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Syracuse Fans Still Suck

Caution: Contains some NSFW language

By now you’ve heard the stories by now of yesterday’s warm up with Syracuse fans heckling our players during the shoot around.  Reports of Syracuse chants, and ‘Go Big Blue’s’ drowned out by Boo’s.  Well it’s apparently true, as a video has since emerged.  While it’s classless to hope someone injures them self, the video itself isn’t that upsetting.  Mainly because the guy filming is a complete douche-nozzle.  And because his best insult he can think of is calling John Wall a ‘bum.’ Because of that, the whole thing reeks of jealousy, and it’s obvious that this guy will probably never do more with his life outside of shooting ‘Jager bombs’ with his ‘bros’ at ‘the shore.’  Still, this may be the kind of harassment (multiplied by 10,000) the Cats will face tonight, as reports point to a lack of Big Blue faithful and a surplus of Big Red bandwagon riders.

Frat bros be damned, the Cats should win this one by 12-15.  Mainly because while Cornells Freshmen are doing this, ours are doing this.

Go Cats.

Also, if you want a laugh go to that guys youtube page.  Jury is still out on whether or not he’s actually a Louisville fan in disguise.  Adrizzle indeed.

Article written by Will Lentz

85 responses to “Syracuse Fans Still Suck”

  1. Admiral Ackbar

    it’s a trap

  2. WildcatLady4life

    You stay classy Syracuse

  3. N2theBlue

    They hate us because they want to be us.

  4. Caveman Dave

    Hit them in head drag to my cave they suck

  5. wallacest10

    Guess there is not much to do in Syracuse. As they were hating on the Cats you can hear one of them say I got one autograph. Nice try.

  6. Adrizzle

    Check out my fly dance moves at Adrizzle tv.

  7. ACatFanInTX

    Wow, I never cared for the ‘Cuse… Now I really don’t like ’em. LETS PUT THE HURT ON BIG RED!!! GO CATS!!

  8. Scooter Blue!

    6) You suck!

  9. Crazy Talk

    this game reminds me when we beat Miami of Ohio with Wally Szerbiak (sp?) and the whitman kid is wally. Good team, one main big time player, will hang for a while and then we will way on them with talent and run them on home.

  10. I hate the northeast

    I hate the NorthEast. I wish we could succeed. They bring nothing to the table. Arrogant and generally they have a very over-inflated self esteem.

    However, I am suprised that BBN is not showing up big in attendence. I guess they are waiting for the Final 4. The game does worry me a bit. I know very little about this team, and everyone is giving them so much hype. But then again, they have to try to promote their ratings. The longer i have to wait for this game, the more I hate Cornell.

  11. bluebloodtoo

    If I were Syracuse fans, I would be scared too. Nuff said!

  12. GoCats2

    Not that I think our guys need motivation but I think this group would love to play in front of a hostile crowd. They would eat that up. Cats 92 Cornell 74.

  13. KYGirl

    Seriously. What a douche.

  14. I hate the northeast

    #10 I meant sucede. Probably should correct that before one of the library lizards and overall dumpsters correct me

  15. GoCats2

    I am not really why we are criticizing Syracuse fans for doing this. Seems like something we would do. Didn’t UK fans boo Duke out of the building when they played in RUPP a few years ago?

  16. Crazy Talk

    Boogie, PPat playing a high low game agaisnt the Cuse zone will destroy them and they are frightened, not unlike flavor crystals

  17. JayBilas

    I guess Slim Shady doesn’t subscribe to my twitter because I tweeted today that Onuaku is out for the rest of the tournament. That’s what you get for wishing injury on Wall. Karma is a bitch SON!

  18. KYGirl

    If Syracuse was playing their Sweet Sixteen game at f-ing Rupp Arena, we wouldn’t take the time to go down there and film ourselves harassing them. What losers.

  19. Ilovethehate

    God its good to be hated, that means your doing something right. Make room for #8

  20. Robert E. Lee

    14. Secede. I know a thing or two about it.

  21. I hate the northeast

    Did Syracuse invent the WhiteMan LineBeard? McNamara and the other Grossly Pale 2 guards always seem to through a Modified Line Beard around. Stay classy. I bet they wear Jorts so long, that they would make Harrelson blush

  22. Sarah Palin

    20. So does my husband

  23. I hate the northeast

    Dang it I misspelled again. That’s okay. As long as it was you that corrected me, Mr. Lee

  24. Dent 29

    The very definition of a NE douche bag!

  25. Echo 1

    Did Dan Shaughnessy make that video?

  26. LeeW

    Nothing like rich white kids from Conn. pretending their from the streets. His youtube channel was Vanilla Ice embarrassing.

  27. ILUVCornell

    I luv big hairy balls!

  28. Hood4Life

    It’s good to be hated again

  29. KyReds

    The guy that done the video seems to know all the UK players!I am not so sure that he a is fan in a new york shirt!To wish a injury on a player tho makes him a pure post grad from Cornell! lol

  30. BigBlueFan

    Keep harrassing them. This team feeds off of this kind of nonsense.

  31. lexslamman

    Most of the people who post comments on this job do nothing to improve the perception of Kentuckians nationally.

  32. oh ok

    oh ok…they’re an ivy league school and they’re supposed to be smart…that should be a story line.

  33. OwensboroCatFan

    Syracuse Fans can’t get over The 1996 NCAA Tournament. UK smoked them in the Championship game, even though they where VERY loud about how they were going win that game by 20.

  34. ladylove

    18.. you hit the nail on the head.. the sign of the loser.. if they were in rupp, i would go and watch the game.. like people who like basketball should…

    17.. it is a karma thing..

  35. TrinityPills

    This video will be even better motivation if and when UK and the Cuse meet in the final.

  36. Chris Gettelfinger is not walking through that door

    Wow, if you’re going to hurl insults, at least come up with something better than saying to a POY “You are not good.” Unreal.

  37. I hate the northeast

    #31. lexslamman, who cares about our perception in the eyes of the elitist. That’s the problem with elitist, they care too much about perception. The reality is that we spank Cornell, we continue to live in the greatest State known to man. We play bluegrass, we sip bourbon and moonshine, we love horse racing, we kick ass at basketball, and we are polite. This is what we do. I really don’t care what the NE thinks, because I am living the dream.
    They may think they are wonderful, but their chicks are ugly and I would spit BeechNut in that dude’s eye.

  38. Scratch

    As my wife just reminded me being from the SEC………We all know nothing sucks like a big orange.

  39. YourOwnPersonalBlueJesus

    This is EXACTLY how Uconn fans acted before the game in the garden. I was in a screaming match with a bunch of frat punks in the bathroom and my wife was yelling into the bathroom for me to calm down and get out…..haha

  40. TrinityPills

    hahahahahahah. Ok, I just watched the whole video. 100 feet away from the court and those kids whisper-yelledfor the first 30 seconds when the Cats first came out and then didn’t say anything afterwards. I almost felt sorry for them. Too funny.

  41. BigBlueFan

    That dude posted a video of these TV hosts making fun of his nickname. This dude is lame.

  42. sunnycat

    I cant believe I just spent four minutes watching some geek work a rubiks cube.

  43. Catsfanattic

    First off the Cuse arent even playing there so they shouldnt be chanting, go big orange…Second they know everyones names on the cats, I cant name 1 player on Syracuse’s roster except their coach..

  44. siluah

    Judging from “The New Dance Drizz Fell in Love With” the only sucking involves the three Orange in that room.

  45. UKfanFelicia

    Is it wrong I hope these a**holes that heckled the cats all choke on their own spit!!!

  46. OwensboroCatFan

    37.) “And shoot him with my ole .45, Cause a Country Boy can survive”

  47. blue-tinted reality

    I had no idea that Marlon Wayans was a Syracuse fan in the first place. If I may quote Mr. Wayans, “Yea, son. Yea. John Wall you suck, son.” His mother and teacher must be so proud. ROFL

  48. dcgirl

    go butler!

  49. trehansantiago

    Just had to add…..I think it’s horrible for someone to wish an injury on a young player from any team. It just shows what kind of lowlife they are at heart. I hate the dirty Cards and a few other teams, but I wouldn’t wish an injury on any of their players. They are talented (generally) kids who happen to be basketball players and you can’t fault them for being good. These “fans” do not get it at all. And f#$@ em!!!

  50. karma

    Butler 12 Syracuse 3…i’m a BEOTCH…

  51. Saber

    Awesome channel that guy has. He invented the “Running Hitchhiker” dance, and fed *gasp*Expired Soy sauce! to a passed out friend. He is hardcore. Make sure everyone ranks his videos as such.

  52. kyartist


  53. Bleedblue36

    Gotta love some butler!

  54. big BAD cats

    These guys yelling will probably also be the first ones to ask mommy for money next year to buy the NEW NIKE J.Walls and NIKE Boogies!!!! you suck orange!

  55. AdamB

    Yeah, pretty sure Syracuse fans may want to worry about Butler right now.

  56. CatsFanForever

    What is funny about this video is that all of them still showed up to watch our cats do a shoot around. I bet they haven’t even watched their own teams shoot arounds. That is whats funny.

  57. Logan

    The cuse fans seem to know everyones name on UK’s squad, they must watch us a lot during the season with envy

  58. NewWildcatOrder

    Butler sucks son! Oh wait….. Nevermind.

  59. Kyle

    Wonder what he has to say about Butler shooting?!?!

  60. Laker Cat 18

    I noticed this post earlier. Had to make a return trip right now. What an idiot.

  61. BoogieMan

    glad to see they’re still in the tournament

  62. jaygee

    i bet they aint talkin much crap now, since they just got their A$$ waxed by butler, haha, i love it, keep on knockin off those top seeds

  63. Mr. Sheldon Mack

    Hey Cuse, Cya!!!!!!!!!!!

  64. cuseFAIL


  65. Burnie Wells

    ‘Cuse sucks, lost to Louisville twice and then Butler…!

  66. Greg

    haha it’s Wesley Johnson’s house and he’s headed on back home to hang out with ya there to see your new haircut!

  67. Farouk Assault

    Suck it, ‘Cuse.

  68. sangaman

    Stay classy Syracuse fans.

  69. Dan

    what do you think Wesley Johnson is gonna get on the plane back home to syracuse?

  70. Big A

    Is that MC Serch from 3rd Bass tryin to diss?

  71. Whirling Dervish

    I love how in the Cornell rubik’s cube vid after he finishes it all of the guys are like omg! do it again! one more!

  72. DoItForThaLULZ

    Dude reminds me of Seth Green’s character on “Can’t Hardy Wait”…Kenny Fisher… and here is how I imagine A Drizzle’s sex life is Probably practicing his fist pump in a Syracuse tube sock, using his tears as lubrication, right now…

  73. John

    didnt this till just now, and this guy must feel like a pretty big dumbass now. lol go butler

  74. Oliver Simmons

    Suck Butler’s waa waa Cuse.

  75. Ryan T

    What else would you expect from New York. Pathetic.

  76. matfug

    funny that both NY teams went down….what an idiot to put this on youtube…..too funny….hey cuse fan,remember 1996…….

  77. katfandoo2

    Assinine ‘Cuse fans can watch the rest of the tourney from home and suck on some Genessee.

  78. Dan Bishop

    This is so much more satisfying knowing that the Cuse choked last night

  79. WCN

    The best is that those douchebags lose steam after 45 seconds and everyone shuts up…well played.

  80. Cat Fan

    To the Syracuse haters, hope you enjoy watching us play on..cause your NOT!! Foote, you have a future in wrestling not basketball!! Cornell well see you in another 31yrs, the end!! Oh Big East, not so big now!

  81. Brianna K

    Wow. Go back to Jersey you pricks. No wonder nobody likes guys from the northeast. They’re jerks! Stay classy my friend.

  82. slappy

    I like the guy who yells “This is Wesley Johnson’s HOOWSE!” Hilarious. Pretty intimidating there, little fella.

  83. Orange Gaijin

    I hate Kobe but don’t wish for the guy to blow his knee out. SU enjoy watching the games from the bar.

  84. Orange Gaijin

    This is why I don’t like the East Cost #*^*%&$##

  85. JollyRoger

    What time does Syracuse play K-St tomorrow?