in the near future wouldn’t hurt.

  90. Kemp's Pawn & Lube

    I also hope they change the locks to Tee’s office before he gets there to clean it out. Nothing like having a security guard watch your every move while packing a box.

  91. Carlos Santitas

    Sinking ship < ship on fire.. I guess

  92. jpgott2

    77., Superfan, you are delusional about UK football! We have never been great, and we are losing all momentum we had built. You say the fans need to support the team? Well, we do! I t is that we do not support the direction of the program, and BS that comes out of the staffs mouth. UK was top-25 in attendance, nationally! They are top-20 in profits. The only thing missing has been the actual results and success.

    29., UL plays in the BIg East! You guys were 7-5, and split the conference championship. Your other Big East Co-Champ, Cincinnati (10-3), played the 8th best SEC team, Vandy (6-6), and had a close one. That shows you how much people respects the Big East. A lot of teams could come into the Big East and win it! Oh, and Vandy has a recruiting class that is ranked ahead of yours, along with 7 other SEC squads.

  93. Jubrho

    Didn’t we lead the sec in dropped passes?

  94. SuperFan

    #92 you are part of that 25% of empty seats at Commonwealth Stadium who supports the team by running your mouth. No top recruit is going to come to Kentucky with all this negative bullshit. We can get more fans to show up for a basketball scrimmage with a 48 hour notice vs. Spring football game that we know months in advance. Don’t lecture me about we have great football fans. I support all UK teams. May family is in attendance at all UK events and we support win or lose. Fans like you who are better at running your mouth and not supporting the team or coach need to jump off the bandwagon. Jump! Jump! Jump!

  95. Fred

    #94 OMG chill out dude, its just a game. Why dont you and your family spend all that energy and money on something important like finding homes for the homeless.

  96. Bob

    We dropped 1,523,912 passes last year. And as far as recruiting, we got Towles because he wanted to play for UK. I don’t see where Martin made a difference. He doesn’t deserve a pay raise and neither does Joker. You pay for results and the coaching staff stunk…

  97. Carol Burnett Show

    I’m done with UK football. If the UK women team can be a top 10 program but our football team can’t be a top 50 team…… I’m speechless at this point.. I almost justwish they would cancel the football program all together…

  98. Common Sense

    UK football fans are the WORST football fans, some of you all make me sick. Some of you all saw the first 4-5 games and refused to support the team the rest of the season. If so, I hope those same people didn’t see UK beat UT for the first time since forever. How can you judge how good a coach is based on one season. To me, last season was a SUCCESS, yes there was some embarrassing loses, but he also broke the streak and somehow pulled out 5 wins. Considering they played really well against UGA, it is amazing that Joker could keep his team working together after painful loses to UF, USC, and Vandy (to name a few). Joker needs at least 2 more years, but with our dumb fans pressuring Mitch to fire him immediately, that wont happen. Joker has brought in a solid recruiting class the last 2 years but everyone doesnt want to give him time to develop his players. UK football fans seriously make me sick and are the DEFINITION of a fair-weather fan. If you want a dominate football program to affiliate yourself with, then go be a fan on Okla, OSU, or Bama. But if you want to be a UK fan then BE A UK FAN!

  99. Pat

    Have you heard the news? UK is predicting 70,000 fans for the spring football game. We are all excited that Tee has left 🙂 At halftime, Cal and the UK basketball team is awarded their National Championship Rings.

  100. Fred

    LMAO why do people feel the need to lecture other people on how they should act or what they should say. Everyone has an opinion and has the right to voice it, just because it isnt your idea of what a fan should be doesnt mean they are any less supportive. Some people just like to vent their frustrations, or maybe even they realize getting so worked up over something as stupid as a game is a sign of having the maturity level of a 3 year old.

  101. secretagent0014

    I don’t get why he didn’t go to Bama when he had the chance. Saban over Kiffen for sure.

  102. NoKiffinFan

    Odd that the SC QB would be the one to announce this. Maybe he is a little pre-mature.

  103. Common Sense

    Fred, I’m voicing my opinion about how a fan should act, just imagine how much better of the football team would be if they had the dedication of the basketball fans. Look at all the comments on this page, half the people are basking Joker, yet this guy has done the best with what he has.

  104. Reality Is

    62. It’s actually people who know football that think the opposite of u. I know MANY great football coaches at the high school and high D1 level whol laugh when uninformed people like yourself think Lane can coach. Now, the kids dadis a different story. Papa Kiffin is a guru.

  105. Pat

    #100…Fred, why are you on KSR? It is all about the game. Go help the homeless.

  106. Final Fours

    98 ur a f*cking idiot. we as the viewers and ticket holders we pay for a product (a good football team) and the one Mitch and Joker have put out there is piss poor. Its not about being a Uk “fan” its about our team and program getting better and we aren’t moving in that direction under Joker.

  107. badkittybangbang

    Mitch Barnhart needs to be the next to leave.

  108. Bob

    #98, go pound sand. After you check into the mental asylum.

  109. bang a gong

    Oh…and comment #98. Just what solar systems are you from and you probably think Hitler was a really swell guy … am I right?

  110. Michael

    The point in having a coach-in-waiting is to not have a rebuilding period. I give Joker one more year as long as the team improves. Otherwise, it will be time for a new direction.

  111. Pat

    #98…I agree with you. Could not have said it any better. Truth hurts and those commenting are feeling the pain. It’s not about getting Joker to leave. It’s about these UK football fans waking up and seeing that is going to take support of the program win or lose to turn it around. joker is our coach and support him.

  112. thebrewerman


    The fact that you label this past season as a “success” is the only reason the rest of us need to completely ignore anything you say.

    It’s people like you that label losing seasons a “success”, are content with shitty results and continue to pour money into a program the university doesn’t care about that are the problem, not those of us smart enough to stop wasting our time and money on a program the university refuses to put any effort into.

  113. Common Sense

    106, 108, and 109, you are the fans I am talking about.
    112, Mitch Barnhart has talked about the state our facilities several times and how they are some of the worst in the SEC, he obviously wants to change that.
    111, thank you
    I just remember when Brooks was here and we had that stadium filled every game, yes the games were more exciting, but if you think about it, the 3 seasons he went to a bowl, he had 8 wins, 7 wins, and 6 wins to finish up the season, Joker had 5 last season, not too far off. Give this guy the support he deserves.

  114. Pat

    #113 and of our losses we were in several of the games that we could have won. We did not win them but we were in it till the end. I remember 10-12 years ago we lost to Florida 72-0. Guys/Gals we have came a long way. We are in most games. With better fan support, we can make a difference. Better Fan support means more money to the athletics department which means better facilities.

  115. CommonSense

    114 I’m currently a student at UK, born here, raised here, raised a uk fan. I talk to my dad (season ticket holder) a lot about the football team, where it was and where it is now. He always repeats that the curry days were way worse than this and I really think everyone has forgotten this. Also, back to the subject of being a student, UK’s students are worse than the non-student fans! That student section was pitiful this year. My dad told me the student section was still full every game even during the curry days (although tickets were free).

  116. Bmac

    What’s football? Is it that game with the funny shaped basketball?

  117. Hoss

    94- no top recruit is coming to UK when our coaches are bailing ship, either. I guess a sour poster caused Tee to send that resume to Kiffin?


  118. Bald Guy

    They will be fine… Joker knew that keeping Tee around would be impossible.

  119. DB11
  120. 3 fan

    Only the blind can’t see that Joker is not going to be here if he goes 4-8 this year. Tee grabs more $$$, much better facilities, better program.

    Good for you Tee.

  121. barn

    geez. can’t believe tee would want to leave future hof’r joker

  122. Brian

    Tee Martin = Italian Cruise Ship Captain
    Get off the sinking ship before it goes down!
    Cant say I blame him for leaving, but Kiffin??

  123. notv

    Now there is no reason not to fire Joker.

  124. David Cooper