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Sunday Funday Links

Good Morning

Good morning! I know you had a rough night, buddy. You really took that loss pretty hard. It was a road game, and no one expected them to win. They played their hearts out and I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty proud of those boys. Just think, a few years ago they weren’t even an FBS team! Now look at them, playing with LSU! God bless those Western Kentucky Hilltoppers. They really made us all proud.

Today looks to be a pretty slow day in Newsville, as Twitter feed is abuzz with fantasy football banter and hangover complaints. We’ll look at some basketball stories and begin to  get ready for Tuesday night’s action.

But first, let’s read a bunch of posts about Kentucky losing to Vanderbilt. Come on, take your whippings:

– Mistakes, Missed Opportunities Kill the Cats: [Jennifer Smith- H-L]

– And here all this time I thought it was curiosity.

– Kentucky Hurts Themselves in Loss to Vandy: [Canadian Business(!?)]

– You read that right, Canadian picked up this story. Bizarre, but that comment section does look bare…

Kentucky Must Beat Georgia, Tennessee to Extend Bowl Streak: [Washington Post]

– Enough. This is miserable.

Other UK Sports Links:

– Cats Can’t Risk ‘Playing for Numbers’: [Tipton- H-L]

– Our Danny Trevathan did a very cool interview with SEC Sports in a series called Through a Player’s Eyes: [SDS/ SEC Videos]

– Not UK related, but a cool profile on Kirk Herbstreit: [Clay Travis/ OKTK]

– Why Ole Miss Should Stay Away From Mike Leach: [B/R]

– Hey, I know it’s the Bleacher Report, but it reminds me of BTI. The against the grain argument is oddly soothing. Interesting read anyway.

Article written by Tyler Montell

18 responses to “Sunday Funday Links”

  1. mocha

    Bti sucks and so does our football team

  2. Another Perspective

    The Teague story is an unwarned Tipton article. Bastard! Tyler! Give us a ‘heads up’ on anything of his that you link. Most of us hate him and have vowed to never read him on purpose again.

  3. Me

    Hey Mitch, I’ll be in your office tomorrow morning to apply for the head football coaching position. I will only expect 250k in compensation. That is a considerable savings from what your current coach is costing you. I can’t guarantee you specific wins, but obviously neither can Joker.

  4. CatGrad7072

    Well, it wouldn’t be so bad if we had any hope next year .
    Mitch won’ fire Joker so I guess we get a new slogan and more of the same .
    Just imagine how bad we’ll be when our next coach gets here.

  5. CatGrad7072

    My witty parenthetical comments in #4 went away. No hope for next year. When Mitch gets around to it, the next coach will be a no-name assistant with scant experience.

  6. Me

    A) Don’t go to the UT game.

    B) If you have to go to the game – wear a paper bag over your head.

    C) If you see Mitch, please tell him I said he was a waste of sperm.

  7. Hawk

    Has Tipton ever wrote a positive article? Every “headline” I see is negative…

  8. Huntington

    Anyone know hotel team is staying in NYC?

  9. Hoss

    hitting up the pawn shops this afternoon for a used microwave… gonna send it to Mitch.

  10. Harold

    “reminds of of BTI”? was this update from a flip phone?

  11. big tim

    5 a no name assistant coach all were going to be able to get

  12. Who Cares

    Kentucky has a football team? Huh, who knew?

  13. lipper

    wouldnt it be interesting if ole miss hires leach and thumps kentucky next year! if he were to win 6 or 7 games there maybe we could get brainfart to hang himself!

  14. lipper

    bring the air raid attack back! even though we had a terrible record in the mumme era, i cant remember bing more excited about ky football. if we are going to get thumped every week at least we can enjoy putting points on the board during the whooping!

  15. Another Perspective

    Thanks, Tyler.

  16. catfan

    Bring the air raid siren back now to warn fans at cws to take cover from some bad football about to be displayed on the field by the wildcats.

  17. lonnie b

    I would give my left testicle if mike leach would come to uk……….. i dont know why that article says ole miss should not go after him