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Sypher found guilty on all counts


After several hours of deliberation, a Louisville jury found Karen Sypher guilty on all six counts she faced from the government.  If you’re keeping track at home, that’s three counts of exortion, two counts of lying to the FBI, one count of retaliation and more oral coersion than you ever thought possible.  She will now be sentenced in the next 60 days and will face 26 incarcerated years that will, most likely, not be so different than the previous 50 free ones she enjoyed on the outside.  In a few regards, at least.

Meanwhile….Rick Pitino, Tim Sypher, Lester Goetzinger, Dana Kolter, Tyree Fields, the paper boy, a guy who works at your local Chevron, the infield of your after-work softball team, Cheeks, Boney Bob, Cliff, Little Moe with the gimpy leg and anyone else who shared fluids with Karen Sypher were unanimously found guilty on charges of being disgusting.  And probably need to get down to the clinic and get a good swabbing.

Matt Jones, you can come home now, friend.  Your work is done.

Article written by Thomas Beisner

66 responses to “Sypher found guilty on all counts”

  1. Ares

    Rick Pitino was first

  2. BigBlueFan

    Was the Karen Sypher/Pitino 15 second interlude around the same time Pitino had his mysterious illness and had to go up north east for treatment?

  3. echo 1

    Ouch! Perhaps if she had given a hummer to the jury foreman, things could have been different. Really, what’s another charge of jury tampering considering this verdict?

  4. muchdunx

    Holy Moly!

  5. Secretariat

    Once again, KSR beats the mainsTream media in getting us the news…

  6. calfornow1

    damn i wish rick pitino was going to jail instead of a person i have known her entire life and grew up with her son. wow.

  7. calfornow1

    wait idc lol but i still wish rick was going to jail for being a fag.

  8. Ukkared80

    Hey #6 did she suck you or your dad off two?

  9. DoubleZeroMostel

    I believe ya, but my Tommy Gunn don’t.

  10. UKSoCalCampus

    She’s going to have one heckuva grounds for appeal.

  11. calfornow1

    8) I dont remember i was asleep

  12. Secretariat

    10- How do you figure?

  13. Tobias Funke

    Biggest day in UL basketball history.

  14. calfornow1

    8.) good grammar by the way lol

  15. bigbluedude

    i knew when this trial was not moved, this would be the result. tom jurich OWNS louisville, with help from mitch mcconell.

  16. Willis

    Only thing I don’t understand is why those that helped her draft the demand letter, like that lawyer and her latest husband, and all the other random sperm doners weren’t also charged with extortion. Sadly she will prolly serve more time than a Meth dealer and Pitino will prolly sign and endorsement deal for Viagra..

  17. gofortheglory

    I’m gonna give you to the count of 10, to get your ugly, yellow, no-good keister off my property, before I pump your guts full o’ lead! 1,2……10

  18. GoCats32

    Wow, I thought she had a slim chance on a couple of charges. I can’t wait to hear some jury interviews. But in the end this went the way we all knew it would. The trial should have been moved for her to have had any chance I think.

  19. birddogmac

    I suppose the next complaint we may hear will be “So much women’s prison time, so little meat to swallow.”

  20. UKSoCalCampus

    12- The trial was held in Louisville, and a significant part of Pitino’s testimony was about how famous and popular he was in Louisville.

  21. ReleasetheSquirms



  22. rodger3626

    Quote from 3 Pumps to The Boys after the verdict – “Drinks are on me!”

  23. calfornow1

    12) matt is right she shouldnt have been based on what i saw, i mean im not a lawyer but still.

  24. TrinityPills

    I can’t believe you are focusing on this poor woman’s trial on this, the anniversary of the date that Burkina Fasso (then known as “Upper Volta”) became independent from France (1960).

  25. SagaciousMind

    I dont agree with the extortion charges. Even though she’s a whore, I still dont think that’s right. They shoulda never had their trial in Louisville…she shoulda known she woulda never gotten a fair trial. Of course Quick Rick comes away smellin like a rose. He’s a disgrace.

  26. nlf1956

    What she did was wrong. The contributions others made were wrong also. They should be prosecuted also. As for Pitino, he is smelling like a rose. Once again, the good ‘ole boys club wins.

  27. glassman1984

    #9 – Keep the change you filthy animal

  28. CatInAshland

    OMG #25..LMFAO. That is hilarious. Wonder what Ricky will have to say in his next pressor.

  29. Ares

    Look what Sypher did was illegal. What Pitino did was in bad taste but not illegal. He was not on trial she was and in the court of law she was found guilty. She had the opportunity to take plea deals that would have kept her out of jail but she wanted to take that chance to expose the details of situation. In the end I think they both got what they wanted at a price neither really wanted. Pitino wanted her to go to jail at the expense of his reputation and she wanted to embarrass him at the expense of probably seven years of her life in jail. I for one am glad that this is over. I still can’t help but to wonder how different Rick’s life would be today had 13 years ago he said to Boston you know I am at the greatest basketball place it the world why mess it up. Hey we all make choices and here we stand today. Now lets move forward.

  30. ReleasetheSquirms



  31. Willis

    A Rose? not hardly.. He banged some skank, well not sure 15 seconds counts as a bang, which ended with a pregnant whore and a sticky leg… Far from a Rose.. Add to the fact that he looks like b*tch for going to the FBI to begin with.. There was a time when Rick was seen as a great man in Kentucky.. those days are long gone!

  32. Indycatfan

    26 I don’t think Quick Rick is out of the woods yet. Now put yourself in his shoes and imagine your going to a prospects home. Now we all knows he lies like a dead dog, but how in the world can you look at a parent and tell them you want their pride and joy to come to you to raise and become a better person for going there. And as a father I’d have to ask him WTF was he thinking……surely you can get better ass than Sypher BWAHHHHHHAAAAAAAAA

  33. UKSoCalCampus

    30- Did you follow the trial? Before it I would have agreed with you 100%, but now I’m just torn between the conspiracy theory that Pitino set her up or the husband extorted Pitino.

  34. Chuck Norris

    “Cheeks, Boney Bob, & Little Moe with the gimpy leg” – Haha, leave it up to Beisner to slip a Home Alone reference into his post.

  35. ReleasetheSquirms


  36. dannynoonan

    Any truth to the rumor that Matt has been asked by KS to handle her appeal on a “pro boner” basis?

  37. RockfieldKY

    Only Kim Sypher was on trial. I would think an extortion trial would have to be brought up against Tim Sypher or someone else in order for them to get charged. I’m no attorney though, so who knows.

  38. wildcatmatt

    “Sypher goes down on Six Counts”

    Count Dracula
    Count of Monte Cristo
    Count Chocula………

  39. UKAndrew

    Kinda surprised she was found guilty on all counts but not surprised she is going to jail. Oh well. No one comes out of this looking good. The only difference is only one of them is going to jail.

  40. Ares

    34 I did follow the trial and I think that in the end the governments case was solid. I think that the Tim Sypher thing was a last ditch effort to bring up reasonable doubt. I could have seen 1 to 3 counts going the other way but I found it incredibly unlikely that she would be innocent on all 6 counts. I think she really does have problems beyond just Rick Pitino and going to jail. I hope the lady gets help. I feel bad for her kids though.

  41. bigcat76

    The Count (from Sesame St.)

  42. bigcat76

    She may have been a COUNT herself but she never got the “O” (at least not in 15 secs)

  43. father torque

    You made it on Fark, Beisner, you’ve officially hit the big time!

  44. duhville cat

    God Bless Karen Sypher. That wacked out, crazy, greedy, bone drainin, bit## has brought to light what everybody here already knew…… Rick Pitino is a scumbag, with loyalty and character issues!

  45. ukfaningatorland

    boy she really blew this one….

  46. Ukkared80

    I know calfornow I didn’t realize that until I had already posted it. DOH lol

  47. KaiserSoujay

    OK. So now what happens? Sentenced in 60 days. What is this train wreck going to do between now and then ?

  48. pccatsfan

    Releasethesquirms – You seem to have evidence that the truth was not exposed in this trial. I suggest you contact Karen’s attorney to make him aware of your info, so they can prepare their appeal. Your rants still ignore the question I asked you on another thread and you never replied….So you think Lester and Kolter committed perjury? ie. They lied about what they did on Karen’s behalf?

  49. catty

    What the heck? CJ has a live link to Tom JURICH taking questions about the trial??? at 3:30. What’s funny is you can hear all the reporters talking nonsense.

  50. catty

    They are talking about Tina Conner & Paul Patton

  51. catty
  52. btmannuk

    Billy G would be recruiting that kid by now, if it hadn’t gone down Pitino’s leg.

  53. ReleasetheSquirms


  54. IAM4UK-KSR

    Quick Rick with the sploogy leg is the loser in terms of fallout from this episode. Sypher was and remains nobody. But Rick had been someone, because he once was the coach of the Greatest Program in NCAA Basketball History. Now, Rick is a sick joke (several, actually).

  55. BigCatDaddy4263

    I guess everyone has heard by now that Karen Sypher was found guilty on all charges… In the meantime, they are renaming the “Stanky Leg” to the the “Sticky Leg” in honor of 15 second Ricky “Quicky” Pitino…..

  56. LiterateReader

    #6 calfornow1 Says:
    August 5th, 2010 at 2:07 pm

    damn i wish rick pitino was going to jail instead of a person i have known her entire life and grew up with her son. wow.

    Um, calfornow? Can you explain how you have known Sypher “her entire life and [you] grew up with her son?” Or did you just not grow up until after she was old enough to have children?

  57. BlueMike

    #39 You forgot Count the Money, uh, I mean, Count De Monet. And probably the piss boy too.

  58. BravoBigBlue

    I think if UofLosers have a season similar to last year’s, a good part of their fan base will turn on Porctino. And I think there’s a very good chance they could really suck this year. In the end, QuickRick will get what’s coming to him. He has definitely seen his better day (about 15 years ago, give or take).

  59. duhville cat

    60) yeah, Rick told Karen…. “hump or death… hump-death… hump-death” Ha! I love that movie!

  60. JP

    I don’t know about Rick, but I need to “get a good swabbing” after following this trial for the past week and a half.

  61. BigBlueSwagger

    I bet the guys who work at the jails are praying she gets sent to their prison….

    Jailer: “Oh? You want a glass of water? I’ll get you one, as long as I get something in exchange.”

  62. buckley99

    loven’ the HOME ALONE shout out!

  63. Calipari'sInYourEar

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  64. bluebiscuit

    re #39, Count Basie, Counting Crows, the staff at Dan’s Discount Jewelers…