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Sunday Morning Links

If you’re from Northern Kentucky, Goetta is likely your favorite breakfast food.

Just like your UK sports news, a popular Northern Kentucky breakfast meat is also available in links. In case you’re unfamiliar with Goetta, bellow is Wikipedia’s description and background of the Cincinnati-area breakfast food that is made in Covington, Ky.

Goetta is a breakfast sausage of likely German-American origin that is popular in the greater Cincinnati area. It is primarily composed of ground meat (pork, or pork and beef) and steel-cut oats. Pronounced gétt-aa, ged-da or get-uh Americanized pronunciation, this dish probably originated with German settlers from the northwestern regions of Oldenburg, Hannover, and Westphalia who emigrated to the Cincinnati area in the 19th century. The word “Goetta” comes from the Low German word götte. However, some believe that goetta originated as a haggis substitute, brought to Ohio via Scots-Irish migrants by way of Kentucky.[1]

Goetta was originally a peasant dish, meant to stretch out servings of meat over several meals to conserve money.

The modern popularity of goetta in Cincinnati has led to it being called “Cincinnati Caviar”. Glier’s Goetta, the largest commercial producer of goetta, produces more than 1,000,000 lb (450 metric tons) annually, around 99% of which is consumed locally in greater Cincinnati.

That’s enough about Goetta, here’s a healthy serving of your UK morning links:

–“I’ll have another” took home the roses with a first place finish at the Kentucky Derby yesterday. Unfortunately for UK fans, a lot of us probably lost a lot of money in the 5th race at Churchill, when a horse named “Big Blue Nation” finished 8th.

–Patrick Patterson declined a photo-op with the 2012 UK team on the red carpet at yesterday’s Kentucky Derby, because Patterson wanted to “make them have their moment.

–Former Utah Jazz head coach Jerry Sloan could be coaching Anthony Davis next year in Charlotte.

–UK baseball avoided a series sweep yesterday against Florida, defeating the Gators 2-1. The win kept the Cats in 1st place in the SEC East and are in control of their own destiny with just 6 SEC games remaining.

–Speaking of UK baseball, there’s a couple of polls that we need to raid. Vote for UK 3rd Baseman Thomas McCarthy to win the Lowes Senior Class Award and also vote for College Gameday to come to Lexington to film a commercial.

That’s all for today’s edition of the Sunday Morning Links. Today’s schedule of former Cats in action in NBA playoff games are as follows:

Jodie Meeks and the 76ers take on the Bulls at 1:00 on ABC

Josh Harrelson and the Knicks face the Heat at 3:30 on ABC

Rajon Rondo and the Celtics meet the Hawks at 7:00 on TNT

For updates on Jodie, Jorts, Rondo, and all the former UK greats in the NBA playoffs, follow me on Twitter @wilmhoffKSR

Article written by John Wilmhoff

Former beer vendor, college mascot and ESPN editor. This spring, you can also find me blogging about the Reds on Follow me on Twitter: @JohnWilmhoff

28 responses to “Sunday Morning Links”

  1. tdogg40330

    what up BBN ??

  2. GrumpyOldDude

    I hail from NKY and goetta doesn’t make my Top 10 breakfast foods. Did a job at that plant a few years back….everything in the place is lightly coated with grease.

  3. Mack

    No facebook can not vote for gameday unless there is another link.

  4. lane taylor

    Goetta the best breakfast food? Please, Purnell’s Old Folks Saugage is the best breakfast food in all of Kentucky, and it’s even made in Simpsonville, Ky.

  5. John Ellis

    Goetta is actually better for you, as it’s half oats, and there are lowfat versions – Ryan. What I don’t understand is it’s more expensive than normal sausage, should be substantially cheaper. It gets a very nice crispness cooked. You could make your own just by mixing in finely cut oats of course.

  6. Goetta Clue

    Moved to Cincy/NKY 4 years ago, I love Skyline Chili, but I just don’t get Goetta. There’s certain things you just shouldn’t buy into up here.

  7. Mack

    Purnell’s Old Folks has my vote.

  8. Wilford Brimley

    Mmm… intestine linings stuffed with nitrite-infused processed meat(s).

  9. John Ellis

    PS Haggis is a pudding made of sheep’s offal and oats then boiled in a sheep’s stomach. So goetta has it all over haggis.

  10. JayCee

    Doesn’t this company have their very own Anaphylactic shock hotline?

  11. SCCAT

    Why no Kenneth Faried mention on KSR? Lets show Morehead / Faried some love. Faried was excellent in the last game vs the Lakers.

  12. Whittle

    Makes me hungry!

  13. BGCatFan

    So a horse called Big Blue Nation finishes 8th…coincidence? I think not.

  14. ACassady

    The best link was your first one. Never heard of Goetta but now I’m thoroughly disgusted.

  15. Beta Nu

    Born and raised in northern ky for this guy so goetta has been a staple of my diet since nearly birth. It’s one of my top five favorite foods. You either like it or you don’t. Goetta is always great with grape jelly on buttered toast

  16. 450 metric tons

    of goetta sold yearly. Somebody must like it. I make my own in a crock pot 2 or 3 times a year. It’s pretty expensive at Krogers. But it’s goooood. 🙂 And for those who are disgusted. Do you like pork? beef?? The oats give it a texture. Get over yourselves.

  17. MacGruber

    Looks like a week old dog turd.

  18. Rice'

    Did you really just waste my time by posting about goetta?

  19. who in ky cares?

    Another example f Cincinnati occupying the northern part of our state. I say let nky go to cincy and let the rest of us be “one”.

    Purnells #1

  20. Ridge Runner


    Suddenly I feel better about myself eating viennas or sardines while fishing or camping.

  21. GrumpyOldDude

    19 – Perhaps you could actually visit this area and see the clear line of division known as the Ohio River before changing your maps? We’re not the ones being stereotyped in this state…..

  22. CincyBorn

    I like goetta, but I’d never pick it over bacon or sausage

  23. BPsycho

    #18 Yeah, he did, and he’s laughing about it too, cause his time was put into wasting yours, and now you’ll never ever ever, get it back, muha, muhaha, muhahahahahahahahahaha John Wilmhoff!

    #22 That’s what’s up. Baycone’ represent.

  24. Mike

    21, perhaps you shouldn’t be in self denial. nky is a suburb of cin.

  25. DavisBrow

    19 & 24. I am sorry, we got it wrong when they made the state lines way back when. So sorry you were not consulted as you all clearly had the right answer. Just because NKY is a bit more affluent and educated, it is all of a sudden not “Kentucky enough for you.” Sorry, not all Kentuckians are fighting for the right to be considered trashy hicks. I came from this mindset in WKY, and dear God you will not see me ever move back there.

  26. Bobby Knight's shrink

    YUMMMM….goetta is the bomb! But the best, IMO, is JB’s goetta made in Elsmere, Ky….and, btw, you have to douse it with ketchup !

  27. BNolan

    It is popular in NKY and Greater Cincinnati. If you are from NKY, you would know that NKY is not part of Greater Cincinnati. We might be part of GREATER THAN CINCINNATI; but, none of us are from Greater Cincinnati, because that is an Ohio name for the area. No one originally from NKY uses the term Greater Cincinnati to refer to NKY (at least not if you are a true Kentuckian).

    And, NKY existed a long time before Cincinnati came into being. We may appear to be a suburb of Cincinnati; but, no original NKY natives claim Cincinnati as our own.

  28. GrumpyOldDude

    24 – Truth be known, when people ask me where I’m from I sometimes prefer to say just south of Cincy because saying just KY starts all the redneck and hillbilly jokes……if you spent more than 10 mins driving thru here, you’d know what 27 says is true about this area.