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Tee Martin is a finalist for Alabama job


Our favorite UK assistant football coach Tee Martin is a candidate for the wide receivers coaching job at Alabama. Other high profile assistants are also being considered but Tee is on Nick Saban’s radar as a finalist for the job. This would be a huge loss for Joker and the football program as Martin is a rising star in the coaching world and is working wonders on the recruiting trail. Plus, Randall Cobb loves him and that’s all we really care about it.

Pay the man whatever he needs, Kentucky. We can’t afford to lose him.

Go Cats.

Article written by Drew Franklin

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46 responses to “Tee Martin is a finalist for Alabama job”

  1. BigBlue

    First! We have to keep him! Great Recruiter!

  2. Al's IndiCats

    Well shoot! We all know that if he’s worth his weight in salt he’s OUTTA HERE! SHOW Him THE MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Bundy

    Trvor Lacey is probably going to commit to UK within a couple of weeks. This is coming from someone who has talked to his dad, William. I live in Huntsville, and know several people in his circle. This is for real.

  4. Bundy


  5. Jonah Hex

    Operation Titanic strikes again. We have to keep him!

  6. Rockfield, KY

    If we don’t fight to keep him, we will basically be telling our recruits and fans that we don’t care enough about football to ever be a threat in the SEC. Some already question it, but this could be a confirmation.

  7. me

    the ESPN mock draft I just tried had Jones at #3 to the Kings and Kanter at #4 to the Wizards…… wouldn’t that be awesome

  8. M. Vick

    Tee just got a new extension on his contract. Didn’t hear the $$ disclosed, but it’s a safe bet that if Little Nicky Satan wants Tee bad enough, it won’t matter what UK is/could pay him to stay. Just reality.

  9. okay???

    3….that would be nice. But this involves Tee Martin how?

  10. Ky76

    This would be a HUGE Loss….UK…don’t screw the pooch on this one.

  11. UKfanNKY

    We have got to keep this Man!!! Man – up CATS!!!!!!

  12. HubbaBubba

    If Alabama had a basketball coach UK wanted, what do think would happen?

  13. BhamJ

    Power school in his home state. I’m not too confident we keep this guy.

    If he leaves, it will be interesting to see if he is able to significantly recruit better than he did while he was here. He has done a great job and landed many quality recruits, but if he goes to Alabama and immediately starts pulling in all five star guys it will show us that the name and the facilities really matter as much as we think they do. If he doesn’t then we know they don’t.

  14. T.J.

    Wasn’t he a QB at Tenn? Wide Receiver Coach?

  15. Bundy

    9- It doesn’t smartass. I just heard the news. There is not a Lacey thread up.

  16. stevem

    #3–you’re right. My source from Huntsville says Lacy is going to commit to UK. T Martin would be an idiot to stay at UK if he can get the Alabama gig. If it’s offered, he’s gone.

  17. Ukman

    we will never be good in football, never. we cannot and will not compete with teams such as Alabama, Florida and LSUs of the world. we will not get the type of recruits they get we will not get the type of coaches they get. When we do get a top level recruit, thats it we get one they get 20. It shouldn’t be a surprise we might be losing a top coach to these guys. We cannot and will not ever compete, we simply will not spend the money. When Saban was looking to leave NFL you think UK reached out to him to see if he was interested, PROBABLY NOT cause it cost too much money. we are a midmajor type team in the hardest conference in college football. we might win a big game here and there and come close a few time but every dog has his day, but thats it a DAY.

  18. Blue Virus

    Good coach, but what big time recruit is directly linked to him?

  19. randy hardwick

    9-you need to learn that any basketball news-rumor or fact-always trumps football stuff. if you have any doubt just research the fball record over the past 60 years.

  20. Gman

    Tenn sucker,Let him go.

  21. ukfan1971

    #19…NONE. UK doesn’t have any. The one “big time” recruit changed his mind and is taking his talents to SOUTH BEND.

    If Tee does leave, does it really hurt UK? He’s only been there a year.

  22. ukfan1971

    *I’m sure that TEE didn’t recruit that kid anyway. I could be wrong.

  23. Blipz24

    #18 – A Utah team that “will not get the type of recruits they get…” took Alabama apart in the bowl game a few years ago. Didn’t we beat LSU the year they won the national title? When Bill Curry was coaching UK he was the 20th highest paid coach in the country. The assistant coaching staff at UK as recently as a couple of years ago was the highest paid in the SEC. It’s not about money, never has been. Teams in the south have much higher participation in high school football. It’s pretty simple math.

  24. john4uk

    Un like Kentucky,Bama and Auburn are not afraid to spend the money their football programs earn on football.Otherwise where does these schools in one of the poorest states in the Union get the money to pay the salaries they pay in football?

  25. Kanter Banter

    If he wants to go…we ain’t gonna be able to hold him. Alabama will pay twice as much and we shouldn’t get into bidding wars for a position coach. Granted he can help but UK puts no emphasis on football and its plain awful and operation win is slowly imploding.

  26. willdcat1

    I like the guy – but when he showed up, I figured if he had any success at all, UT would take him from us. Bama, however, is a bit of a surprise. I wonder, did bama recruit him out of HS? Maybe UT appealed to him more, sitting behind Peyton until he left?

  27. BigBlueFan31

    Sometimes, I think they should pay us to watch UK football.

    If I were him, I would take less money just to be a part of Alabama football. If you want to move up the coaching ladder Alabama, SEC titles and National Titles look just a little bit better on a resume than, “I was on the staff that took UK to the toilet bowl year in and year out!”

    Lets not kid ourselves. He’s gone if it’s offered. But, it doesn’t really seem like a Saban guy. I think we are safe.

    How’s Randy Shannon doing? Mike who? Mike Minter? Never heard of him.

    I will be dead before, or if, UK ever wins the SEC East. This year was their shot and they fell flat on their faces!

  28. Buzzard

    OK Mitch, nows the time to show if you are serious about UK Football. Show Tee Martin the money

  29. YouAREwrong

    22.) Are you serious the Army All American from East St. Louis is not a big recruit??? Tee Martin is the reason he is committed. The ND recruit was our 4 best commit, take of your basketball goggles and hang out a while you have a lot to learn

  30. oldcatfan

    Joker needs to make him believe that staying and building this program is where he needs to be. The money is not the issue, it’s the program status we can’t compete with. So far.

  31. MtnCat

    Tee should not pass on the Bama position. Joker will find the next hotshot recruiter if Tee is offered. Kentucky has to find talent, Bama can pick.

  32. Crackerhillbilly

    Ain’t even about the money. Working for Saban or Joker…..Saban or Joker….Saban or…….?

  33. Big D

    I heard it’s a package deal with Coach Brown.

  34. UKat

    It wouldn’t matter if BAMA PAYS LESS…………’s ALABAMA suckers…….the name says it ALL. Think about it, your an up and coming coach….you get TWO phone calls, one is from Joker Phillips and the other from Nick Saban….both offering the same amount of money, who’s gonna get your services???? I say BAMA ALL DAY LONG, even if they paid LESS, this is a NO_BRAINER, if y’all need to think any on this question, then your not a true football fan, end of discussion.

    To #15, your showing you know NOTHING about college football…was Tee a QB?? YES A NC winning QB, and what do you think he is coaching at UK??? Your questioning his coaching WR’s, that is what he is HERE….lol, dipstick, go back to bball.

    To #24 Kentucky IS IN THE SOUTH, we are SOUTH of the MASON-DIXON line, hence why our colleges get their accreditation from The Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. You might want to take a GEOGRAPHY course. I guess you’ve been brainwashed by some yankee teachers saying we’re a midwestern state….WRONG, we aren’t.

    Ask anyone North of the Ohio River if Kentucky is a Mid-Western or Northern state and they’ll laugh at you and say NO!
    Yes, we are out of line when it comes to basketball taking precedence over football at UK…just as ALL the North Carolina Schools are, along with some of the Virginia schools. If you prefer to be a yankee…then don’t lump all Kentuckians as one with you. We’re the Upper-South, Tennessee is the Mid-South and S.Carolina, Georgia, Bama, Miss., Louisiana and Florida are the DEEP-SOUTH. You are right though on teams in the Mid-Deep South taking football MUCH more serious, that is easy to figure out.

  35. Karl Marx

    Good bye, Tee. Enjoy the upgrade at Alabama.

  36. Karl Marx

    Good bye, Tee. Enjoy the upgrade at Alabama.

  37. Karl Marx

    Good bye, Tee. Enjoy coaching at a real program.
    Thanks for your time.

  38. bluetexan

    Saban can have Joker!

  39. JOKEr

    My dear fried Tee….. would you ask Mr.Saban if you can bring a friend with you? We are good friends, right Mr.Martin? I’m mean Mr. Tee… teeeheeeheeeeheeee!!

  40. bluetexan

    Let Saban have Joker…Tee is valuable.

  41. bigcat

    why don’t comments posted after mine come up until after i post another one?

  42. Stickman

    A UK football assistant being offered a job at Alabama would be like an Alabama basketball assistant being offered a job at UK. What do you think would happen there? What do you think will happen with Martin if he has a brain in his head?

    Mr. Martin it seems like you’re one of the few bright spots in a dismal UK program, but if you’re smart and thinking of your career and family, you’ll run to Alabama and never look back.

  43. coldspringmike

    Can we name him ” the coach in waiting ” ?

  44. coldspringmike

    Can we name him “Head coach in waiting ” ?

  45. Big blue papa

    Hey bigbluefan31- u sure u r on the right board. U dont sound much like a uk fan with ur loser attitude. U keep staying positive u hear?

  46. Justin

    Amen! Martin Did wonders with the receivers in a short amount of time. The difference was seen in the number of dropped passes we had (I’m looking at Chris Matthews) prior to his arrival. Its been huge, and its something we can build around in the long term. Pay the Piper!