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Talking with “Big Cuz”: “We can Make History”


I interviewed most of the guys on the team today and over the next couple of days will have their interviews (and hopefully sound) from the day. Here is the Cousins interview. Not all these questions were asked by me, but by the reporters in general:

Has this been overwhelming?

Nah its been cool. I feel special right now.

How ready are you to get started?

I am really ready. Tomorrow is a big day, kickoff to the season. I have been working hard over the summer and ready to get it down.

What have the battles with Daniel, Pat and Perry been like?

Woooo, they tough. Pat and Perry they are vets and they know a lot. They know more than we do. Daniel is strong as an ox.

Who is a better shooter you or Daniel?

I dont know Daniel is a pretty good shooter.

The Freshmen seem really close, is that the case?

YEah we all really cool with each other. But you know, we have known each other since we were babies, especially me, Eric and John. Eric and I are from the same dirt. We are all pretty close. We came in and the other players were gone so we didnt have a choice but to bond with each other.

How good to you think you guys can be?

We can be as good as we want to be. I think we can make history, if we keep working as we are.

Can you go undefeated?

Well with that, we take it one game at a time. Thats every team in the nation wants to go undefeated.

What do you think when you see these banners on the wall?

I mean its pressure. We got a lot of pressure this year.

Talk to me about Patterson. Whats it like to go up against him?

Pat is tough, he is a vet and everything you hear about him is true. That guy can play ball. Bottom line he can play ball. Pat work ethic is out of the roof. I mean he never gets tired. We are all wore out and cant walk and Pat comes out and gets on the treadmill and keeps working. I ask him, “Pat are you tired” and he just says, “nope I am cool.” He sets the tone and we all follow.

Since you have been here, your personality has been big with the fans. Talk to me about you talking to fans?

Thats just me. I like to have fun. I am a person like everybody else. I am not a superstar, I am just like everybody else and like to have fun.

What about the fan attention?

(Laughs) Thats crazy. I have never been a part of anything like that. Its fun though, everywhere you go they know who you are and they show you love. Its fun.

Article written by Matt Jones

25 responses to “Talking with “Big Cuz”: “We can Make History””

  1. CoedKat

    Smile my man! You got a bunch of fans that are really turned on by you! lol!
    I bet they’re immature kids though.

  2. blueblue

    It all gets started in just 23 hours!!!!

  3. JMBlue

    He looks really depressed. WTF?

  4. KSR Spy

    #1-You are a loser. The guys saying that stuff were just messing around. They were being goofy by saying how excited they were. You are the immature one, and and idiot on top of that, if you actually think people are getting aroused.

    On D.Cuz…can already tell this guy is going to be a fan favorite this year. Seems like a hard worker with a sunny disposition off the court. Good kid.

  5. JMBlue

    I think the “Big Cuz” is the “Big Clause” and Junior just took a squirt on his leg. I suppose I would look pissed too.

  6. KSR Spy

    Just read this article about the speed of Wall and Bledsoe. How long has it been since we ran up and down the floor hard and had a pressure defense?? 98?? I mean full tilt the whole game, not every 10 mins.

  7. JMBlue

    6- You seem quite pumped. Isn’t it nice to look forward to the possibilities of this team?

  8. ukcat8fan

    Hey Matt…Can I please get this video posted on the blog? It would be much appreciated.

    **NEW VIDEO** 09-10 Kentucky Basketball: “This is OUR Time!” Link below.

  9. TheBigBooyah


  10. KSR Spy

    #8-I believe it has already been posted a couple of times on here today or at least linked. We are all big fans of your work!!! :-D

  11. Jray72

    Anyone have a link to Cal’s press conference at media day today?

  12. KSR Spy
  13. ukcat8fan

    #10…no, not this one. I just released this one today. Everyone says it’s my best so far. I’d love to see it make it on the blog.

  14. Old Henry Man

    “Big Cuz” will probably go down in History as one of the most popular Cats ever.
    I believe that he is having so much fun, he may stay around a couple more years.

  15. Basteballer

    ukcat8fan: Your video was linked in the comments just a little while ago. I saw it about an hour ago.

    Good stuff.

  16. kentucky rain

    hey ukcat8fan, that and the louisville video is your best. i posted both of them on my facebook wall. keep on keepin on can’t believe only one more day!!!!!!!

  17. Old Henry Man

    ukcat8fan, I like “Were Back” video the best

  18. Big Blue KY

    8) I would send Matt an email about it, if I were you…

  19. Jray72

    12) Thanks!

  20. SagaciousMind

    And they say this guy has an attitude. Well, if he did it’s been checked at the door cuz he seems just as humble as the rest.

  21. BgallowayUofK

    UK8Fan…I sent both of those out to a bunch of friends via email and facebook..they were amazing.

  22. daddy43040

    Who verbally committed to kentucky?Im watching the cinncinnati usf game and on the bottom it said someone commits to kentucky


    8. Well done. I mean your other ones were good, but that one was something else. You just took it to another level. Again, well done.

  24. hurlex96

    Are you sure that isn’t “Bad Santa”?

  25. dchagy

    #8–That video brought tears to my eyes. I can’t WAIT until tonight!!